Monday, August 31, 2009

Manufacturing Consent For Obamacare: Obama's Propaganda 'Army'


Grassroots demonstrators, my ass. They're the Obama-Democratic Party Mob posing as ordinary citizens!

Notice the two signs at right? They're real demonstrators, not Obamites.

The Obamite guy in the red shirt called the cops on 'em, just 'cause they were there!

Check out the link below for the whole story...

El Marco exposes
the fake demonstrators in another inconvenient (for the Left) photojournalism post.

See how well-funded the Pro-Obamacare Mob is? They've got their own bus, and it's painted with propaganda!

The fake demonstrators are from Organizing For America.

Discover The Networks tells us who those folks are.

(Emphasis mine.)

Organizing for America (OFA) is a project of the Democratic National Committee (DNC). The American public first heard about OFA on January 17, 2009, when President Barack Obama announced that the organization would soon open its doors for business. Two months later, in mid-March, OFA was officially launched.

Basing its operations on the third floor of the DNC's Capitol Hill headquarters, OFA consists of a vast network of volunteers whose mission is to “let their friends and neighbors know about the President's plan to invest in America's future, improve health care and education, create green jobs, reduce our dependence on foreign oil and cut the deficit in half over the next four years.”

A New York Times report describes OFA as “an army of [Obama] supporters talking, sending e-mail and texting to friends and neighbors as they try to mold public opinion.”


Above: These men in black were there, too, arriving in black SUVs.

Below: Real demonstrators being intimidated and kept away. Yep, they look dangerous, don't they? The Obamite guy in the red shirt might as well be wearing a brown one. Note the the cop's got his pepper spray and club ready to use.

Welcome to the United Socialist Fascist States of Obamerica.


Is Iggy Trying To Be Funny?

Michael Ignatieff, Liberal Leader: Grandstanding like a fool

Saying the Conservative government is "on life support"?

Silly Iggy.

Ok, Iggy... now, pull your pants back up. You don't have to show us that you've got balls. We assumed you do anyway.

You're just being pathetic, man.

Hamas Executing Fellow Muslims

Story here.

Channel 10 and Channel 2 TV on Monday broadcast video that appeared to show Hamas forces killing Gaza rebels believed to be part of an extremist group during an armed confrontation earlier this month.

The video of the Aug. 15 clash shows what appears to be black-clad Hamas militants firing at rebels pinned in a mosque courtyard and mowing them own during a fierce exchange of fire. In two scenes, Hamas militants appeared to be executing captives by gunfire at close range.

ht: Manny

Van Jones Tries Hiding 'Communist Manifesto'

But he can't. The big matzo ball's forever hanging around out there online.

Last week, WND reported the official communist-oriented manifesto of a radical group founded by Obama's environmental adviser, Van Jones, was published in full on the Internet.

Just hours later, the manifesto was removed and the entire website was taken down.

It is, however, still available in web archives.

As WND previously reported, Van Jones, special adviser for green jobs, enterprise and innovation to the White House Council on Environmental Quality, is an admitted black nationalist and radical communist.

Jones was the leader and founder of a radical group, the communist revolutionary organization Standing Together to Organize a Revolutionary Movement, or STORM.

Unsurprisingly, the State-Run Big Old Media doesn't display one tiny bit of curiousity, nor concern for the dangers posed by such radical extremists in such positions of unaccountable power. Perhaps the Media are communist revolutionaries, too, regardless of whether they even realize it. Perhaps they're just clueless zombie minions only caring about their paychecks and other various mundanities...

Paranoid Dem Congressman Demands ID Of Questioner

Video here. Link fixed now! Sorry about that. Brainfart in the AM. Couldn't fix it on a work pc!

New tactic? Accusing Americans of not being who they claim they are and demanding proof that they are.

Hey! Why don't they demand proof from Obama that he was born in the USA, so as to be satisfied that he's constitutionally eligible to be the President, and not an impostor?

Why don't they demand Obama show them his real, original, paper, long-form birth certificate, thust proving his American-soil birth, as required by the Constitution to be President, else they'll refuse to accept his authority?

Assholes. Double standard practitioners. They don't trust honest Americans, but they excuse the pathologically dishonest Obama every time.

Throw the bums out.

Why the hell should Americans tolerate these elitist assholes who won't trust them?

The elitist assholes are expected to serve Americans, but the assholes apparently believe that Americans are there to serve them. How delusional. Time to send them home and replace them with real servants of the people.

Dogs would be a vast improvement over these gosh-darned assholes in fancy suits!

At least dogs are loyal to their masters.

Most Congress and Senate members are only loyal to the Almighty Buck and to promises of ever-increasing power for themselves personally. They really don't give a shit about the American People, nor about the Constitution, Declaration of Independence and Bill of Rights.

Come on, my American friends, throw the bums out next year!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Danger: Iran Threat Rising Against US, Israel

Video report here.

Article here. Pretty much the same as the video report, which is excellent, better than the stuff we see on the Big Media "news", which could care less.

The Islamic republic has test-fired missiles capable of reaching Israel, southeastern Europe and U.S. bases in the Mideast, and published reports say Iran is within a year of developing its own nuclear bomb.


Although Iran is thousands of miles from America's shores, its belligerent actions could have far-reaching repercussions. A regional war or nuclear attack could cause an already shaky U.S. economy to collapse.

Even scarier, say policy analysts, is the growing threat of an EMP, an intense burst of energy from an exploding nuclear warhead high above the Earth. Experts believe such an attack could destroy all electronic devices over a massive area, from cell phones to computers to America's electrical grid.

