Monday, December 31, 2007

Canadians' Confidence in Judicial System at All-Time Low

...says the B.C. Attorney General.

“The rate of confidence, or public confidence in the system is at an all-time low, and I think everybody in the system has be cognizant of that fact,” he said.

Really? Oh, dear, I hadn't noticed... surely we must trust judges unconditionally to do their job and simply scrupulously administer the law while ensuring it conforms to the Constitution/Charter... precisely as written, as opposed to ignoring all that and rendering decisions based on personal preference, ideology or political correctness (which means whatever the Left says is so at any given moment).

Oh, wait; I'm just being sarcastic. Of bloody course I've noticed... and have blogged a helluva lot about the issue already. I really ripped the system a few new ones, actually attracting the attention of the Supreme Court itself to my more or less inconsequential little blog here, according to my Sitemeter information. I think they quietly are well aware of what we, the People, think of them. Too bad they hardly bother to admit it publicly. Maybe they're instead developing a Machiavellian, Goebbellian propaganda strategy for marketing the dictatorship of the judiciary to us? They do realize that the People have awaken from their delusion and no longer see judges as gods in whom to place unquestioning faith.

“We have to start working towards more confidence in the system, and that means everyone who's involved, including the courts.”

And the judges. It's time for them, if they're Left-wing radical activists, to either abandon their activist ideology completely or step down... or be fired following their next on-the-bench crime, perhaps even charged with a crime against the Constitution or against the Canadian people or something. Perhaps, if there isn't already such a law in force criminalizing judicial activism, there definitely ought to be. (Hmm... perhaps the time to bring this law forth would be the next time the Conservatives are at 40% in polling and the Liberals are down again in the twenties, meaning that the coldly calculating Liberals sit on their hands rather than vote for or against such a law, as they're afraid of taking a stand and even more afraid of going into an election, particularly when they'd have confirmed to Canadians that they sincerely believe that judges don't need to be forced by law to stick to the law and the Constitution/Charter as written and originally intended! Of course, we could do it with a majority. Who could possibly oppose having only judges who uphold the law and the Constitution/Charter? How can anyone make the case that that'd be a bad thing?)

In fact, I believe that judges are effectively above the law as it is, removable only by their elitist legal-system peers, a group that can hardly be considered properly scrupulous itself! Seems to me that judges are usually only removed for doing something that makes the Left mad rather than for being illegally, unconstitutionally activist.

“I think we have to get moving and some of the sentences have to reflect public mores and public standards. I think judges have to be cognizant of what the public thinks of their sentencing process.”

In other words, judges, if they're going to worry about what others think about their judging behavior, they'd be better advised to consider the People as a whole rather than a tiny minority of dangerously delusional Left-wing revolutionary forces demanding special, exclusive rights and exemptions and so on... as some who get these special, exclusive rights/exemptions may, in fact, use them as a way to, with the assistance of the Leftist-dominated state apparatus (including the so-called "Human Rights Commission"), force an extremist agenda upon everyone else against their will.

As a smoking Frenchman I saw on the news a little while ago said, concerning tomorrow's start of the ban on indoor public smoking, "When they start to impose on us, better put the seatbelts on...".

Of course, what I have in mind isn't stuff like reasonably protecting non-smokers from second-hand smoke, but rather, potentially dangerous stuff... and what's stopping judges and commissions from imposing dangerous stuff onto us all merely because some extremists who they like want it to be done?

We'd really rather have a "tyranny" of the democratic will of the People than a tyranny of the few or the one, wouldn't we? I mean, Leftists sometimes ask me, with frighteningly straight faces, if I've ever heard the bizarre phrase, "tyranny of the majority". So I ask them if they'd prefer a dictatorship.

No system of governance has been, nor is, nor will ever be perfect, for we're all mere mortals and cannot create perfection, except in our imaginations. But one thing is for certain: Freedom, democracy and the rule of law works best of all!

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Savage Turns Up Heat On CAIR; Links Them To Al Qaeda

Michael Savage is intensifying his fight against the Islamofascist/terrorism-supporting/Hamas offshoot CAIR.

The CAIR likes to bully others into submitting to the Islamic agenda and abandoning the fight against terrorism and Islamofascism. But it's now time for those deceptively charming, smiling (but still members of a terrorism-related organization) folks in fine-looking business suits to have a taste of their own medicine.

The Infidel Savage is definitely not submitting.

WASHINGTON – It's no longer just a charge of copyright violation in the case of Michael Savage v. Council on American-Islamic Relations.


The amended lawsuit, filed in U.S. District Court in Northern California, also charges CAIR with using extortion, threats, abuse of the court system, and obtaining money via interstate commerce under false and fraudulent circumstances – calling it a "political vehicle of international terrorism" and even linking the group with support of al-Qaida.


CAIR launched a campaign against "The Savage Nation," as the program is called, using extended audio clips of the show to make the case that advertisers who supported the talker were actually endorsing "hate speech" against Muslims.

Savage turned the tables on the activist group by initially suing for copyright violation of the show's material. This week the suit was expanded with some of the strongest allegations ever made against CAIR publicly.

Among the charges is that CAIR is "part of a deliberately complex and deliberately confusing array of related organizations" and that its "organizational structure is part of a scheme to hide the illegal activities of the group, funding, the transfer of funds and to complicate investigation of the group."

Read the whole thing for much more about what the suit says about CAIR. It's worth it!

You da man, Michael Savage!

I'd love to be able to watch the case on live TV. Who cares about OJ Simpson anyway? Why does he get to be on TV? Let's watch the Savage vs. CAIR case on live TV!

But I doubt the MSM will dare to give Mr. Savage and his lawsuit any coverage. Probably too afraid of retaliation from the CAIR or some CAIR-linked hoodlums of some sort...

