Saturday, October 13, 2007

Conan the Moonbat Legislates Immorality

Arnold Schwarzenegger has turned his back on morality.

"Mom and Dad" as well as "husband and wife" have been banned from California schools under a bill signed by Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, who with his signature also ordered public schools to allow boys to use girls restrooms and locker rooms, and vice versa, if they choose.

Hmm... the boys will get to go into the girls' bathrooms and locker rooms, and vice versa? I can guarantee you that there's going to be trouble. Of course the horny, perverted little boys and girls will venture where it was once verboten and have the time of their lives... paradise on earth, y'know... Oh, well, the homosexuals already get to be in the bathrooms and locker rooms with the same sex, to which they are attracted, ogling the uncomfortable victims, etc... So, to look it from the perspective of the Devil's advocate, it's only fair... There'll be more rapes, too, we understand.

"With this decision, Gov. Schwarzenegger has told parents that their values are irrelevant. Many parents will have no choice but to pull their children out of the public schools that have now become sexualized indoctrination centers."

"Arnold Schwarzenegger has delivered young children into the hands of those who will introduce them to alternative sexual lifestyles," said Randy Thomasson, president of Campaign for Children and Families, which worked to defeat the plans. "This means children as young as five years old will be mentally molested in school classrooms.

And it's not going to end with California, either. Mark my words, the Far Left will see to it that it spreads like the plague. Already:

Analysts have warned that schools across the nation will be impacted by the decision, since textbook publishers must cater to their largest purchaser, which often is California, and they will be unlikely to go to the expense of having a separate edition for other states.

It thus appears highly likely that the entire nation will suffer the aftershocks in the short run... and in the long run, count on the Leftist-run courts, the Leftist MSM and Leftist governors, perhaps a Leftist President, Congress and Senate... will ensure that that's the way things will be in all of America ultimately.

The terrible, immoral Bolshevist Revolution, which began circa 1917, led by Vladimir Lenin, has infiltrated America. This is a new Cold War, to be fought on the home front. Will Americans submit or fight these Evil Empiricists?

Now it's up to brave Americans, including scrupulous judges, to overturn Arnold's ill-adivsed and -begotten legislation as un-American. Yes, this so-called "progressive" legislation will have to be scrapped as un-American, un-democratic and dangerous.

He was my idol for many years. No more.

As Arnold had to defeat his own idol, Reg Park, one day, today I turn my back on Arnold.

The King is no more. I therefore rise above the former King.

Hey, Arnie... Lee Haney's got more Sandows on his mantel than you ever had!