Thursday, October 04, 2007

Demmies Still Dumping on Rush

The U.S. Democrats are still dumping on Rush Limbaugh for something he didn't say.

I have demonstrated, in the comments section of this post, that Rush Limbaugh didn't call any real soldiers "phony soldiers", but rather referred to impostors pretending to be soldiers as "phony soldiers".

The Democrats must understand this, but no matter... the Democrats and the MSM will naturally pursue this Big Lie campaign of theirs, as they know it works. They do it all the time, so they know it works, and that they can get away with it, which they always do, thanks to their fellow travellers in the leftist MSM. Therefore they do this, against all logic, reason, sanity, truth, and against Mr. Limbaugh's rights as an American citizen.

The Democrats are total assholes for doing this. So is the MSM for not doing the necessary "fact checking" that they'd do if it was a Democrat who'd been accused of saying something he didn't, and persisting with failing to clearly, prominently, up-front, remind us that the Democrats are wrong, that Mr. Limbaugh didn't call any actual, real soldiers at all, specific or generic, "phony soldiers", that he was calling people pretending to be soldiers while denouncing the real soldiers' mission "phony soldiers".

How hard is it to understand? How stupid are the Leftists?

So, in failing to mention the distinction that Mr. Limbaugh was referring to impostors as "phony soldiers", the Democrats and the rest of the Left are being fecking assholes trying yet again(!) to fool and brainwash the guillible, easily-misled public via the MSM into believing that Mr. Limbaugh insulted the soldiers, which he did NOT!

How low with the Left go? Shit, they're slithering facedown in the latrines right now!

Democratic Senator Harry Reid, the Goebbelian pusher of this Big Lie campaign against Mr. Limbaugh, doesn't like being called "Dingy Harry"? Well, assholes do tend to be a bit dingy at times, Harry... And you're one of the poopiest, dingiest one of them all!