Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Bizarre Freaks of the Left

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Top: John Edwards's various hairstyles

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Middle: Khalid Shaikh Mohammed's captured-by-Infidels photo, before editing!

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Bottom: Don't ask me... I don't know what the hell that is!

Pot More Harmful than Tobacco: Scientists

Report here. h/t: NationalNewswatch.com

The British Lung Foundation welcomed the research, and Dr Keith Prowse, chairman of the foundation said: "This research confirms that cannabis poses a serious health risk to the lungs, and smoking a joint can be more harmful to the lungs than smoking a cigarette.


The warnings come after recent research suggested cannabis smokers were 40% more likely than non-users to suffer psychotic illnesses such as schizophrenia.

Liberals will probably dismiss this, unwilling to admit that their "fun thing" is bad for them, thus continuing to partake of this brain fryer. While refusing to even question the "manmade climate change" nonsense. Perhaps another side effect of smoking dope?

Monday, July 30, 2007

Some Canadian Border Guards Now Armed

Above: The Canadian Beaver's getting an upgrade to his teeth (little chainsaws are better than just teeth, eh?). That'll help him fight off the baddies...

...and it's about time!

The rest will eventually be armed as well. With 9-mm Berettas, rather like 007 has. ("Nice and light in a lady's handbag; no stopping power"... "That damn Beretta!")

I think a .45-caliber pistol would be more fearsome and effective against the likes we're liable to face in the future... Canada needs to intimidate the baddies, too!

Now those who are armed won't have to run away like squirrels when they hear that bad guys are a-comin'. No longer will Canada risk being the laughingstock of the world for such a sorry spectacle, as was preferred by the cheap old Liberal regime, who would rather use tax dollars for the purpose of staying in power and enriching themselves than bother to earmark a little money so that our border guards can defend themselves and keep armed baddies out of our country!

The Liberal era of unarmed people "standing on guard" is coming to an end.

Should any baddies try to get past 'em, they're now ready to kick ass. Sure, we're nice folks, but don't screw with us, comprende?

DeLorean to Ride Again?

DeLorean DMC-12

The classic, stainless-steel-bodied, gullwing-doored DeLorean sport coupe may once again roll off of an assembly line, in limited production numbers.

Now, wouldn't that be cool?

Granted, it wasn't a particularly great performer (my base '06 Chevy Cobalt is faster-accelerating and probably better-handling), but there's no denying its utter coolness and classic status.

Besides, it's a movie star, and has travelled through time!

And it appears set to come back to the future...

Bloody marvellous it'd be!

Old Johnny D. must be grinning in wide-open-eyed, excited anticipation in his velvet-lined wooden box...

ACLU To Aid Fired Prof Churchill

Militant leftwing extremist bigot Ward Churchill

Story here.
The ACLU is infamous for silencing and censoring Christians and getting Christian religious symbols banned from public evidence.
But they'll come to the aid of a bigot like Ward Churchill, who everyone knows is infamous for the spewing of hatred.
The reasonable person, after witnessing all the hypocrisy and double standard-practicing of the ACLU, now has no illusions as to whether the ACLU believes that all Americans have equal "civil rights".
Clearly, the ACLU only considers leftwing extremists, atheists, Muslim extremists, radical, militant sexual extremists and various other anti-American moonbats as deserving any "civil rights". Anyone not popular with that ultra-hard left extremist group is a legitimate target of the ACLU's non-violent, go-to-court-to-get-'em de-facto terrorist attacks.
Clearly, the ACLU is a discriminatory hate group. Why else are they going to the aid of a hater like Ward Churchill?
After all, when's the last time they went to the aid of someone who got fired for telling the truth about Islam or for expressing his religious beliefs about the practice of certain forms of sexual deviance? Anyone ever hear of the ACLU helping such folks with their civil rights? No? Ok- case made!

Sunday, July 29, 2007

CAIR-CAN Cheering on Jihadists in Somalia?

Via an email message, as seen below:

Just received an interesting email from CAIR-Can (I'm on their mailing list). In a nutshell, its about up to 5000 "Canadian" Somalis fighting with the Islamic courts in Somalia. My question is why would Cair-can publicize this? It comes with no explanitory statements...certainly no condemnatory text...it's just a story they c/ped and sent. As with Cair, Cair-can is usually all about poor Muslims suffering at the hand of "the man"...so this stuck out a bit. Is Cair-can keeping the Ummah up on progress around the world? Make of it what you will.

The article is here.

If this doesn't amount to CAIR-CAN expressing pride in international jihad, then what is it?

Saturday, July 28, 2007

CRTC Forces Christian Radio Station to Give Airtime to NonChristian Faiths

Is this really necessary? I say no.

Is this the leftofascist CRTC's version of the frightening US Democratic Party's so-called "fairness" doctrine?

It goes against the principles of liberty and freedom of expression, which, by the way, are actually constitutional rights!

Liberal-Left's New Campaign To Intimidate, Silence Conservatives

First we see Democratic Presidential Nomination hopeful John Edwards getting all unhinged and paranoid about unknown entities who are "out to silence" him by "talking about his haircuts". He also spews about unknown entities whom he claims will "control the media". Wonder who he's talking about? Who cares? He's just another crazy leftwing moonbat.

Ah, to hell with John Edwards. He's just a pretty little liberal f****t who narcissistically obsesses over his appearance, blowing four hundred bucks on a single haircut to try to impress folks. Well, I'm not impressed with this little moonbat narcissist.

But, more importantly, we have the liberal-left caught in a conspiracy (yes; it IS a conspiracy; just read about it) to intimidate FOX News advertisers into not advertising on FOX News.

Soon as I saw this report, I immediately thought to myself: "I betcha George Soros has something to do with this; this is what he does." Well, guess what? I was right- his baby, "MoveOn.org", is involved, as are a claimed five thousand moonbats/useful idiots. The moonbats/useful idiots will be watching FOX News to "compile a database" on its advertisers and then go on the phone to harrass them into no longer patronizing FOX News. Oh, and the DailyKos is also involved.

They claim they're doing it because they don't agree that FOX is fair and balanced and that they don't openly indicate that they're "conservative". Well, so what? Liberals know that no one's forcing them to agree with FOX or with anyone else. Liberals know that they're free to consider FOX as "conservative" just because FOX doesn't adhere very closely to the leftwing dogmae so ardently believed in by the liberal-left.

