Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Watch the Left Reverse Itself... Maybe

Leftist and so-called "centrist" (which means Leftist at a slower pace) politicians and political parties have for a long time targeted specific ethnic groups to curry their favor and win their support and votes. The Liberal Party of Canada mastered this practice, and no one can deny this fact without making an assfoolclown laughingstock of theirself.

Well, I just noticed this report (h/t: NationalNewswatch.com) about the governing Conservatives' also communicating with ethnic communities for the purpose of introducing, explaining and raising awareness of the Conservatives and their policies. This is, of course, a necessary thing to do, in my view, as, after all, if we don't do it, the MSM and our political opponents will do it instead, and they, like they always have, will only lie about and misrepresent us and our policies in a negative manner (and, in contrast, lie about and misrepresent themselves and their policies in a positive manner). This is apparently how politics is done in Canada, and the Left and the MSM are responsible for making it so.

Nevertheless, I wouldn't be surprised to witness the Left/our political opponents on the Left/the MSM try to suddenly reverse their own philosophy and practice, turning their principles around 180 degrees, and spin this positive outreach to ethnic communities by the Conservatives as somehow negative, or even worse. But that is the nature of the Left, as we well know, if we've been watching closely for years or even decades.

If the Left thinks it can get away with doing so, well, let them try. We are fully prepared for their attempt.

I predict that, should "multiculturalism" become inconvenient to the Left, that they may abandon it, even reject it, though they themselves basically invented it and made it the law of the land.

It would be priceless to see the Left do that.