Tuesday, October 24, 2006

CFP Slams CTV Over 'Puppygate' Obsession

Sex, Lies and Audiotape

Climbing up the wrong tree?
Story here.
The Canada Free Press takes the CTV to task for its clear obsession over an alleged remark by a member of the federal government.
Had Peter MacKay been beheaded by Islamofascist jihadists in a Nova Scotia potato patch, it is hard to imagine that CTV would have given that as much coverage as they devoted to what is now being referred to as puppygate. An episode of Mike Duffy Live (hosted by Jane Taber) devoted not one, not two, but THREE segments to MacKay having allegedly called his former girlfriend, former Conservative MP, former a lot of things, Belinda Stronach, a dog.
If this isn't an obsession with something that'd be a one-day wonder if it involved a Liberal or NDP or Bloc MP, then the word "obsession" has no meaning. I guess the CTV got tired of attacking the government on Canadian soldiers' noble, selfless sacrifices in Afghanistan and PM Harper's handshaking with his kids, plus his spare tire and his choice of vests. They decided to play politics with something else of no consequence and which hasn't any conclusive proof with respect to whether what was allegedly said was actually said.
CTV's purpose in giving so much air time to the Question Period exchange of course had nothing to do with the incident itself; CTV simply went overboard with the non-story in order to help their Liberal friends with their agenda. The Liberals of course are anxious to do anything that they can to take attention away from their leadership race where the candidates are taking positions that are all over the map. Every minute of air time that is devoted Peter and his dog is one minute that cannot be devoted to the incredibly shrinking Iggy.
Yep... no surprise... the CTV, being another Liberal-loving, Conservative-hating MSM outlet, is clearly pulling out the stops to help the crooked, disgraced Liebrano$$$ attack the government on an allegation of an utterance. Clearly, the Liebrano$$$ and the MSM have nothing of substance to use to attack the Conservative gov't, so they make up some artificial, hysterical left-wing-extremist-conceived "crisis"...
Realize that there's no proof that Mr. MacKay said that which is alleged by the Liebrano$$$ and the MSM. Mr. MacKay denies having said it, the Speaker has no evidence that he said it, and it is simply widely assumed anyway that he made the alleged utterance. I'm starting to smell a vast, left-wing conspiracy here. If there's any proof on an audiotape, then turn it over to the RCMP or something to have it forensically examined for any evidence of the leftists' claims. This hasn't happened. Interesting.
In their zest to aid their friends the Liberals, CTV posted a couple of questionable items on their website. One was the Liberal Party's tape of Question Period when the exchange between Mackay and McGuinty supposedly took place. For those of us (probably all of us) who can't quite make out what is being said in the background as Rona Ambrose is answering a question, the Liberals very kindly flashed the words on the screen at the time that they say the comments were made. It's hard to remember another time when a political party's propaganda was so proudly displayed as news by the media.
The CFP article also addresses the CTV's attacking, in a manipulative, misleading manner, the Blogging Tories and some of its bloggers, practically suggesting that the BT is an official site of the CPC via the word "official". Indeed, such misleading "reportage" is a hallmark of the MSM and the CTV is clearly, unabashedly doing it again! I, as a BT member and a member of the CPC, know that BT and the CPC are not connected in any "official" way whatsoever. Besides, what's so allegedly "official" about BT? Maybe the CTV is just stupid as hell and will put forth any stupid words they will? Yep, either misleading on purpose or just plain stupid, stupid, stupid! Maybe both!
The Liebrano$$$ have proven nothing. They haven't made any case. I hereby accuse the Liebrano$$$ of lying! But of course! They're pathological liars and political scoundrels of the worst, most ludicrously pathetic sort! I spit!
I'm shocked that the Liebrano$$$ are still on it like rabid, insane pitbulls, swearing to keep on keeping on with the insanity as long as humanly possible, according to the Globe and Mail (related to the CTV) today (no link available at the moment; the idiots are again annoyingly demanding we register and aren't presently showing the article, but I read it an hour ago and I'm reporting that the G&M reported on Ralph Goodale's vow to keep it going and make a big stink over it, as if it's all that critically important, as he claims). They're clearly working closely together on this.
Finally, the most damning, devastating statement about the CTV by the CFP:
While media such as the Toronto Star and the CBC have a Liberal/liberal bias, at least those organizations still retain their journalistic integrity when they put their biases into action.
Oooh! The CTV has now become worse than the Toronto Red Star and the Communist Brainwashing Cabal! Oh, the humiliation they must be feeling!
No journalistic integrity at the CTV... according to the Canada Free Press. I concur.
Hey, if anyone thinks I'm being silly to the max, well, just watch the Liberals and the CTV/Globe and Mail and think again!
Hey, guess what? Peter MacKay is innocent until proven guilty!
And there has been no proof offered... just a "tape" given to the CTV by the Liebrano$$$, which folks can't hear clearly enough to make an honest judgement. Oh, and wasn't it nice of the Liebrano$$$ to provide their own bloody subtitles? Thanks, you guys... that's thoughtful, as given I can't hear it for myself, your captions help me. But how the hell do I know you're telling me the truth? Turn the tape over to the RCMP. Oh, wait... it's probably altered... fake... better give it to the Globe and Mail... they'll get some "experts" to claim it's "not faked"... no; just kidding. Give it to the RCMP. Like the Grewal tape was. And which the RCMP said wasn't faked. How do we know you Liebrano$$$ didn't fake the tape? Shame on you guys! Incredible that with three dozen separate criminal investigations ongoing into your conduct while in office doesn't make you proceed with greater caution! You only dig yourself in deeper than your alloted six feet...
Sex, lies and audiotape!