Within a year of that attack nine out of 10 Americans would be dead, because we can't support a population of the present size in urban centers and the like without electricity,” said Frank Gaffney, president of the Center for Security Policy. “That would be a world without America, as a practical matter. And that is exactly what I believe the Iranians are working towards.”

"A world without America." Ahmadinejad actually previously talked about bringing this about. Hell, he's literally declared that his regime will "wipe out Israel, America and the entire Anglo-Saxon world". Oh, sure, he was just kidding, right? Well, we saw that Hitler wasn't kidding, and he didn't say he was going to try and take over the world.

Guess what? This may actually be what Obama wants, because he apparently doesn't care to do anything to prevent it from happening, other than saying to the Hitlerian Ahmadinejad, "please don't hurt us... please... we'll do anything". Hell, the other day an Obamite security guard, an Officer Cheeks, who bullied and threatened a protestor, declared that it "ain't America no more, ok?". Of course, Obama's mental disorder might be so that he doesn't think Iran will attack America, just like Chamberlain believed Hitler wouldn't attack Britain.

What a Chamberlain, that Obama. We know how wrong Chamberlain was... and how right Churchill turned out to be.

Sound like ludicrous, impossible nonsense? Well, so does the stuff Al Gore and the IPCC say about catastrophic climate change wiping out pretty much all life on earth and so on and so forth. If you believe them, surely you've gotta believe that, in the real, observable world in which we live, insanely hellbent regimes like Iran will achieve the technological wherewithal to accomplish the above scenario and other such devastating scenarios. But I don't think Leftists will understand, for such is the nature of their mental disorder.

And He's Still There

Obama's so-called "Green Jobs Czar", Van Jones, the black supremacist and communist revolutionary, continues to be under investigation...

During his speech, available on YouTube, Jones threw around terms like "eco-apartheid" and "green for some," and preached about spreading the wealth while positing a call to "change the whole system."


"If all you did was have a clean energy revolution, you wouldn't have done anything. ... You'll have bio-fueled bombers and we'll be fighting wars over lithium for the batteries instead of oil for the engines," he said to applause.

"This movement is deeper than solar power. ... Don't stop there! We are going to change the whole system!" he exclaimed.

The White House did not return multiple WND requests the past few weeks seeking comment on how Jones was screened for his position and whether the White House knew of his admitted radical past.

Of course the White House knew all that stuff about him. That's precisely why he was chosen and appointed. Just like so many, many other "czars" and so on and so forth. They're all obviously communist revolutionaries and many are racists.

In voting for "change", Americans who elected Obama also brought in a whole bunch of dangerous revolutionaries... of whom Van Jones is but one example.

Nothing good can come from having a regime full of racists and communist revolutionaries.

Obama and the Democrats are risking civil war, revolutionary war... perhaps they actually have contingency plans in place just in case, ie. with the feared-coming national police force and the internment camps and all that. Obama's also set to gain dictatorial power over the internet, and will be able to order it all shut down for whatever reason he deems.

I hope I'm wrong. I'll be pleased if I am. But the warning must be given.

After all, everything Obama's doing can logically, rationally only contribute to the downfall of America as we know her. It appears that this is their hidden agenda, to which I alluded during the election.

It's only going to get uglier and uglier.

Mark Steyn Says What Needs To Be Said... Again

Above: A freak. Imagine a world in which you have one and only one freedom: What kind of freak to be, as long as the kind of freak you want to be is approved by the Left. There are no other freedoms at all. Do you want to live in such a world?

Astute observations here.

(...) In terms of sexual identity, we’re freer than almost any society in human history, at least in terms of official validation of our choice to “redefine” ourselves in defiance of biological and physiological reality. And yet, if you accept that infertile couples and gay couples should be free to “have” babies by means of technology, why should you not be free to sell them the semen that enables them to do it? If you suggest that, say, “partial-birth abortion” (which is actually partial-birth infanticide) ought to be illegal, feminists will be out in the street chanting, “Keep your laws off my body!” and “Keep your rosaries off my ovaries!” But, when the government tells you you can’t sell your own bodily fluid, which is, after all, about as basic a personal property as anything, there are no outraged progressives to chant “Keep your legislation off my ejaculation!”

At some point we will come to see that the developed world’s massive expansion of personal sexual liberty has provided a useful cover for the shrivelling of almost every other kind. Free speech, property rights, economic liberty and the right to self-defence are under continuous assault by Big Government. But who cares when Big Government lets you shag anything that moves and every city in North America hosts a grand parade to celebrate your right to do so? It’s an oddly reductive notion of individual liberty. The noisier grow the novelties of our ever more banal individualism, the more the overall societal aesthetic seems drearily homogenized—like closing time in a karaoke bar with the last sad drunks bellowing off the prompter “I did it My Way!”

And in the end even the sex doesn’t do it. In the Netherlands, the most progressive nation in Europe, the land where whatever’s your bag is cool, where naked women beckon from storefront windows, a certain ennui is palpable. Last week, the ANP news agency released a poll showing that the Dutch now derive more pleasure from going to the bathroom than from sex. It wasn’t a close-run thing: eighty per cent identified a trip to the toilet as the activity “they enjoy the most”—or, as the South African newspaper the Witness put it, “The Bog’s Better Than Bonking.” To modify Eliot, this is the way the world ends, not with a bang but a flush.

ht: SDA

Don't you see what the Left is doing to civilization? They're pushing "sexual freedom" onto everyone, whilst simultaneously taking away real freedoms, such as free speech, the right to a fair trial, self-defence, choice in healthcare, choice in how to educate one's children, choice in terms of religious belief, etc, etc...

