Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Daring To Hope: NB Pushes Forward With Real Healthcare System Reforms

This is promising!

A step in the right direction!

Cut what doesn't do anything to facilitate healthcare, and make more efficient and effective whatever can be made so by allowing private-sector involvement in the delivery thereof while still keeping it publicly funded.

Who can argue against this?

I only hope the Hard Left and the mainstream media don't try to derail these critically-required reforms with the usual Hard-Left nonsense, gobbleddygook, dogmatic bullcrap and propaganda.

Maybe this Liberal (yes, believe it or not, it's a Liberal one!!!) government of New Brunswick has quit drinking the same old kool-aid that's been standard fare for far too long for governments in Canada and is finally sobering up and smelling the coffee of reality.

Of course, only a Liberal government could do this. If it was a Conservative government, the Hard Left wouldn't let them take credit for smart reforms that make life better for everyone... in fact, the Hard Left would do everything in its power to stop the reforms, using the standard demonization and dishonesty tactics for which they're infamous. Obviously only the Left is allowed to do formerly-politically-suicidal things that simply have to be done and can't wait any longer. Oh, well, what does it matter to whom the Big Media gives the credit, as long as the reforms work?

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Breaking Point Was Passed

Who can blame Israel? What did the reasonable person expect them to do, given the circumstances?

Watch the video.

And wonder why the Big Corporate "Mainstream" NewsMedia report with such unmitigated bias in headlining and in photographic sensationalism.

Why didn't Big Media sensationalize the ongoing rocket-launching-into-Israel of rockets by Hamas, when it was happening? Wasn't it newsorthy? Didn't the Big Media think that the People wanted to know that "Palestinians" were attacking, unprovoked, Israel and innocent Israelis, all the time, despite a supposed "ceasefire"? Why not have big headlines and sensational pictures depicting death, destruction and despair each and every time a Hamas rocket destroyed a school, a factory, a hospital, killed a child, a woman, a baby, left a family fatherless/motherless?

For what it's worth... the following must be asked aloud, not just mused to oneself:

What is the agenda of Big Media? Are they controlled by the dangerously hateful Muslim Brotherhood? Are the owners of the Big Media directly or indirectly on the take from the Muslim Brotherhood? Whose money is involved? The Saudis' ? Why else, besides for money, would they be so blatantly biased and bigoted? Why is Big Media so corrupt, unethical and immoral when it comes to, among other things, Middle East reporting?

Why does the Big Media hate Israel so much? Why does the Big Media want to demonize Israel so much? Why does the Big Media want to help hateful "Palestinian" Muslims like Hamas push Israel into the sea, wipe her out, wipe her off the map, destroy her? Why?

Is it because Israel is Jewish? Is it because they need a convenient scapegoat to blame for all kinds of problems, someone to blame and bash in vain? Who do they think they are to be piling on the innocent, peaceful, tolerant, perpetually-suffering, Jewish Israel like they do... do they see themselves as a sort of Hitler wannabe?

Monday, December 29, 2008

Horrific Slaughter At Church In Congo

This proves that race doesn't affect humanity's capacity for hatred and evil.

Black, White, whatever race... hatred and evil can corrupt anyone, anywhere.

Some people don't seem to understand this, however. Some folks think that only "white" folks can be hateful and evil, it seems. Anyone who's obsessed with cracking down only on hateful, evil "white" folks, but no other kinds of hateful and evil folks... well, you figure it out.

Odd that this terrible, tragic situation isn't being covered as much as are Israel's defensive actions against the folks who have been attacking them thousands of times with rockets, and who were warned that if they didn't stop, there would be devastating airstrikes to stop the attacks by force.

The morals and ethics of the world are really fecked up, aren't they? The world pretty much yawns as "Palestinian" terrorists shoot thousands of rockets at Israel for years. The world takes note of the chopping deaths of innocents at the hands of the Congolese Army, but does nothing and says little.

Why is the world obsessed with demonizing everything Israel does to stand up for her very survival, protect her own people from hateful, evil "Palestinians"? Why does the world seem to hold such inexplicable, irrational hatred, phobia and prejudice for Israel? Why is the world content to be ignorant as to the truth, as to history, and to willingly permit the "Palestinian" propagandists to feed them the Goebbelian Big Lies about the Jewish State of Israel, thus repeating what appears to parallel the infamous "Final Solution" of Adolf Hitler?

Why is so much of the world ganging up against the Jewish State of Israel today, as did so much of the brainwashed German population who didn't know better than to think what they were told, to submit to evil and allow themselves to be part of the evil Final Solution program?

What logical conclusion is possible, other than that much of the world is actually anti-Semitic, regardless of being in denial thereabout? Really, all this hatred, all this Israelophobia, Zionophobia... is really nothing short of anti-Semitism, a la Hitler's Nazi ideology. And don't forget that the Jew-hating Islamists were on the same side with, even fought within the same army, as the Nazis! You knew that, didn't you? If not, it's probably not your fault; I didn't know that myself, either, until relatively recently. No problem. Just look at Haj Amin Al Husseini...

People who think that "Palestine" is a victim and that Israel is an aggressor need to give their head a good shake. Just because Israel is smarter, stronger, morally and ethically superior, compared to the hatefully, evilly corrupt "Palestine", doesn't mean that Israel is the bad guy and that "Palestine" is the good guy.

Believe it or not, Israel is the underdog here, not "Palestine". Duh- like, dude, get a clue!

Sometimes the smarter, stronger party is the amazingly restrained, forebearing victim and the dumber, weaker, but by no means harmless, nor peaceful, counterpart, the habitual aggressor.

The truth of the matter is that "Palestine" is the effective equivalent of the Nazi Party, albeit without the resources to, by itself, build a massive Holocaust infrastructure and world war machine, but they still do have, on their side, the likes of Iran, Syria, China, Russia... all indubitably regimes ruled by evil totalitarians. With nukes, or at least soon to acquire them.

Until the hatred is eradicated from "Palestine", there will never, never, never be peace in the Middle East. This is the key! Eradicate the hatred!

Another Reason Why Leftist Coup A Bad Idea

Liberal Leader-Non-Elect Michael "Iggy" Ignatieff: Goofy

Separatist Bloc Quebecois Leader and known communist Gilles Duceppe: Goofier

NDP Leader Wacko Taliban Jacko Lay-it-on: Hustler Extraordinaire

Brought to us via Bloomberg...

ht: National Newswatch

Those Three Stooges are continuing to delude themselves, carrying on with their threat to overthrow the duly-elected-just-a-little-while-ago government if they don't like what's in the Budget, and to take executive power without the democratic consent of the Canadian People.

Well, even the supposedly Hard-Left American President-Elect Obama wouldn't necessarily be too eager to deal with these lunatics, given that they've declared stuff that's at loggerheads with Obama's indicated direction.

You see, American Leftists are a little bit different from Canadian Leftists. But don't expect these three lazy Canuck Leftist folleez to pay attention to this critical fact...

Will they see the light before January 27th?

Not holding my breath. Not for these clowny Leftist dummies!

Here's Why Israel Is Retaliating Against Gaza!

Click here to watch the video to remind yourself of why Israel is striking back at the "Palestinian" aggressors!


