Thursday, October 25, 2007

Catholics Demand Vatican Crack Down on Immoral Clergy

They've had enough and want to take their religion back from those who have hijacked it.

Hey, I demand that good Muslims take their religion back from those who hijacked theirs, so it's reasonable that Catholics demand the same takeback from those whose only intent is to corrupt and ultimately destroy their faith.

Everyone is welcome to the Catholic faith. But the Catholic faith has strict rules. Those who reject these rules and wish to render them irrelevant, however, are definitely NOT welcome. This is the Catholic faith. Accept it as it is or go somewhere else.

There's other denominations that don't really adhere to Christian principles... those who want to have their cake and eat it too... those who want to pick and choose... can go to one of those phony Churches.

It's time for the Vatican to lay down the law and clean up the Churches.

The state apparatus and its political correctness facism also has no business in the affairs of the Church. After all, the American Constitution requires the government to stay out of its affairs, right ("separation of Church and state", remember? It really means that the Church is to be left alone by the state, not the other way around, like the left claims)?

So when we boot out the hijackers and blasphemers, the state apparatus must shut up and do nothing. No court may dare, either, to hear any claims against the Church, as the Church has its Constitutional rights and shall exercise them as it sees fit, enforcing its rules, which supercede political correctness, an atheistic philosophy.

Blasphemous/godless folks can do whatever they want and even talk about it... just keep it at home and out of the Church.

Rules are rules.