Lies And Reality In Canada's Socialist Medical System

I can't stomach the Big Lies being told by obvious Left-Wing Ideologues about how wonderful the Canadian healthcare system is supposed to be. The astonishing delusions and denials of so many who believe that worshipping the inhuman dogma of enforcing "equality" in terms of suffering and dying is more important than freedom of choice, human dignity and saving lives... makes me feel sick.

Take this impossible-to-swallow pill with a glass of water:

"We've heard talk in the U.S. that you may die here because of long wait times, you can't choose the doctors or the care you want and that the government makes your health decisions for you, but none of that is really true," said Dr. Michael M. Rachlis, a leading Canadian health policy analyst who has written three books about Canada's system. "I think there's a lot that the U.S. could learn from Canada."

(Yes, and America can learn a lot, but not what this "doctor" thinks)

This guy is lying. I don't care if he has "M.D." after his name; this doesn't guarantee that anyone will be telling the truth, that they're not deluded, not in denial... I know for a fact that he's lying, whether he doesn't realize it or whether he's doing it through his teeth. Trust me; I know. Not a priori, but a posteriori, ie. post-observation and experience.

I can't believe a "doctor" would lie, knowingly or unknowingly. But anyone can lie, regardless of profession, simply because everyone's human, imperfect, and vulnerable to all kinds of corruption. Not every professional necessarily knows what they're talking about, nor does every pro necessarily believe in telling the truth.

Frankly, the system scares me. One of my greatest fears is that I'll have to "check in" to some hospital somewhere in Canada, and... well, I'm scared because I know what happened with my late father, and I know the system let him down. It didn't have to, but that's the way the crumbling-like-crazy socialist system is: rationing, rationing, rationing. The supply of care cannot meet the demand quickly enough to diagnose even deadly ailments in time to save lives. Just diagnosing my dad's adult-onset (and severe, with frequent episodes requiring frequent ER visits and a hospital stay) asthma took six months. And diagnosing cancer took months as the system drug its feet so, so, sooooo long, and then, just two days after the staging testing was conducted, the cancer, which had already spread, had already claimed him. Never had a chance. If only they had been able to move quickly, and had made the diagnosis months before... well, we'll never know.

Want another horror story? Here's one from a fellow Canadian blogger...

We waited nearly an hour for a resident to finally stop by and enquire what the matter was. Appallingly, she had no prior knowledge of why my Mother had been admitted. My shock increased after she asked, in all seriousness, if the angioplasty had been a success. I can only assume that the look on my face caused her to retreat and summon the physician on duty. Exhibiting Solomon like wisdom, the attending doctor suggested that a physical examination was in order. She then disappeared with the resident in tow. A nurse was dispatched who informed us that my Mother would have to be undressed for the examination. Since this Angel of Mercy made no offer to assist, I took it upon myself to undress my bedridden mother in a public corridor, in full view of the passing parade of visitors, patients and staff. (Truth be told, the homeless guy was pretty discrete, or at least preoccupied.)

Mom was eventually examined, in the public corridor, and an ultrasound ordered, all while a street person dumped a filled adult diaper on the floor and replaced her own soiled bed linens in the ward next to us. At this point we were informed that the vascular surgeon would be called in to interpret the ultrasound. The Ultrasound technician showed up earlier than anticipated and Mom had her pictures done shortly before 11 pm. This procedure afforded Mom some privacy as they chose to conduct it in the unused examination room next to her "room" in the corridor. Our Angel of Mercy, the nurse, made her second appearance, sticking her head in to enquire "Who left her like this?" - -Mom had been left in a partial state of undress, uncomfortably positioned and without the recommended bags of saline solution in place to compress the swelling. I replied that the Ultrasound technician had just left, having finished her session. Five minutes later I watched our Angel of Mercy clock out to end her shift- - but thanks for asking, Florence Nightingale.

The Bitch Nurse turned up next. Her primary role as caregiver seems to involve chatting with other staff when not bitching to patients that the "real nurse" hadn't showed up for her shift. I wanted to slap her when she asked my Mother if she was on an IV, even though she obviously was not; observation and deductive reasoning are no longer taught in nursing school evidently. My mother is a stoic, with a woman's superior capacity to handle pain. I have never seen her nor anyone else for that matter cry out when giving blood, until now. Perhaps the Bitch Nurse might have reconsidered her site selection had she been in a better mood and not chosen last week's inflamed entry point. Mom was then unceremoniously dumped back in the corridor.
WTF? Is that how people are "cared" for in... North Korea, that hatefully, inhumanely insane regime? Actually, this was in Toronto... socialist-dominated Toronto, Ontario, Canada! "Best in the world"? Really?

Draw your own conclusions. Just, please, please, please... be realistic. Forget about dogmatic ideologies about that deadly, inhuman concept of "equality". Focus on reality, and on common sense. What, logically, is needed to make things work better for everyone?

If "equality" kills people and makes more and more people suffer needlessly because the system has a fixed annual budget regardless of actual need...

Why can't we have choice? What's wrong with choice? So what it it doesn't satisfy the mean-spirited, dogmatic, stubborn-as-an-ass, Hard-Left ideology of "equality"?