Also of interest: Why Israel has no lessons to learn from "Palestine" when it comes to "resistance": Click!

Blame Hamas: Worthington

I agree with this guy.

ht: National Newswatch

While lethal, these most recent Israeli air attacks have mostly killed Hamas supporters, and relatively few Gaza civilians. If the outside world really cared about peace in the Middle East, it would put pressure on Hamas and those supporting terrorism or violence. That includes Iran, which verges on the rogue category.

Arab countries support Palestinians not because they like them, but because they dislike the idea of Israel more. In fact, a case can be made that none of Israel's neighbours wants a sovereign Palestinian state, which has no historical precedence.

Anyway, this Israeli attack is added evidence that Israel remains as staunch as ever, and will test U.S. President-elect Barack Obama's pledge that he supports Israel against terrorism.

PC Insanity Spotlight: One Woman Per Fire Engine

Story here.

I thought it was a sick joke, the headline declaring that each fire engine must have one woman... and I was thinking of a hot babe in a bikini smiling and gesturing towards each vehicle. I really did think it was a sick joke, due to the immediately apparent bizarreness of the headline.


Because this is insane.

Being a firefighter is extraordinarily physically demanding and requires individuals who can actually demonstrate the ability to handle the rigors of the job in order to be able to do it and save lives. Obviously, not everyone will qualify, be they men or women or whatever.

What the Britons in this community are doing is saying, "Just put a woman, some woman, any woman, into a firefighter suit and have her hang onto each vehicle and just be there and be seen to be 'fulfiling the needs' of the community". Obviously, a man cannot possibly fulfil the "needs", whatever they are, of the community, and the last firefighter to grab hold of each vehicle, for some obscure reason known only to a select privy few Hard-Left elites, must necessarily possess a vagina as opposed to a penis!

Really, the political correctness idiots need to be told exactly what the community needs, which is to have a firefighting service with all operational members fully physically capable of actually saving lives! Who the hell cares if it's a man, a woman, a white person, a black person, a Christian, a Jew, an atheist, an immigrant, etc? What matters is whether or not they've demonstrated the physical ability to save lives in times of critical emergencies like fires.

Saying that there MUST be at least one woman on each fire engine is nothing but an arbitrary quota designed to satisfy the mentally-disordered Hard Left and crazed FemiNazi revolutionaries.

It's insulting to women. It dogmatically implies that no women at all can cut it anyway, can't handle the rigors of firefighting as the guys can, and must have the state apparatus appoint them to tag along to specially "fulfil the diversity needs of the community". Perhaps whilst the men go about the actual firefighting job of putting out fires and saving lives... What other logical message is to be taken from this policy idea?

What's next, are they going to mandate that "gays", "lesbians", "transgendered individuals", Muslims wearing burkas, disabled persons, orthodox Rabbis, hockey players, the elderly, priests, Aboriginals and so on and so forth, also ride on the fire engines to "serve the diversity needs of the communities"?

Sheesh... I got a better idea. Wouldn't it be simpler to have a special "diversity vehicle" follow each fire engine around, carrying members of various identifiable groups within, to get out, walk around in raincoats, rubber boots and firehats and be seen by the "diversity-needy" community as the real firefighters go about the real job of putting fires out and saving lives? Of course, putting on a show of "diversity" is as important as the putting out of fires and saving lives... right? Diversity is as critically important as anything else! Absolutely! Because the teacher told you so! Because the "Human Rights" people say so! Because the mainstream media say so! Who cares that it costs the taxpayers too damn much? Don't you dare be a racist and a hater!

Political correctness... we can get along fine without it.

Look, if you can demonstrate that you can do the job, you're in. You're hired. We don't care whether you have a willy or a pussy!

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Where Were They When Russia Invaded Georgia?

So the usual Hard-Left, pro-"Palestine"/anti-Israel/anti-Semitic suspects are "taking to the streets" in Canada to protest Israel's justified defensive actions against enemy positions in Gaza.

Well, where were these folks when Russia illegally invaded and occupied Georgia, destroying her infrastructure and deliberately slaughtering her innocent civilians? Georgia never laid a finger on Russia, whereas "Palestine" has been lobbing hundreds and hundreds of rockets into Israel, whilst the Big Media, the UN, the International Community and the Left pretended nothing was going on at all, perhaps too preoccupied with things like Obamania, the aggressive promotion and exaltation of bizarre sexualities, recreational drug use, profit via extortion via climate change fearmongering or whatever!

What's wrong with these people? Are they that ignorant, misinformed, brainwashed, indoctrinated... or are they propagandists/useful idiots/what?

Where were they when they ought to have been aware of the hundreds and hundreds of rockets deliberately launched towards innocent Israeli Jews from heavily-populated areas of Gaza, the formerly-belonging-to-Israel-land which Israel gave the "Palestinians" as a peace offering, a gesture of goodwill, a demonstration of being serious about wanting to end the stupid old conflict for once and for all?

Just listen to them demonstrate their blatant ignorance of the real world:

“If there was no occupation, there would be no rockets. Occupation is the worst form of terrorism. People have the right to resist their occupier by any means necessary.”

Guess what? There isn't any occupation. Except by Hamas of Gaza, which was given to "Palestinians" by Israel as a peace offering, a goodwill gesture. Not that there was any "occupation" before that, either, for the land was legally Israel's, won fair and square in war in which she successfully defended herself against Muslim aggressors in 1967.

Well, there were rockets, despite the fact that the "Palestinians" themselves occupied the territory in question. So... well? Well?

If the "Palestinians" would stop teaching their children to hate and kill Jews and destroy Israel, based on nothing but Big, Hateful Lies, and stop attacking Israel and Israelis, then Israel wouldn't have to launch the occassional defensive operation to reduce the harm being caused by the "Palestinians". So the "Palestinians" must be called upon, by the International Community and by the UN (wishful thinking, yep, I know!) to cease and desist the anti-Semitic/anti-Israel hatemongering, fearmongering, the lies and the violence promotion and all that. And they must cease and desist. Or else they've no one to morally blame but themselves, try as they might to lay it all on Israel, once the IDF operations commence.

Dammit... if you throw rocks at somebody, is it not logical to blame yourself if they retaliate by throwing rocks back at you? If you punch somebody in the nose, is it not logical to blame yourself if they, in turn, punch you in the nose?

Of course it's reasonable and just to strike at the rocket launchers, the people who operate them and anyone and anything else related to the launching of the rockets, in order to stop the rockets from being launched, so as to save lives on the Israeli side. Whose fault is it that innocent "Palestinians" will be killed and wounded, other than that of Hamas, who deliberately set up the rocket launchers right smack in the middle of densely populated areas, with the full knowledge that IDF retaliatory operations would probably lead to massive collateral casualties as a result? Really! It doesn't take a fricking genius to see who's to blame! Hamas!

And get a load of their stupid slogan that "occupation is the worst form of terrorism". Well, I think that something like slowly sawing somebody's head off just because they're Jewish or of some other non-fundamentalist-Muslim persuasion is a much worse form of terrorism than "occupation".

Boyoboy! Talk about mental disorder, eh? Leftists! Yeeesh!

Russia Points A Hypocritical Finger At Israel

Get a load of the nerve of Putinist Russia.

ht: Drudge Report

After Russia's actions against Chechnya and against Georgia, the Putinist dictatorship is in no position to point fingers.

