Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Leftist Opposition Unhinged Again Over Criticism of Stronach

Story here.

Ok now, calm down. Let's be rational here.

Want to know the dictionary definition of "bitch", however a politically-incorrect word, and one which sends leftists into fits of unmitigated moonbattery, unlike the perfectly acceptable slur often used against men, "pig"?

Definition of "bitch" (Merriam-Webster Online):

2 a : a lewd or immoral woman

b : a malicious, spiteful, or overbearing woman (...)

Hmm... this is interesting: I looked up, in the same source, the definition of "pig"...

In fact, "pig" applies specifically to a woman, not to a man, according to this source!

Definition of "pig" (Merriam-Webster Online):

5 slang : an immoral woman

I would suggest that those currently calling for Norm Spector's head first take it upon themselves to propose legislation banning the use of the word "pig" against men.

Then we can declare that we can no longer call Belinda whatever we want.

Here we go again with unhinged political correctness moonbattery.

I'm not impressed! The liberal-left Opposition is making a complete mockery of Parliament and of the Charter-guaranteed right to freedom of expression, never saying "hey" when a leftist calls a man a "pig" or men "pigs", but just look at 'em now!

Bah! Imbeciles!

Maybe we should start calling Belinda Stronach a "pig" instead. Let the unhinged leftist Opposition complain then!

Myopic, Ideologically Rigid Layton Urged To Open Mind on Afghanistan Liberation

Jack Layton, right, the angry-looking bald guy with the mustache, attending a rally of anarchistic left-wing extremists, denouncing the Canadian Forces' part in the continuing liberation of the Afghan people from the wholly intolerant, murderous Taliban. Fellow NDP MP and wife Olivia is at left. They certainly keep some darned fine company, don't they? I thought left-wing extremists were opposed to intolerance, but apparently I thought wrong. They only claim to oppose intolerance! They don't even care if the state-mandated intolerance is accompanied by state-mandated-and-committed murder, as has been the case with the Taliban, whom they apparently favor over the Afghan people.
Story here. h/t: National Newswatch
OTTAWA—Miranda Kostiuk-Hein has three children, a husband in uniform and a bone to pick with NDP Leader Jack Layton.
She says it's time that Layton, who addressed a weekend protest rally in Toronto to speak out against the Afghan conflict, made some time to hear the stories of the soldiers who have been fighting overseas and the families they leave behind.
"It's great he had time to go to this rally and yet again speak out about soldiers. Why can't he take 10 minutes and phone and talk to combat Joe's wife, who lives with it?" she asked.
"... At least give us a chance and hear our side, hear our stories, hear what we live with on a day-to-day basis," Kostiuk-Hein said in an interview yesterday.
Unfortunately, Mr. Layton isn't interested. He prefers to have political minions deal with ordinary Canadians like Miranda, who don't happen to share his own liberal-left worldview. He'll mingle with anarchistic moonbats, but he won't give the majority of Canadians, who aren't leftists, the time of day. Can you say "myopic, narrow-worldview and intolerant"? Clearly Mr. Layton seems proud to wear these labels, which are popular amongst leftists like himself in being used against non-leftists who don't share his worldview.
Miranda has invited Jack to her home, to sit and talk with her. But Jack won't be bothered. This is just terribly appalling- this man, Jack Layton, has publicly demanded that our government pull out of Afghanistan and "sit down and talk with"... the Taliban, of all folks!
A man of the people? No, not Jack Layton. An open-minded man? No, not Jack Layton. An intelligent man? Definitely not Jack Layton. A man who cares about freedom, democracy, the rule of law and human rights? No, not Jack Layton. A man who cares about women? No, not Jack Layton. A man who wants all Afghan children, including girls, to be allowed to go to school? No, not Jack Layton.
Jack Layton, you don't speak for me.
Resign, please. I don't want you in the House of Commons. You are un-Canadian and are against Canadian values as far as I'm concerned.
Canada must stay and do the job in Afghanistan.
Jack Layton must get out of Parliament.
How does if feel now, Jack? Any empathy yet? Don't get litigious. Fair's fair. Don't dish it out unless you can take the return fire!
The enemies of freedom, of democracy, of the rule of law and of human rights will fail.
The Free World will prevail!

Economy Continues Upwards Movement Under Tories

Story here.

That's an increase of 0.3% in August, bettering the increase of 0.2% in July. Such figures aren't bad at all for monthly increases in overall economic activity.

Canada is moving forward and upward. Canadians are spending, spending, spending as a vote of confidence in Stephen Harper's Conservatives.

Of course, it's likely that the increase is all in the West, considering that much of the spike in activity also came from the energy sector, a big industry in the West, particularly Alberta, Canada's main economic engine today.

And we must understand that there's also been an increase in demand for our energy exports by the United States, our best friend (family, when you come to think of it) in the world and our most critically important trading partner.

Boosted by an increase in U.S. demand and the replenishment of inventories with the approach of winter, natural gas production and transportation were among the main engines of growth in the energy sector, which advanced 0.7 per cent.

Keep this in mind when Jack Layton, the socialist NDP leader pushes his own proposal for reducing pollution, which I consider far too extreme, far too fast and which would, in all likelihood, devastate the Canadian economy, particularly the Western Canadian economy. Just ponder how on earth we could possibly do the following without plunging all of Canada into a depression:

...80 per cent reduction in Canadian greenhouse gases from 1990 levels by 2050.

This figure sends shivers of horror down my spine. Just perfect for Halloween! This is coming from a left-wing extremist, after all. You know what that means.

I'm hoping that this is merely an initial (and utterly ludicrous, clearly unhinged, unrealistic and overtly optimistic, though what do we expect from the Mustachioed Moonbat King?) negotiating position for his talks with Prime Minister Harper on the issue of the environment and legislation, which are probably getting underway the very moment I'm writing this post.

Surely Jack doesn't expect anyone other than radical liberal-left extremists to believe that such a plan is viable?

Mark my words: it isn't. It'll never happen. Not even if Layton himself were to (uncontrollable laughter), Heaven forbid, win a majority NDP government and pass such radically extreme, devastating, job-destroying legislation. In the real world, the only way anyone could force such a thing to happen would be if Layton were to rule Canada with an iron fist, much like Stalin ruled the USSR, like Mao ruled China, like Kim Jung Il rules North Korea...