What's wrong with choosing to pay through the nose to save one's life, when one risks death if they stick to the socialist system? After all, for each patient to opts for the private system, one patient will advance forward and receive care sooner... and the system won't have to finance the care of those who opt for the private system, freeing funding for those who use the public system. Of course it can work... yes, it can! Don't let the ideologically-rigid, stubborn socialists tell you it can't; don't let them tell you "it's proven to be unworkable", because they're wrong!

Why can't we have a system that pays per-patient, and which doesn't say to hospitals, "here's your annual allowance; you'll have to figure out how to accommodate all patients somehow, 'cause you're not getting one cent more, no matter what"?

Why can't we have a mixed-market system with care for all regardless of income, with choice available because it cannot constitutionally be denied, as opposed to the illogical socialist system that we know doesn't work, simply because it cannot?

As for Obamacare? He wants Americans to suffer and die by slowly transforming the American system into a purely socialist one. And that's just for starters, as we know it gets worse.

Abortion Causes Cancer: Studies

Story here.

Sounds like karma to me...
The latest research was done in Turkey and is widely available on the Internet, according to Karen Malec of the Coalition on Abortion-Breast Cancer.

"This study found that...Turkish women who have abortions...have a statistically significant 66-percent increase in breast cancer risk," she notes.
Why aren't women being warned of the increased risk? Isn't it massively unethical and immoral to hide this scientifically-proven risk information?

That's like not telling people about the link between smoking and increased risk of cancer.

Sounds also that political correctness fascism, specifically the insane delusion that abortion must be promoted and never criticized no matter what... indirectly increases the number of breast cancer cases...

But that's ok, 'cause the Left is responsible in this case, and they always "have good motives", even if they're wrong some people will die because of their dangerous, if "well-meaning/well-intentioned" propaganda. Being a Leftist always seems to get people off the hook for everything. No wonder Leftists love socialism, even though it's responsible for 100 million murders and countless more avoidable deaths. What a death cult, eh...

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Coren On Why People Leave The United Church

Commentary here.

ht: NNW

Ms. Tindal goes on to explain that she, yes, "cares for creation," drives a Smart car and, God love her, wants to "build a safe place for people to be fully themselves. That means safe enough to bring differing opinions without fear of attack or blame."

This, remember, is the same United Church that presented background material just a few weeks ago questioning whether Jewish MPs were genuinely Canadian and arguing that Jewish groups had bribed politicians with free vacations in Israel.

I'm sure Jews and Christian supporters of Israel feel wonderfully safe and cuddly in such company.


New ministers have arrived, made people feel unwanted because they refuse to embrace secular leftism, and then the churches are closed down.

I wonder what proportion of remaining members realize that the church they knew for so long has been hijacked by extremists pushing non-religious-related nonsense such as anti-Israelism and anti-Semitism.

Of course, all churches have their own problems with extremists infiltrating and hijacking their agendas.

The members need to awaken to this reality and take a closer look at their ministers, priests, etc., who say suddenly strange things that don't seem to have anything to do with the Bible and sound suspiciously like positions and talking points already being spewed by the Far Left and the Big Media.

Churches are supposed to be places of worship, not policital activism and hatemongering. Yet there have been aggressive folks who infiltrated and hijacked them for such purposes. Oh, yeah, that's in addition to those "priests" we've heard about who entered the priesthood with the hidden agenda of sodomizing little altar boys... those are just one example of such corruptors within.

It's no surprise that the Devil would send some of his minions to corrupt the churches from within. It's what such an evil entity would do.

Church members have every right and every interest in maintaining (or restoring) the sanctity of their houses of worship. They must begin to demand scrupulousness of their ministers, priests, etc., and stop trying to "embrace all ideologies" by letting just anyone become ministers, priests, etc., without undergoing an intrusive background check and intensive interviewing as to their many positions and as to what they would do if they become clergy (will they stick to the real job of clergy, or do they plan to abuse their positions to spew secular-left-wing political propaganda?).

Corrupt clergy ought to be fired and excommunicated for their sins and crimes which harm the churches and the public image of Christianity.

Politics and foreign ideologies ought to be banned from houses of worship.

Churches have every right to be outwardly active, but the outside world has no business intruding into the churches and telling their members to think and believe things that have nothing to do with the religion and the Bible.

'District 9': Sounds Like A Must-See Movie

Click to enlarge and see details.

Official movie site here.

Cool trailer preview here.

Fictious website of "Multinational United" here. Why does it look so familiar? Why does it remind me of a certain website that recently requested Americans to snitch on their neighbors?

Review by a conservative columnist here.

"What if the United Nations isn't the benevolent catalyst to world peace and unity that 'progressive' folks want it to be?" the film asks. "What if instead, Big Government, Big Business and backroom powerbrokers were really using the U.N.'s above-the-law powers to inflict an international agenda? What if rather than benevolent means, those powerbrokers were really pushing abortion, racism, war and a culture of death and corruption upon undeveloped countries to satisfy their greed and lust for power? What if our international 'peacekeepers' were lying to us? What if the bloggers and free press elements are right that there really is some sort of manipulative attempt to create a new world order, not of peace and unity, but of simply new wealth and power for the already wealthy and powerful? What would you get then?"

You'd get "District 9" is what you'd get – and that's not pretty.


In "District 9," abortion doesn't look like a human right; it's a murderous plan to control the population of these undesirable aliens, or, exactly what Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger intended for abortion to do to America's unwanted teeming masses: keep the population of the "pests" down.


Meanwhile, the M.N.U. orchestrates news coverage through television and magazines, broadcasts fraudulent public service alerts and even manipulates the legal system to prosecute whistleblowers on its way to profit and power.