But brazenly point a hypocritical finger, they will... for these guys are no better than the old Stalinists. They're the Hard Left taken to the ultimate level.

Besides, with Russia's longstanding interference in the Middle East, with her arming, training, financing, aiding, abetting, and just plain using and expending, like human shells, the Muslims, to somehow get rid of the inconvenient Free World democratic state of Israel, which stands between Russia and Russia's goal to someday, somehow, dominate the Middle East... those in the know as to what's really what aren't going to be fooled by the phony indignance of the Bear.

Internet Beats Papers As Source For News

Story here.

ht: SDA

Now the arrogant elite of the Big Papers will have to compete with news purveyors online who are willing to deliver relevant news with and without spin, and which offer far greater choice to news, information, opinion consumers.

This means that the Big Papers will have to go online (which they already have) and clean up their act (which they really haven't so far), become more scrupulous, comprehensive, fair, balanced, more hard-fact-oriented, less editorially-biased, than say, the blogosphere, which can actually be a better source of information sometimes than the Big, Corporate, "Mainstream" Media, as it's free-citizen-driven, rather than dictated by wealthy, powerful owners and special interests with an agenda to push. Freedom, such as that exists on the blogosphere, where anything can be published, sometimes leads to the truth getting out, truth which would otherwise be deemed by Big Media to be un-newsworthy, therefore ignored/covered up.

Of course, the consumer of any medium needs to exercise due diligence in healthy skepticism no matter which medium is used, keeping in mind that anyone, anywhere, anytime, may exercise an agenda, therefore affecting the reliability of that which they disseminate.

Increasingly, the internet is already replacing print media, which is much more expensive to produce and deliver, obviously, a reality that can easily be seen as its ultimate undoing, though perhaps not totally.

Television will also see online competition as a challenge, likely for similar reasons related to cost of production and distribution.

It's all going to change. No doubt about it.

And this change has some sweating bullets, like partisan politicians with a radical ideological agenda... just watch the Democrats in the U.S. push what they call a "Fairness Doctrine" bill and the Australian government moving to censor, without any real specificity as to unacceptable content, internet sites.

We see the likes of the Chinse Communist Party and the Iranian government already cracking down on expression online, persecuting those who dare to speak up against the government and its agenda.

Those who would try to control, restrict, censor the internet without strict, narrow guidelines as to what can and can't be touched by online police, will be seen as tyrants and oppressors.

It's fine to block/shut down, say, obvious child-porn sites, terrorist-recruitment/fundraising sites, that sort of thing.

But to introduce broad, ambiguous categories of acceptable-to-censor sites, such as "Criminal" or "Obscene" or "Against the values of the nation", etc... opens the door to arbitrary censorship, the likes of what we see happening via the Canadian "Human Rights" Commission, which is arbitrary and discriminatory and which violates Canadians' rights, illegally, unconstitutionally, criminally deeming, without evidence, without a fair trial, what specific individuals who belong to specific identifiable groups can and cannot say. Oh, and they take thousands of dollars away from them as well.

Freedom is good. Let freedom march forward.

No longer will the elite, wealthy, powerful, ideologically-agenda-driven few control the dissemination of information, misinformation, spin, arrogant-dogmatic-opinion-masquerading-as-alleged-fact-based-lecture...

Hamas Promises "Revenge"???

"Revenge"? Are they stupid?

What's happening to "Gaza" right now is of Hamas's own deliberate design; they brought it upon "Palestine" and "Palestinians" with full aforethought and deliberation and with the full knowledge of what would
eventually ensue in response to their actions directed against Israel from inside "Gaza", particularly from within areas heavily populated by innocent "Palestinans". The civilian/innocent casualties are the choosing of Hamas- Hamas deems civilian/innocent casualties to be of propaganda value to the Islamist cause, to its sworn goal of wiping out Israel; therefore, they deliberately set up "militant" positions in heavily-populated civilian/innocent areas, precisely for the purpose of having these innocent civilians fall, as guaranteed collateral, victim to the ensuing retaliatory-defensive operations on the part of Israel exercising her right thereto.

The deaths, injuries and destruction... it's all brought onto "Palestine" by Hamas Islamist radicals. This is exactly, precisely what they want... and they're the ones to be blamed therefor, not Israel. Yet witness the Big, Corporate "Mainstream" Media and the "International Community" (and most especially the "Arab/Muslim World") wrongly blaming Israel, the real victim, instead.

Ah... yes, the violins. Thank you; perfect timing- you've learned when to start 'em. Good job, orchestra. Listen to the violins play deja vu all over again ad infinitum...

Hmm... what, again, did Einstein say about the definition of insanity, something about doing the exact same thing repeatedly, expecting a different result each time, despite the reality of non-variability of overall result throughout all previous experiments?

"Israel has done all it could to preserve the ceasefire with Hamas," Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert said last night. "But our desire for quiet was met with terror."


Gen. Yaakov Amidror, former head of the Israeli military's research and assessment division, said no country in the world would allow its citizens to be made the target of rocket attacks without taking vigorous steps to defend them.

"If any city in Canada was under fire for eight years, can you see the Canadian government not reacting to the situation?" he said.

We would, and certainly including myself, in such a situation of attack on Canada, be loudly, unignorably demanding, in no uncertain terms, that serious military retaliation be performed upon the enemy attacker(s) no matter where they are, no matter what the collateral casualty cost would be... collateral casualties are morally, ethically, 100% the fault of the attacker who brings them on by launching attacks directly from within innocent civilian populations. The defender assumes no responsibility for collateral damage of any kind, for it is the aggressor who assumes all risk thereof, and who absolutely must necessarily, in the name of all that is moral, ethical, rational and just, be blamed and held accountable!

Yesterday's offensive began eight days after a six-month truce between Israel and the militants expired. The Israeli army says Palestinian militants have fired some 300 rockets and mortars at Israel over the past week, and in recent days, Israeli leaders had threatened to launch a major offensive.

"The time has come to fight," Barak said yesterday. "We face a period that will be neither easy nor short and will require determination and perseverance."

I see also that the Hamas bigwig Khaled Meshaal is calling for a "Third Intifada" against Israel.

Well, that's going to be difficult now that there's a wall in place to keep out those explosives-belts-wearing Muslim zombies. It's working. Why would it suddenly stop working? What, do you Hamassholes have sleeper cells inside Israel like you've got inside other countries of the Free World? Well, it'd be hard to maintain such sleeper cells in Israel, as Israel is much, much more serious about ensuring that there be none, insane political correctness be damned!

