Thursday, October 25, 2007

CodePinko Detained in Ottawa in Second Attempt to Enter Illegally

Story here. ht:

It's the same CodePinko with the criminal record I mentioned in an earlier blog post (scroll down) who was turned away from the border while trying to get in. She knows she's not allowed in, but tried again anyway, arrogantly deeming herself entitled notwithstanding anything the Canadian and US governments say about her.

The US government, of course, has its eye on her, naturally, as her behavior is, to the reasonable person, an indicator of a mentality, a potential predisposition to behaving in the future in a manner threatening to national security.

See, it's not just Islamic fascist terrorist suspects who get this treatment. It's their dhimmi slaves, the CodePinko moonbat fools, also, amongst other moonbats.

Now if only we could also keep illegal aliens out (thousands of illegals from Mexico are actually spilling across the border into Canada, too!)...

Sorry, leftists.... but there isn't any of that "entitlement" to which you delusionally believe you're entitled... and you have to pay for your own gum, too! (Canadian joke- has to do with ex-Liberal cabinet minister David Dingwall).