I guess that liberals consider the truth to be "conservative". After all, they hate the truth and they hate what they call "conservative". So is it any surprise they want to silence a truthful network?

You know, the liberal-left doesn't have to watch FOX News. They can change the channel or turn off the TV.

But this isn't good enough for the liberal-left. They are, therefore, now engaged in a vast, left-wing conspiracy to intimidate FOX News's advertisers and hopefully ultimately hurt the network in the finances, hopefully causing it to go bankrupt or something. This is what they're doing, never mind what they claim.

That's right: the liberal-left is trying to shut down FOX News.

The liberal-left wants to continue to enjoy a monopoly over the public dissemination of information/disinformation. They don't want anyone else getting in the way with the inconvenient truth!

Hey, Johnny Edwards, you were right that there's folks who want to control the media. And these folks are you and your own people! Who else could it be? You didn't say, 'cause then you'd have to prove it. Well, now we have proof that it's you and your people. What you said in that video propaganda clip is, therefore, projection, the pot calling the kettle black, an attempt to throw shit at others so folks won't notice that you're the source of the disgusting odor.

And billionaire leftwing monster George Soros is behind it... as he's been behind so many other leftwing activities to impose his own dogmatic views on Americans!

The liberal-left doesn't want anyone but itself to have an opportunity to exercise freedom of expression, so they try to drive us out of business. Shame on them! Why don't they just mind their own business and let us mind ours? We're not trying to shut down their leftwing-commie-dhimmi mouthpieces, are we?

Screw the liberal-left. They're a bunch of intolerant fascists.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Liberal Reaction to Reality: An Animation

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They usually put their heads into the sand like ostriches, or cram them upside their hineys, but now one moonbat has invented a new way to quickly escape reality, truth, accountability, legitimate questioning...

Leftist Opposition Nixes Human Rights For Aboriginals

Really. The liberal-leftist Opposition parties in Canada have ganged up on the government to torpedo a plan to extend human rights protections to Aboriginals in Canada.

Story here.

Incredibly, the hard-left Opposition (the Liberals, the New Democrats and the separatist Bloc Quebecois) actually have the bizarre gall to denounce the Conservatives' effort to speed up the extension of human rights laws to "First Nations" communities which will guarantee that ordinary, vulnerable Aboriginals will have their human rights protected from being violated and taken away by their politicians and others... as a mere "political stunt".

How can the leftists call giving human rights to people who don't have them a "political stunt"?!

Is human rights a "political stunt"? (Oh, wait... leftists are always using the phrase, "human rights", to conduct political stunts, so I guess it's a political stunt as far as leftists are concerned, not something they really consider a real thing at all, so apparently leftists don't really believe in human rights, except as a powerful, verbal political weapon to get what they want).

They also claim that extending human rights protections to Aboriginals constitutes something they call "assimilation". Well, the left is always trying to assimilate all kinds of folks, forcing us to think and speak and do as they want us to. They impose their ideological dogmae and lies on our children in public schools against our wishes and increasingly without advising us.

"Assimilation" is a false argument. Look at Quebec. Her residents have full human rights protections, but they don't claim that they feel "assimilated". They have maintained their, what they call, "distinctiveness", ie. culture, heritage, language, etc. So there's no danger of "assimilation" happening, particularly to a group whom the left doesn't want to force to acquiesce to their dogmae and lies, unlike the way the left acts towards, say, Christians, Jews, Falun Gong, Scientologists, conservatives, etc.!

Look at the Muslims. They clearly haven't been "assimilated", either. Look at all kinds of communities. Show me "assimilation". I don't see any. If anything, "assimilation" is purely voluntary (unless you happen to be some kind of non-leftist/someone the left hates).

These groups outside the Aboriginal communities and groups have full human rights protections but they haven't been "assimilated".

So it's a false fear, this "assimilation" nonsense. It's just a leftwing tactic to intimidate the government from granting full human rights protections to a group whom the left doesn't want to have such equality!

I note that money also comes into the argument. Well, I also note that there's already nine billion dollars each year, every year, being spent to help Aboriginals. Suppose we double that? Will it make a difference? Can anyone prove/guarantee legally that it will? Prove now that nine billion dollars cannot be somehow used differently to actually help the vulnerable Aboriginal folks. I don't believe that it's not enough. I believe that something else is happening to the money. After all, there's not a lot of accountability with respect to exactly where the money goes.

So claiming they need more money before human rights can be legally, constitutionally guaranteed to Aboriginals... come on! How can one ethically, morally justify delaying/denying human rights protections to anyone... simply by claiming that one cannot afford it? So they're saying they cannot afford human rights?

Bullshit. Human rights comes first. Worry about money later. Human rights are more important than money, aren't they?

I'm amazed at how easy it is to shoot these excuses full of holes. So transparent are the attempts to excuse denying an identifiable group their human rights!

But that's the nature of the liberal-left!

If the leftists truly believed in human rights for Aboriginals, then why didn't they extend such legal protection to them when they were in power for so long (the Liberals had three consecutive majority governments and ruled like dictators and fascists, so they could've given this constitutional, legal protection to Aboriginals, but chose not to do so, plus the NDP and the BQ didn't make a big, loud call for it, either).

And why didn't the Liberals allocate more monies to housing and whatnot so that the arguments against human rights could be crushed and so that Aboriginals today could have equally-guaranteed human rights, which they clearly don't, thanks to the liberal-left? I guess the Liberals, then, are too cheap to let anyone else have human rights protection, then? Or is the money argument invalid? What's what? I just don't believe the claims of the left and the Aboriginal politicians and activists, for I don't see any regular Aboriginal folks being allowed to stand up and say, "Human rights for us NOW!" Why not ask the regular Aboriginal folks, rather than just the politicians and activists? After all, it's supposed to be about regular people who currently don't enjoy human rights, thanks to the liberal-left and the Aboriginal politicians and activists. (Prove me wrong; allow the government to extend human rights protections NOW!)