Of course, meanwhile, it must be noted that today's Putinist Russia has been, behind the scenes, arming the Islamic World with various kinds of weapons of mass destruction, including sales of short-and long-range missiles to Iran, the donation of several MiG-29 fighters to neighboring, and now-Al-Qaeda-infiltrated, Lebanon and so on and so forth, continuing its Evil Empire imperialist policies in the Middle East, with an astonishingly patient view to ultimately taking all the territory and oil for itself someday, somehow... beyond which, who knows how far they'd go?

ht: National Newswatch

Even Fatah's Mahmoud Abbas (Abu Mazen) blames Hamas for what's happening:

"We talked to them (Hamas) and we told them 'please, we ask you, do not end the truce. Let the truce continue and not stop' so that we could have avoided what happened," he said in Cairo.

ht: Bourque Newswatch

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Yes, Israel Is Defending Herself... Finally, But Only After Seemingly Endless "Restraint"

Graph: Rockets and Mortars Fired From Gaza June – December 2008
Via The Israel Project

See photos of the "Palestinian" attacks and atrocities against Israelis, which led to Israel being forced to take action to defend herself by, yes, unfortunately, destroying enemy compounds and positions which had been deliberately, evilly placed by Hamas terrorists right smack inside predominantly-innocent-civilian areas for the purpose of automatically having civilian casualties along with the "militant" casualties, so that the "Palestinian" propagandists would have pictures and video clips of wounded and dead "Palestinians" to show the international, Big, Corporate, Israel-Bashing, "Palestine"-favoring "Mainstream" Media.

Yes, finally, Israel retaliates for the rocket-mortar attacks on her civilians, originating from the "Gaza Strip", which Israel used to legally own and have settlers upon. Israel, in reaching a hand, in peace, towards "Palestinians", gave them Gaza as a peace offering, hoping it would help convince those brainwashed-by-their-state-apparatus-into-being-prejudiced-and-hateful people that Israel was serious about wanting peace. But what happened was nothing but evil ingratitude on the part of the hateful Hamas terrorists, who immediately turned the peace offering of Gaza from the developed, prosperous, fair and equitable for all regardless of race or religion, area (which Israel made it into) into a still-populated-by-innocent-Muslim-Arab-civilians launching pad for rockets and mortars to be lobbed into Israel to cause terror, maiming and death... just because there happen to be many Jews inside of Israel and just because Israel is a Jewish state and not a Muslim state like the rest of the Middle East. The Islamic terrorists condemned the innocent Muslim civilians of Gaza to a high likelihood of being wounded or killed via Israeli defensive operations in response to the Islamic terrorists' operating their war machines from within the civilian areas. It's all the Islamic terrorists' fault, and the fault of all who support them or their ideology in any way, shape or form, refusing to declare that these Islamic terrorists and their hateful, murderous, supremacistic, imperialistic ideology must be aggressively, relentlessly, universally delegitimized, denormalized, marginalized and rendered out-of-commission, if there is ever to be peace in the Middle East.

How come the newsmedia only makes a big deal when Israel defensively strikes enemy positions and enemies in "Palestine"? How come the newsmedia don't consider it "newsworthy" whenever the "Palestinians" of Hamas/Islamofascist/terrorist orientation attack Israel, be it via rockets, mortars, machine guns, grenades, homicide bombers... even during a "ceasefire" agreed to by the very party that's breaking it?

Why the double standard?

Why is it ok (not-newsworthy) for "Palestinians" to attack, but not ok (newsworthy) for Israel to defend herself against the attacks, to go after those who are perpetrating the attacks?

Does the Big, Corporate, "Mainstream" Media have an agenda consistent with, say, the Hamas Constitution, which declares its intention to destroy Israel?

Why doesn't the Big, Corporate, "Mainstream" Media just report the facts, tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth? Is it because facts and truth aren't seen as being profitable enough, that they must sensationalize, exaggerate, lie, obfuscate... in order to draw more audience and revenue? Or because the Big, Corporate, "Mainstream" Media might be predominated by anti-Semites?

Inconvenient questions, yes, but they do need to be asked!

So, Big Media, why report on the violence and killing now, when it's been going on for months (by the "Palestinians'" hands) already? Is it only newsworthy to you when the ones commiting the violence are Israelis?

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Merry Christmas!

...that's what it's really about.

Will be off the blogging for awhile...

Merry Christmas!

Suicide Or Honor Killing?

Story here.

Sounds like a honor killing to me.

Double Standard: 'Gays' Attack Pope, But Not Islamic Clerics

Story here.

ht: Drudge Report

Why is it that when the Pope says something non-endorsive about homosexual behavior, he gets verbally bashed by supposedly "tolerant" "gay" militant propagandists right away, but when Islamic Imams say far, far worse about the 'gays', how come the 'gays' are silent?

One has to think... why? Why attack Christianity in particular? Don't the militant 'gay' extremists and supremacists understand that no major religion accepts homosexual behavior? Why single out Christians?

What is the true agenda of the radical, revolutionary 'gay' movement? To attack Christianity for exercising its rights openly? Where's the tolerant, peaceful, sophisticated, intelligent, rational diplomatic civility coming from the so-called 'gays'? Where's the famous 'live and let live' philosophy on the part of the so-called 'gays'? Is all that really supposed to go one way, but not both ways? Is it that 'gays' believe that they're specially entitled to behave like petulant, destructive two-year-olds whereas others must submit to such and endorse it?

Why not just turn the other cheek and ignore those whose speech you disagree with? Why verbally bash one specific group but not others, some of which say infinitely more strong things about not only homosexual behavior, but also about homosexual people? Why leave most alone and focus their crosshairs on one in particular?

The 'gays' are going after the Christians as the Nazis went after German Jews. The parallel cannot be denied.

Besides, the 'gays' are hypocrites. They say nasty things about Christianity, and these nasty, hateful utterances of theirs tend to justify Leftists' bashing of Christians.

The militant 'gay' movement has already exposed its true, hateful, violent, murderous, terroristic face to the world since unexpectedly losing the Proposition 8 vote.

Do the militant homosexuals speak for all homosexuals or not? Are all homosexuals, underneath their flamboyantly "gay", allegedly "happy" outward behavior, actually hateful and prejudiced to the point of knee-jerk reaction to any and all perceived slights, except, of course, those originating from Muslims?

Those who wonder what I'm talking about are brainwashed and ignorant about what's really going on in the real world, ignorant about current events, perceptually isolated in their comfy boxes of delusional, denying dogma.

Russia To Build 70 New Nuke Missiles

Above: Vladimir Putin, mad dictator of the Evil Empire, will spend $141 billion on 70 new nuclear missiles.

Story here.

While the useful-idiot Left in the Free World demands their leaders reduce or even disarm their armed forces, and after America elected a President who's on record as declaring his intent to shrink and weaken the U.S. military, Russia has embarked on a program of building its arsenal of nuclear missiles, boosting it by 70 new, state-of-the-art ones, at an estimated cost of $141 billion.

And this in a global economic downturn that hasn't left Russia untouched, especially now that the price of oil, a key Russian income source, has plummeted. Rather than helping Russians cope with job loss and so on, the Putinist regime chooses nuclear weapons proliferation.

So what is Russia's agenda, really?

Meanwhile, in Communist China...

One of the top priorities for the Obama administration must be to establish policy regarding China's military buildup. According to an October report by the secretary of state's International Security Advisory Board (ISAB), China's Communist Party leadership has been accumulating weapons at a startling rate - one far exceeding what American intelligence analysts deem necessary for China's security. The report calls for the United States to modernize its weapons and keep pace with the growing challenge in the region. This is the first deficiency the Obama administration must address.

President-elect Barack Obama will have to "make hard decisions about where to put resources," John J. Tkacik, senior fellow in Asian studies at the Heritage Foundation, told The Washington Times. "The Obama administration has to decide whether the United States wants to remain the pre-eminent power in Asia or whether we will acquiesce in China's preeminence," he said.