And still the people see the M.N.U. as benevolent, as the outward arm of the unity of the world, as "us," never suspecting its underlying agenda.

Sounds frighteningly familiar, doesn't it?

Not only does it sound like Orwell's 1984 and like Kubrick's Soylent Green, but it sounds a lot like the world today...

I believe that this movie just might be the scariest of all time, for some of its elements' eerie resemblance to the real world of today. Wanna be terrified? Go see it. Or get the DVD when it comes out. I know I will.

Ever wonder why things are the way they are? Who's really in charge? And what's their agenda? Well, keep on trying to find out. Because they don't want us to.

Taken: First Picture Of A Molecule!

Above: A pentacene molecule. Kind of resembles the following picture, doesn't it?


Scientists from IBM used an atomic force microscope (AFM) to reveal the chemical bonds within a molecule.

'This is the first time that all the atoms in a molecule have been imaged,' lead researcher Leo Gross said.


'If you think about how a doctor uses an X-ray to image bones and organs inside the human body, we are using the atomic force microscope to image the atomic structures that are the backbones of individual molecules,' said IBM researcher Gerhard Meyer.

The team from IBM Research Zurich said the results could have a huge impact of the field of nanotechnology, which seeks to understand and control some of the smallest objects known to mankind.

Just had to post it. It's fascinating. Sounds like it might open the door to discoveries and inventions the likes of which we haven't even imagined yet.

Science we can believe in. Real science. We can see it for ourselves. It's being shown to us, not just claimed. And they're not trying to scare the hell out of us, unlike the global-warmer/climate-changer IPCC "scientists".

These guys obviously are working with a real "sound science". Unlike the wacko, fringe-element, loony "scientists" who claimed, based on theory, stupid computer programs and fraudulent data, that it's our fault that there's gonna soon be "catastrophic climate change". Big difference between a real science and greed-and-politics-inspired science fiction masquerading as such.

Pat Boone Discusses Cure For 'Liberal Virus'

Yep, that famous singer guy Pat Boone.

Like millions of us, he's been able to resist the mental disorder caused by the virus of liberalism, a debilitating disease that renders its infectees chronically incapable of independent, rational thought.

And he believes he knows the cure. I believe he's right.

If It's Ok For Jordan...

...shouldn't it be ok also for Israel?

While the Obama administration is preparing to stage a US-Israeli-Palestinian summit at the UN General Assembly in New York next month, Jordan's king Abdullah, who has always claimed to be an ardent champion of the Palestinians, is quietly acting to cut down their numbers and influence in his kingdom.

Just over 50% of Jordan's six million citizens are Palestinian.

On Aug, 6, he addressed the Jordanian General Staff in Amman with a warning that domestic and foreign plots were afoot to stir unrest among the Palestinian majority community.

"I clearly reiterate that no force can compel us to act in any way against the interests of Jordan and Jordanians," Abdullah said. "Anyone who thinks of threatening Jordan, its identity, stability and national unity, does not know Jordan or Jordanians and has not read their history."

Don't expect the "international community", the "United" Nations, the "progressive", international-socialist movement, the Big Media, or even the "Palestinian Authority" to give a crap. After all, who amongst them cares about the "Palestinians" unless it's for the purpose of "pushing Israel into the sea"?

If it's ok for Jordan to treat "Palestinians" like this, then it must also be agreed that it's ok for Israel to do so, too, to protect her national security and sovereignty and existence as a Jewish state.

Please, no double standards!

PM Dismisses Loony-Left Principal's Demand In Anthem-Nixing Fiasco

Above: The Left-Wing fringe crank asshole school principal, Erik Millett, sporting a bikini-waxed chin and an ultra-arrogant, narcississtic, Obama-esque, "progressive" countenance.

TCS flashbacks: Here and Here.

CTV brings us the latest.

The loony leftist principal is threatening to sue if Prime Minister Harper doesn't fire a cabinet minister who criticized him for nixing O Canada, banning it from being sung daily.

Of course, PM Harper has dismissed the silly crank's silly demand.

I guess he'll have to launch his suit, then. And I hope he has to pay for it out of his own pocket and doesn't get any "legal aid" from his fellow travellers/radical organizations on the Far Left.

If anything, this guy deserves to be ridiculed and made the butt of leftist jokes. Oh, don't like that, Erik? You can go crying to "Human Rights" Commissar Jennifer "Little Miss Jackboots" Lynch, then, who, I'm certain, will empathize with you, as she's a national laughingstock herself for her Liberal Fascist ways...

If he doesn't like Canada and its patriotic people, he can move to United Socialist Fascist States of Obamerica, where patriotism is effectively criminalized by the Hard-Left Regime there.

'Honor Killing' Is Terrorism

Commentary here.

(...) honour killing kills the deceased and threatens others. An honour killing uses violence as theatre to intimidate others. It stands to enforce a sexual code of conduct by violence and threats.

An honour killing is part of an organized effort to subjugate women to a specific and oppressive view of society. Although the total number of honour killings in Canada is still relatively small, probably less than 50 in total to date, the impact on the community as a whole is huge. When compared to a worldwide figure of perhaps 5,000 honour killing a year the implied threat is heightened.

But numbers alone do not tell the story. Even at its height, the number of lynchings in the American South was fairly small (probably less than 100 a year) but the intimidation huge. Southern blacks knew the danger of speaking up for their rights; with honour killings, women can see the risk of behaving outside their place.