Jack Layton's environmental plan? No, thanks! I'd rather have a snap election than see Canada be committed to such devastating nonsense!

So Jack Layton might introduce a motion of nonconfidence, sparking a snap election, if he doesn't get what he demands? Ok, fine. Go ahead, Wacko Jacko! Make our day!

Jacko sure knows how to Layiton, doesn't he? Real thick!

Jack Layton's plan would destroy the Canadian economy, particularly in the West, sparking possible separation of that region and the ultimate death of Canada as a nation herself. It would lead to America increasing her dependence on Middle Eastern oil, leading to monsters like Mahmoud Ahmadinejad raking in even more money to accelerate and expand his nuclear weapons program to fulfil his explicit promises to "wipe out" Israel and the "entire Anglo-Saxon world". Is this what Layton wants? Of course not, but the poor man, being a liberal-leftist, cannot understand the ultimate potential consequences of his radically extreme pipedreams...

If Jack Layton has his way, Canada will become a lot like Afghanistan and North Korea. What sane person wants to live like that?

The world has already suffered through too much left-wing horror. We don't need any more and must oppose all such nonsense with fierce intensity!

Say no to left-wing extremism!

Talking About Hot Air

Story here. h/t: National Newswatch

"The leader of the NDP began this Parliament by saying that the number-one air quality concern of Canadians was smog. Now he says it's greenhouse gases," Harper said.

"We believe it's both, which is why the Clean Air Act covers both," he said.

"Now this government is determined to move ahead with a long-term plan to reduce emissions of both these gases, but if the NDP wants to sit down and discuss how we can do that better, I'm certainly willing to do that with them."

Layton said he hoped the prime minister is serious.

Mr. Layton, I can assure you that Stephen Harper is very serious. Believe it. However, I doubt that you are, yourself. I believe that you'd rather play partisan politics like an unhinged moonbat...

... like you did with Puppygate, just as you were getting into the Clean Air Act but, like a short-attention-span infant, dropped it to try to score cheap, cheating political points for your own gain...

... but please, Mr. Layton... prove me wrong about you. Go ahead. Don't talk about fancy documents like Kyoto that mean nothing in the real world. Talk about concrete measures being taken. If you say, "Kyoto or an election", then you will destroy your political capital. Canadians don't want to play any more liberal-left political games... they want results, not more hot air!

While you're at it... I'd strongly recommend you not align yourself with liberal-left extremists who slander the Prime Minister with picket signs depicting him as a devil just because he's liberating the tyrannized, human-rights-devoid Afghan people from the bloodthirsty, totally-intolerant Taliban. Otherwise, you could be deemed as supporting the Taliban, as has already happened, with your bizarre suggestion that we "sit down and talk" with these unchangeable monsters. No wonder folks derisively call you "Taliban Jack".

But I digress.

Go ahead and work with the government to quickly get serious, workable environmental legislation passed. Forget about the stupid piece of worthless paper called "Kyoto", which is dead, as a matter of fact, as it hasn't done a thing to even slow greenhouse gas emissions in the world.

Let's have a Canadian environmental plan that works, not some feel-good international exhibition of stupidity and delusional optimism.

Let's work together for Canada. Why not? Canadians want their elected representatives to work together and quit playing infantile politics!

If you do the right thing, just think of how bad the Liberals will look in contrast, with their unhinged demagoguery and brainlessly dogged determination to prevent Parliament (and Canada) from working and moving forward progressively.

If you do the right thing, you will deserve every swing vote you get coming to your party from the corrupt, unhinged Liebrano$$$, who don't deserve to ever again govern unless they shut down completely and restart from the ground up with a whole new constitution and real principles and policies based upon the original, classical liberalism they once may have had but of which they are now totally devoid. The LPC as it is currently constituted is actually effectively a criminal organization, once one examines all the damning concrete evidence against them and considers the fact that there are currently some three dozen criminal investigations into their past behavior in power.

So go ahead and demolish the Liberals' electoral chances, and you'll end up with more votes, will win more seats... and will have more influence than ever before. That's what's in it for you. Go for it, my good man Jack!

Speaker Closes File on Puppygate

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...so it's time for the liberal-left Opposition to stop making false accusations without valid proof, which they refused to provide. The Speaker has not found any evidence to back up the accusations.

Story here. h/t: National Newswatch

Milliken said the official record conflicts with unofficial observations as to what was said and gestured back on Oct. 19.

Well, when there's no valid, authenticated, professionally scrutinized audio evidence to back up the Opposition's unhinged allegations of certain supposed utterances, other than some tape provided by the Liberals, themselves infamous liars, which they never offered up for any kind of independent, official forensic analysis, then the Speaker, as a judge of sorts, must do his duty and dismiss the non-case due to lack of evidence... and lack of any credibility on the part of the unhinged Opposition, in my view.

Minister MacKay, the target of the malicious leftwing smear campaign, never wavered in his denial of any impropriety in the House on his part.

Shame on the leftist Opposition for refusing to grant Peter the benefit of the doubt (they grant that Maher Arar dude and all the Khadrs such benefit, after all!) and for throwing, for a political opponent, the principle of innocence absent proof of guilt into the garbage. (I similarly condemn the MSM for aiding and abetting this unhinged moonbattery)
"The remarks may or may not have been said, but it is not for the speaker to decide where the truth lies," Milliken said. "I regret that the chair can offer no remedy to the House. ... I must now consider the matter closed."

Why did the liberal-left Opposition wage this uncalled-for campaign, actually, uncaringly dropping all important matters from their consideration? I believe they did so in an ill-advised attempt to smear not only Minister MacKay, but also the entire Conservative government and Party as somehow "sexist", therefore hopefully hurting the CPC's polling numbers and future electoral chances.

Little wonder why so shortly following the very start of the moonbat campaign, I noticed an MSM poll claiming that support for the CPC among women had fallen, as if to suggest that all women were watching the whole thing and had nothing better to do than pay attention to a bunch of imbeciles braying about alleged doggy-related utterances and whatnot... in fact, I believe that if all women were actually aware of and were following the whole thing, they'd have been appalled, not at Minister MacKay, not at the CPC, but at the inanely unhinged moonbattery displayed by the very people they pay to do a real job, but plainly weren't and were instead playing partisan politics to the max, with all the standard liberal insignificant sound and fury...