Chinese officials claim that the buildup is "defensive" and insist that Beijing's intentions are "peaceful." But China's neighbors are not convinced. Taiwan, an independent, democratic state that China claims as part of its sovereign territory, has concluded a $6.5 billion arms deal with the United States and still wants more arms, including F-16 fighter jets. Japan, too, is alarmed at China's insistent claims on its territory in the South China Sea. India is also on alert. In the past year alone, there have been about 180 separate Chinese military incursions into India´s border areas, according to Mr. Tkacik.


It is imperative that U.S. government agencies resolve their longstanding differences over China policy, and forge a coherent, unified approach. "The National Security staff and the State Department regard China as an essential partner in co-managing the region. But the Defense Department is more wary about partnerships and wants the focus to be on making contingency plans to deal with the rising threat," Mr. Tkacik said.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Franken Recount Orchestrated With Help From ACORN, MoveOn, Soros

Al Franken, failed ultra-liberal radio talk-show host and failed Senatorial candidate, is in denial about his electoral defeat and trying against all odds to somehow get some kind of special recount (after many recounts already completed confirming his loss) to somehow forge himself a "victory".

Big surprise, eh?

Emphasis mine.

The Hard Left wants ultra-Left-wing extremist radical Al Franken to win a Senate seat and will keep on going to court to get recounts ad infinitum, a la Al Gore, circa 2000.

Minnesota Secretary of State Mark Ritchie, who orchestrated the recount that gave Democratic challenger Al Franken a lead some six weeks after incumbent GOP Sen. Norm Coleman appeared to win by 725 votes on Election Day, has extensive ties to both the ACORN organization now under federal investigation for vote fraud, and to ultra-liberal kingmaker George Soros.

George Soros, billionaire, de-facto leader and radical-ideas-pusher of the Hard Left in America, with cash-backed, coercive influence pretty much everywhere.

In 2006, ACORN endorsed Ritchie in his bid to become secretary of state, and Ritchie also received a campaign contribution that year from Soros.

Indeed, Ritchie has credited his own political career in large part to an obscure, Soros-funded group called the Secretary of State Project (SoS), whose express purpose is to seed state election bureaucracies nationwide with partisan activists -- Ritchie among them -- who are strategically positioned to influence the outcome of close recounts like the one now underway in Minnesota.

Well, duh! That's what the Left has always done... placed its ideologues, useful idiots and fellow travellers wherever they could, in order to Leftify America and the rest of the Free World.

Ahhh... I wonder if the Blagojevich SeatGate scandal is similar? Wouldn't shock me. I've long seen a pattern of interference by the Hard, Wealthy Left in electoral politics. Of course, Obama enjoyed the support of the same kind of folks, not that I'm alleging any wrongdoing- that's for the appropriate authorities to ensure hasn't occured.

Mark Ritchie as we all know now is a hard-core liberal who was endorsed by ACORN and funded by ACORN,” Matthew Vadum, senior editor of, a nonprofit think tank, tells Newsmax. “It’s not surprising that he has a permissive attitude toward the recount process.”

An interesting little factoid...

The words, "election results"... rearrange the letters and you have:

Lies- Let's recount.

Anti-Christian Hate Crimes Rage Across America

Nativity scenes destroyed all over the place in massive spate of hate

ht: Newsmax

Interesting that this isn't exactly making the big-corporation news.

Anyone heard of this serious hate crime that left a Christian pastor near death?

A Christian pastor in Loma Linda, Calif., was beaten and left in critical condition while decorating his church.

I see that FOX News's website today carries a story about a rape of a lesbian, in which a big deal is made of the hatefulness of this crime. But what about the near-murder of the man who was attacked for being Christian? Is this less newsworthy? Are homosexuals first-class and Chrsitians second-class? Who cares about Christians? Obviously not the militant homosexual propagandists. In fact, we know very well that some of them have threatened to kill Christians and that some of them are going around attacking churches. There is no doubt that many homosexual extremists/militants harbor a seething hatred of Christians, no doubt at all... and they must be told by society that their hatred will not be tolerated any more than hatred of them by others will be. But listen to the silence of society at large, and the silence of the homosexual community, when Christians are beaten nearly to death just for being Christians and celebrating their Christianity.

The persistent vandalism has some churches turning to technology to protect their cherished displays. More than 70 churches across the country have installed security cameras and GPS tracking devices in their nativity figures. The high-tech gear was provided for free by BrickHouse Security in New York City.

I wonder who the hateful vandals and attackers are? Will we be informed when they're caught? Will their sexual orientation be mentioned? It should be, because if a Christian was caught torching a gay bar, the media would certainly mention his religion, no doubt!

Hey, Leftist idiots... what's your problem with my saying the above? You know that your people are always saying nasty things about Christians and blaming them for all kinds of bad stuff that you don't like. Sheesh- for example... If you're not allowed to walk around naked playing with your 'nads, it's all because Christians are imposing their radical values on society and "taking away your 'rights'" and so on and so forth, so STFU and let me have my equal time with the conch shell!

Hatred and violence against Christians is a serious and growing problem everywhere, and it must be stopped. Massive campaigns must be waged to eradicate this hatred and violence, just as massive campaigns have been waged to eradicate white supremacism, neo-Nazism, "homophobia", "Islamophobia" and so on and so forth.

Christians deserve equal protection! Anyone who scoffs at this is hateful!

Global Warming? On What Planet?

It's all over the news. Hard to miss.

Coast to coast cold waves and snowstorms.

Record cold here and there.

Cold and snow where there's not supposed to be.

Global warming? Yeah, sure.


Screw Al Gore and the IPCC.

Take that sweater off. Turn up the heat, turn on the incandescent lightbulbs, go for a drive in your old 4X4. Feed beans to the cows and make them fart more!

Don't worry that you're making the world warmer, because the world ain't becoming warmer, just colder.

Inconvenient truth... for Al Gore. STFU, Al!

Critical Questions Re Obama & Blago SeatGate Scandal

Above: Obama standing stoically behind his man Blagojevich: Will they emerge incredibly unscathed, thanks to the help of the awesomely powerful, de-facto Vast, Left-Wing Conspiracy that always seems to help Democrats weather devastating scandal whilst tarring and feathering Republicans for everything?

Is the Democrat-protecting corporate newsmedia and Hard-Left-dominated legal system going to protect their guys like they protected Bill Clinton when he lied and stuff? And like they protected Ted "Drunk Driver Causing Drowning Death" Kennedy, who's incredibly still a Senator? Like they astonishingly downplay the significance of the continuing presence in the Senate of the infamous racist, Democrat Robert "KKK Grand Kleagle" Byrd?

Below: Obama's Chief of Staff denies the undeniable: "I did not have seat-ual relations with that man! Mr. Blagojevich."

Dammit... Republicans have been taken down for less than this stuff!

ht: Bourque Newswatch

Are Democrats above the law? Can they get away with everything and anything?

What, do they have Teflon for skin?

What Taxpayers Get Out Of The 'Bailout' Pack

Story here.

ht: National Newswatch

That's better than I figured.

Better than just writing a check and hoping it'll do some good.