Under Canadian law, terrorism includes an act taken for political, religious or ideological purposes which threatens the public or national security by killing, seriously harming or endangering a person. Terrorism is violence designed to intimidate for an ideological purpose.

Hmm... indeed. "Honor killing" is yet another form of Islamic fascist terrorism.

I'd make the case of bogus lawsuits and "Human Rights" complaints launched by Islamic supremacists as being a (non-violent, but still terrifying, intimidating) terrorism as well, for their intimidation effect. This is in addition to the obvious threat of deadly violence from whatever specific, individual unhinged, deranged Islamic supremacists (acting either alone or as part of a group or acting on directions from someone such as an Imam or a terror leader) decide to commit it "to defend the honor of Allah". And we know that many, particularly leftists, and also particularly the normally militantly aggressive and fearless gays, are intimidated into silence, not daring to criticize Islam for the hatred, contempt and violence it perpetuates against all kinds of people who have done nothing wrong.

But listening to the silence of Obama's Department of Homeland Security on the grave threat posed by Supremacist Islamic Extremists, one wouldn't notice. The Obama DHS is more interested in silencing dissenting Americans by falsely labelling them "terrorists" just because they disagree with the policies of the Regime.

On Harper's Senatorial Appointments

Prime Minister Stephen Harper's recent appointments of Conservatives to the Senate is, all things considered, the appropriate way to go.

Critics outside the (c)(C)onservative community, particularly Liberals, have nothing to stand on in their criticisms of the appointments.

Such critics refused to support the Senatorial reforms proposed by Harper, ie. elections to eight-year terms. Such opposition to such reasonable, progressive, democratic reforms is simply unacceptable. True, they raised Constitutionally-related objection. But they could have joined a push to amend the Constitution to allow these reforms, but didn't. So their complaints that Harper went ahead and appointed Senators the old-fashioned (and actually Constitutional) way are simply absurdly rich.

As for the abolitionist NDP and separatist, could-care-less, Bloc Quebecois, well, who cares what they think? Let them bellyache, bitch, whine and bark, barely noticed, all they want from the extreme fringes of incredibility.

As for c/Conservatives/libertarians complaining, well, what do y'all really expect? Reform, at this time, is an obvious non-starter, because of the Left. If we don't do something about the Liberal dominance in the Senate, we'll be condemning ourselves to forever being subject to Liberal-Left tyranny, so, come on... Think of it as political warfare. Sometimes you've got to get nasty and brutal. It's justifiable, we know, because to lay down arms and let the enemy win is not an option. So get real, fellow freedom-lovers. Besides, with a conservative/libertarian majority in the Senate, once we have a majority in Parliament, we can pass Senate reform legislation and begin the process, if necessary, of seeking democratic consent via the Provinces and, hopefully, their residents via referenda, to effect the necessary amendment(s) to the Constitutional documents so that we can have a proper elected, effective, accountable (and hopefully equal) Senate so as to get Canada back on its proper progressive (not the destructive Leftist idea of "progressive", of course!) track again.

Cop To Protestor: "It Ain't (America) No More, OK?"

Above: The sign the cop wanted to censor to protect his Fuhrer.

Here's another one I found recently, just to irritate the jackbooted goosestepping Officer Bumcheeks a bit more...

Story here. (forgot the link at first-apologies)
"Sir, leave the picture down," the officer said. "If you put the picture back up, you'll be charged with trespassing."

Illogical. The guy's there, and so are many others, and they're not charged with "trespassing". Holding a sign the cop doesn't like, however, suddenly constitutes "trespassing"? Talk about Leftist cops with mental disorders! The cop is a Leftist, a brainless Obama Worshipper who would probably do anything his Fuhrer told him to do, for the Glory of the Reich. I'm surprised the cop didn't blow the protestor's head off, though the presence of the camera probably prevented this from happening- the cop was probably worried about having his video clip played side by side with a Nazi Schutzstaffel officer blowing off a Jew's head... probably figured his Fuhrer would think it was "bad optics" and get mad at him.

The protester continued the argument, wondering how his presence among hundreds of others at the town hall meeting could be deemed trespassing.

The officer answered, "If I told you once to take it down and you put it back up, I can charge you with whatever I want to charge you with."

Oooh... hear that? A criminal-minded cop! An outlaw cop! He'll charge anybody with anything just to shut them the hell up and make 'em go away! Lovely!

"This used to be America," said the protester.

"It ain't no more, OK?" answered Cheeks.

You're right, Officer Bumcheeks. It's not America anymore.

It's the Reich of the Union of Obamerican Socialist Islamic Fascist Republics. Or whatever one wants to call it.

Here's another picture for Officer Bumcheeks's enjoyment:

Can you believe how hateful and evil these people, these Obamites, are?

Why should we support the Regime? They're against the People.

Swedish Paper Caught Propagating Big Lie Against Israel

Petition here.

What's Lou Ferrigno Up To Today?

Above, L-R: Lou Ferrigno, Joe Weider & Arnold Schwarzenegger, in the Seventies.

Below: Ferrigno more recently being sworn in as an LA County Sheriff's Deputy. The bad guys better quit being bad, or else Lou, aka "The Hulk" will turn green and whoop their asses... just look at how much bigger Lou is than the other guys!

So what else is Lou Ferrigno thinking of doing next?

Having gone head-to-head with Arnold Schwarzenegger during their body-building days, Ferrigno might be contending with Arnie in politics. He's already a deputy officer in the Los Angeles County sheriff's department and is looking at entering politics.