The gender-oriented poll so conveniently released, and with its annoyingly cocksure headline, by the MSM is very suspicious and suggests to political observers that it's more evidence in the growing body of some kind of loose coordination or conspiracy between the left and the MSM, in which the mutual butt-scratching behavior has become automatic and nothing needs to be explicitly communicated either way to bring on such coordination or conspiracy. If this is true, then it's damning for the press, which is supposed to be free, independent... and unbiased and nonpartisan, but is justifiably suspect in this by millions of thinking Canadians, as well as Americans. There seems to be some kind of disturbing, almost symbiotic, relationship between the left and the MSM, in my view.

If anyone has been hurt by this ridiculous show of pure, unadulteratedly unhinged moonbattery, it is the Opposition!

See also:

Meanwhile, in the dog house h/t: Bourque
Emphasis mine....

Former prime minister Brian Mulroney's chief of staff Norman Spector thinks federal Liberal parliamentarian Belinda Stronach is a "bitch." Speaking with CKNW's Bill Good this morning about Foreign Affairs Minister Peter MacKay's refusal to apologize for allegedly suggesting Ms. Stronach is a dog, Mr. Spector said, "I think she's a bitch. It's as simple as that. And I think that 90 percent of men would probably say she's a bitch for the way she's broken up (retired hockey player) Tie Domi's home and the way she dumped Peter MacKay. She is a bitch."

Ooooh! That b-word is even worse than an allegation of a mere suggestion relating to the d-word.
Besides, when a man behaves the exact same way as did Belinda, he gets called a "pig" or perhaps even worse... but who bothers to scream "sexism" then? Who bothers to accuse the utterers of the word "pig" of "hatred of men"? Exactly! Double standard!

But guess what? This very clear utterance by Norm Spector isn't going to register on the Opposition's give-a-crap-0-meter, nor the MSM's. Why not? Because they really don't give a crap! They only gave a crap as they saw an opportunity to play partisan politics for their own political gain, to hell with pressing, critical matters which they had dropped to pursue the unfounded allegation like some insane, rabid moonbat pitbull...
I sincerly doubt that the leftist Opposition really cares anywhere near as much as they pretend about women, or about anyone else, or about anything at all... except themselves and their electoral chances and the financial and other benefits that flow from being an elected "representative" of the people (not that leftist politicians are famous for sincerely or meaningfully known for "representing" their constituents).

24 hours's Bill Tieleman, who was sharing the airwaves with Mr. Spector, took issue with that statement saying "I think you're taking a lot of liberty there. We don't know what happened in the Tie Domi case. We do know that she broke up with Mr. Mackay. And we don't call (Vancouver South MP) Ujjal Dosanjh or (Liberal leadership candidate) Bob Rae or others with names like that. So I don't think that's a fair characterization. I think it's fair to say you don't like her politics. And I don't either personally. But I think that crosses the line myself."

Excuse me, Mr. Tieleman, you know full well that if Mr. Dosanjh or Mr. Rae had commited udultery with a woman and destroyed her marriage and had strung along a woman only to cavalierly dump her as if a hot potato, causing great emotional distress, they'd get slammed with all kinds of bad slurs, including sexist ones. It happens all the time, and if you want to deny that it does, do so at the risk of destroying your credibility in the eyes of the public, who know I'm right on that. Therefore, unless you are a misanthropic sexist, it is, indeed, a fair characterization. Goes both ways, else there's a double standard. Your zipper is all the way down and your political correctness submission is sticking out, so please, lest you embarrass yourself further, please just kindly put it back in and zip up, sir.
But Mr. Spector later defended his use of the term, asking "Why is it unacceptable? That's what I think about her. I think it was much worse - a few years ago - when one of the Liberal members referred to (former Edmonton North MP) Deb Grey as a slab of meat quite frankly. I think that was totally unacceptable. But bitch is a word that I would use to describe someone like Belinda Stronach. It is a word that I use regularly."

Methinks the left is too bloody sensitive and political-correctness obsessed to the point of actual insanity!
And there definitely is a double standard between men and women in this society... and it's the fault of the liberal left and the left-biased MSM.
In Canada.
I didn't make this up.
Choose your Canada.

Monday, October 30, 2006

Al-Zawahiri Was Target of Air Strike on Jihad School

Ayman al-Zawahiri, r, Al Qaeda number two to leader Osama bin Laden, l

Story here. h/t: National Terror Alert (in sidebar)

Between two and five senior al Qaeda militants were killed in the attack, including the mastermind of the airliners plot in the U.K., according to Pakistani intelligence sources.

No word yet on whether or not Zawahiri was killed in the raid, but one Pakistani intelligence source did express doubt that Zawahiri would have been staying in a madrassa, which is an obvious target for strikes against militants. That source, however, did express confidence that Pakistani intelligence is closing in on Zawahiri's location.

...and the DhimmicRats have been claiming that the Bush administration isn't doing anything, isn't even getting close... but it now appears that the Americans are closer than ever to Al Qaeda's deputy. And if they can get this close to the Deputy, it's only a matter of time before they get close to bin Laden himself.

Just y'all wait... Rome wasn't built in a day... why would one of the world's most hated, most dangerous men be captured or killed right away, particularly in the vast, mountainous regions of Afghanistan and Pakistan?

What'll the left be saying once we get them? Probably something about the Geneva Convention or something. They'll want the Red Cross, they'll want an army of defence lawyers, they'll want Amnesty International to interfere with the bringing of these minions of Satan to justice, probably... bet they'll definitely oppose tossing the stinking little pigpoops into Gitmo, too... well, where will the liberals want these bearded turds to stay? How about with the liberals themselves? Not at all afraid they'll be terminated in the name of Allah, hmm?

We will prevail!

Naked Jihadist Leader Flees

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Scary but cowardly naked Islamic jihadist running away from IDF

At least he wasn't wearing black socks...

Story here. Emphasis mine.

"I entered to take a shower and suddenly while I was soaping myself I heard voices and people shouting. I didn't know what they were shouting but I heard the word 'jiash' (soldiers) and I understand that the Israeli army was attacking our house."


