Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Unhinged CodePinko Leftist Moonbat Attacks Condi


Crazed CodePink liberal-left "progressive" dhimmi deafeatist moonbat attacks an annoyed but cool U.S. Secretary of State Conoleeza Rice, effectively stopping her from speaking. Where, oh, where was this CodePinko nutcase when Mahmoud Ahmadienjad was speaking?

It was a pinko melee! A brouhaha! Pinkomonium! Bunch of pink-t-shirt clad moonbats arrested!

Story. More pictures. Video. See moonbattery unhinged, unfiltered, uncut!

What did I tell y'all just last night about how right Canada was to bar a CodePinko moonbat with a criminal record from entering my country? We don't want the above crap happening up here, either! We've got our fair share of these lunatics, too, thank you very much!
Besides, we can't keep Michael Moore and Howard Dean from entering Canada so far, so at least we can tell the CodePinkos with criminal records to stay away.
Probably that was another stupid, insane friend of the infamous, mesmerizingly charismatic Canadian communist-kalifascist internet cult leader HanniBalbulican Lecter... Hey, HanniBalbulican, that's right... you are a cult leader, charismatic, Svengalian, Hannibal Lecterian... and your site, which I shall not mention herein, is a virtual cult. Your followers will believe anything and everything you say without question, as if you were the Heavens Gate guy or David Koresh or Reverend Moon... so when does the spaceship come to pick you guys up? Soon, I hope!