Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Undaunted Harper Blasts 'Coalition' Of Subversive Leftists In Interview

Story here.

Harper accused the coalition of trying to "overthrow" the government, refused to answer critics' repeated demands to apologize for the fiscal update that sparked the turmoil on Parliament Hill, and defended his move to appoint senators to the upper chamber -- the same institute he has derided for being undemocratic.

Asked repeatedly whether he regretted unveiling a fiscal update that would have financially crippled the opposition parties, while saving roughly $27 million a year, Harper said he had acted in the best interest of Canadians.

He also suggested the anger displayed by the opposition was exaggerated, noting reports that the NDP and Bloc had talked about a possible coalition around the time of the election.

"We only found out later that they had been planning to overturn the results of the election ever since election night. But in terms of the political financing measures, we believe these are in the public interest, and the public overwhelmingly supports these measures," he said.

Hard to argue against what he said. Very hard, unless one's a dishonest Leftist propagandist, and we can expect them to spin like crazy against the inconvenient truth.

Stephen Harper and his Conservatives are far more in tune with the interests and preferences of ordinary, mainstream Canadians, aka the "Silent Majority" (not as silent lately, though!), than are the whiny, aggressive, self-interested, subversively power-hungry, undemocratic Left-wing extremists, namely the Liberals, NDP, Bloc, Greens, all of whom have earned the great dishonor of being endorsed for their crazy, Bolshevist ideas and revolutionary tactics by the Communist Party.