Of course, if GM and Chrysler fail to get their shee-it together, well, the four billion bucks simply gets flushed down the you-know-what.

Will the fancy-suited bigwig auto executives do the right thing this time, or will they serve their own personal interests as usual, uncaring about the future viability and competitiveness of the N.A. auto industry? That's the question.

It's time for them to get off the pot and finally get to work.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Ex-CAW Bigwig Hargrove Doesn't Get It

Buzz Hargrove, former CAW head, doesn't understand microeconomics at all and thinks it's possible to keep the same size labor force even though the Detroit Three and its Canadian arms will indubitably be producing fewer vehicles in the future, as has been the continuing case in the past as they lost huge amounts of market share to foreign automakers, reducing production and workforce as a matter of course. If they hadn't, then they'd have collapsed and wouldn't be around today.

It's basic economics, and the communistic Hargrove doesn't understand that.

See- he says:

"The responsibility of our government, if they're going to put money in now, was to guarantee the current levels of production that we have in our Canadian plants," Hargrove said Sunday on CTV's Question Period. "And none of that was part this package announced yesterday."

You see, what Hargrove wanted was for government to keep the same number of people working no matter what.

Simply giving money to the automakers to keep people producing all those vehicles that people are no longer buying, just to keep people working... will lead to ever-expanding inventories that aren't going to be sold, except at massive, devastating losses, and this will only postpone the obviously coming end of the Detroit Three, as such a situation cannot continue forever.

What Hargrove wants is communism, useless, ultimately unworkable communism. He wants to create a supply that far outstrips demand, even as demand shifts towards the obviously most-often superior product offerings of the more-efficient, smarter foreign automakers.

Hargrove is closed-minded and unrealistic, failing to understand that, as economies and industries adapt to changing realities, workers must also face uncertainty as well and some will lose their jobs. This is natural, if unfortunate. We all understand this, unless we're in denial and/or believe we're entitled to keep our current jobs no matter what. Such denial is nothing short of mentally-disordered communism, pure and simple, particularly as Hargrove appears to be demanding that the government take responsibility for the jobs and guarantee them no matter what. How unrealistic.

Hargrove said that any concessions by the Canadian arms of Chrysler and GM should not come on the backs of auto workers, whose union contracts have been partly blamed for the companies' economic woes.

Wonder if he'd have said the same of the buggy whip industry when it became clear that it was being replaced by the automobile industry? Would it make sense to continue making millions of buggy whips a year even though only a tiny handful of folks need them anymore, like for quaint, historical reasons, like big, living olden-days museums such as New Brunswick's King's Landing?

"To say that the auto workers have to pay more to me doesn't recognize the reality of what our members and their families and the communities that they live in are facing," Hargrove said.

Listen, Buzz... there's people outside the auto industry who are already and more who will suffer far, far more, via losing their jobs completely, than the autoworkers will "suffer" if they make some reasonable concessions to try to keep as many jobs as they can, not that they will all be able to keep them all, barring an economic miracle or virtually-impossible sudden change in the competitive picture, like the foreign automakers suddenly going out of business or being destroyed by, say, Iranian, Chinese, North Korean, Russian, etc. nuclear bombs overseas...

Get real, Buzz. Give your head a shake and accept the real world as it is and also realize that communism doesn't work in the long run... just look at all the thousands and thousands and thousands of factories in Communist China that have already shut down recently (about 11,000 a month shut down, and millions of Chinese losing their jobs).

Besides, a communist government wouldn't be the kind that has to worry about accountability, so they'll let the jobs go extinct, despite the grandoise, impossible, utopian promises they made when they came to power (perhaps via a coup d'etat, like your comrades, the Liberals, NDP and Bloc conspired to have just a little while ago!).

This Hargrove guy also probably conveniently lapses into denial about the supposedly-man-made "global warming" and "climate change" stuff when asked whether jobs in the big-truck factories, like Hummer, Suburban et al, should continue to exist even though it's clear that they're not selling anywhere as well as they were prior to the gas price crunch and the global economic downturn. And he's delusional if he believes that Detroit can suddenly sell as many small cars as it was selling trucks, when the foreign marques already dominate the sector with superior, always-a-generation-ahead, offerings, like the Honda Civic, which is now the bestselling American vehicle, trading places with the Ford F-Series. I mean, it's not going to be easy for the new Chevy Cruze to compete with the established Japanese and Korean makes, particularly given the differences in the respective automakers' cost-structures due to labor and other costs.

So even if jobs are shifted from the production of the gas-guzzling, carbon-spewing behemoths to the efficient small cars and crossovers and so on, there cannot be a guarantee that the same number of jobs can economically be maintained. Having too many workers producing too many more vehicles than can be sold... won't help the North American industry compete and survive and will only delay the inevitable, which is collapse. But what does a communist care?

The greedy, delusional unions, particularly their dictatorial, tyrannical leadership who prefer to arrogantly tell the workers what's what than to listen to them and allow them to decide for themselves, will perhaps go down in history as the cause of the death of the North American automotive industry.

PM Harper Realistic; CAW Boss Lewenza Delusional

Above: A 1956 Studebaker Golden Hawk. Studebaker, once a biggie in the American auto industry, is, sadly, no more. Will GM, Ford and Chrysler end up like Studebaker? Can they be saved? Can they beat the foreign competition, or are unionized workers too scared to enrage their crazy union bigwigs and say they want to tighten their belts, roll up their sleeves and beat the foreign nameplates?

Story here.

Prime Minister Harper is right to demand concessions from the entire auto industry in return for financial aid, saying that there's not going to be a "blank check".

And that this includes the autoworkers themselves, who make an awesome amount of money per hour, certainly compared to myself, and can certainly figure out how to live on just a bit less, no doubt... just don't be so extravagant in your spending habits, realize that you don't need big houses, big cars, jacuzzis, a world cruise every year, stuff like that... whatever you don't need that costs way too much, well, you can manage some belt-tightening. Trust me; I know.
And so do millions of other people who don't make anywhere in the vicinity of what you lucky guys make and still manage to live comfortably enough.

However, CAW boss Ken Lewenza prefers the comfort of denial and delusion to admitting that labor costs for the Detroit Three and their Canadian branches are significantly higher than they are for non-American automakers, who are always more profitable, can afford to do what it takes to design, engineer and build great vehicles that people will pay a bit more for the opportunity to own.

The cold, hard reality today for autoworkers is that they have to accept somewhat less pay now, or they will, no doubt, find themselves pretty soon with none at all, once the American automakers finally go out of business due to no longer being able to compete both financially and on relative product goodness (both initial and long-term, including performance, materials quality, reliability and resale value) and desirability, to sell enough vehicles and make enough from each of them to pay the autoworkers, the pensioners, pay for all sorts of costs, all of which must be passed
, via the sticker price, onto the consumer, who's become more savvy than ever about what is and what isn't a good vehicle worthy of purchase, as opposed to the offerings of other makes, particularly Japanese, Korean, German, etc. It's about competition, and this kind of competition favors the lean and mean over the fat and lazy, the progressive-excellence-obsessed over the just-good-enough-defeatists.