France to Boycott Syria Over Lebanon Interference

The man who will, with unprecedented leadership, rescue France (and perhaps the world, even) from the terrible abyss of dhimmitude moonbattery: Nicolas Sarkozy

Now, what'd I tell y'all about Nicolas Sarkozy? The guy's a real leader for France, and now it seems to me, for the world. Can't call him a "cheese-eating surrender monkey"!
That's right, Syria, you evil, evil terroristic Islamofascist regime, you better pull out of and end your interference in the sovereign affairs of Lebanon, else you can expect France to train her crosshairs upon you rather than speak to you!
The Sark's got balls, and big, hairy ones, that's for damn sure! Evildoers hate it and become nervous and fearful when the Free World grows balls, for, after all, when the Free World has balls, the Free World always prevails against the Axis!
Now, if only the rest of the Free World would follow his lead... and how about the dirty, hateful likes of Iran, China, Russia, Venezuela, Zimbabwe? Let's boycott those sonsabitches, too, and send them a clear message that we shall not tolerate their intolerance and interference all over the place!
We really don't have to talk to anyone. We really don't. If they're assholes, to hell with them. We needn't legitimize them by having our picture taken smiling with filthy monsters like Ahmadinejad, Hu, Chavez, Mugabe et al... in fact, it's high time we raised the temperature of our rhetoric against the non-Free World Axis of Evil and its minions...
And we need again to shovel billions, billions and billions more into our militaries as the Free World in order to send the tyrannical monsters of the Axis the unmistakable message that should they have any desire for a world war to try to dominate, they will be annihilated just as was Hitler's Nazi Germany and Hirohito's Imperial Japan. All it takes is a few good booms!
The Free World cannot afford to pussy around anymore. Pussying around and kissing poopy tyrant bums isn't going to help anyone except the poopy tyrant bums. And that's no good, for poopy tyrant bums oppress and tyrannize innocents by the billions, and this is something of which the Free World ought to be totally ashamed, for it's the Free World who's unfortunately actually facilitating evil tyranny in those Axis regimes and their minion states by making nice with them.
The Free World needs to haul its collective ass down to the Dungeon Gym, hit the serious iron, scream like hell, gobble the protein, amass the power and prepare to really kick ass should the Axis make a stupid move... all the while refusing to speak to the Axis unless and until the Axis proves conclusively that it is no longer a threat, like with Iran proving conclusively it's not developing the N-Bomb and China proving conclusively that she's not going to invade and occupy the sovereign republic of Taiwan (or any other nation, for that matter) and so on and so forth!
Should we fail to stand up to the Axis of Evil and its minions, brandishing big sticks without carrots on the ends for a change, we, the Free World are placing ourselves at certain ultimate risk of attack, invasion, slaughter, occupation and enslavement at the hands of these rapidly-strengthening minions of Satan...
Do we, the Free World, really wish to drop trou, bend over meekly and await whatever deadly rape the Axis has planned for us? What are we, stupid, cheese-eating surrender monkeys?
I'm sick and tired and mad as hell at our Free World leadership for being such big pussies that suddenly we're looking real bad now that France has grown a set of big, hairy ones named Sarkozy...
No more Mr. Nice Guy. Time to show the evil ones of the planet that we'll pulverize them mercilessly unless they smarten up and abandon their evil designs for the planet.
For me, France under Sarkozy is leading the Free World now. Surprise!

Saturday, December 29, 2007

What Killed Birds at Staten Island?

This past December 21st, 2007, many birds mysteriously fell from the sky, dead or dying in the aptly-named Great Kills section of New York's Staten Island.

Search results of related news from CNN

Now, we note that the local government has, long before autopsy results will be available (may take weeks, we're told), declared that there's no threat to humans related to these mysterious sudden deaths of dozens of birds. As far as I'm concerned, this reassurance is both responsible and irresponsible, but that's what authorities tend to do so as to prevent panic. That being said, one can only hope that these "authorities" are leaving no stone unturned in determining the cause of these birds' sudden dropping out of the sky, dead and dying, all at once.

Well, not to be falsely reassured by these understandable though very hasty, falsely conclusive claims by local authorities, the Northeast Intelligence Network is conducting its own investigation.

Emphasis mine.

According to information obtained from two separate witnesses, residents on Staten Island complained of a strong, chemical-like odor in the vicinity where the birds died. “It was a ‘heavy’ smell, so strong that I could barely stand it outside,” stated Jonathan B., a witness from the area who asked that only his first name and last initial only be used. “I called emergency services, and they said that emergency personnel were on the way. They told me to stay indoors and make sure my doors and windows were shut,” he added. “I asked what was causing the smell, and the dispatcher said she didn’t know, but they had several calls from the area. It was a strong, acidic smell, nothing like anything I’ve ever smelled before,” he added.

Press reports quote FDNY Battalion Chief John Giacella describing the situation when his department responded: "When we pulled in, most of the birds were on the ground, floundering and foaming at the mouth." Donna Toti, speaking to the press, was quoted: "It was like Alfred Hitchcock's 'The Birds.' Birds were just falling out of the sky. They would land, lie on the ground, flap and die."

The article goes on to discuss some "unexplained helicopter activity" over the harbor a week prior. Any connection between this unexplained activity and the bird deaths and strong chemical odor is unknown at this time.

Research conducted by Northeast Intelligence Network Associate Director Sean Osborne found that the wind direction and speed at the time the odor was noticed by Staten Island residents ranged from 10 to 13 mph and originated from the northeast. Accordingly, it is reasonable that the airborne chemical odor detected by residents of the Port Regalle development in Bay Terrace originated from an undetermined location within Great Kills Harbor – a particularly disturbing finding, considering that the origin would then point to a watercraft. Such an event would raise other disturbing questions and considerations, including the possibility of an intentional release of a toxic gas as part of an operational testing of the effectiveness of both the delivery and lethality of chemical weapons by potential terrorists.

This isn't the first time this sort of thing happened, according to the NEIN. They link to previous reports of this happening elsewhere in America in January and July.

The Left can dismiss the NEIN as a "crackpot" for speculating as to possible cause. But, you know, as the saying goes, "better safe than sorry"...

Besides, the Left is all too happy to accuse the Bush administration of "doing nothing with any information pertaining to the impending terrorist attacks of September 11th, 2001" and so on, so who would the Left be to dismiss our reasonable caution and genuine desire to investigate to determine whatever the cause of this mystery was?

It appears that there was a deadly chemical gas of some sort in the air and that the birds flew into it and were killed virtually instantly by it. From the nature of the deaths, I'm reminded of the effects of such gases as have been used/developed for the purpose of killing people. Like, for example, what Saddam Hussein ordered Chemical Ali to do to the Kurdish people...

Might this have been some kind of accident in which a lethal chemical was released into the air?

Might this have been a test of a lethal gas by some who aim to use it in the future on people?

Is this part of a terrorist plot? Are hostiles within conducting experiments in lethal gas dispersal?

Can we afford to dismiss the possibility? Don't we want to know?

Will the authorities and the mainstream media try to cover it all up by hoping the People will forget and not demand answers? What if the answers are frightening? Will the truth be withheld? Or will the truth be told to the People?

We'll see within a few weeks. Actually, I woulnd't be surprised if this is all forgotten by the authorities, the MSM and most folks. It would continue a pattern I've observed during my time blogging as Canadian Sentinel.

Beheadings in Mexico

In Mexico. Nice, safe, sunny old Mexico! The country who mean-spiritedly cleanses itself of the unemployed and poor by encouraging illegal emigration to the United States.