Please note that the article mentions that ordinary, regular Aboriginal folks are poised to launch complaints against their political leaders. Currently they cannot, as they don't yet enjoy the same human rights as do non-Aboriginals. And not a lot of coverage is being given to them; they're more or less being silenced, ignored. By the liberal-left, the Aboriginal politicians/activists and the MSM. At least the MSM makes a tiny little mention of their readiness to sue for their rights.

This is what the politicians fear: the courts affirming human rights for Aboriginals and enforcing them, forcing politicians to respect their human rights (and shell out money they might want for other stuff that doesn't do anything to help the regular, vulnerable folks, probably).

Are the leftists really racists? And what about Aboriginal politicians who don't want to have to be subject to the inconvenience of human rights laws when dealing with ordinary Aboriginal folks? This is a question that needs to be discussed. Do Aboriginal politicians not really believe in human rights, despite the fact that they've actually spoken of them?

I just believe that all people must have equal rights and be equally protected by their constitutions and laws from having them violated.

Clearly, people are, despite being born equal, not being treated equally by states. And certainly not by leftist politicians.

I find this deplorable, a monstrosity. Shame on the liberal-left for its refusal to believe in human rights and equality under the law for all, regardless of race, sex, age, ancestral heritage, religion, nationality, etc., etc...!

The liberal-left talks an impressive game, but its actions don't match their warm and fuzzy, falsely reassuring words.

Can't believe the liberal-left; can't trust them. Can't vote for them, either, unless you, like these mean-spirited, hateful folks, happen to also not believe that all are created equal and must therefore be treated equally, no matter our differences.

Ironically, I may get called "ignorant", "prejudiced", "hateful", "racist", etc., by the liberal-left, just because I demand human rights for Aboriginals.

Sure, wanting everyone to have equal human rights protections is ignorant, prejudiced, hateful, racist and so on. Suuuure. Is that it?

Well, I guess that's the true ideology of the liberal-left and of those who claim, hypocritically, to stand up for Aboriginals. You know who you are; I've encountered you before. And I've seen through your false arguments and libels.

Hi, "Balbulican". I know you're reading this. And I know you're going to post some bullcrap at StageLeft to expose me to more liberal-leftwing hatred and defamation. But that is what you folks do.

I doubt that the liberal-left and the wealthy "Aboriginal" politicians and activists want human rights to be guaranteed to regular Aboriginal folks, because I'm convinced that they don't care about them at all.

I expect them to keep trying to delay/prevent them from having equal human rights. Why? I don't know why; I can't read their minds. But that's what I think.

And the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms guarantees me the right to express my thoughts and beliefs.

And I have clearly expressed my thoughts and beliefs herein, that regular Aboriginal people need their equal human rights protections NOW, and that no excuses for delaying their human rights can be valid, for there is never a valid excuse for denying anyone their human rights, right?

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Liberal Arrested For Theft; Coverup Alleged

Faces 42 counts of fraud, uttering forged documents
Story here. ht: NationalNewswatch.com
Must have something to do with the Party culture. Seems it's just chock full of thieves!
Now, what about the $40 million the Party itself owes the taxpayers, pertaining to funds it cannot account for? Any chance they'll be held to account?
Now for an interesting question:
Why arrest an individual for failing to account for missing funds, but not arrest the whole Party or at least rule that they must repay it or be shut down as a legal political party in Canada?

Finally, An Affordable BMW!

Above: The new BMW 1-Series. Starting at just $25,000. Hot damn!

Below: See how excited Kitty is? He wants one, too!

If A Democrat Becomes President...

...this is what will happen to America.

The 'Thought Police' Are Real

It takes the form of the so-called "Human Rights Commission" in Canada.

They actually have nothing to do with "human rights". It's about censoring free speech to specifically identify, with extreme, exclusive favoritism, and protect, special groups from the truth.

They're actually about denying the human rights of some so that certain groups never need worry about the truth about them and anything harmful they do ever being exposed to the light of day.

They don't follow the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. They don't follow the law, nor any rules of evidence. The defendants never have a chance to defend themselves and are always found guilty of something deemed as "hatred" and forced to surrender thousands of dollars merely on the basis of someone having "complained" that they don't like something the defendant may have said.

The "Human Rights Commission" is a fascist organization which selectively denies Canadians' Charter-guaranteed right to freedom of expression merely by accusing and finding people guilty who violate unwritten rules against criticizing specific groups, no matter how truthful and provable the criticism is.

The exclusively "protected groups'" members themselves can defame and express hatred towards other groups and never, never get hauled before the "HRC". But should anyone criticize these "protected groups", even on the basis of fact, then they run the risk of being censored and separated from thousands of dollars... with no opportunity to have a fair trial!

That's right: When the CHRC goes after folks, there's no fair trial. They're simply, summarily convicted simply because they were accused.

Just like the mock "trials" in Communist China...

Right here in Canada.

This kangaroo court is protected from challenge with the thick armor of intimidating words such as "human rights" and "hate speech".

This fascist organization and other similar oppressive state apparatus nodes deserve further investigation and exposure.

The left's reaction to this post is predictable. They will express shock and horror and revulsion that anyone would dare question and criticize their sacred, fascist cow. It's like drawing a picture of some guy named "Mohammed"...

State apparatus nodes which take away peoples' rights must be abolished.

It is wrong, wrong, wrong... to favor some groups and censor and intimidate others. The Charter says so!

The CHRC is unconstitutional.

And, by the way, to head off leftist criticism of this post: The left and leftists are hateful themselves. So to call anyone hateful for daring to criticize their sacred fascist cow will just prove that they're hateful. But we already know that they're hateful. They're hateful, they discriminate, etc, etc... and they'll point fingers and call their critics the very stuff that they themselves are... it's called "projection"; it's the pot calling the kettle black and all that...

