Saturday, October 27, 2007

Study Aims to Determine if Pedophiles Born That Way

This is scary, but not unprecedented, not implausible... I can, I'm afraid, see it coming one day: The pedophiles' rights movement. Pedophile adoption. Pedophiles marrying children.

Read the whole article and you'll be reminded of the same claims made about another "sexual orientation". The parallel is eerily mirror-like. To read the article, which is actually an MSM article, will remind you of the more commonly-debated "sexual orientation" that once dare not speak its name. This is how it starts. And it'll only take a matter of years, a decade at most, perhaps, unfortunately. But as society is already such an inexplicable mess, it shouldn't be too easily dismissed.

The new sexual-extremist propaganda movement is starting with pseudo-"scientists" like the one in the article, who appear to be biased and ideological, while sounding for all the world like "scientists". Reading the article will perhaps indicate this to you, at least if your brain is actually working.

If they're supposedly born that way, then we cannot discriminate, cannot invade their bedrooms... if the "sex" is "consensual" (children are incapable of consenting to such things!), they'll say, "then what's the harm?" Then, if they don't get concrete proof that it harms children, they'll use that lack of proof to push their agenda. They'll probably have the full assistance of the MSM, Hollywood, the legal/judicial system, the Leftist politicians, Leftist demonstrators... you get the picture.

So, if it's claimed that a study "proves" that they're born that way, does this mean that pedophilia will have to be declared by some judge(s) as a "human right", and that they'll read-in pedophilia as a protected "sexual orientation", despite the reality that "sexual orientation" isn't anywhere in evidence in the Charter?

How does one logically go from seeing that the Charter forbids discrimination on the basis of sex (whether one is a male or female, period!) to declaring that the Charter protects peoples' sexual preferences and behaviors, regardless of their sex? It's illogical, stupid and dangerous to build that slippery slope!

Look... we know that pedophilia is harmful to children. But we'll probably face the inexplicable debate in which they'll demand, "Prove it's harmful" and "Suppose a pedophile has a child living with him/her next door and they have sex... they're not bothering you or hurting you at all... so where's the harm? How does it affect you? What's the problem?!"

You know, there's similar studies with respect to homosexuality. And we had this debate with the "how does it hurt anyone" question with respect to same sex marriage, which the former Liberal government forced into law without any mandate to do so from the public and after having promised... and voted, formally, to not do so!

And it appears that the justice system is deciding not to pursue criminal charges against polygamists... again using the "where's the harm" question.

Where's the harm, indeed? Do I really have to tell you? Don't you know, or were you never told anything, therefore you cannot see how it's harmful? What on earth are they teaching in the schools today?

Frighteningly, there's enough people who are stupid and manipulable enough to submit to a pedophile rights movement and eventually support such "rights" in polls and even support "pedo-child" marriage someday in polls... and someday a leftwing fascist government will impose it on society and use police state tactics to protect the whole thing from any and all opposition...

Sound nuts? If people, just ten years ago, suggested that there'd be "gay" marriage in Canada now, or that polygamists would begin to cease to be prosecuted, most folks would've dismissed the idea... and they did. But they were wrong... because that stuff has happened!

This garbage "science" of finding genes to prove that people are born to behave a certain way... I say it's dangerous, evil, Mengellian bullshit and really should be shunned as snake oil research or something like that.