Suspected drug smugglers have dumped the beheaded or mutilated bodies of five people around the Mexican capital in recent days in what appear to be revenge killings for a cocaine seizure at the airport.

The severed heads of two men who worked for a private customs firm were found near Mexico City airport on Saturday while their bodies appeared just outside the city.

One of the heads had an index finger stuffed in its mouth and the other had a finger in its ear.


Three other bodies, two of them headless and without an index finger, were found this week in Tlalnepantla on the edge of the city. The hands of the third body were chopped off. These three bodies have not been identified.


Mexico has been blighted by beheadings and other gory killings in a 3-year-old war between drug gangs for control of smuggling routes to the United States.

On the other hand, I'm sure some of the illegal aliens might've left Mexico to avoid meeting an end reminiscent of that which they hear of happening in the Islamic World, so gotta admit some sympathy for those who just don't want to have their heads chopped off in Mexico. Maybe Mexico really is that bad?

So why not claim refugee status, then? Declare that if you're sent back to Mexico, you'll have your head chopped off!

Maybe Mexico really sucks that horribly after all, I suppose... and no wonder we hear of Al Qaeda terrorists coming to America via Mexico- they must like Mexico, I guess!

Please excuse my sarcasm, but who in their right mind can help being sarcastic and cynical about Mexico, with all those great hypocrites who demand that America treat illegal Mexican immigrants as if they're citizens while at the same time themselves treating non-Mexican citizens like dirt in Mexico?

Who'd Be in Charge, Hillary or Bill?

Would the joke be on those who elected Hillary President? Is Bill actually using his ball and chain as a way to continue to be President one or two more terms? And following that, will Chelsea then run to further extend a Viagra-popping Billy's term another two?

It's a plausible fear. If Americans put Hillary into power, who's really going to rule America?

Friday, December 28, 2007

Harper Conservatives Provide Real Tax Relief Jan. 1

While there's a few little exceptions, like in New Brunswick with the middle class and higher income earners, who, thanks to dorky Liberal premier Shawn Graham, will wind up paying more tax (to Dorky Shawn), overall, the tax picture for Canadians looks quite a bit more positive for 2008 and beyond, beginning with tax filings for 2007 and purchases made in the New Year, with real savings all over the place, particularly for those in lower-than-middle-class income levels, like many of us.

This tax relief will have a positive effect on the economy, boosting consumer spending, multiplying the effect all over the place.

Admittedly, I'm a little annoyed with the increase in the CPP payroll tax take. Hard to believe they did that, but, hey, no matter who we put in power, including our own people, we'll never, ever get everything the way we want it all the time. Anyway, there really ought to be alternatives to the CPP so that it doesn't have to be so bloody expensive (and don't forget it was the Liberals under the so-called "conservative" Paul Martin who hiked the CPP tax take by a huuuuuge amount in the first place).

So what I want wrt taxes is for them to continue to go down so as to boost the economy as well as providing Canadians with a better quality of life (on their own terms as opposed to on the dictated, one-size-fits-all terms of some leftist regime like the Liberals would be). Corporate taxes must continue to fall to give Canadian business, particularly manufacturing, an international comparative advantage and encourage domestic investment and economic activity... again boosting the economy and the federal treasury so that we can boost investment in critical areas such as infrastructure, law enforcement, national security, the military, health protection (gotta crack down on toxic toys from China and so on!)...

I think we're moving in the right direction, largely conservative (though not quite as conservative as many, including myself, would prefer) the way things are going. Granted, we cannot do everything we need to do right away, but we must be patient, as, after all, patience is a part of conservatism (conservatives, unlike Liberals, will wait for conditions to be appropriate and don't try to go swimming when the lake is still cold enough to make the old willy shrivel up and fall off).

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Bizarrely Astonishing Prison Policy In Oregon

It's getting quite extreme out there with the radically revolutionary leftist state apparatus brazenly forging ahead with its extremely radical social-reengineering agenda, even in prisons.

All emphasis mine.

It just keeps getting worse...

Prisons in Oregon are preparing to offer inmates who claim a same-sex partnership
special privileges specifically denied married inmates, a memo from state officials has confirmed.

Ironically, it's claimed as an "anti-discrimination" law... I mean, this is the very definition of irony!

"The new policy gives homosexual RDP inmates the special privilege of living together but denies it for heterosexual married inmates, just the opposite of what the policy is trying to achieve, and discriminates against heterosexuals based on their sexual orientation," the employee continued.

I thought that discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation was illegal, unconstitutional, hateful, bigoted. I guess I thought wrong, then. It now appears that we can, indeed, discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation. BUT only if it's against heterosexuals!


I declare this new "law" to be homosupremacist and homofascist. And illegal, unconstitutional... and very, very hateful. Yes, hateful. The hatred evident in those who want things to be this way is so very out-front and undeniable. Shouldn't they be hauled before some illegal, unconstitutional, wholly illegitimate "human rights" kangaroo court to have their rights summarily taken away and a cruel and unusual punishment imposed... as happens in the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal? Where is the ACLU? Don't expect to hear a peep out of them!

This is intolerable... YES, intolerable. That's right, all you melodramatically shocked homosexuals, homosexuality promoters and just plain brainless moonbat liberals, this must not be tolerated by people who genuinely stand up for equality (apparently there's a lot of homosexuals and liberals out there who don't fall into this category!) and non-discrimination.

What purpose/agenda is to be served, after all, by elevating homosexual couples in prison above married heterosexual couples in prison? Other than the stealthy, slickly Machiavellian elevation of homosexual relationships to first-class, legally (albeit unconstitutionally) superior status in society as compared to the old-as-civilization-itself heterosexual married couple?

Isn't this yet further proof that there's a clear, aggressive movement to raise homosexuals above all other persons, meaning that to be first-class in terms of citizenship, one must convert to homosexuality?

Hmm... you know, I'm beginning to see why we almost never see any verbal wars between the homosexual supremacists/fascists and the Islamic supremacists/fascists. The reason is that they have a parallel agenda of pushing for supremacism for their own special interest group and for legal inferiority for those not belonging thereto. And making unconstitutional laws that send the message to society that if we want to be accepted, tolerated and treated as "equals", we must become homosexual or Muslim. The two groups hold their fire against one another (for now) as they may fear that criticizing one another for the very same actions and agendae would expose them as hypocrites and lead to more and more coverage of the similarities between these two groups.

It's bizarre how shockingly similar the radical homosexualists and the radical Islamists are and how careful they are to leave one another alone (for now but not forever, we must understand) in the Free World despite the irrefutable reality that under radical Islam, homosexuals are as good as dead and must be made that way (as in the Islamic World, like in Iran, where they hang homosexuals and other un-Islamic or just plain inconvenient folks, not dropping them from a platform to die instantly like Saddam was, oh, no, but rather raising them slowly from the ground, handcuffed, noose secured around their necks...)