The Detroit Three can't survive much longer selling uncompetitive vehicles at cut-rate prices and making little, no or negative profits on them. Something is going to give, and soon, despite a few taxpayer billion in corporate welfare, which will be eaten up in no time anyway, and after it's gone, well...

Accept lower pay or accept being unemployed soon, with the prospect of competing for a few foreign automakers' factory-job openings for, most likely, less compensation. Or the prospect of retraining for a different line of work if you're not one of the lucky ones to be re-hired to attach thingamajigs to vehicular chassis for the Japanese, the Germans, the Koreans, etc.

CAW boss Lewenza is delusional if he thinks that UAW/CAW labor costs aren't a serious problem that WILL lead to the "Big Three" (now "Detroit Three")'s downfall.

The history of the American automobile industry is littered with the remains of countless automakers, and I've a bunch of huge coffee table books as proof. The makers come and go... pretty much always for the very reason that's now threatening to push the remaining Detroit "Big" Three into their graves, joining Duesenberg, Studebaker, American Motors, to name just a few big-name American marques that didn't survive the financial crunches they faced.

It's time to quit being fat and lazy. It's time to become lean, mean and thrifty. It's time to finally design, engineer and build, not to mention sell, vehicles the likes of which will make the foreign marques look mediocre and obsolete. If we don't do this, then it's all over for us. And then the Axis of Evil will gloat, saying, "See, the West can't survive! They're too fat and lazy and stupid!".

The time to choose your direction is now, for you are now facing the crossroads, my friends.

Get it together or fall apart.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Fmr. Clinton Prosecutor Ken Starr To Help Defend Prop. 8 Vote

Story here.

Good for him.

I can't believe there are actually people going to court to overturn the democratic will of the People.

Talk about tyranny of the minority.

There are people out there who think they're entitled to change the world to suit their ideology, notwithstanding democracy. And notwithstanding the Constitution.

Such people have a terrorist arm as well as legal-political and propaganda arms.

And they would (and actually did), after losing a democratic vote which they never challenged in court until after they lost it, turn into fascists, thugs, racists, bigots, minority-bashers and would-be murderers.

And they call themselves "gay" and have been lecturing everyone about "tolerance" all these decades? What could possibly be more absurd?

I'm afraid the jig is up. They've finally, after decades of pretending to be nice, normal, non-bothersome-towards-anyone citizens "who just happen to be 'gay'", exposed their true selves.

Does the militant homosexual movement really speak for and serve the interests of ordinary people who simply want to be left alone to pursue a certain kind of chosen, unconventional lifestyle and aren't interested in imposing it onto others? I don't think so.

Moderate homosexuals, and I know there are many, well, I doubt that they approve of the extremism and dangerous incitements of those militants who claim to speak for them. I certainly hope they don't approve of those dangerous, hateful extremists who claim, hopefully wrongly, to represent the views of all homosexuals everywhere.

I think it's time to marginalize these extremists just like the "white-supremacist" skinheads and neo-Nazis have been marginalized, precisely because they're violently intolerant and a threat to society and to vulnerable minorities and because they don't care about the Constitution, the law or democracy, as those are all inconvenient to their supremacist agenda.

Conservatives To Unelected, Unaccountable Senate: Reformation Or Abolition

Story here.

ht: National Newswatch

Good. I agree with the ultimatum.

The Senate is unelected. It is unaccountable. It is partisan-Liberal-dominated and, as such, will not cooperate with the Conservative government, will prevent legislation which is approved by the elected Parliament from being passed. Senators are allowed to serve a potentially very long time, as they don't have to retire until they're 75. How whacked is that?

Ontario and Quebec, with their Liberal governments currently, are opposed to Senate reform and will not cooperate with any effort to effect reform, like limiting Senators' terms to eight years and electing them as opposed to appointing them. Sure, they cite the Constitution as saying we can't simply just make this happen, but, hey, since when do Leftists believe in the Constitution, anyway? They've been effectively rewriting it via judicial activism via judges appointed by Leftist political leaders for decades! They dismiss the Constitution as a "living document", as if there was such a thing, and as if the Constitution itself says it's a "living document"... it's a Big Lie, an urban legend, a myth... like "Palestine", like manmade climate change, like Obama being some kind of Messiah who will save America and the world... hell, Santa and the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy are actually more real and less mythical than is the Big Lie of the Constitution (and the Charter of Rights and Freedoms) being a "living document" and therefore rewritable at the whim of corrupt, criminal "judges" who do the bidding of the Hard Left's radically extreme social-reengineering agenda!

Let me be sarcastic, therefore... hey, let's have a Harper-appointed judge declare that the Constitution somehow, mysteriously, and only in said judge's special, godlike understanding and interpretation, actually says that we can reform the Senate or abolish it... just like that... and that it's somehow a "human right" to reform/abolish the Senate... sound absurd? Well, what about the absurd rulings of Leftist-appointed Leftist judges practicing, not their job, but rather illegal, unconstitutional social-reengineering while fraudulently, immorally, unethically wearing the sacred robe and sitting on the bench holding the little wooden hammer?

Screw the two largest provinces whose interest is served at the expense of Canada as a whole... if we can get rid of the Senate and get on with the business of building Canada, then let's.

I also applaud the Prime Minister's de-facto admission that reform is probably never going to happen anyway by appointing, as is his perfect right to do so, eighteen Conservatives to the Senate as a start towards changing the Liberal-heaviness of it.

There's no doubt that a Liberal-dominated Senate is bad for Canada. No matter what the Liberals passed in Parliament, the Liberal-dominated Senate always rubber stamped the legislation like obedient dogs; so much for "sober second thought". But enter a Conservative government, and the Senate suddenly grinds to a halt, being partisan and ideological and preventing important stuff from happening.

It's clear to me that if it's impossible to reform the Senate due to ideological extremism on the part of asshats like Dalton McGuinty and Jean Charest, then let's get rid of it altogether and start to make the country work properly!

Sometimes radicalism such as abolishing old institutions that no longer work (and that actually cause harm) is inevitably necessary to make things work. And whoever would condemn this kind of radicalism ought to look into the mirror for their wanting Canada to effectively be ruled, not by elected officials, but rather by unelected, unaccountable elites called "Senators".

There's no reason why the Canadian People must be ruled by these Senators, who don't answer to the People at all, but rather to the politicians who appointed them, even after they're no longer in power, like the ruthless, merciless Jean Chretien, who still, to this day, exercises considerable influence over the Liberal Party (including the loyal Liberal Senators he appointed as PM) as if he's somehow entitled to continue to indirectly oppress and tyrannize Canadians from his comfy golf clubhouse or wherever he sloths it away these days while issuing marching oders to Liberal footsoldiers... Oh, that reminds me... isn't new Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff a Paul Martin loyalist? Oh, ha-ha-ha... let's sit back and watch the show, as we enjoyed it during Martin's brief stint in 24 Sussex... that Chretien, he never misses an opportunity to screw his enemies, even those in his own party.

In the meantime, it's imperative to end the Liberal dominance of the Senate. So go ahead, Mr. Harper, and appoint Conservatives to the Senate to ensure that those Liberal partisan asskissers no longer are able to serve the agenda of their Liberal masters who aren't in power anymore.