"If I saw somebody in front of me so I put one or two hands on my sexual organ; if there was nobody in front of me and I heard people speaking or laughing behind me I put my hands on my buttocks," related the terror leader.


He said for him fear of arrest was far greater than the embarrassment of running nude through the refugee camp, where he is a famous figure.

Oh, a fearless warrior for Allah, eh? Too chicken to fight the enemy, afraid of death... would rather run around naked like some imbecile at a sporting event... oh, yep, yep, yep, a scary jihadist, indeed... eek! He's running around bareassed! Run for your lives! Ahhhhhh!

...next time I will be more careful and I will have my shower when I am wearing my clothes," he said.

Heh... smart guy... from now on will be showering fully clothed. Real smart, eh?

Well, there you have it... a jihad warrior deathly afraid of the IDF... so terrified, so cowardly, reluctant to wage jihad himself (rather than telling little kids to do it for him) that he'd rather streak through a community full of Islamic fundamentalists, bareassed, tiny little winky wagging all over the place... real impressive fearless jihad warrior guy, eh? Yep, suuuure!

Pathetic little scaredy piece of pigpoo...

Wonder what Allah will think of this yellow-bellied wussy wimp?


Sunday, October 29, 2006

Murder At An Abortion Clinic

Story here. (A WorldNetDaily Exclusive)

Excerpts (read the whole thing, of course)

"The evidence reflects that this was a homicide. We're moving forward with that mindset. I believe our evidence has indicated (and) I think we have probable cause to bring charges."


"The complainant advised on Thursday, 20 July 2006, at approximately 9:30 a.m. she arrived at the clinic for a pre-scheduled abortion. At approximately 2:30 p.m. the Complainant gave birth in the recovery room of the clinic. The complainant observed the baby moving and gasping for air for approximately five (5) minutes.

"The staff began screaming that the baby was alive; at which time. Ms. Belkis Gonzales cut the umbilical cord, threw it into a red bag with black printing. Ms. Gonzales then swept the baby, with her hands, into the same red bag along with the gauze used during the procedure," the search warrant said.

Harper Demands Opposition Be Honest, Open With Voters

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper demands accountability and openness from the Opposition, urging them to come clean with the Canadian people on what their true agenda is. Harper indicates that the Opposition is flip-flopping, breaking their promises to Canadians which they made in the last election. Harper is keeping his promises.

Story here. Emphasis mine.

"We don’t expect the opposition to always agree with us. But we do expect them to be up front with you," Harper said. "If the opposition disagrees with us, they should do it in the open. Not in some committee meeting, not in the unelected Senate, not by endlessly stalling a democratic vote."
"Tell the people of Canada why you're opposing accountability, why you're opposing tough measures against crime. And explain to Canadians why you didn't tell them this in the last election."
Harper also took a swipe at the Liberal "unelected senators" for stalling on passing the accountability act and appealed to them to "stop playing political games."
"But we shouldn't have to have an election to pass the things Canadians already voted for, that Canadians want."
Unfortunately, it is quite clear that the leftist Opposition doesn't want Canadians to have what they voted for. The leftist Opposition wants to have an election to make a mess of Canada. The leftist Opposition cares about nothing except themselves!
The leftist Opposition doesn't just oppose the government; they oppose Canada and Canadians and merely promote themselves! Selfishness, culture of entitlement... that's what the left is all about! They abuse and exploit Canada and Canadians for their own personal enrichment and hedonistic pleasure!
The leftist Opposition is very clearly undemocratic! Don't reward their tyranny against Canadians and Canada!
Canadians clearly need a strong Conservative majority. If this doesn't happen, Canada will get nowhere... nowhere at all. Because the radical left still has far, far too much power to impose their own bizarre, extremist left wing agenda on Canada and Canadians. We have had enough of the tyranny the left has been delivering for far too long!
Vote Conservative!

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Depression, Mental Illness Risk Triples With Abortion: Study

Story here. h/t: World Net Daily

Women who have abortions are three times as likely to suffer depression and other mental illness, it emerged yesterday.

Senior doctors claim new evidence shows a clear link between abortion and mental health problems in women who previously had no history of such illness.

They believe the risks are being 'played down' so women wanting an abortion are kept in the dark.

As a result those considering having an abortion should be warned of the dangers, says a group of leading specialists.

Well, if the left is so adamant about a woman's "right to choose" to commit infanticide, then I'm sure they'll be equally supportive of a woman's right to be fully informed of the risks of doing such a thing.

Anyway, read the whole thing to get the whole story, including the claims of abortion counsellors that women are indeed informed of the risks.

My question: why doesn't the MSM, politicians and the left in general talk about the possible negative effects of the radical, morally-and-ethically-questionable procedure? Why just push the whole thing, period, as a supposedly good thing?

The taking of human life shouldn't be treated so lightly, nor as a "right". I'm sorry, but it doesn't feel right that one is told it's ok to go around screwing like a bunny, without protection, cavalierly, uncaringly exposing oneself to the risk of unwanted pregnancy and HIV and other STDs. Feeling good in the moment is more important than keeping the future in mind, as far as liberals are concerned. It's all about selfish hedonism. So many ways in which the left is like this.

But this is unfortunately the way things are, as liberals keep saying, "Don't worry... be happy. If anything bad happens, modern medicine will just cut out the 'problem' or provide drugs to take care of the nasty germs. Just go forth and have a good time and stop worrying."

That's one symptom of liberalism. Liberalism is, after all, in large part, about willful ignorance of the consequences of actions or inactions. We see this all the time. I see it all the time in pretty much everything liberals do every day... and, even after they suffer consequences from actions over and over again, they nevertheless repeat the same actions as if there were no demonstrated causal relationship between action and consequence. If this isn't a sure sign of mental illness, I don't know what is. Liberals can easily deny that any kind of mental illness isn't mental illness. They can make it politically incorrect to label a mental illness as such. Yes; they have that awesome power, even if they aren't in government. They have the courts, the MSM, the legal system, etc... all on their side.

Abortion, euthanasia, turning the other cheek at genocide, turning the other cheek at 9/11, turning the other cheek when people are executed in the Islamic world for nothing other than suspected un-Islamicness or for being female, for being gay, etc... yep, the left is on high moral and ethical ground and can look down, sniffing, upon everyone who doesn't kiss their stinky feet...