Something is definitely wrong in America. And the mainstream media (MSM) is shockingly, incredibly silent. Just like they were silent (except for the sole exception of the righteous Sean Hannity of FOX News) when the shocking, illegal and offensive-in-innumerable-ways-including-spreading-hatred-against-minority-groups "Folsom Street Fair" took place out in the open, all day, on the street in San Francisco this year. If you click on that link, be warned to get your children out of the room and lock the door... and don't click it either at work unless you want to get into trouble...

If you doubted that homosexuals get treated with special political, legal and law-enforcement favoritism relative to heterosexuals, viewing the evidence at the link in the paragraph above will completely demolish your remaining reasonable doubts. Unless, of course, you're stupid and/or delusional.

If you are opposed to this kind of hatred as evidenced by the leftist state apparatus treating different groups differently despite their self-righteous claim to be about "equality", "non-discrimination" and "being against hate", then, for Pete's sake, don't vote for any liberal/left-leaning political parties or candidates, ever, for the more these leftists are in power, the stronger the leftist state apparatus becomes... and the stronger it remains even when a conservative government comes to power with its hands pretty much too tied to put a stop to this militancy and dangerous social reengineering movement.

UPDATE: It now looks like that isn't going to happen.

Judge halts Oregon's same-sex partnerships
Challenge claimed petition signers' names improperly rejected by state

The ruling yesterday came from U.S. District Judge Michael Mosman on a request from lawyers for the Alliance Defense Fund, who argued the state illegally disenfranchised registered voters who signed petitions to bring the issue before voters, but were improperly rejected by county officicials.

The state apparatus used illegal, unconstitutional tactics to deny Oregonians their right to vote. That in addition to taking equality rights away from heterosexuals in favor of homosexuals.

Yes, part-time indoctrinator and hardcore-Leftist-in-denial "Peter Dodos", the self-aggrandized "Mayor of Dodosville", the Left takes away peoples' rights... but that is beginning to come to an end, as the People, through organizations like the Alliance Defence Fund, aren't going to tolerate this left-wing fascism and revolutionarism anymore. As you requested I demonstrate how the Left takes away peoples' rights, here's but one example. More to come, rest assured. Just be patient. It'll be soon enough. Meantime, browse my blog for other examples, if your mind isn't like a welded-shut steel trap. But I digress...

After arguments, the judge hearing the case granted the ADF motion for a preliminary injunction, meaning the law will not take effect Jan. 1 as scheduled. Another hearing is set for Feb. 1, officials with ADF said.

state already had begun implementation of the new law, with
plans confirmed by prison officials to allow inmates who are part of a domestic partnership to live in the same prison facility, and in the same unit, a privilege specifically denied married inmates.

The Leftist-controlled Oregon state apparatus is apparently so blinded by its scary, seething hatred for heterosexuals and heterosexual married couples and its insistence on taking away their rights and granting them to homosexual convicts instead that it didn't see (or care worth a damn) the unconstitutionality and criminality of what it was doing, let alone see it coming that the Alliance Defence Fund was going to stop them from doing this hateful thing.

One thing the People have going for them against the state apparatus is that the state apparatus is stupid and arrogant to such a degree as to render it incapable of understanding that what it does is wrong. And seeing the Alliance Defence Fund coming and stopping them from commiting this revolutionary, unconstitutional, hateful social reengineering.

Let the Left and the Leftist state apparatus of America beware, for whatever you do from now on, the Alliance Defence Fund is watching you like a hawk at all times. And the People are helping them go after you, telling the ADF what you're doing, wherever you do it...

I wonder if the ADF would consider setting up a Canadian Chapter? We'd love to have them help us to demolish the fascist "Canadian Human Rights Commission" and prevent any future Leftist governmental regimes from thumbing their noses at the Constitution Act, the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, the laws made by Parliament and by the Provinces, and, above all, the Inalienable, Democratic Will of the Canadian People...

Tyranny of the minority will not be tolerated by the People. Rule over the many by the few or the one shall never, ever be allowed to take root in the Free World.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Merry Christmas 2007

This is what it's really all about.

I'm off to visit family for Christmas this week. Back sometime after that.

So... Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah or joyous whatever you celebrate!

Trudeau 2.0 Flipflops On Quebec "Nation"

Above: Nope, that isn't the scruffy moonbat mathematician from the TV series "Numbers". It's Justin Trudeau, Liberal Party dude and son of former Liberal PM Pierre Trudeau. This guy clearly wants to be PM someday... Is this a Prime Minister? Looks like a feckin' Marxist-Leninist to me! I have an old friend who lives in Montreal and who looks eerily like that dude... and who is a foaming-at-the-mouth, unrepentant Communist!

Already, the potential "savior" of the corrupt, crooked, flaccid Liberal Party of Canada is showing what an opportunistic flipflopper he is!

Trudeau, the Liberal candidate for Montreal's Papineau
riding, came under fire from political opponents this past Thursday for saying
that recognizing Quebecers as a nation is a divisive move.

But in a report from Ottawa, the Montreal daily La Presse
reported yesterday that Trudeau took a different position during a speech to
Liberal supporters in Toronto.


"Parliament and my leader, Stephane Dion, closed this
debate and I am happy to align with the position taken by my colleagues in the
Liberal Party," he said in the speech, according to the La Presse report.

Oh, dear... look at this dude... he's letting Stephane Dion lead him! If he lets a non-leader like Stephanie "Flipper" De-Yawn lead him, how can anyone in their right mind consider him a leader?!

In an article published Dec. 15, Trudeau told Nouvelles
Parc-Extension News that recognizing Quebec as a distinct society in the
Constitution would just "create divisions" and separate groups within groups.
"Who are Quebecers to be recognized as a nation?" he told the newspaper.

This guy doesn't know what on earth he stands for.

Neither do we.

What does this guy really stand for? Same question we ask about "leader" Dion and wanna-be-leader Michael "demonic-looking" Ignatieff.

Librano$$$... the flipfloppers of Canada. Dangnabit... do Canadians want a government (Liberal) that flipflops like a trout out of water?

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Consensus of 400 Scientists Disagree With IPCC Consensus

The U.S. Senate Committee on Environment & Public Works says so.

h/t: Goldbook

Also covering the developing story is World Net Daily. Their report is here.

Note to the fellow travellers following the Almighty Goreacle and drinking his provided Kool-Aid: The MSM cannot be considered credible; it is a fellow traveller itself, forbidden to even question the party line... holy shit, the brainwashing of so many millions into believing this Big Lie is simply astonishing... but those of us, myself, who today say it's all a pile of international socialist crap will one day be vindicated and viewed as folks to listen to, as opposed to folks like Al Gore and David Suzuki.