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Liberals in Dire Financial Fix; Fundraising Fails Miserably

"Do you think we can sell this table to help pay off our debts?"
"Guess we'll have to steal the table, then... 't'ain't as if we can do another ADSCAM..."
Story here. h/t: NationalNewswatch.com
Some evidence to illustrate exactly how dreary the picture is for the hard-left "Liberal" Party of Canada:
The first event in Halifax two weeks ago -- a cocktail reception featuring Leader Stephane Dion and six of his erstwhile rivals -- attracted about 60 people who paid $250 each. After expenses, however, party insiders say the event netted only about $5,400.
The spoils were divvied up equally among the seven former leadership contenders who participated, leaving each with about $750. Insiders with several camps complain that the event didn't make enough to cover even air fare to Halifax for some candidates, much less help retire their combined debt of $3.6 million.
Ooooh... just 750 bucks apiece. Poor, poor, pitiful Librano$$$. Wonder how on earth this could ever have happened to that once-seemingly-unstoppable monster?
The Liberal party, historically the most reliant on corporate largesse, has been struggling to raise money since political financing reforms in 2004 banned corporate donations and severely limited individual donations. Stephen Harper's Conservatives, who've been pulling in 10 times more money than the Grits, tightened the restrictions even further this year.
Of course, one would have to have a mental disorder to give a cent to the Liberals!

WND Looks At Cdn "Human Rights Commission"

It's time to cast a critical eye upon the so-called "Canadian Human Rights Commission" which has been fascistically, unaccountably oppressing Canadians for a long time now.

So far, the CHRC has operated free of any real challenge.

But this time they picked on the wrong folks.

They went after Free Dominion, and Free Dominion isn't going to submit! Free Dominion is going to fight back!

Story here.

I submit that the so-called "Human Rights Commission" is a tool of intimidation created for radical, militant, extremist, fascist left wing liberals. These folks need only issue a complaint and the Commission simply rules the defendant guilty (according to WND, the Commission has never found anyone not guilty!) without having to prove anything at all. Rather as it is under Sharia Law and under the Chinese Communist Party's rule, in which folks are accused and are found guilty without evidence, condemned merely on the basis of accusation!

The CHRC actually, therefore, violates the human rights of those it oppresses!

Liberals will say that this isn't true. But they won't prove it. They'll get mad that anyone dares demand proof of their sacred little leftofascist institution.

Anyone got proof that the CHRC actually follows the law and respects the civil rights of defendants as does a real court?

Surely, a mere accusation cannot be used to convict someone! Guilt has to, by law, be proven beyond a reasonable doubt. But the CHRC doesn't do this.

(Maybe if we accuse Islamic jihadist sleepers of being such, and make the accusation to the CHRC, then we can find them guilty that way! Oh, wait- liberals wouldn't allow this!)

Well, at least the CHRC doesn't haul folks out to a soccer field to blow their heads off, like the Taliban does after they find people guilty based on mere accusation!

The CHRC is a kinder, gentler version of the Taliban!

Monday, July 23, 2007

B'Nai Brith Demands Dion Dump His Anti-Israel Candidate

"Well-documented anti-Israel bias"

Story here. h/t: NationalNewswatch.com

B'Nai Brith Canada has asked Liberal Leader St├ęphane Dion to remove new star candidate Jocelyn Coulon from an upcoming byelection in Montreal's Outremont riding because of his past stance on Israel.


In one opinion piece, dated February 22, 2006, Coulon writes that Hamas isn't just a terrorist organization, but a social and political movement that won the Palestinian elections because of its commitment to fight corruption and help people — and the international community should not isolate it.


Coulon said he has no anti-Israel bias, but strongly believes in criticism and debate. "I am a true ally of Israel," he said on Monday. "Sometimes I'm very critical, that's for sure, but I think that makes good allies."

No anti-Israel bias? Supporting Hamas automatically makes one anti-Israel, precisely because Hamas exists for one purpose only, which is to destroy Israel. True ally of Israel? Please. Don't insult our intelligence. No ally of Hamas is an ally of Israel. He's no "ally" of Israel. He's an ally of Hamas. And he thinks we're stupid, assuming we'll accept his illogic. Of course, small-minded folks who believe the Big Lies the left tells them about the Middle East will easily believe him.

Maybe Mr. Coulon himself is stupid or ignorant of the truth. If not, then he's scary and worry-inspiring to take the positions he does. His appointment makes one worry also about the Liberal Party, including particularly its current "leader".

Well, there we have it: Stephane Dion, with this latest, disturbing, undemocratic appointment, has once again proven himself an unfit leader.

I thought Dion was supposed to be smart, but instead I see once again that he's clearly not. Sure, he made a name for himself going up against Quebec separatists, but so what? For to simply write letters to Quebec separatists and beat their arguments doesn't prove intelligence. It only means that the separatists can't make the separatist case on paper and have to resort to soundbites to bedazzle Quebeckers into believing their dogmae. Dion was just lucky to take on such weak opponents. Really, he's no intellectual, just a pursed-lipped nerd who speaks in convoluted English, on the rare occassions that he actually speaks the language.

Besides, he's appointing candidates rather than allowing Liberals to contest nominations democratically. And, despite having promised to appoint more women to be candidates, he chose a guy instead. And an Israelophobic one at that!


Dangerous, Frightening EnviroLunatics

I've come across this article.

As I read it, I calmly nodded as it described the nature of the environmental-extremism movement led by the likes of Al Gore and David Suzuki.

Then towards the end the article provided four quotations by some environmenal extremists which sent shivers of horror up and down my spine...

Here's the quotations which will tell you about some of the kind of people involved in the Great Climate Change Big Lie:

Biologist David Graber (U.S. National Park Service): "They [natural things] have intrinsic value, more value - to me - than another human body, or a billion of them. Human happiness, and certainly human fecundity, are not as important as a wild and healthy planet. Somewhere along the line - about a billion years ago - we quit the contract and became a cancer. We have become a plague upon ourselves and upon the Earth. Until such time as Homo Sapiens should decide to rejoin nature, some of us can only hope for the right virus to come along."

Philosophy Professor Paul Taylor, City University of New York in “Respect for Nature: A Theory of Environmental Ethics", p. 115): “Given the total, absolute, and final disappearance of Homo Sapiens, not only would the Earth’s community of life continue to exist, but in all probability, its well-being would be enhanced. Our presence, in short, is not needed. And if we were to take the standpoint of that Life Community and give voice to its true interests, the ending of the human epoch on Earth would most likely be greeted with a hearty “Good riddance!”

Dave Forman, Founder of Earth First!: “Phasing out the human race will solve every problem on earth, social and environmental.”

