Thursday, October 26, 2006

Liberal, MSM Obsession Over Puppygate Now Unhinged Moonbattery

Not long after I did this post, I'm seeing the MSM and the Liberals insanely, stupidly, delusionally, wastefully cranking up the heat when it's not even chilly in the House.
It's bizarre. It's unhinged.
All over an alleged-by-the-left-and-the-MSM utterance by one Peter MacKay, who continues to vehemently deny the totally partisan, unproven accusation. It doesn't matter to the moonbats that the Speaker has already dismissed the non-matter due to lack of evidence.
The Liberals provided their own tape of the alleged utterance. The Liberals and no one else. The Liebrano$$$, who themselves were caught on tape attempting to bribe Gurmant Grewal to change his vote and defect for an alluded-to "cabinet/not cabinet" reward. The Liberals who repeatedly accused Mr. Grewal of uttering a forged document, the tape. Hmm... the MSM was involved, too, themselves uttering fake "experts" who obediently alleged that the tape was faked. But then the RCMP did a real forensic analysis of the tape and determined its authenticity.
Why don't the Liberals, instead of giving the tape to the MSM (the CTV, specifically), turn it over to the RCMP or another trustworthy agency for authentication? I'll say why: Because the tape is fake, made up by the Liberals. If I'm wrong, then they'll prove me wrong, but that isn't going to happen. I suspect it'll get to the point that the tape will have to be surrendered to authorities for authentication... involuntarily. Bet the Liberals haven't considered that, preferring to gamble like madmen and madwomen. And the MSM is willingly risking discrediting itself further by obsessing, by reporting as if it has been proven that the alleged utterance happened.
It's all hinged on the tape provided by the unhinged left. I seem to be the only one, a citizen blogger, demanding the tape be turned over to the appropriate authorities for forensic validation to settle whether it's fake or genuine... and to settle whether Mr. MacKay uttered the word "dog", which, anyhow, isn't a big deal compared to, for example, the North Korean and Iranian nuclear bombs crisis threatening the Free World, or the health care waiting times crisis in Canada, particularly New Brunswick.
We now know where the priorities of the left lie. If they even have any!
The left is putting all its eggs in one partisan basket. The left is gambling that no one will question whether it's they who are lying. Well, I'm questioning the Liberals' honesty, credibility and integrity (a redundant task if ever there was one!) as well as that of the MSM.
I implore other bloggers to demand proof and to demand that all accusations against MacKay be withdrawn, the tape turned over to the authorities for forensic authentication and sound analysis for actual content.
I don't trust the Liberals, nor the MSM when they claim, as if it was conclusively proven, that the alleged utterances (however mundane, common and irrelevant) were made.
Whatever happened to the doctrine that we're innocent until proven guilty? The Liberals, the MSM and the left have thrown it into the pooper and flushed it away.
Shameful. UnCanadian. Liberals. MSM. Left. UnCanadian. Unacceptable.
Even if MacKay did say the alleged "you have her", so what? Liberal Doug Young called Reformer Deborah Grey a "side of bacon" and there wasn't such a massive left-wing uproar. Women continued to vote Liberal anyway! If women turn away from the CPC over this, then what does that say about the specific women who'd change their vote that way over a simple allegation but not when the Liberal Cabmin said worse? They must be stupid or easy to fool.
A Liberal compared NDPer Olivia Chow to a chow dog and the MSM didn't make that much of a stink. The whole Liberal party got off scot free. See the double standard?
Besides, if it continues to be politically correct to slur a man, or all men, as a "pig" or "pigs", then I reject that any suggestion that an adulterous billionaire Liebrano turncoat-for-vote-in-exchange-for-brand-new-fly-by-night-Cabinet-post is a "dog". Well, in my opinion, Belinda deserves to be called far worse than a "dog". She is, after all, a Liebrano, and I've called Liebrano$$$ worse than "dog". Being female doesn't shield one from the consequences of being a total asshole! She can't complain that someone she so cavalierly hurt emotionally at the same time she defected to the enemy would say something uncomplimentary about her, proven or unproven. I have no sympathy for Belinda, the big, fat, phony billionaire Liebrano. Neither should anyone else!
The left is clearly unhinged over nothing. Nothing at all.
Incredible, irrelevant, astonishing. Pure, unhinged leftist moonbattery in the raw!
Choose your Canada. Ignore the lying, demagogic left!