Just as the communists, the tyrants, the Islamofascists... liberals clearly appear to follow a sort of doctrine of death... liberalism, like those other ideologies, looks for all the world like a death cult. Tolerance of all kinds of death (except for the death of evil people!!!) is a liberal doctrine.

Myself, I believe life, particularly innocent life, is more valuable than death. Liberals apparently do not.

Deal with it, liberals. You can have your delusions. I want no part of them.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Hypocritical Moonbat Opposition Slams Tories for Opposing Kyoto

Story here.
I'm just shaking my head slowly at the Liberals and other Opposition parties.
Just the other day they were slamming the Conservatives' Clean Air Act without making any valid case for opposing it. And then, almost as quickly as they started, they suddenly stopped, determining somehow with their moonbattily disordered leftist minds (if they have minds, that is), that claiming that a government minister said something not-so-nice about someone who herself isn't all that nice anyway would be sexier and would provide them with a means with which to beat up on the government for political purposes, perhaps in an attempt to dislodge female voters from the Tories by pretending, with inanely silly, brainless sound and fury, that something most horrible has happened and is the smoking gun proving something terrible about all Conservatives everywhere.
But so far, it's been much ado about nothing. One tape (and, very importantly, the only one known to exist at all) provided by the Liberals (yes, those very lying Liebrano$$$ who stole our money- recall ADSCAM) and given to their propaganda wing, the MSM (the CTV in this case), hasn't been forensically examined by the RCMP or similar official authority for authenticity and non-forgery, plus real, expert analysis of the contents of the tape.
How do we know the tape isn't fake? They're not offering to have it forensically validated by the RCMP.
The allegee denies making any statements, nor making any gesture, despite the Liberal accusations.
So what if the Liberals signed affidavits to the same end? What's the penalty for lying on an affidavit anyway? We already know the Liberals to be liars, hence the moniker "Liebrano$$$".
So they moved from a shrill, unhinged, overhammed, half-assed, demagogic, throwaway, worthess criticism of a perfectly good, workable environmental bill without even studying it at all, and on to some stupid nonsense moonbattery I'll call "Sex, Lies and Unauthenticated, Indistinct Audiotape".
Now the Liberals are trying to force the government to go ahead with the Kyoto Accord, a mere piece of worthless paper which they themselves didn't do a dang thing about and didn't even slow the rise in greenhouse gas emissions! Rather than giving an honest look at the Clean Air Act, they wish to force their own moonbat political baby on the Conservative government which was elected partly on the basis of promising workable legislation to replace the Kyoto nonsense political document. Well, the Conservatives are offering this legislation to be supported by the Opposition, who themselves claim to care about the environment, but who now appear to merely cry crocodile tears about that, as well as anything they deem politically useful to them, all for political gain.
Shameful. What selfishness, what uncaringness, what always-taking, always-imposing liberalism! These bums only care about themselves!
Astonishing. The Liebrano$$$ are so arrogant, so incredibly delusional that they're carrying on as if they never lost power at all. They're just the Opposition, but are "opposing" as if they're running a minority government themselves. Oh, man... oh, for Heaven's sake... the delusional sense of entitlement is just... staggering, bamboozling, appalling, shocking, jaw-dropping, you name it!
Well, just read the moonbatty nonsense the leftists are yakking up and see for yourself that they don't want this government to be able to do anything meaningful and are going out of their way to block pretty much every piece of legislation, hopefully killing it by somehow forcing an unwanted election.
Why would they, especially the disgraced criminal organization, the Liebrano$$$, want an election anytime soon? Because they're bored or something? Because they're a bunch of insane leftist moonbat poopheads?
Oh, sheesh!
We really need a majority to put a stop to this insane liberal nonsense! How can we make Canada work if these idiots on the left keep on making sure that we can't?

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Big Fake Boobs

They're such big, fake boobs they remind me of the Liberals.

Notice that they're so big and fake that they win awards for being the biggest and fakest!

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Liberal, MSM Obsession Over Puppygate Now Unhinged Moonbattery