Earth First! Journal editor John Daily: "Human beings, as a species, have no more value than slugs."

Remind you of anyone? The Nazis? Stalinist Russia? The Islamic Jihadists? The Chinese Communist Party?

These folks simply don't seem to value human life.

Well, they're liberal-leftists.

We already have reasonable apprehensions that the liberal-left could care less about people dying, being slaughtered. By Nazis, by Communists, by Islamists. By way of abortion.

Now we learn of some who could care less if the entire human race were to die...

So what on earth are these folks doing with a movement that claims to aim to "save the human race from climate-change apocalypse" and so on?

Does the climate-change movement really believe that doing what they say will make any difference, or are they just propagating a Big Lie for political/moneymaking reasons?

Who the hell are these folks? What the hell is wrong with them?

I'd ignore them from now on. They have no credibility; they're lunatics, and their brainless followers are no better off than cult members.

Talk about environ-mental!

I would strongly advise dropping the whole global-warming and climate-change nonsense, and the "emissions credits" nonsense. Too many dangerous lunatics behind the whole thing.

VisionTV Gives MORE Airtime to Islamic Fascist Spewing AntiSemitic Hatred

They've now had the same hate-spewing Islamofascist on their channel again!

TORONTO - A day after saying it regretted broadcasting a lecture by a Pakistani preacher who says Muslim scripture advocates violent holy war and the "extermination" of Jews, VisionTV put him back on the air again this weekend.

A leading Jewish organization said yesterday it would launch a formal complaint with Canadian broadcast regulators after Vision aired another hour-long talk by fundamentalist Israr Ahmad on Saturday.

The preacher's reappearance on Canadian television came as a surprise to some, since VisionTV had issued a statement on Friday expressing regret for broadcasting Mr. Ahmad's lecture on violent jihad on July 14.

But despite the statement, Vision aired another lecture Saturday afternoon by Mr. Ahmad, who compares Jews to "parasites," describes the Holocaust as "divine punishment" and calls Jews "condemned."

I wonder what are the chances that VTV, to be fair to all, will allow people to go on their air and tell the plain, terrible truth about Islam and Islamic fascists?

Anyone Can Hunt Jihadists Online

Here's how.

That's right, folks... YOU can be a counterterrorist.

YOU can be a virtual Jack Bauer.

It's been done. It's being done.

The enemy is out there... they've left the physical terror training camps and gone online.

And YOU can learn to hunt and put them out of commission.

They've adapted. But so can we. And we will.

They can run... but they can't hide. Not for long.

Better look into those programs that mask your IP address... I've noticed that radical leftist trolls have used it to get around having been banned from commenting on my site in the past. So a virtual disguise is a must. A virtual mustache, y'know, that sort of thing.

More Horrors of Communist China


...and the liberal left doesn't care, apparently. They'd rather scream like mad about some dubious thing concerning allegedly manmade "catastrophic climate change" which we have yet to see, plus they stupidly oppose the Free World's efforts to combat evil by Islamic Fascists...

While in Communist China there are terrible, inhumane things going on, the likes of which probably weren't even seen in the Dark Ages...

When will the liberal left, the mainstream media, etc... start caring and start marching and screaming for the termination of the evil Communist regime of China to stop the horrible suffering and inhumanity?

Hey, liberal lefties... stop going to the Dollar Store and start condemning the Chinese Communist Party... in the streets... in the cities... everywhere... all the time... at the top and bottom of the hour on CNN and all MSM news channels and shows... saturate the airwaves and front pages with condemnation... wear "No Communism in China" badges in public...

What's the matter with the liberal left? Don't they care? They can raise a big enough stink! We know they can! They know they can! They have the power, the people, the money (oh, wait-- George Soros and Maurice Strong aren't going to let their winged-monkey minions say anything bad about the SinoCommies, who are making Georgie and Mo so filthy rich!)...

Sunday, July 22, 2007

People With Guns In Toronto Yet Again Under Same Leftist Mayor

Boy, 11, among dead in 3 shootings in Toronto

Three separate shootings in uber-leftwing Mayor David Miller's Toronto.

In just one night.

In Canada.

What are the odds?

I guess that the further to the left the city, the more the evil scumbags with guns will go around shooting people, sometimes killing them...

I suppose the left's reaction will be exactly as before: Build more basketball courts, community centers and so on. For sure the baddies with the guns will see all these wonderful, utopian-paradise things, throw away their guns, give up their evilness and murder sprees and go join the rest of the brainless multiculti moonbats gaily playing ring around the Rosie O'Donnel statue...

Apparently there aren't enough state-funded "community-recreation" buildings with state-funded programs inside... I suppose that we must keep building more of these places to eradicate the gun problem...

Nah. I have a better idea: Admit that gun ownership by law-abiding citizens is a Charter-guaranteed right (in line with "security and safety of the person") and allow the good people to possess handguns for protection and deterrence. It's already proven to work. The bad guys are highly less likely to attack anyone if they know the person likely also has a gun, after all.

Insight Into Dubai Ports Deal


Former Inside the Ring co-author Rowan Scarborough has written a new book revealing a key reason the Bush administration pressed hard for the 2006 deal for the United Arab Emirates-based Dubai Ports World to take over management of several U.S. ports.

According to Mr. Scarborough, the administration wanted the deal to go through because the UAE government had agreed to let the United States post agents inside its global port network who could report on world shipping.

Dubai Ports currently runs port facilities at key U.S. intelligence targets, including Venezuela, China, Pakistan, India and Saudi Arabia.

"Dubai Ports, in essence, was going to become an agent of CIA," Mr. Scarborough said in an interview. "The arrangement is helping us detect whether any kind of terror contraband was being moved around."

Well, I guess the CIA will have to find other ways to spy on our enemies...

