Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Obama Surprises, Angers Special Interest Group

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ht: Drudge Report

Curiouser and curiouser...

Day by day...

We discover a bit more about the man they call Obama. Is he Leftist or...? Has he seen the light and converted to social conservatism? Who knows?

You thought you knew Obama? C'mon- you know you didn't... you just fell for the corporate media seduction!

What'll we find out tomorrow?

Maybe he'll make the Muslims mad? That I'd like to see. Oh, wait... maybe in doing what he just did, he's indirectly appeasing them? Who knows? Plenty of ways to appease...

Oh, don't expect the Left to hatefully slur Obama as a "right-wing Christianist" or anything like that, because it's ok for a Democrat to associate with "right-wing, socially-conservative Christians" like Rick Warren, who was on the "Yes" side on Proposition 8... If he were a Republican, well, you know how the Left would react then... Remember, double standard, double standard! Anything a Republican does is necessarily bad, whereas any and all bad stuff commited by a Democrat is perfectly ok; nothing to see- move on (but first, call the carpet cleaners and the dry cleaners- sorry about the dress, Monica... *ring!*... Oh, excuse me, honey... yes, hmm... Bin Laden, you say? You have him in sight? My order? I don't care- just forget about him- I'm too busy to give a crap, Colin!).

What are the "happy people" going to do in light of Obama's flipping them off like this? Will they treat him like they'd treat a Republican who did the same thing Obama's doing, and who, like Obama, is opposed to "gay" marriage?

Will someone bribe the militant homosexual movement to shut up? Like a certain billionaire Left-Wing militant who seems to essentially control pretty much everyone, anything and everything he can buy off?

It's fascinating to witness the dynamics of the Left as it conflicts amongst itself, amongst the diverse groupings within... sooner or later it'll have to fracture...