Monday, October 16, 2006

The Colombia Incident: More Analysis on What It Means

“In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.”
-George Orwell

Indeed, I often feel like a revolutionary while blogging: I tell the truth herein and am constantly attacked by the politically-correct, brainlessly fascist leftist lurkers who suddenly, out of nowhere, batwings flapping furiously, manifest themselves as they are... much like the leftists at the recent, shameful incident at Columbia University. I imagine it must be far more unnerving to encounter in person such bloodcurdlingly screeching, winged rodent-people in person, as did the Minutemen, who, shocked, found themselves the sudden, innocent victims of those horrible, racist, intolerant, violent so-called "progressive", "liberal" "sophisticated", "urbane", "tolerant", "mainstream"... ah, persons. Ahem... excuse me... I do believe the incipient Halloween spirit has prematurely descended upon my person...
-Canadian Sentinel

Via New Media Journal:

It is not often that one incident can so completely capture what is wrong about a political view and its followers. It is rare that a few moments can so totally demonstrate precisely why a group of people stand for everything that this great nation does not and represent a clear and present danger to the very survival of this country as a civilized, rational and credible democracy.

That means the left.

Above: a moonbat troll. Scary as hell, ain't the little bugger?

(It's what the moonbat's personality would look like if it could assume corporeal form)

Listen, this article is a must-read. It describes more details of what the leftists did... and the bizarre, mind-boggling, ultra-hypocritical rationalization they attempt to give for their behavior. Gawd, these people are indubitably stupid and obviously mentally disturbed. No reasonable person will consider their attitude, mentality and behavior to be, by any stretch of the sane imagination, "normal".

Now, as for how the MSM, ah, treated the incident:

While the incident was covered and roundly denounced on the expected programs such as Fox News and The O’Reilly Factor, the general media coverage has been expectedly imprecise, slanted and somewhat muffled. The New York Times did not report on the N-word slurs hurled against Mr. Stewart and reported that the banners were in “several languages.” This approach by The Times is understandable since reporting the facts regarding the racial slurs against Stewart and the use of Arabic in banners might make the protestors seem hypocritical, radical, dangerous or asinine, and such a path is not one favored by a paper beyond accusations of liberal bias.

The Associated Press reported that there was “no real violence” at the incident, depicting the incident as simply an unfortunate event with no side to blame. Most of the local coverage was likewise neutral and generally tended to defuse the blatant arrogance, insolence and disrespect for civility, order and freedom of speech exhibited by these protesting students.

All in all, one should not be surprised that most of the MSM including the major networks and The New York Times bent over backwards to avoid fully displaying the protesting students’ despicable behavior.

(Emphasis mine)

Read the entire thing for yourself. It's worth it. Just wait till you get to the part where the moonbat leadership indicates that they're considering legal action against the very people they attacked! Read about the staggeringly astonishing illogic they offer.

These folks are just incredible. And they're not alone. There's millions more just like them!

Keep asking yourself as you read the article: "Are these people sane?"

I'd also recommend browsing the content exposing other incidents of bizarrely radical hard-left moonbattery at (caution: graphic and disgustingly ugly as well as amazingly stupid!)

And keep in mind that these are the kind of folks that the Canadian Liberals and the American Democrats endeavor to serve. If they are elected again, these are the folks they'll be rewarding for their support. In fact, they've already done it before, last time they ruled... remember? All the left-wing social reengineering that led to all sorts of ugly stuff we see these days that was hardly ever heard of prior to the explosion of liberalism in the Nineties and early '00s.

I think I smell the moonbats approaching... their wingbeats obviously telegraph their suffocating b.o. way ahead of them, announcing their arrival...

If it weren't for the internet, non-MSM news sites and the blogs, we wouldn't know the truth about liberals, would we? We'd be dependent on the MSM, which clearly doesn't tell us everything...