Why Hillary Clinton Must Not Become President

Hillary Rodham Clinton, Communist

After reading this account of Democratic US Presidential Nomination hopeful Hillary Clinton, specifically about her career, ideological extremism and social engineering agenda, you will agree that she is dangerous and must never become President.
Unless, that is, you're a staunch "liberal".
Don't be fooled by the mainstream media's whitewashed, sugarcoated portrayal of this extremist.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Cdn Forces To Acquire Fleet Of Attack UAVs

Canada continues to aggressively pursue the rebuilding of her military, in line with her newfound leadership role on the world stage.
Now we learn of the program to build a fleet of unmanned aerial surveillance and attack vehicles, including, hopefully, armed ones which can bomb the enemy.
And this is an accelerated program. It is expected that deliveries would begin by early 2009. And that's just the beginning: A much larger, long-term program is in the works as well.
One interested company is, in fact, an Israeli-Canadian team thing, with Israel providing the vehicles, with example (the "Heron") pictured above, and Canada providing the software-tech stuff. Sounds cool to me!

Friday, July 20, 2007

Tory Gov't To Try To Restore Counterterrorism Laws Scuttled By Libs

Story here. h/t: NationalNewswatch.com

The Conservative government is launching a bid to recover controversial anti-terrorism powers as early as this fall – and revive a wedge issue that could force the Liberals into another wrenching internal debate.

The Liberals, in a terrible flip-flop, had killed the counterterrorism laws they themselves had passed following 9/11, demonstrating that they're even softer on terrorism than ever before and are also easily intimidated into doing the wrong things due to pressure from extremists within their own party.

Cdn MP Calls For Right of Return for Non-Muslims Expelled From Islamic Nations

Irwin Cotler

Story here. h/t: NationalNewswatch.com

NEW YORK - Former justice minister Irwin Cotler and other Canadian scholars presented the U.S. Congress yesterday with its first testimony on Jews driven from Arab lands following Israel's creation in 1948.

The group was among experts helping U.S. lawmakers decide on a pair of bills that would oblige the Bush administration to actively oppose the Arab-led practice in Middle East peace efforts to speak only of Palestinian refugees.

While key Arab voices continue to push for a "right of return" for descendants of some 600,000 Palestinians whose pre-1948 homes are now inside Israel, the general discourse for decades has all but ignored tens of thousands of Jews, Christians and other minorities who were similarly turned into refugees.

"The time has come to rectify this historical injustice," Mr. Cotler told members of the Congressional Human Rights Caucus in Washington in a written statement. He argued the United Nations, where Arab countries have mustered majority backing from Muslim and developing states to pass 101 resolutions speaking only of Palestinian refugees, bears "express responsibility for the distorted narrative."

Yeah... how dare the Muslims deem that only Muslims can claim any "right of return"? Muslim nations expelled Jews, Christians and other non-Muslims just because they weren't Muslims. So what about the right of return of non-Muslims to all the Islamic lands from which they were illegally ethnically cleansed?

While you're thinking of that, please understand that Israel did NOT ever ethnically cleanse the lands (known as "Gaza" and "The West Bank") she rightfully, legally captured from the Islamic nations who attacked her in 1967. In fact, Israel provided a wonderful standard of living for the Muslims and others, even making many Israeli citizens.

Now we see how Israel is being repayed for her kindness and humanity towards her fellow man and woman, regardless of whether they were Jewish, Muslim, Christian or whatever.

I support Israel. Why won't the rest of the world support Israel? Is the rest of the world simply brainwashed into being so hatefully anti-Semitic and submissive to imperialist-supremacist Muslims?

I'm astonished that the world thinks it's a good idea to support Fatah (the so-called "Palestinian Authority), which we KNOW is a hateful, murderous, imperialist-supremacist Islamofascist organization which we KNOW is responsible for countless murders in the name of Islam. Why should we support Fatah- just because its "leader" wears a business suit?

Besides, "Palestine" is ethnically cleansing their geopolitical area of non-Muslims. Example: Remember Bethlehem? One wouldn't know it was the birthplace of Christ these days, with all the Islamic jihadists running around persecuting, intimidating, driving out any of the few remaining Christians. What about the right of return for Christians to Bethlehem? How dare the so-called "Palestinians"? And how dare the international community and the mainstream media ignore their plight?

To the Islamic World: Shut the hell up about "right of return" unless you actually begin to allow non-Muslims to return to your lands and ensure that they have full human rights, with full, equal protection. You must make them equal to Muslims under law. If you refuse, then to hell with your bullshit concept of "right of return", which is really one of your strategies to destroy Israel from the inside out. So shut up! And leave Israel alone; if you keep attacking her no matter what, the world just may someday, eventually, realize that you, the imperialist-supremacist Muslims, are actually the bad guys and start turning against you! It's possible. Understand that!

Besides, the Islamic nations refuse to accept any Muslims into their lands who are currently claimed to be "refugees" based on the 1967 Six Days' War. Why on earth won't the Islamic nations accept their own brothers and sisters into their lands, as the Koran and Allah obviously want them to? Aren't Muslims supposed to help one another whenever they're in need? Why force them to stay in "Palestine" and become homicide bombers, blowing themselves up, shooting at innocents, lobbing rockets at Israel, etc...? See, the Islamic World has condemned the Muslims in "Palestine" to death as weapons of mass destruction against Israel in a big, terrible international conspiracy against Israel. Therefore the Islamic World is violating the human rights of Muslims and must be condemned for doing so by the international community, the United Nations, the MSM, the crazed leftist extremists who march in the streets equating folks to Hitler and so on...

Hamas-Front CAIR-CAN Gets "Human Rights" Award; McGuinty, Fantino Attend

Via email forwarded to me, which was sent out by CAIR-CAN (emphasis mine):

CAIR-CANCanadian Council on American-Islamic RelationsP.O. Box 13219, Ottawa, ONT, K2K 1X4(t) 1.866.524.0004(f) 613.254.9810www.caircan.ca----

CAIR-CAN Receives Human Rights Award

(Ottawa, Canada - July 19, 2007) The Canadian Council on American-IslamicRelations (CAIR-CAN) is pleased to announce it recently received a HumanRights Award from the Muslim community of Greater Toronto. The award waspresented on June 13 at an annual dinner held by the Toronto Muslimcommunity to honour men and women of the city's emergency services.

On behalf of CAIR-CAN, Board Chair Abdul-Basit Khan accepted the award forthe organization's "outstanding work in advocating for the civil libertiesand human rights of Maher Arar." Also, a second, identical award was givento Amnesty International Canada.