And I see that already the Al Gore people are madly, panicked, spinning the development. They, without evidence, assert that those 400-some scientists have been "bought off". Well, guess what? I, and many, many others, have already asserted that the IPCC scientists have been bought off... they see dollar signs in their eyes in return for corruptly toeing the party line and forsaking science in doing so.

Now, the whole "global warming/climate change" bugalaboo is clearly nothing more than a dismissable, ignorable controversy which is making the likes of Al Gore millions for their pushing of this imaginary snake oil and their pushing the Free World towards economic ruination while letting the non-Free World (or Axis of Evil, if you wish) off the hook for continuing to spew rapidly-increasing amounts of greenhouse gases, just like the likes of Al Gore himself, who, knowing full well that he's full of shit with the Chicken Littlism he pushes on us, doesn't bother to practice what he preaches, doing plenty of what he tells us to stop doing so much.

What's more believable, a claimed threat we cannot observe coming, or very real, observable, realizable threats from the likes of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Vladimir Putin, Hu Jintao, etc... plus the very, very observable phenomenon of rapidly creeping Islamization of the Free World?

I, and many, many others, are not fools. We prefer to worry about what we can see happening, as opposed to what a bunch of nutcases claim will happen some undeclared date in the future to wipe out all mankind or something like that...

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Trudeau, Version 2.0, To Be Released

Pierre's son Justin to "outline vision for Canada". Yeah, right. Like, The Communist Manifesto.

Clearly, the Liberal Party of Canada believes that communism is the way to go... Trudeaupian communism...

And it appears that this offspring girly-man Trudeau wants to lead the Red Menace...

Already, the vague, undefined, warm-and-fuzzy, psychomanipulative code words uttered by this updated version of Trudeau are sending shivers up and down my spine.

He speaks of "individual rights", but those who know the reality in Canada, as imposed upon us by his daddy, know that that's meaningless codespeak for political correctness, in which only some have such rights and others are forced to give up theirs so as to not "offend" them...

Justin believes that Canada is a "just society". It clearly isn't, except for selected, favored groups. Those who aren't favored by the Liberals are shunted aside to fend for themselves and are expected to obey the orders of the leftist state apparatus.

Another Trudeau? No thanks.

Another Liberal regime? I'd rather get flogged...

'Mohammed' Now Second Most Popular Name in UK

...and a terrorist group leader declares that this proves that Islam is taking over...

"We see from this study of Muhammad's name that Islam is
on the rise and cannot be stopped no matter what your crusader governments do,"
said Muhammad Abdel-Al, spokesman and a leader of the Popular Resistance
Committees terror group.

The Committees is a coalition of Palestinian terror
organizations, including Hamas and Islamic Jihad. It has taken responsibility
for thousands of shootings and deadly rocket attacks and is suspected of
carrying out a 2003 bombing against a U.S. convoy in Gaza that killed three
American government contractors.

According to statistics released yesterday by Britain's
Office of National Statistics, Muhammad was the most popular boys name in the UK
when all of its spellings are accounted for. Jack, cited as the most popular
boy's name, fell from last year by 156 babies, while Muhammad showed a regular
spike. If trends continue, Muhammad could be the most popular boys name in
Britain next year.

Of course, don't expect the Left and the MSM to worry about this. After all, they're mentally disordered and incapable of recognizing genuine danger!

The question is: Do we want to become Muslims? Consider the following declaration:

"In Europe there is no need for war because if people keep
on joining Islam in these countries then Islam will become the majority, which I
think is the process that is taking place now, so there will not be any
necessity to have war with [non-Muslims]," he said.

You see, if supremacist-imperialist Muslims (who, according to evidence in polling, comprise the majority of the world's Muslims) decide that it's more effective/efficient to impose Islam onto everyone via fascism by the state apparatus (so much for keeping religion separate from the state, eh?) rather than spreading it via the sword, then this is what they'll do. After all, "jihad" needn't necessarily involve physical violence. There are other ways to goad, coerce or force people to submit to Islam. In the long run, the radicals may reason, those remaining who have refused to submit will be dhimmified, forced to pay a discriminatory tax... or be slain... Inshallah!

And this is what they're already doing. We see the evidence every day.

Islamization is real.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Woman in Trouble For Fondling Santa

Naughty girl. No presents for you!

Santa claimed a woman touched him inappropriately while sitting on his lap
at Connecticut's Danbury Fair mall over the weekend.

Leftist Judge To Be Investigated For Threatening Homeschooler

"I have NO CHANCE with this judge. He will find me guilty. He already has. So I will probably be spending some time in jail. Please pray for my children,"

This is a good development: A Leftist judge will be investigated for threatening to take away a mother's children just because she was homeschooling them, which isn't a crime at all in America (unlike the way it is in neo-Nazi Germany today, where Hitler's own anti-homeschooling law is still brutally enforced!)...

This is the beginning of the end of Left-wing activist judges taking away peoples' rights in the name of fascist political correctness and advancing the hard-left agenda.

A threat by a Utah judge to take away a homeschooling mom's children if she failed to enroll them in public school, and make sure they were in attendance every day, has been escalated to the level of the state Legislature, according to a homeschooling leader.

"I can tell you there are several legislators working on this, including one on the judicial retention committee," John Yarrington, president of the
Utah Home Education Association, said. "There's no excuse for this kind of bias and prejudice."

That's right, folks: This is a watershed development in the war against radical Left-wing judicial activism and fascism. No longer will it be tolerated; judges aren't lawmakers, aren't above the law, and above all, aren't God. They are merely employees of the people and their only duty is to uphold the law and Constitution as written and as originally intended, period!

The evidence that the judge is a far-Left ideologically-extreme activist:

(...) court records show the judge told the woman that she was in court with her son "because you homeschool," even though the case at hand had nothing to do with homeschooling.

And the judge told the woman that homeschooling fails 100 percent of the time and he wasn't going to allow it.

"This guy's nuts. He has no clue," Yarrington said. "He's [stepped] on so many rights it's ridiculous."

And he's not the only Left-wing fascist-activist judge out there taking away rights and making laws, something that they cannot legally, constitutionally do, as they're not elected legislators. In fact, common sense will dictate that numerous judges must be fired and replaced with real judges who respect rights, the law and the Constitution and who don't make up fake nonsense to advance the extremist-Left-wing agenda...

It's time to put a stop to the state apparatus taking away the rights of innocent, law-abiding citizens of the Free World. Why should the law-abiding have their rights taken away while violent criminals and terrorists have theirs strengthened?

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Senior Murdered While Delivering Christmas Cards

Was this a hate crime? An anti-Christian attack?

