Sunday, December 28, 2008

Where Were They When Russia Invaded Georgia?

So the usual Hard-Left, pro-"Palestine"/anti-Israel/anti-Semitic suspects are "taking to the streets" in Canada to protest Israel's justified defensive actions against enemy positions in Gaza.

Well, where were these folks when Russia illegally invaded and occupied Georgia, destroying her infrastructure and deliberately slaughtering her innocent civilians? Georgia never laid a finger on Russia, whereas "Palestine" has been lobbing hundreds and hundreds of rockets into Israel, whilst the Big Media, the UN, the International Community and the Left pretended nothing was going on at all, perhaps too preoccupied with things like Obamania, the aggressive promotion and exaltation of bizarre sexualities, recreational drug use, profit via extortion via climate change fearmongering or whatever!

What's wrong with these people? Are they that ignorant, misinformed, brainwashed, indoctrinated... or are they propagandists/useful idiots/what?

Where were they when they ought to have been aware of the hundreds and hundreds of rockets deliberately launched towards innocent Israeli Jews from heavily-populated areas of Gaza, the formerly-belonging-to-Israel-land which Israel gave the "Palestinians" as a peace offering, a gesture of goodwill, a demonstration of being serious about wanting to end the stupid old conflict for once and for all?

Just listen to them demonstrate their blatant ignorance of the real world:

“If there was no occupation, there would be no rockets. Occupation is the worst form of terrorism. People have the right to resist their occupier by any means necessary.”

Guess what? There isn't any occupation. Except by Hamas of Gaza, which was given to "Palestinians" by Israel as a peace offering, a goodwill gesture. Not that there was any "occupation" before that, either, for the land was legally Israel's, won fair and square in war in which she successfully defended herself against Muslim aggressors in 1967.

Well, there were rockets, despite the fact that the "Palestinians" themselves occupied the territory in question. So... well? Well?

If the "Palestinians" would stop teaching their children to hate and kill Jews and destroy Israel, based on nothing but Big, Hateful Lies, and stop attacking Israel and Israelis, then Israel wouldn't have to launch the occassional defensive operation to reduce the harm being caused by the "Palestinians". So the "Palestinians" must be called upon, by the International Community and by the UN (wishful thinking, yep, I know!) to cease and desist the anti-Semitic/anti-Israel hatemongering, fearmongering, the lies and the violence promotion and all that. And they must cease and desist. Or else they've no one to morally blame but themselves, try as they might to lay it all on Israel, once the IDF operations commence.

Dammit... if you throw rocks at somebody, is it not logical to blame yourself if they retaliate by throwing rocks back at you? If you punch somebody in the nose, is it not logical to blame yourself if they, in turn, punch you in the nose?

Of course it's reasonable and just to strike at the rocket launchers, the people who operate them and anyone and anything else related to the launching of the rockets, in order to stop the rockets from being launched, so as to save lives on the Israeli side. Whose fault is it that innocent "Palestinians" will be killed and wounded, other than that of Hamas, who deliberately set up the rocket launchers right smack in the middle of densely populated areas, with the full knowledge that IDF retaliatory operations would probably lead to massive collateral casualties as a result? Really! It doesn't take a fricking genius to see who's to blame! Hamas!

And get a load of their stupid slogan that "occupation is the worst form of terrorism". Well, I think that something like slowly sawing somebody's head off just because they're Jewish or of some other non-fundamentalist-Muslim persuasion is a much worse form of terrorism than "occupation".

Boyoboy! Talk about mental disorder, eh? Leftists! Yeeesh!