"It's important to recognize the contribution of the hundreds of Canadians,many of whom remain unnamed, who struggled to free Maher Arar. On behalf ofthose who worked within CAIR-CAN, I humbly accept this award," said Khan.

The event attracted 700 attendees and guests. Several elected officials andemergency service heads attended including:

Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty,Ontario Minister of Citizenship and Immigration Mike Colle, Ontario Minister of Education Kathleen Wynee, Oshawa Mayor John Gray, Pickering Mayor David Ryan, Ontario Provincial Police Commissioner Julian Fantino, Toronto Chief of Police Bill Blair, Toronto Fire Chief William Stewart, and Toronto Emergency Medical Service Chief Bruce Farr.

(End excerpt)

Why is this noteworthy?

Because CAIR-CAN is the Canadian counterpart of the CAIR in the US, which is an extension of Hamas, and which is known to favor terrorism and Islamic imperialism.

CAIR promotes a radical Islamic vision, as evidenced by the fact that its co-founder Omar Ahmad told a Fremont, California audience in July 1998: "Islam isn't in America to be equal to any other faith, but to become dominant. The Koran … should be the highest authority in America, and Islam the only accepted religion on Earth." In a similar spirit, Ibrahim Hooper told a reporter in 1993: "I wouldn't want to create the impression that I wouldn't like the government of the United States to be Islamic sometime in the future." In 2003 Hooper stated that if Muslims ever become a majority in the United States, they will likely seek to replace the U.S. Constitution with Islamic law, which they deem superior to man-made law. In the late 1980s, Ihsan Bagby, who would later become a CAIR Board member, stated that Muslims "can never be full citizens of this country," referring to the United States, "because there is no way we can be fully committed to the institutions and ideologies of this country."

CAIR receives considerable funding from Saudi Arabia. In 1999, the Saudi embassy in Washington announced a $250,000 grant by the Islamic Development Bank to CAIR for the purchase of land in Washington, DC to be used in the construction of "an education and research center." Writes Islam scholar Stephen Schwartz: "CAIR should be considered a foreign-based subversive organization, comparable in the Islamist field to the Soviet-controlled Communist Party USA, and the Cuban-controlled front groups that infiltrated 'Latin American solidarity' organizations in the U.S. during the 1980s. It has organized numerous community branches and has had immense success in gaining position as an 'official' representative of Islam in the U.S."


In 1998, CAIR co-hosted a rally at Brooklyn College where Islamic militants exhorted the attendees to carry out "jihad" and described Jews as "pigs and monkeys." The crowd chanted: "No to the Jews, descendants of the apes." Referring to Israel as a "racist country and state," CAIR was a signatory to a MAY 20, 2004 "Joint Muslims/Arab-American Statement on Israeli Violence in Gaza," which "strongly condemn[ed]" Israel's "indiscriminate killings of innocent Palestinians, including many children," and its "demolition of Palestinian homes." In August 2006 CAIR accused Israel of practicing state terrorism in its war against the Lebanese terrorist organization Hezbollah. Said CAIR Communications Director Ibrahim Hooper, "Our [American] government must end it support for Israel's campaign of terror in Lebanon and join an international effort to protect and bring humanitarian aid to the civilian population of that devastated nation."


CAIR chose not to endorse or participate in the May 14, 2005 "Free Muslims March Against Terror," an event whose stated purpose was to "send a message to the terrorists and extremists that their days are numbered ... [and to send] a message to the people of the Middle East, the Muslim world and all people who seek freedom, democracy and peaceful coexistence that we support them."

This is the kind of organization that was awarded by the "Muslim community of Greater Toronto", in its own words, a "human rights" award.

This is the kind of organization whose above-noted event was attended by Liberal Premier of Ontario Dalton McGuinty and OPP Commissioner Julian Fantino, who still haven't done anything to put a stop to the year-and-a-half-old occupation of Caledonia by representatives of the "Six Nations", some of whom have engaged in acts of violence, including the theft of an American Border Patrol vehicle and using said vehicle in the attempted murder of a police officer. The suspects have, as far as I know, not been arrested. A judge had ordered that the occupation be ended, but police and the Ontario government refused his order. Nice. Rule of law is paramount, apparently. And they attend a function to award the Canadian branch of the CAIR a "human rights" award (whose "human rights" it's about isn't specified, mind y'all).

Nice. We know, with folks like these in charge, Ontario and Canada are safe from all sorts of extremists, as they obviously at least frown sternly on them.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Hillary's Mentality

Do you see the resemblance?

h/t for the pics of the liberal idiots: Jenn of the Jungle, who you'll love, as she understands this stuff very, very well and tells it like it is!

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

US Congressman Rips Into China's Infinite Evilness

Rep. Frank Wolf (R-VA):

Read the whole thing. I'll give a mere taste of his recent speech to Congress below:

“Imagine a country which tortures and imprisons Catholic bishops, Protestant church leaders, Muslim worshipers, Falun Gong followers, and Buddhist monks and nuns just because of their faith and systematically destroys churches and confiscates Bibles.


“China's desperation to conceal its true character leading up to the Games smacks of the Nazi bid for the Olympic Games. Analysts are likening the 2008 Beijing Olympics to the 1936 Olympics, in which Nazi Germany soft-pedaled its anti-Semitic agenda and plans for territorial expansion, fooling the international community with an image of a peaceful, tolerant Germany under the guise of the Olympic Games.


“America must be a country that stands up for basic decency and human rights. America must speak out on behalf of those who cannot speak for themselves – men and women who are being persecuted for their religious or political beliefs. Our foreign policy must be a policy that helps promote human rights and freedom. Not a policy that sides with dictators who oppress their own citizens.

“Next time you make a purchase, and you see the words "Made in China," think of the poisoned toothpaste, the contaminated food, the polluted waterways and airspace, the exploding tires, malfunctioning fireworks, the human rights abuses, and the intimidation of religious leaders. Remember that China poses a threat not only to its own citizens, but to the entire world. American businesses have an opportunity to capitalize on China’s failure to protect the safety of its food exports. American businesses should seize this opportunity by reclaiming their place in the global market. The United States
government and American consumers must be vigilant about protecting the values
that we hold dear.”

Of course, the entire Free World must take heed of the horribly evil reality of the current Communist regime in China. And take action to punish that regime for its evilness.