Not long after I did this post, I'm seeing the MSM and the Liberals insanely, stupidly, delusionally, wastefully cranking up the heat when it's not even chilly in the House.
It's bizarre. It's unhinged.
All over an alleged-by-the-left-and-the-MSM utterance by one Peter MacKay, who continues to vehemently deny the totally partisan, unproven accusation. It doesn't matter to the moonbats that the Speaker has already dismissed the non-matter due to lack of evidence.
The Liberals provided their own tape of the alleged utterance. The Liberals and no one else. The Liebrano$$$, who themselves were caught on tape attempting to bribe Gurmant Grewal to change his vote and defect for an alluded-to "cabinet/not cabinet" reward. The Liberals who repeatedly accused Mr. Grewal of uttering a forged document, the tape. Hmm... the MSM was involved, too, themselves uttering fake "experts" who obediently alleged that the tape was faked. But then the RCMP did a real forensic analysis of the tape and determined its authenticity.
Why don't the Liberals, instead of giving the tape to the MSM (the CTV, specifically), turn it over to the RCMP or another trustworthy agency for authentication? I'll say why: Because the tape is fake, made up by the Liberals. If I'm wrong, then they'll prove me wrong, but that isn't going to happen. I suspect it'll get to the point that the tape will have to be surrendered to authorities for authentication... involuntarily. Bet the Liberals haven't considered that, preferring to gamble like madmen and madwomen. And the MSM is willingly risking discrediting itself further by obsessing, by reporting as if it has been proven that the alleged utterance happened.
It's all hinged on the tape provided by the unhinged left. I seem to be the only one, a citizen blogger, demanding the tape be turned over to the appropriate authorities for forensic validation to settle whether it's fake or genuine... and to settle whether Mr. MacKay uttered the word "dog", which, anyhow, isn't a big deal compared to, for example, the North Korean and Iranian nuclear bombs crisis threatening the Free World, or the health care waiting times crisis in Canada, particularly New Brunswick.
We now know where the priorities of the left lie. If they even have any!
The left is putting all its eggs in one partisan basket. The left is gambling that no one will question whether it's they who are lying. Well, I'm questioning the Liberals' honesty, credibility and integrity (a redundant task if ever there was one!) as well as that of the MSM.
I implore other bloggers to demand proof and to demand that all accusations against MacKay be withdrawn, the tape turned over to the authorities for forensic authentication and sound analysis for actual content.
I don't trust the Liberals, nor the MSM when they claim, as if it was conclusively proven, that the alleged utterances (however mundane, common and irrelevant) were made.
Whatever happened to the doctrine that we're innocent until proven guilty? The Liberals, the MSM and the left have thrown it into the pooper and flushed it away.
Shameful. UnCanadian. Liberals. MSM. Left. UnCanadian. Unacceptable.
Even if MacKay did say the alleged "you have her", so what? Liberal Doug Young called Reformer Deborah Grey a "side of bacon" and there wasn't such a massive left-wing uproar. Women continued to vote Liberal anyway! If women turn away from the CPC over this, then what does that say about the specific women who'd change their vote that way over a simple allegation but not when the Liberal Cabmin said worse? They must be stupid or easy to fool.
A Liberal compared NDPer Olivia Chow to a chow dog and the MSM didn't make that much of a stink. The whole Liberal party got off scot free. See the double standard?
Besides, if it continues to be politically correct to slur a man, or all men, as a "pig" or "pigs", then I reject that any suggestion that an adulterous billionaire Liebrano turncoat-for-vote-in-exchange-for-brand-new-fly-by-night-Cabinet-post is a "dog". Well, in my opinion, Belinda deserves to be called far worse than a "dog". She is, after all, a Liebrano, and I've called Liebrano$$$ worse than "dog". Being female doesn't shield one from the consequences of being a total asshole! She can't complain that someone she so cavalierly hurt emotionally at the same time she defected to the enemy would say something uncomplimentary about her, proven or unproven. I have no sympathy for Belinda, the big, fat, phony billionaire Liebrano. Neither should anyone else!
The left is clearly unhinged over nothing. Nothing at all.
Incredible, irrelevant, astonishing. Pure, unhinged leftist moonbattery in the raw!
Choose your Canada. Ignore the lying, demagogic left!

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Busy Today, But Here's Some Important Stuff

I find myself suddenly too busy to get deeply into a post at the moment... work and all that, ya know... but there's two things which require attention at the moment... y'all can read it for yourself.

Fascism returning to Germany? First we hear that anti-Semitic violence in Germany is reaching 1933 proportions all over again...

Now, on the heels of that, we hear of German police raiding private homes and removing crying children from their homeschooling parents (on the basis of a still-existing Hitler-era law) and throwing them into public schools to be indoctrinated in whatever the German state deems. Kristallnacht against homeschooling?

...one mother spending a few days in jail for providing homeschooling for her child...

...another family was fined $2,250 and members were being attacked emotionally so that the father handed a nervous breakdown that landed him in a hospital....

Read the whole thing, of course.

Germany is beginning to worry me. Human rights in Germany? Yeah, right.

'Major attacks against Israel on their way'

Listen up, leftists. The Muslims are going to offensively launch offensive first strikes (they'll falsely claim "resistance") of a military nature against Israel. Therefore, don't be surprised, not angry at Israel if she dares exercise her inalienable right to self-defence... even if there will be civilian casualties on the other side.

That's right... just watch... I will... and as soon as the Muslims launch their attack against Israel, I'll be here to do a post on it and warn you of the retaliation required by Israel to prevent the Muzis from annihilating the Middle East's only democracy, its only human-rights-respecting nation...

Be warned. Take notice. Any criticism of Israel following her self-defensive actions will be wholly rejected. I take no lessons from Muzi sympathizers nor dhimmi leftist imbeciles hellbent on propagating the virulent, spreading ultra-fascist left wing hatred of Israel and of Jews...

The war never ended. It just took a cold pause.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

