Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Conan the Moonbat: Pot Not a Drug

As we can see from the still above from Arnold Schwarzenegger's movie "Pumping Iron", The Governator has his reasons for declaring cannabis "not a drug; it's a leaf". Sigh... Arnie, my former "numero uno" hero/idol, you see, although the leaf itself isn't a "drug", it does contain a drug, "tetrahydracannabinol", or "THC", and I'm afraid you've partaken a tad too much thereof, which would explain your recent rash of inexplicable, ultra-moonbatty decisions with respect to new legislation in California, including saying that dope ain't dope, you dope!
Oh, crap... Arnie's turning into Bill Clinton already! He claims he "never took a drug", but just look at the picture above! Dang... I can visualize him saying, "I did not take that drug... besides, it isn't even a drug". Rather Clintonian. Next thing we know, Conan the Moonbat will be telling us that "is" has many meanings, too!
Well, Arnie does have a long history of being a bad boy. I always knew that, I must admit. But now I'm older, wiser, more conservative. And I can say with certainty that Arnold Schwarzenegger is not a conservative. He's now a Kennedy.