Friday, October 05, 2007

Footbaths Not Needed; Muslims Can Use "Dust"

That's right. All those footwashing facilities we hear of being installed by Dhimmi-run public places like airports and educational institutions... they're unnecessary, as the use of water for the ritual is unnecessary under Islam. Just as I suspected!

Apparently Muslims can simply use "dust".

Besides, what about when they're travelling in the desert in the Middle East? What are they going to do, waste their drinking water, if they're lucky to have any? Like we learn, Allah is "most forgiving and indulgent", after all, and will be cool with the use of "dust" to clean off one's feet.

How come Christians see the here-and-there public prohibition of stone monuments of the Ten Commandments, various crucifixes and even visible personal Bibles, while we read reports of Islamic footbaths being built here and there out of "respect, tolerance" for Muslims? Why do Muslims get respect and tolerance, but not JudeoChristians?

Hey! Maybe we should demand to have those little Holy Water basins installed all over the place so Catholics can purify themselves in public, too? So what if the moonbat atheists will hate it? They ain't saying boo about the Muslim footbathing, are they?

Please... no more footbaths. Needed or not, it's not fair to cater to one group and not others, particularly when that lucky, favored, exalted group is, by the fundamental essence of its ideology, supremacistic and imperialistic, plus has many, many extremists all over the world working diligently and patiently to impose Islam all over the place...

Leftists keep saying they "don't want religious imposition", meaning they're JudeoChristianophobic, but we know that very few of these Leftists dare to complain about Muslims- their leaders have brainwashed them into believing that there's one standard for JudeoChristians and another for Muslims. Oh, yes... it's true... Leftists will rationalize anything, regardless of illogic/inaccuracy, regardless of the constitutions/bills of rights of their countries.

Besides, in the Islamic World, non-Muslims are strictly persecuted and horrendously treated for not being Muslims. So stuff the ludicrous, knee-jerk Leftist accusations of "hate" when it is said, "no footbaths in public".