Saturday, May 24, 2014

It's Been A While

Since I have been posting here.

But I recall what I have written over the years on this blog.

And note that much of what I said has been proven true.

Obama, his hidden agenda, his tyranny.

Vladimir Putin's Russia and its imperialist agenda, its forcible annexation of other nations' territories.  The Cold War being restarted by same.  Oh, and Obama doing nothing at all about it other than make himself scarce and let his minions issue strong words, backed up with "sanctions" at which Russia just laughs.

Iran getting nuclear weapons because Obama did nothing to stop them.

The Conservative government of Canada led by Stephen Harper proving that conservatism works, as Canada has easily shaken off the recession, added-back the jobs lost and then many more, and is now in a balanced-budget situation since January.  Canada is finally respected in the world.

And many more things... proven by reality, recently.

Reality Versus Communist Propaganda Spin

It doesn't matter if something is real and clearly observable... communist propaganda activists, both amateur and professional, will always spin it as something else.  They will attempt to downplay reality and its significance.  Foolish people will believe their manipulative talking points and rhetoric.

Rumors of My Disappearance...

Greatly exaggerated.

Just FYI.

I'll be back.