We know what the Left and the MSM would say if the victim was, say, a Muslim handing out Islamic literature or a homosexual handing out "gay" propaganda on the street. They'd summarily judge it a "hate crime" and call on the government to bring yet more legislation forth to further "protect" those belonging to the same group as the victim (but when the victim is a Christian... listen, oh, listen to the silence of the Leftist lambs).

Count on the Radical Left to dismiss the possibility of a Christianophobic hate crime (when has the Left ever gotten angry when a Christian person was attacked in any way while doing something Christian-oriented?) and claim it's just a "random attack" by an "excluded, poor, minority person" or something. Before they learn any facts, probably.

This is worse than some store refusing to use the word "Christmas". Much, much worse, but radical Leftists will poo-poo the whole thing as "nothing extraordinary", confirming their true feelings towards Christians. I doubt Leftists could care much less.

KITCHENER, Ont. - The brazen daylight slaying of a 74-year-old man as he delivered Christmas cards was committed with an "edged weapon," police said Monday as neighbours paid tribute to a man they called a friendly, peace-loving victim of a brutal and senseless crime.

Police were searching for a man they say attacked Hunter Brown just steps from his home Saturday before fleeing the scene on foot, leaving his victim to die in a neighbour's driveway, a pile of undelivered Christmas cards on the ground next to him.


"People are angry. I wouldn't call people scared. Everybody wants to know what happened and why this happened."


"The description of Mr. Brown is one of likely the ultimate neighbourhood friendly fellow and is attacked in a senseless unprovoked manner,"

One thing is without a doubt: The individual who murdered Mr. Brown in cold blood is an evil individual.

I call on the government to add Christianity to the "hate crimes" protection-list. Surely, we can agree that when people are attacked for being Christian, the attackers should automatically get stiffer sentences, just like when, say, "gays" are attacked...

Also, the schools must be forced to teach tolerance of Christians, in addition to teaching tolerance of the other specific groups they focus on. In fact, we should have our schools teaching tolerance of everyone, every group, not just a select two, three or five special groups. Everyone deserves equal treatment and respect, after all. Why not simply teach tolerance of all people? Why not, indeed? It's not fair that only a couple of special groups get all the postitive attention from the state apparatus while everyone else is abandoned to fend for themselves!


Sketch of suspect released; second attack possibly involved same perp; perp uttered hateful slurs against God during attack... STORY & SKETCH OF ATTACKER HERE.

So at this point it appears that the murder and a possibly related attack were commited by an individual who was atheist and who hated people who believed in God... hated them enough to actually kill or try to kill them.

The other attack didn't even result in injuries, as the would-be victim fought off the evildoer. Unfortunately, Mr. Brown was unable to defend himself, being elderly. What a coward the murderer is, preying on defenceless, kindly older folks... such evil hath he wrought...

Perhaps this case will help raise public awareness of the threat posed by left-wing extremists, particularly those who are atheist and who hate people of faith, particularly Christians. Radical left-wing ideology can actually lead to serious violence and we must crack down on this to send a message...

Again, it behooves one to demand of the government that people of faith be granted protections via new "hate crimes" legislation, bringing their level of protection up to where, say, homosexuals' protections already are. Everyone must be equally protected from hate and violence, after all, and to only protect some but not others is to take away the human rights and dignity of the unprotected, relative to the specially-protected...

We can't have left-wing extremists going around attacking and murdering people who believe in God. We must take strong measures to send the message to society that such violence against believers will NOT be tolerated.

Oh, and, as I've said before, don't expect the Left as a whole to care at all about hatred and violence against believers, unless they're believers in Allah, of course...

Monday, December 17, 2007

Terror Financing Case Had Hamas Sympathizer on Jury

Story here. This is plainly outrageous. There needs to be a new trial, but without any terrorist-sympathizing jurors! Damn... terrorists get off because of a sympathetic juror? This isn't good... not at all.

Jurors in Dallas, Texas, were not able to produce verdicts for the four defendants who were leaders of the former Holy Land Foundation for Relief and Development -- an Islamic charity. Another defendant was acquitted on most charges, but jurors were unable to reach a verdict on a separate charge -- resulting in a mistrial on that count. But then came the revelation that juror William Neal was sympathetic to Hamas, and apparently misled U.S. prosecutors about his neutrality in order to get on the panel.

Robert Spencer is director of Jihad Watch, a project of the David Horowitz Freedom
Center. Spencer says the juror in question denied Hamas was a terrorist organization.

"He has said that the United States was founded by terrorists, that the Boston Tea Party was a terrorist act, and that Hamas, the Islamic resistance movement, is fighting against an oppressive government," details Spencer.

According to the Jihad Watch director, Neal has not even tried to hide his opinions since the trial, and the Islamic critic believes the juror needs to be held accountable. "It would seem as if the things that he has said since the end of the trial ought to be actionable in some way against him," continues Spencer. "Because he belies the notion of an impartial jury that doesn't come into a trial with any kind of preconceived notions or prejudges."

Hillary To Pretend To Be 'Likable'


Listen, Hillary... if you want more Americans to like you, then quit being a communist asshole.

Otherwise, the only votes you'll get will be moonbat votes.

But there's hope: it's never too late to have an epiphany. Oh, and please tell Billy to quit being so excited, as "epiphany" doesn't mean what he thinks it means...

Harper Conservatives Drafting Strict Product Safety Laws

Story here.

The proposed legislation would for the first time empower the federal government to order mandatory product recall when companies fail to act on legitimate safety concerns; force importers to take responsibility for the safety of goods they bring into Canada; and lead to increased inspections of imported goods and stricter product licensing when problems arise. Clement said the measures also could raise the current maximum fine for health product violations to as much as $1 million from the current $5,000.

Now, that'll not only have teeth, but will also bite hard those who run afoul.

I hope the actual enforcement will be strong and relentless.

Canada's government really ought to go after corrupt, greedy importers of risky stuff, particularly risky stuff from China. Like a pitbull!

If we're not going to ban crap made in China, at least we can take action to ensure that that Commie crap is at least safe!

Better yet, spend a bit more and buy stuff made in your own country or at least in the Free World, whenever possible!

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Hillary Clinton Tied Via Fundraising To Terrorist Group

Story here. Wonder if the American MSM will pick up on this story? Or if they'll yet again go out of their way to cover up any negative, inconvenient truths or suspected truths about the Clintons? Wonder how many Americans who depend on TV, radio and newspaper as opposed to the internet are aware of Hillary's felony case involving former top fundraiser Peter Paul, including the video & audio proof that she's guilty? Despite all the negative stuff surrounding Hillary as well as Bill Clinton, the MSM continues to protect this shadowy duo, at the potential cost of its integrity, credibility and relevance to news and information consumers.

