Sunday, December 07, 2008

Canadians Still Oppose "Coalition" & Massively Support Conservatives

Praxicus has the latest poll on what Canadians think of the Leftist Triangle's so-called "coalition" to usurp the duly-elected-just-seven-weeks-ago Harper Conservative government.

ht: Bourque Newswatch

Conservatives still have massive support; 47% in this survey would vote for them in an election today, most likely resulting in a majority government.

No change in Conservative support in Quebec; identical to support received in election.

Conservatives surge to a tie in Liberal fortress of Toronto.

Separatist Bloc loses eight points, mostly to Liberals and NDP, further splintering the Left-wing vote in Quebec. Perhaps signifying an end to its dominance over Quebec seats in Parliament? Perhaps joining the "coalition" was a bad move for the Bloc! Perhaps the Bloc has shot itself in the electoral-potential foot!

Conservatives up 9% from election result; the Hard-Left coup co-conspirators, the Liberals, NDP, Bloc- all down!

Economy surges to 54% importance, while environment, healthcare, energy prices and Afghanistan plummet to or near zero. Gov't/politicians jumps from 5-15% in importance, signifying sudden upsurge in interest in politics.

52% want an election; only 38% want "coalition" "government".

Continuing to watch it all unfold... Stay tuned!