Monday, October 23, 2006

"Narrowcast" Government?

Story here. h/t:

The Conservatives say they're focusing on "getting results" for a broad range of Canadians, but one pollster says they're "narrowcasting" in their governing style, a strategy of targeting their base in the hope that a solid and mobilized core of supporters will influence swing votes.

Well, of course. That's exactly what the Liberals have been doing as well. In fact, Liberals are far more narrow in their worldview: they appeal mostly to leftists and specific other constituencies and leave regular folks to fend for themselves.

So if anyone criticizes the Tories, so what? They're just criticizing someone else for doing what they, themselves, do all the time.

As for polls and analysis thereof, so what? What matters is whether the government has been doing what it was elected to do, as promised, or not. And what also matters are the issues and credibility thereon. Polls are irrelevant, they differ widely depending on the question asked, etc. and fluctuate wildly. They are no indication of what people think on election day... not at all. So if there is a poll claiming declining support for the Tories, so what? If the lefist parties take heart in such polls, let them. Let them get lazy in their false confidence that they'll do ok. I believe that that's exactly what's happening with those parties. They're deluded to believe that the average voter is leftist and will naturally gravitate towards leftism, no matter how discredited leftism has proven itself.

And don't be surprised if the Democrats in America fail to take over Congress, despite today's polls. Don't confuse disappointment in the President with lack of support for the Republicans. It's not that simple. Besides, I see far more polls about Bush's support and support for the liberation of Iraq than about party support. Think about that... the MSM doesn't want us to see things as they really are!