Well, I don't know how much Lou Ferrigno has learned to ignore Hollyweird and Big Media nonsense (apparently Arnold hasn't, proving to be little more than a puppet of his Far-Left, Keneddy in-laws) and think for himself, nor do I have any idea about his ideological leanings, but to see this guy in politics would be interesting, naturally, especially following Arnold from the posing platform to the big screen to elected office.

One thing's for certain: Lou is eligible to be President, as we know he was born in America, unlike Schwarzenegger and Obama (ok, well, Obama says, and is believed by many lazy-minded folks, he was born in the US, but he never proved it, blowing some 1.5 million bucks to keep his real, original, paper, long-form birth certificate a secret for some reason that's the subject of much speculation, such speculation being fed by Obama's continuing insistence on not proving his Constitutional eligibility to be President).

The fact that Lou is into law enforcement is a positive sign. It does offer some insight into his values/beliefs.

Friday, August 28, 2009

Obama's Green Jobs Czar Blamed US For 9/11

Van Jones in the news again. Ok, on WND, anyway, 'cause the regular news folks won't investigate the Leftists Obama appoints to positions of unaccountable power in the Regime.

Yep. That's the guy who founded the racist, communist, extremist group that's been calling up Glenn Beck's advertisers to tell them to boycott him for calling Obama a "racist" (which is true, one realizes, if one has been carefully researching Obama's actual utterances and behaviors, as well as his connections to other racists and racist groups).

JERUSALEM – One day after the 9/11 attacks, President Obama's "green jobs czar" led a vigil that expressed solidarity with Arab and Muslim Americans as well as what he called the victims of "U.S. imperialism" around the world.

WND previously reported Van Jones, special adviser for green jobs, enterprise and innovation to the White House Council on Environmental Quality, is an admitted black nationalist and radical communist.

Just one of the many, many dangerous extremists (like-minded folks) appointed by Obama to the Regime.

Are they intent on some kind of revolution? They are, after all, obviously revolutionaries...

Crazy Conspiracy Theorists, Racists & Communists Want To Control Communications

No kidding. This is obvious if you read this. And if you think for yourself.

I just can't believe these Leftists are obsessed with the race of those who own the Big Media. What the hell does it matter to them, the color of the skin of folks who own the media? They're just racist!

And isn't it telling about the bias of Duke University that they recommend "redistributing income" to make communications more ethnically diverse in terms of ownership? This is so Hard-Left.

Obviously, the FCC was, even under (the admittedly disappointing, turned-out-to-be-a-RINO) Bush, Hard-Left, and Duke University is as well.

Today, the situation apparently is no different. A 2007 report commissioned by the FCC and conducted by researchers from Duke University found that while minority ownership had increased slightly, the reasons for the disparity between minority and white ownership remained.
“Since the observed ownership asymmetries are economy-wide, they are undoubtedly linked to broad systemic factors,” the report said. “[T[he most direct explanation lies in unequal access to capital. Many businesses require individuals to sink substantial financial investments upon entry. This is likely to be especially true in media enterprises.”

The only way to change this, the 2007 report said, was to redistribute wealth or increase minorities’ access to capital markets. The report did not mention license terms, renewal procedures, or ascertainment.

“[I]n order to change ownership patterns we need to either change the aggregate distribution of wealth or otherwise increase access to capital markets,” said the report.
Redistribution of wealth. Or "increase access to capital markets". Oh, do they mean via policies such as those that intimidated the banks into providing mortgage loans (ie. Freddy Mac/Fannie Mae-style) to people who couldn't afford to repay them? That infamous policy that brought down the American and world economy just a few months ago? Again, the Leftist nonsense about "diversity" coupled with communism. Who'd dare say that we can't use communism and state fascism to increase "diversity" in whatever realm? Naturally, folks are more afraid of being accused of being "racist" than of being accused of being "right-wing".

Hard-Left, racist, communist. Just like Obama's conspiracy-theory-nutcase FCC "Diversity" Guy, Mark Lloyd.

These Leftists- they care more about skin color and income equality than about unbiased communications. They really want the state to gain greater and greater control of communications, citing the supposed need to "achieve greater racial diversity in terms of ownership" as the important thing.

This in addition to the fact that the "white-owned" Big Media, other than FOX News, of course, is already biased and totally in favor of THE AGENDA (Obama's and the Democrats' agenda, that is)... extremely biased in a Hard-Left way. So I suspect that any laws passed based on these bizarre delusions as we've just read about would really end up being used for the purpose of bashing FOX News for daring to report the inconvenient truths about Obama, the Democrats and the Left in general. What will happen is that the state apparatus will accuse FOX News of "not having enough minorities" and such stuff to single them out for punishment that would end up taking away their ability to report without bias. It's complicated, but with enough communist intellectuals and strategists coming up with ways to do it, and with loyal-Leftist state apparatchiks already all over the place, ready to do their part to impose, impose, impose... it can certainly happen.

What's really going on is the racist, communist, fascist Hard Left is pursuing its obsession with controlling the dissemination of "news" and opinion so as to gain better control over the perceptions of the People, to reduce potential for dissent and to manufacture consent for THE AGENDA.

The people being appointed all over the Obama Regime all appear to be extreme Hard-Left radical, revolutionary activists.

Is THE AGENDA about a revolution something along the lines of what we witnessed in Russia in 1917, with Mao in China, with Hitler in Germany, with Castro in Cuba, with Chavez in Venezuela??? Every country's revolution is different. But one thing is for certain, and it's that it involves some form of national socialism and a lot of fascism. And we've, in the past few months, already seen a lot of evidence of this crap already being imposed...

