Sunday, October 22, 2006

UK Gay Police Reprimanded For Putting Out Anti-Christian Ad

Story here. Emphasis mine.

( - Britain's Gay Police Association (GPA) was reprimanded Wednesday for running a newspaper advertisement claiming that Christianity has encouraged a jump in violence against homosexuals.

Under the title "in the name of the father," the ad showed a Bible next to a puddle of blood and stated: "In the last 12 months, the GPA has recorded a 74% increase in homophobic incidents, where the sole or primary motivating factor was the religious belief of the perpetrator."


As a result, the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) received a total of 553 complaints from individuals and Christian organizations claiming the ad was "anti-Christian" and offensive.

On Wednesday, the ASA
made a ruling in the matter that found the advertisement violated standards of decency, truthfulness and substantiation.

Oh, my...

See, this is proof that homosexual British bobbies are Christianophobic. Well, isn't it? At least by leftist and gay-extremist standards of logic and extrapolation from the isolated to the whole?

If they aren't, then I dare them to put out an ad exactly like that with a Koran and a puddle of blood next to it... tell the truth about Islam! Go ahead, cowards!

But they won't... they know that Muslims hate them because they're gay. Muslims have to hate gay people... the Koran says so. And the gay British cops know that if they did that, they'd be Fatwa'd and attacked by angry Muzi mobs, just like the Danish cartoonists and others who dare to speak the truth about Islam!

So the gays instead go after the true religion of peace: Christianity. Oh, yes... we're definitely a religion of peace, certainly compared to Islam... we don't kill people for either offending us or for being gay. Definitely not.

So screw the British gay cops (figuratively, not literally). They've really exposed themselves as being intolerant... and now Christians have every reason in the world to be afraid of gay British cops, as the Jews had every reason to fear the Schutzstaffel!

I can see it now... flamboyantly gay British bobbies, goosestepping in their purple, knee-high boots, bullying Christians and breaking windows of Christian-owned businesses... what's next... they'll burn down churches... put us in gas chambers and ovens?

Oh, dear... now the world gay community has to deal with another incident in which their own people have come out of the fascist closet! However are they going to live this down? After all, if one Christian were to do something mean to a gay person, many gays would use it as an excuse to call Christianity "bad, intolerant, homophobic", while remaining silent at the executions of gays throughout the Islamic world...

Wake up and smell the homosexual fascism!

Hey, shut up! They started it! They deserve the backfire! They brought it upon themselves by daring to attack Christianity! All's fair in love and war! Tit for tat! (Or tat for tat or tit for tit???)

Those who cannot take it shouldn't dish it out in the first place!

Guess the Waffen-Queerstaffel are going to soon break down my door and haul me away to be shot...

They're living in a glass house (purple-tinted, of course) and throwing stones!

And don't forget: I'm perfectly ready to delete hateful leftist comments... I take no lessons from the left, after all... I expose leftist hypocrisy and intolerance, and will laugh at leftist charges of intolerance being hurled at me. They're in no position to label anyone! And that goes double for gay British cops!