CFP Slams CTV Over 'Puppygate' Obsession

Sex, Lies and Audiotape

Climbing up the wrong tree?
Story here.
The Canada Free Press takes the CTV to task for its clear obsession over an alleged remark by a member of the federal government.
Had Peter MacKay been beheaded by Islamofascist jihadists in a Nova Scotia potato patch, it is hard to imagine that CTV would have given that as much coverage as they devoted to what is now being referred to as puppygate. An episode of Mike Duffy Live (hosted by Jane Taber) devoted not one, not two, but THREE segments to MacKay having allegedly called his former girlfriend, former Conservative MP, former a lot of things, Belinda Stronach, a dog.
If this isn't an obsession with something that'd be a one-day wonder if it involved a Liberal or NDP or Bloc MP, then the word "obsession" has no meaning. I guess the CTV got tired of attacking the government on Canadian soldiers' noble, selfless sacrifices in Afghanistan and PM Harper's handshaking with his kids, plus his spare tire and his choice of vests. They decided to play politics with something else of no consequence and which hasn't any conclusive proof with respect to whether what was allegedly said was actually said.
CTV's purpose in giving so much air time to the Question Period exchange of course had nothing to do with the incident itself; CTV simply went overboard with the non-story in order to help their Liberal friends with their agenda. The Liberals of course are anxious to do anything that they can to take attention away from their leadership race where the candidates are taking positions that are all over the map. Every minute of air time that is devoted Peter and his dog is one minute that cannot be devoted to the incredibly shrinking Iggy.
Yep... no surprise... the CTV, being another Liberal-loving, Conservative-hating MSM outlet, is clearly pulling out the stops to help the crooked, disgraced Liebrano$$$ attack the government on an allegation of an utterance. Clearly, the Liebrano$$$ and the MSM have nothing of substance to use to attack the Conservative gov't, so they make up some artificial, hysterical left-wing-extremist-conceived "crisis"...
Realize that there's no proof that Mr. MacKay said that which is alleged by the Liebrano$$$ and the MSM. Mr. MacKay denies having said it, the Speaker has no evidence that he said it, and it is simply widely assumed anyway that he made the alleged utterance. I'm starting to smell a vast, left-wing conspiracy here. If there's any proof on an audiotape, then turn it over to the RCMP or something to have it forensically examined for any evidence of the leftists' claims. This hasn't happened. Interesting.
In their zest to aid their friends the Liberals, CTV posted a couple of questionable items on their website. One was the Liberal Party's tape of Question Period when the exchange between Mackay and McGuinty supposedly took place. For those of us (probably all of us) who can't quite make out what is being said in the background as Rona Ambrose is answering a question, the Liberals very kindly flashed the words on the screen at the time that they say the comments were made. It's hard to remember another time when a political party's propaganda was so proudly displayed as news by the media.
The CFP article also addresses the CTV's attacking, in a manipulative, misleading manner, the Blogging Tories and some of its bloggers, practically suggesting that the BT is an official site of the CPC via the word "official". Indeed, such misleading "reportage" is a hallmark of the MSM and the CTV is clearly, unabashedly doing it again! I, as a BT member and a member of the CPC, know that BT and the CPC are not connected in any "official" way whatsoever. Besides, what's so allegedly "official" about BT? Maybe the CTV is just stupid as hell and will put forth any stupid words they will? Yep, either misleading on purpose or just plain stupid, stupid, stupid! Maybe both!
The Liebrano$$$ have proven nothing. They haven't made any case. I hereby accuse the Liebrano$$$ of lying! But of course! They're pathological liars and political scoundrels of the worst, most ludicrously pathetic sort! I spit!
I'm shocked that the Liebrano$$$ are still on it like rabid, insane pitbulls, swearing to keep on keeping on with the insanity as long as humanly possible, according to the Globe and Mail (related to the CTV) today (no link available at the moment; the idiots are again annoyingly demanding we register and aren't presently showing the article, but I read it an hour ago and I'm reporting that the G&M reported on Ralph Goodale's vow to keep it going and make a big stink over it, as if it's all that critically important, as he claims). They're clearly working closely together on this.
Finally, the most damning, devastating statement about the CTV by the CFP:
While media such as the Toronto Star and the CBC have a Liberal/liberal bias, at least those organizations still retain their journalistic integrity when they put their biases into action.
Oooh! The CTV has now become worse than the Toronto Red Star and the Communist Brainwashing Cabal! Oh, the humiliation they must be feeling!
No journalistic integrity at the CTV... according to the Canada Free Press. I concur.
Hey, if anyone thinks I'm being silly to the max, well, just watch the Liberals and the CTV/Globe and Mail and think again!
Hey, guess what? Peter MacKay is innocent until proven guilty!
And there has been no proof offered... just a "tape" given to the CTV by the Liebrano$$$, which folks can't hear clearly enough to make an honest judgement. Oh, and wasn't it nice of the Liebrano$$$ to provide their own bloody subtitles? Thanks, you guys... that's thoughtful, as given I can't hear it for myself, your captions help me. But how the hell do I know you're telling me the truth? Turn the tape over to the RCMP. Oh, wait... it's probably altered... fake... better give it to the Globe and Mail... they'll get some "experts" to claim it's "not faked"... no; just kidding. Give it to the RCMP. Like the Grewal tape was. And which the RCMP said wasn't faked. How do we know you Liebrano$$$ didn't fake the tape? Shame on you guys! Incredible that with three dozen separate criminal investigations ongoing into your conduct while in office doesn't make you proceed with greater caution! You only dig yourself in deeper than your alloted six feet...
Sex, lies and audiotape!

ADSCAM: New Criminal Charges

Looks like it'll never be over. Ooooh, Liebrano$$$... eh? h/t: Bourque

But I always wonder... how come no Liberal politicians ever get charged with any of the crimes committed during more than a decade of Liberal rule? Why just go after non-politicians? We know that the Liberal politicians don't exactly have halos over their heads in ADSCAM! It's not rational to believe that they knew nothing about a program/scheme they themselves created.

Let's not forget that the Liberals appointed many of the judges... you scratch my back...

Monday, October 23, 2006

Chuck Norris Joins World Net Daily as Columnist

The conservative, pull-no-punches online news publication World Net Daily has added a new columnist: Chuck Norris.


Excellent! The Free World has another soldier! Welcome Chuck!

Why Mommy is a Moonbat

Based on this satirical post...

"Narrowcast" Government?

Story here. h/t: NationalNewswatch.com

The Conservatives say they're focusing on "getting results" for a broad range of Canadians, but one pollster says they're "narrowcasting" in their governing style, a strategy of targeting their base in the hope that a solid and mobilized core of supporters will influence swing votes.

Well, of course. That's exactly what the Liberals have been doing as well. In fact, Liberals are far more narrow in their worldview: they appeal mostly to leftists and specific other constituencies and leave regular folks to fend for themselves.

So if anyone criticizes the Tories, so what? They're just criticizing someone else for doing what they, themselves, do all the time.

As for polls and analysis thereof, so what? What matters is whether the government has been doing what it was elected to do, as promised, or not. And what also matters are the issues and credibility thereon. Polls are irrelevant, they differ widely depending on the question asked, etc. and fluctuate wildly. They are no indication of what people think on election day... not at all. So if there is a poll claiming declining support for the Tories, so what? If the lefist parties take heart in such polls, let them. Let them get lazy in their false confidence that they'll do ok. I believe that that's exactly what's happening with those parties. They're deluded to believe that the average voter is leftist and will naturally gravitate towards leftism, no matter how discredited leftism has proven itself.

And don't be surprised if the Democrats in America fail to take over Congress, despite today's polls. Don't confuse disappointment in the President with lack of support for the Republicans. It's not that simple. Besides, I see far more polls about Bush's support and support for the liberation of Iraq than about party support. Think about that... the MSM doesn't want us to see things as they really are!

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Republicans Will Retain Control: Barrons Online

Story here. h/t: Drudge

Talk about marching to one's own drummer.

Our analysis -- based on a race-by-race examination of campaign-finance data -- suggests that the GOP will hang on to both chambers, at least nominally. We expect the Republican majority in the House to fall by eight seats, to 224 of the chamber's 435. At the very worst, our analysis suggests, the party's loss could be as large as 14 seats, leaving a one-seat majority. But that is still a far cry from the 20-seat loss some are predicting. In the Senate, with 100 seats, we see the GOP winding up with 52, down three

Let's remember that those who vote Republican but are tired of the current president will still vote Republican because, well, because... they're not insane and sure as heck'll not vote Defeatocrat/Dhimmicrat/Dickheadocrat!

