Saturday, October 13, 2007

Conservatives Blast Way Ahead of Liberals: Poll

Flying high: Prime Minister Stephen Harper and the Conservatives finally demonstrate their superiority to Stephane Dion and the Liberals in the polls as well as in reality.

Oh, and there's no need to fear a strong Conservative majority government at all. Why? Because the entire state apparatus, other than the elected government led by Mr. Harper, is still controlled by the Far Left, which is very, very close to the Liberals and NDP as well as the likes of the Communist Party. The Conservative government has already had difficulty getting the state apparatus to obey its orders, as the Leftist-controlled bureaucracy is brazenly disobedient and wishes to continue to try to push its own Liberal-like agenda against the will of the People, as does the Liberal-dominated Senate. Plus the Conservatives can expect the media to be hostile in the future as well as they've been in the past. But we need a huge, strong Conservative majority in order to both progress ahead and to begin to fight to undo the horrible damage done by the Liberals, particularly since the dictatorships of Trudeau and Chretien, which enjoyed the unwavering support of the state apparatus, which is Communistic, dhimmi, socially extreme and so on.
The Canadian People want a big change, and they're indicating it to pollsters. They don't fear a strong Conservative majority at all anymore. They welcome it!
Story here. h/t:
OTTAWA - The federal Conservatives have surged to 40 per cent in the popularity sweepstakes, opening a 12-point lead over the Liberals and moving within sight of majority government, a new national poll says.
(Note that the Liberals once won a majority with a mere 38% of the popular vote)
The poll, conducted by Ipsos-Reid exclusively for CanWest News Service and Global National, also says that almost seven in 10 respondents believe Canada is "moving in the right track these days," and that almost half (49 per cent) identified with the sentiment that "Stephen Harper has done a good job and deserves re-election" as prime minister.

"These are the best numbers the Tories have had in years," Darrell Bricker, president of the polling firm, said Friday. At 40 per cent, the Conservatives were up four points from the last Ipsos-Reid poll in August, and were right on the "magic number" needed to think about forming a majority government, he said.


The poll found Liberal support had dropped to 28 per cent, down four points from the August survey. The NDP dropped one point to 16 per cent, the Bloc Quebecois held at eight per cent, and the Green party was down one point to seven per cent.
I note also that in Quebec, with 75 seats up for grabs, the Tories are also way ahead of the Liberals and are closing in right on the heels of the separatist Bloc...
Expect the Liberals, the other Far-Left Opposition parties and the entire Leftist state apparatus to immediately declare Unholy Jihad against the Conservatives, becoming nastier than ever before, more slanderous, more... you get the picture.
But the Left will be fought against like never before from now on. Not only are the Conservatives stronger than ever, so are the People who want them to win, and many have blogs which go over the heads of the MSM, plus many also comment online, meaning the People will compete with the biased, exempt-from-having-to-be-fair-and-balanced MSM for the hearts and minds of Canadians.
It's political wartime. And the Canadian Sentinel is here, ready to rejoin the fight... readier than ever before. It's going to be one hell of a battle!
What'd I say, not too long ago, about "Happy days being here again", "It's morning in Canada"?
And remember when Mr. Harper said, "I think, for Canada, the best is yet to come"?
Smile, good, sane, rational Canadians! And prepare for battle, for you'll need to fight to win!
UPDATE: Liberals pussy out: Will not vote against Throne Speech. Heh... this means that they'll vote in favor of abandonment of the Ktyoto Protocol which they themselves ratified! Vendu! Sellouts!
Clearly, the Liberals are cowards when the going gets tough!