The terrorist group in question is the Tamil Tigers of Sri Lanka. I recall former Canadian Prime Minster Paul Martin, a Liberal, had himself been caught schmoozing, wining & dining with these sinister folks.

One of the men arrested worked three jobs at Newark Airport as a security agent and baggage handler with complete security clearance. The Tamil Tigers are well known for their use and “perfection” of terrorists’ “suicide belts” and vests, and the use of females as suicide bombers as illustrated in our report published earlier this month.

Further investigation conducted by this investigator of Tamil Tiger activity in the U.S. confirmed published reports that at least one well-known supporter of that terrorist organization, 56 year-old New Jersey resident Ramanathan RANJAN is actively soliciting funds for New York Senator and Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton.

RANJAN, of New Brunswick, NJ was identified as an approved recipient for funds solicited by Pat PATHMAKUMAR through her e-mail campaign containing “Tamils for Clinton” in the subject line. A fund raising event this week in New Jersey at The State Theater in New Brunswick, advertised on Clinton’s web site, offered potential donors tickets ranging from $100 - $2,300, depending upon seat selection. Although the referral list has been removed from the site, the Northeast Intelligence Network was able to secure a list of referrals that included the names of both RANJAN and PATHMAKUMAR.

I wonder how come terrorists love Democrats (and Liberals and New Democrats in Canada) so much and want to be involved with them? This is disturbing... it means that such leftist, appeasenik political parties will owe these dangerous folks a debt of some sort for their helping get them elected. This certainly includes the Liberals in Canada, who do indeed have some (suspected/actual) Islamic extremists within their party. Current leader Stephane Dion, I've observed, has been bending over backwards to act in the interests of radical Islamists rather than in the interests of Canada's national security, having voted to scrap an anti-terror law which his own party itself had brought forth following 9/11. Of course, Dion and his Liberals are well-known to oppose the presence of Canadian troops in Afghanistan, despite the fact that they themselves sent them there in the first place. Payback's hard to cover up, ain't it?

And one wonders why "Taliban Jack" Layton of the NDP wants us to "sit down and talk with" the Taliban. Either he's just an unhinged moonbat idiot or there's something shadowy going on behind the scenes... Oh, and of course, Mr. Layton and his moonbat caucus, as well as the separatist, soft-Quebecois-supremacist Bloc Quebecois, want the troops brought home immediately, making one wonder whose interests they're really serving...

But back to Hillary Clinton. Should she win the Democratic nomination, her ties to terrorism as well as all other possible wrongdoing must be exposed and discussed publicly. The American people have every right to know about the ugly warts and terrible brainfarts of those who demand their votes.

'Tolerant' NDP Dumps She-Male Candidate

Jack Layton, above and below: Can't have transsexuals running for the New Democrats?
Whose rights will the Hard Left take away next? First they went after the Jews, then the Christians, then the Falun Gong, now they're starting to turn against the sexual minorities?
Is the Far Left starting to show its true colors? Is the whole "tolerance" propaganda campaign nothing but a Big Lie?

Surprise, surprise! The "tolerant" NDP is intolerant of chix with dix!

So why doesn't "she" haul the hard-left New Democratic Party before the Canadian Human Rights Commission?

After all, all it takes is for someone to "complain" about someone else, and the CHRC will find them guilty without due process of law, just in the name of political correctness. Evidence is irrelevant. Just accuse the NDP (or anyone) of being intolerant of guys who pretend they're girls... and the accusee will be fined thousands of dollars and so on...

Here's another MSM report, more comprehensive.

"They just said I do not fit in the NDP anymore," the prominent family and labour lawyer said in a phone interview Saturday.

"They also told me... that many people who wish to be a candidate for the NDP do not wish to have their name associated with the name of Micheline Montreuil, because I am transgendered."

Apparenlty NDP head honcho Jack Layton is fine with the removal of the tranny. He displays no concern that "she" may have had "her" feelings hurt by this discrimination.

Meanwhile, if Montreuil heads to court, it wouldn't be the first time.

Last month, the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal ruled the Canadian Forces discriminated against Montreuil in 2003, when it passed her up for a job as a grievance officer.

The tribunal ruled Montreuil's sexuality was the real reason she didn't get the position and awarded her $40,000.

She won a similar case in 2004 when the same tribunal ruled against the National Bank for failing to hire Montreuil as a customer service representative.

It's the NDP's turn to fall victim, ironically, to the fascist Leftist state apparatus it so loves!

Don't you just love the irony of it all? One of the NDP's most favored folks is turning against them!

I hope the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal will be consistent and automatically find in favor of the sexual extremist, just as it always does! Evidence be damned! They must yet again unilaterally deem, as if playing god, that the complainant is right and that the NDP got rid of "her" because she has a willy.

Bet the NDP didn't see this coming... (I sure didn't!)

I guess the NDP is bigoted after all!
What do the NDP, the Liberals and the Hard Left in general really stand for?
We don't know. They won't dare say until they take power again and scrap the Constitution and the Charter and change Canada into God knows what kind of society!
Well, I may exaggerate a bit, but, hey, the Hard Left is infamous for its gross exaggerations, we know very, very well.
Those asshats never cease to astonish me with their hypocrisy and about-faces.
Leftists, Liberals, Progressives, Socialists, Secular Humanists, Nazis, Communists, Islamofascists... they're all the same folks...

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Man's Rights Taken Away For Criticizing Homopedophile's Personal Ad

Here's an MSM report. Not much specific information; little in the way of facts to help the reader understand the context, the hows and whys. It isn't helpful in helping readers decide whether any party has done right or wrong. Talk about telling the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. Yep, that's the MSM. Sure.

Here's pretty much all the "factual" information for readers to base their decision upon. I believe most folks will just believe what the MSM tells them to believe, if this is all the information they're given:

He distributed flyers in Regina and Saskatoon in 2001 and 2002 railing
against information about homosexuality that was being taught in the Saskatoon
public school system and at the University of Saskatchewan.

No indication of exactly what the man actually said so we can judge for ourselves whether the way he has been treated is just. Just vague, generalized, open-to-the-imagination reporting. Nice job, eh? Comprehensive. Informative. Fair. Balanced. NOT.

Note the word "railing". Boy, talk about avoiding using judgemental, pejorative words and just reporting what happened. But then again, we know the MSM has an agenda to manipulate the public perception with such judgemental words. Couldn't they have simply used the word "criticizing"? And there's a lot of factual information omitted there, too. So don't we want to know the rest of the story?