A good step is to stop doing business with China.

Customers can demand and purchase non-made-in-China goods, for one thing.

Businesses can avoid manufacturing/importing things from China and can certify their goods as "made in the Free World" or, better yet, domestically.

You and I can personally do out part. Checking labels for the country of manufacture/origin and avoiding the products if they're from China.

If folks are willing to pay more for stuff to "prevent climate change" (I'm not so sure that they are), then they can be willing to pay more to punish evil regimes who don't respect human rights and who pose a grave military threat to the Free World.

We must also press for a boycott of the 2008 Beijing Olympics. This would send a powerful message to the Communists that the world rejects them and wants them to surrender all power to the people.

h/t: Jana, A True Chinese Renaissance

New 'Cold War' Developing: Defence Analyst

Story here.

Greg Copley, president of the International Strategic Studies Association

(...)says the United States and Great Britain did a poor job of bringing Russia into the fold following the Cold War, and now Moscow appears to be on the wrong side of a new "cold war" led by China.


And while he does not envision a return to the original U.S.-Russia Cold War scenario, Copley acknowledges what he describes as a "reshaping" of the world into a new cold war. "And the new cold war adversary will actually center more around China and Iran and North Korea than it will around Russia," he states. "We just don't want to force Russia to join the new cold war on the other side of the fence. China is a prime concern."

Copley says the great fear of the Russian leadership is the expansion of China -- and yet, he states, the Russians appear prepared to embrace Beijing.

Hmm... interesting. And I believe that this helps support what I've been saying about those nations for some time now, though I've ripped into Russia a bit more harshly than has Mr. Copley.

Harper Reminds Us Why We're Fighting In Afghanistan

Story here.

SANTIAGO, Chile (CP) - Prime Minister Stephen Harper says only a stepped-up military presence in Afghanistan can prevent the troubled country from again becoming a haven for terrorists.

Canada went to Afghanistan because it was a failed state responsible for training the terrorists that killed two dozen Canadians in the World Trade Centre attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, Harper said.

Afghanistan represented a security threat to the world then, he said at the end of a Latin American trip, and it will again if NATO countries don't step up their efforts to resist the Taliban and al-Qaida insurgency.

"I don't think it's an option for Canada or anybody else to close our eyes and pretend there aren't severe problems in other parts of the world," he said.

Yet the leftist Opposition wants us to stop doing the right thing!

They simply won't allow themselves to understand that "sitting down and talking with" bloodthirsty, death-wishing barbarians will not do any good.

Besides, if they were serious, why haven't they actually made a move to set up a meeting with Mullah Mohammed Omar or perhaps Osama bin Laden, if they really believe that these sorts of folks are rational and can be convinced to give up intolerance, torture, murder, terror, supremacism, imperialism, evil, cruelty, inhumanity, cannibalism (a recently-reported Al Qaeda evil) and all that?

Does the leftist Opposition want to risk another 9/11? Do they have their heads so far upside their bums that they actually believe that it couldn't/wouldn't possibly ever happen again? Are they stupid or crazy? Or is it just their bizarre, delusional, dogmatic ideology to which they stubbornly, unquestioningly adhere? Their appeasenik ideology is, in one word, dangerous. Chamberlain was wrong about Hitler. The left today is wrong about Islamic fascism.

Cute Kitty Picture

Excuse me while I take a nap...

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

"Gays" 244% More Likely To Be Violent Than "Straights": GLBT Group

...according to the National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs.

So if anyone wants to get mad that these statistics were reported, don't get mad at me; get mad at the GLBT folks themselves, for they did the report!

This makes one ask whether "gays" need protection from violence from those who aren't "gay", but also from other "gays".

Suppose, then, if the Democrats in America succeed in forcing the so-called "Hate Crimes" bill through Congress, will "gays" who assault other "gays" also be punished more harshly for doing so because they did it to other "gays"? How do we know that the legislation won't simply end up punishing straight people more harshly than "gays" for the same violent crimes?

This whole things sounds stupid to me... I propose, therefore:

Punish all violence by all persons against all persons equally harshly. If we need to deter violence with stiffer punishments, then increase the punishments for all violent crimes, period!

Don't discriminate. Don't elevate some groups above others. Grant everyone equal protections under the law (as required by the Constitution) without discrimination or preferential treatment.

Why doesn't the legislation do this? Do the Democrats have a hidden agenda with this bill to divide America amongst different groups, creating varying classes and levels of citizens, discriminating and favoring however they deem?

Are the Democrats bigots, racists, etc.? Whose rights do the Democrats want to take away?

Islamic-Style Cruelty By Iranian Police


Via The Spirit of Man - That's actually a blog by an Iranian in Canada who's fully on our side.

h/t: Western Standard

Now, can we please go over there, forcibly remove the Islamofascists from power and liberate the people who they're oppressing and tyrannizing, like the unfortunate soul above?

Oh, and, don't forget that regime's promises to start a World War... likely with nuclear weapons, which the reasonable, realistic person realizes they're working on producing and will soon, if they don't already, have. Remember, Islamic theocrats such as Ahmadinejad don't value life on this world, including their own, as they believe that there's something "better" awaiting them, should they go out with a bang... So don't be so sure that they'll be rational and be deterred by the principle of Mutually Assured Destruction as were the Communist Russkies, who didn't believe in any afterlife and were about living high on the hog at the expense of regular, oppressed people.

The leftists, if they want, can go and sit down for a nice chat with Ahmadinejad and the Clerics about maybe being just a teeny weeny bit nicer to folks. If they want to believe that they can make a difference where the United Nations failed, let them go. I'd, however, recommend a helmet and full-body padding to help absorb the blows they'll receive when the Sharia Police discover that they're, amongst other things, atheists, homosexuals, transsexuals, if they fart or pick their nose in public or if they just have the wrong haircut or something else forbidden under Islam/Sharia which carries a painful, sometimes deadly penalty for deviations... And they're best advised to leave their fun drugs at home when they go... that stuff's quite sternly frowned upon as well!

I predict that the above video will not catch the attention of the MSM. If it took place in the Free World, however, we can rest assured that the MSM would care!

The left will simply play "Three Monkeys" as soon as they become aware of this video's existence...