Anyway, there's that punditry analysis FYI.

Speaking of why folks will not vote Democrat, I bring you the following from Jay, The American-Israeli Patriot: (BTW, take a good look at the picture he took of the New York skyline. Look carefully and ask yourself if you see anything interesting- I did... another skyline photograph giving one the goosebumps).

During my recent trip to New York, a Democratic campaigner stopped me on the corner of Broadway and 78th Street. Despite the rain, he was without jacket or umbrella. So typical of the Democrats; optimistic and nonrealistic. The conversation went something like this:

Dem: Good Morning. Are you registered to vote?

Jay: Yes.

Dem: Who do you plan to vote for?

Jay: That's really none of your business, but for the record I vote Republican.

Dem: May I ask why?

Jay: May I ask why you are standing in the pouring rain without a jacket or umbrella?

Dem: They said on the news it is going to stop raining soon.

Jay: That is exactly why I am voting Republican.

UK Gay Police Reprimanded For Putting Out Anti-Christian Ad

Story here. Emphasis mine.

(CNSNews.com) - Britain's Gay Police Association (GPA) was reprimanded Wednesday for running a newspaper advertisement claiming that Christianity has encouraged a jump in violence against homosexuals.

Under the title "in the name of the father," the ad showed a Bible next to a puddle of blood and stated: "In the last 12 months, the GPA has recorded a 74% increase in homophobic incidents, where the sole or primary motivating factor was the religious belief of the perpetrator."


As a result, the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) received a total of 553 complaints from individuals and Christian organizations claiming the ad was "anti-Christian" and offensive.

On Wednesday, the ASA
made a ruling in the matter that found the advertisement violated standards of decency, truthfulness and substantiation.

Oh, my...

See, this is proof that homosexual British bobbies are Christianophobic. Well, isn't it? At least by leftist and gay-extremist standards of logic and extrapolation from the isolated to the whole?

If they aren't, then I dare them to put out an ad exactly like that with a Koran and a puddle of blood next to it... tell the truth about Islam! Go ahead, cowards!

But they won't... they know that Muslims hate them because they're gay. Muslims have to hate gay people... the Koran says so. And the gay British cops know that if they did that, they'd be Fatwa'd and attacked by angry Muzi mobs, just like the Danish cartoonists and others who dare to speak the truth about Islam!

So the gays instead go after the true religion of peace: Christianity. Oh, yes... we're definitely a religion of peace, certainly compared to Islam... we don't kill people for either offending us or for being gay. Definitely not.

So screw the British gay cops (figuratively, not literally). They've really exposed themselves as being intolerant... and now Christians have every reason in the world to be afraid of gay British cops, as the Jews had every reason to fear the Schutzstaffel!

I can see it now... flamboyantly gay British bobbies, goosestepping in their purple, knee-high boots, bullying Christians and breaking windows of Christian-owned businesses... what's next... they'll burn down churches... put us in gas chambers and ovens?

Oh, dear... now the world gay community has to deal with another incident in which their own people have come out of the fascist closet! However are they going to live this down? After all, if one Christian were to do something mean to a gay person, many gays would use it as an excuse to call Christianity "bad, intolerant, homophobic", while remaining silent at the executions of gays throughout the Islamic world...

Wake up and smell the homosexual fascism!

Hey, shut up! They started it! They deserve the backfire! They brought it upon themselves by daring to attack Christianity! All's fair in love and war! Tit for tat! (Or tat for tat or tit for tit???)

Those who cannot take it shouldn't dish it out in the first place!

Guess the Waffen-Queerstaffel are going to soon break down my door and haul me away to be shot...

They're living in a glass house (purple-tinted, of course) and throwing stones!

And don't forget: I'm perfectly ready to delete hateful leftist comments... I take no lessons from the left, after all... I expose leftist hypocrisy and intolerance, and will laugh at leftist charges of intolerance being hurled at me. They're in no position to label anyone! And that goes double for gay British cops!

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Left, MSM Continue to Milk "Dog" Non-Issue

Stupid story here. h/t: National Newswatch

I see the MSM cares more about silly fluff than about critically important things, just like the leftist (unhinged-moonbat) Opposition in Ottawa, who clearly have effectively admitted that there's nothing of substance or importance to use against Canada's New Government. They have surrendered and have once again fallen into the abyss of demagoguery, slander and irrelevance! Why should Canadians pay them any attention anymore? Some "Opposition" they are... they're more like a bunch of poop-chucking simians!

Well, just read it and see the hysterics coming from the NDP and the Liberals. Incredibe how they make a mountain out of nothing.

And just listen to Belinda, using the whole thing to claim that it says something about the whole Conservative Party. I see. Ok. So now I'm morally and ethically allowed to take each isolated little thing the Liberal and NDP members, indeed any single person connected, however loosely, with the left in general, and say it "says something about the whole". Ok. Then I will. Fair is fair!

So... as for the Liberal Belinda... her behavior... the turncoating, the accepting a just-created, bogus Cabinet postition in exchange for her vote, her commission of adultery, hurting a woman and some children, and saying about the ensuing fuss that it was all "sexist"... I'm hereby declaring that Belinda's corrupt, unethical, immoral behavior says a lot about the Liberal Party of Canada, and I don't like what it says.

And see the post below this one? That man is a Liberal. And he lied to the Gomery Inquiry. He said there was no kickback scheme to benefit the Liberal Party, but now it appears that he lied, according to an upcoming book. Therefore, this is proof that ALL Liberals are crooks and liars!

So, go ahead, Liberals, NDPers, Blocistes, MSM, leftists in general... try and make hay out of nothing, fabricating imaginary bad stuff, and extrapolating from the isolated singular to the whole plural. Be the biggest, fattest, stinkiest hypocrites on earth, forgetting the terrible clutter in your own backyards!

But understand this: your conduct will give me every right in the world to do the same to you! So don't whine when I do! And that goes for leftist commentors and bloggers as well!

Fair is fair!

The left wants it that way... very well... we'll play the game... and win!

I guess that's one lesson I can take from leftists... just one!

"Of course, you realize this means war"
-Bugs Bunny
Below: If the left doesn't smarten up soon, Free World civilization will eventually devolve into something resembling this:

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