Seems to me that the effect of this little MSM report is to demonize the man in the mind of the guillible, impressionable reader. What else will folks think, when they (most folks, actually, as they're too busy and/or unmotivated to dig deeper for the rest of the story from other sources) depend essentially wholly on the MSM to tell them what's going on? The MSM knows that they're not likely to be challenged in any way significant enough to cause them to worry, so they regularly report in such manipulative ways. I think Joseph Goebbels would be very impressed with the subtle-but-massively-effective propagandizing of today's Free World media.

Now, here's the World Net Daily report. It's far, far more comprehensive and may tend to make you feel outraged at what happened to a Canadian man for exercising his human/Charter right to freedom of expression, which was taken away by what's pretty much an agency of the Far Left, paid for by Canadian taxpayers. Imagine that... violating political correctness imperatives and ending up with your rights taken away and fined many thousands of dollars by an illegitimate kangaroo court which seemingly only goes after folks who are politically incorrect!

A lifetime ban on public criticism of homosexuality was upheld against a
Catholic activist in Canada by his province's superior court.

Like I've said in the past, the Left is always taking away the human/Charter rights of Christians (And, yes, it happens in Canada, too; not just in America and Europe). Imagine that: the state apparatus orders you to never, never again express your opinion on a particular topic. Imagine that!

In Canada. I didn't make this up.

Bill Whatcott was fined 17,500 Canadian dollars by the Saskatchewan Human
Rights Commission in a complaint by four homosexuals who charged he "injured"
their "feelings" and "self respect" in pamphlets denouncing the "gay lifestyle"
as immoral and dangerous, Lifesite News reported.

Ever hear of anyone being treated like that for hurting the feelings of Catholics by calling them "intolerant" and "mean spirited" and so on? I never have. Interesting. Some peoples' feelings are important; others' are not? Is this what is meant by "human rights"? Treating different groups of individuals differently according to politically correct dogma?

So... exactly what did the man actually say? What was so horrendous that it justified the revokation of his human/Charter right to freedom of expression? (I always thought that rights couldn't ever, ever be taken away, as I see rapists, murderers and terrorists having their rights reinforced, not reduced and certainly not taken away!)

Whatcott says his pamphlets used "verbatim" a text from a
classified personal advertisement in a local homosexual publication that said,
"Man seeking boys … age not so relevant."

Imagine that... having your rights taken away by some "commission" for criticizing a homopedophile's classified ad suggesting that potentially underage boys meet him for certain activities! Isn't soliciting sex with minors a serious crime? What's wrong with "railing" against pedophiles advertising their desire to meet young boys for illegal activities? And what was done to bring the homopedophile to justice for this crime? Anyone know anything about that?

LifeSiteNews noted Ottawa Citizen columnist David Warren
criticized the tribunals as "kangaroo courts" and "star chambers" with
"quasi-legal powers that should be offensive to the citizens of any free country
... in which the defendant's right to due process is withdrawn."

There's a petition being circulated to urge the Prime Minister to abolish such fascist organizations or at least revoke their illegal/unconstitutional powers. I'd recommend at least ending their taxpayer funding completely.

After all, what do we have REAL courts for? When people break the law, they're entitled to due process, a fair trial, representation, not summary judgement and sentencing, like in Communist China, Islamofascist Saudi Arabia, Mugabe's brutal Zimbabwe, Castro's fascist Cuba, etc...

Is Canada a "just society", as promised by the exalted Pierre Elliot Trudeau when he announced his "Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms"?

I say no. Canada isn't a "just society" as long as such things happen, as long as rights are taken away for being politically incorrect, for angering some folks...

I thought freedom of expression was sacred; that one's freedom to say what one wanted was constitutionally protected from revokation, no matter whom it offended or angered.

After all, the day will come when people will have their rights taken away for offending the government... in fact, I think that happened already, and I've seen it happen to people who offended the previous Liberal regime... like reporters ending up getting suspended or fired for negatively reporting on the Liberals/Prime Minister Chretien, or even suspended for merely saying something unflattering about the government, like calling it the "forces of darkness" in an email to a witness (the case of Terry Milewski).

While some folks may not particularly agree with some of the things he says, or find his language needlessly provocatively strong, fair minded folks will not agree with revoking his right to say what he wants. Because everyone else has the same right to counter his speech with their own! Now the "everyone else" has the right to speak against him, but he's been silenced! This is NOT just!

More power to him for pushing ahead with his appeals. He should have the support of all, including even homosexuals and pedophiles, who understand that they, too, could have their right to free speech someday taken away by a state apparatus with new, different politically-correct imperatives. But I predict that they'll continue with the delusion that their kind of political correctness is eternal, that their Far-Left ideology will only spread and strengthen. But that's their right. Being deluded isn't a crime, after all. If they want to see people they hate lose their rights, that's their problem. Taking away anyone's rights tends to backfire on those who do the taking-away. Look at what happened to the Nazis of Hitler. Look at what happened to Saddam Hussein. Look at what happened to the Taliban. Look at what will eventually happen to the Far Left (it happened to the Soviet Union).

If we don't support this man in his fight to get his rights back, we may end up hurting ourselves in the long run; we may lose our own rights. Even my strongest ideological opponents (and you know who you are), after all, swear to me that they'll fight for my right to say what I want, even if they detest what I say. So I hope they'll put their money where their mouths are, and not prove themselves liars. I hope they'll blog in favor of this man's rights, and not support those who claim "offence" and not be apologists for any phony "human rights" kangaroo-court organizations.

"Human rights". This is amazing, isn't it? The Far Left can be anything they want and get away with it simply by self-labelling their organizations with the warm-and-fuzzy words "human rights". Just as the Chinese Communists call their regime "The Peoples' Republic" and how the North Korean tyrant calls his regime "Democratic". And there's also the "American Civil Liberties Union", whose agenda largely includes persecuting Christians and litigating to take away their rights based on the Big Lie of "separation of church and state".

Finally, it bears mentioning that the Charter is self-abrogatory, just like Islam. Trudeau's Charter is defective in that it offers a loophole of indeterminate nature and size to the state apparatus for the purpose of revoking or limiting rights. All it takes is for a court or kangaroo court to sophistize an excuse for doing so! It's so open to interpretation as to be dangerously unjust and potentially fascist. But then again, we know what Trudeau's true ideological beliefs were... they were closer to the beliefs of the likes of Fidel Castro, Karl Marx, Mao Tse-Tung et al...

When Trudeau announced the words "Just Society", what did he really, really mean? Is it like calling Red China the "Peoples' Republic"? Like calling the former East Germany the "German Democratic Republic"? Like calling Kim Jung Il's North Korea the "Democratic Republic of Korea"? Like calling the Liberals (who are only "liberal" some of the time) the "Liberals"? Like calling the New Democrats (who are only "democratic" some of the time) "Democrats"?