At least the United States elects its Senators. Who, other than Leftists who hate democracy, like the Liberals, NDP and Bloc, who recently tried to go over the heads of Canadian voters and overthrow the government they just very recently elected with a stronger-than-before mandate, could be opposed to electing Senators?

Oh, yes... we now have no doubt that Liberals hate democracy. They don't want to elect Senators, don't want referenda on controversial social-reengineering issues (because they know they'd most likely lose them), and they, as they demonstrated just very recently, want to steal executive power without an election so as to impose whatever they want without a democratic mandate and without any sort of legitimacy. Therefore, I'd be very happy to witness the abolition of the Liberal Party of Canada, as I was pleased to see the Soviet Union fall, the Berlin Wall fall, Saddam and the Taliban be removed from power, etc... And, please, take the Senate with you... you Liberals can go join your Supreme Overlord, Moe Strong, in exile in Communist China... the Commies will be happy to see y'all!

Oh, did I just rant? Well, I'm allowed... besides, it's fun to say stuff about Liberals that just has to be said, and which isn't said enough!

Red Star's Travers Bemoans Cancelled 'Air Farce'

James Travers of the Toronto Star asks where's the old CBC satirical current events show, the Royal Canadian Air Farce.

Even a "right-winger" like myself considered the old Air Farce perhaps the only CBC program worth bothering to watch.

I'm talking about the original cast, not the cast who replaced them and steered the show into an unfunny, Hard-Left direction and caused me to quit watching it after years of excitedly running to the TV every Friday at eight PM to catch such hilarious characters as Mike from Canmore, Jock McBile with "Get Stuffed" and Critic-at-Large Gilbert Smythe Bite-Me and the dysfunctional coffeeshop bunch, not to mention the Chicken Cannon with Colonel Stacy, whom some of his friends call Theresa... and who could forget John Morgan's laughable, in-drag portrayal of a cooly bored Deborah Grey, with the cigar, with the high-voiced fake Preston Manning yukking it up next to her?

Alas, the Nineties-and-early-'00s make-fun-of-everybody show was funny no more once those stupid young moonbats took over it. Their politically-correct agenda made me run, hand over-mouth, to the throne room to refund my din-dins, so I eschewed that show from then forward.

No wonder the show didn't survive after that. For pretty much the same reason why Left-wing radio talk shows can't get a toehold- there's no market for more Left-wing crap out there, for the marketplace of ideas and entertainment is already supersaturated with such nonsense. Right-wing talk shows thrive on the air because there's not enough Right-wing ideas and entertainment to go around, so Right-wingers flock to these media en masse. Where there's an insatiable hunger for something, feed that hunger and you'll prosper big-time. Try to offer meals to the already-stuffed-to-the-barfing-point, and your just-opened bistro will go bankrupt tomorrow.

Want to make millions in show biz? Start up a Right-wing show. Left-wing stuff will only turn out to be a waste of investment in today's dime-a-hundred, too-many-Left-wing shows and newsmedia environment chasing after a dwindling Left-wing audience.

Leftist Opposition Brags, Swaggeringly Threatens To Topple Gov't

The Leftist Opposition in Canada is arrogantly taking credit for the government's plans to allow big deficits (via increased spending and borrowing) for the purpose of supposedly (dubiously) "stimulating" the drooping economy, left-wing, socialist, corporate-welfare-accepting, Keynesian-style.

Well, let them. In that case, they abandon, in taking these bragging rights, their right to condemn the Harper Conservatives' running a deficit, and even, actually, their (frequently exercised by the Liberals, especially) right to blame the Mulroney PCs of long ago for running deficits so as to avoid cutting social program spending (which the Liberals, proving that they lie about being "caring and compassionate", cut in their fight against the deficit).

In short, the Leftist Opposition of the Liberals, NDP and Bloc Quebecois (the perpetrators of the recent ill-advised plot to overthrow the government for no good reason at all) is now admitting that they believe in big-deficit spending and Hard-Left socialism as an economic policy.

Will this kind of economic policy, effectively forced upon the Harper Conservatives as the indicated price of peace, stability and, at least short-term, national unity, in Canada, stimulate the economy? This remains to be seen.

Thus spake John McCallum, partisanly extreme Liberal loyalist and former economist (I say "former" in every sense of the word, as he no longer sounds like one, but rather only like a politician whose own words cannot be believed, particularly when he hides behind his former profession as an economist):

“Finally, this government is talking about a real stimulus, which is what other countries have been doing for months,” said Liberal MP John McCallum, who met with Finance Minister Jim Flaherty earlier this week. “They've reversed themselves on everything imaginable, and so I think this threat of a hanging in the morning is having a big impact.

Ah... Mr. McCallum has tipped us off as to one possible reason for his peoples' threat to overthrow the government and destroy political, economic and national unity stability in Canada as a ploy to force the government to adopt questionable Hard-Left policies against its will. "Threat of a hanging in the morning... having a big impact", indeed. And they accuse the Harper Tories of bullying the Leftist Opposition? Hoo-boy; talk about hypocrisy; the Hard Left threatened the very future of Confederation in order to get its way!

What the hell does one expect Mr. Harper to do under the rock-and-hard-place circumstances, except to buy time by temporarily acceding to the lesser of the two evils you offer, meaning temporary deficit spending instead of allowing the Hard Left to usurp the government and proceed towards destabilizing Confederation itself and making the recession far worse in the process?

As for the NDP's Jack Layton, well, he's blazing, white-hot chutzpah personified:

“If he is now accepting that the coalition ideas are the right ones, then I believe the best group to implement that program is the coalition, because Mr. Harper doesn't believe in these ideas,” Mr. Layton said.

Yeah, right. Big, deficit spending is a "right idea"; suuuuure, alriiiiight, Wacko Jacko. Believe whatever you wish. But to believe your claim about -even after the massive, loud, coast-to-coast uprising of Canadians thereagainst- the Hard-Left, separatist-vetoed, so-called "coalition" which you gleefully threatened to undemocratically impose upon Confederation, being the "best group to implement" is nothing if not pure, unadulterated delusion.

And, Wacko Jacko Lay-it-on, of course Mr. Harper doesn't believe in massive deficit spending as stimulus. He's only acceding to your demands as he understands that to allow this deficit spending to be performed in the wrong hands (yours, that de-facto foreigner Ignatieff's and the separatist Duceppe's) would be far worse than when performed by a wise leader (Harper); it would be an unmitigated, wasteful disaster for Canada, as you radical Leftist fruitcakes would use the spending as a Trojan Horse to massively Leftify Canada in line with your radically extreme social-reengineering agenda, as opposed to doing what it takes to direct, very carefully, the deficit monies, into only the most logical, and needed, stimulative areas.

Better it be done by someone wise and conservative like Mr. Harper than by wackheaded, revolution-and-social-reengineering-crazy Leftists like you guys and your silly little so-called "coalition", which Canadians have resoundingly rejected and won't tolerate.

In short, while the Hard Left can take credit for Mr. Harper's reluctant allowance of deficits for the near future, they shouldn't be under any illusions that he will keep it up any longer than it takes to witness a recovery get underway, for once there's a recovery, then there will be no further need for "stimulus" deficits.

If it was in the hands of the Left, they'd do it wrong and would probably keep the deficits going for the benefit of their radically revolutionary, destructive, Hard-Left social-reengineering agenda...