Newspaper Finances Worsen

Nooooo! Awww, pooo...

One problem is that print advertising is necessarily more expensive because of the monumentally greater cost of printing and distribution and all that, compared to internet advertising.

A more serious problem, and the one that matters the most, is that print media are also suffering a continuing massive haemmorhage of paying consumers to the internet, where consumers are finding more-trustworthy sources of news, opinion and other information, faster, and on their terms. And there's far, far more choice online than at the newsstand (and on TV). Simply, consumers aren't apt to pay for bias like they used to, when bias enjoyed a monopoly and we had little or no choice but to get what's available and try to filter out the bias and political correctness, thinking for ourselves. Today, online, the information available isn't just raw in comparison, but is also more comprehensive, and we can find out all sides and further details, which are even now still being omitted by the biased media.

Now would be a good time for wealthy conservatives to buy up newspapers really cheap, transform them into print versions of something like FOX News, World Net Daily, CNS News, Newsmax, etc... because I believe folks would like to have a paper version of trustworthy news/opinion reporting whereas they've been eschewing the papers in past years due to their Leftist-propaganda nature, especially as they've discovered they can find the truth online in lieu.

I'd get paper versions of serious, conservative news sites on a regular basis myself. Wonder how many other folks like me would, as well?

Obamerican State Apparatus Shows More Ugly Anti-Christian Bigotry

Story here.

A 10-year-old homeschool girl described as "well liked, social and interactive with her peers, academically promising and intellectually at or superior to grade level" has been told by a New Hampshire court official to attend a government school because she was too "vigorous" in defense of her Christian faith.


"It is not the proper role of the court to insist that Amanda be 'exposed to different points of view' if the primary residential parent has determined that it is in Amanda's best interest not to be exposed to secular influences that would undermine Amanda's faith, schooling, social development, etc. The court is not permitted to demonstrate hostility toward religion, and particularly the faith of Amanda and Mother, by removing Amanda from the home and thrusting her into an environment that the custodial parent deems detrimental to Amanda."

"The order assumes that because Amanda has sincerely held Christian beliefs, there must be a problem that needs solving. It is a parent's constitutionally protected right to train up their children in the religious beliefs that they hold. It is not up to the court to suggest that a 10-year-old should be 'exposed' to other religious views contrary to the faith traditions of her parents. Could it not be that this sharp 10-year-old 'vigorously' believes what she does because she knows it to be true? The court's narrative suggests that 10-year-olds are too young to form opinions and that they are not yet allowed to have sincerely held Christian beliefs," the ADF said.


"Absent any other clear and convincing evidence justifying the court's decision, it would appear that the court has indeed taken sides with regard to the issue of religion and has preferred one religious view over another (or the absence of religion). This is impermissible," the documents said.

This is the consequence of having radical Leftists employed by the state. They are hellbent on imposing on those who don't apparently already adhere to Leftist orthodoxy. They don't care about non-Leftists' Constitutional, nor human rights.

However, the Leftists wouldn't dare impose on Muslims like this, would they? Never! Nor would they force homosexual children who are being homeschooled by homosexual parents to go to a strict Christian school "to be exposed to other points of view". But to impose on Christians, perfectly ok, according to the thing inside the heads of Leftists.

Things are only going to get worse as long as folks like Obama, the Democrats, or, alternatively, the RINOs (who submissively let the existing Leftist State Apparatus bully non-Leftists), are in charge in America.

The Leftist State Apparatus must be, well, put in its place, and must submit to the Constitution, must stop treading upon Americans' Constitutional rights, or else Leftists will have to be identified, one by one, and marked for dismissal. The State Apparatus serves the People, not the other way around, and anyone employed by the People who tread upon the Constitutional rights of Americans must be required to attend classes to reform their attitudes and behaviors, and demonstrate appropriate improvement on the job... or be dismissed.

At least we conservatives will give people a chance to change to keep their jobs, instead of firing them just like that... like Obama has been doing!

Thank goodness for the ADF, because the ACLU is the enemy of all real Christians everywhere and, rather than standing up for their civil rights, acts only to take them away.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Cindy Sheehan Protests Obama's War

Haven't y'all noticed that most of the Left and the Big Media pretty much stopped jumping up and down and screaming like fools all the time about the war in Iraq.... since Obama and the Democrats came to power?

What's up with that?

Is it only bad when a Republican Administration presides over a war?

Is it ok to kill Iraqis and have American solidiers also being killed... as long as there's a Leftist in the White House and the two Houses are Democrat-controlled?

Well, Cindy Sheehan's telling us that it's still as bad with the Left in power.

The Left and Big Media were all too happy to use Cindy to bash Bush and the GOP.

Cindy still is against the war, but the Left and Big Media have no use for her anymore, because they don't need to use her to bash Bush and the GOP anymore.

Of course, the fact that they're continuing the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and have actually also been attacking Pakistan as well, proves that they lied when they screamed like banshees about how wrong and bad "Bush's War" was, and that they'd pull 'em all out immediately if elected to power...

Nevertheless, Cindy's now trained her crosshairs on Obama and the Demmies.

So... the shoe's on the other foot now.


Obama and the Democrats lied. Iraqis and Americans died.

This is Obama and the Democrats' war now.

But that's ok, 'cause everything's ok as long as Leftists are doing it. Right?

Did White House Not Check Out Background Of Racial-Supremacist Marxist Revolutionary?

Just because someone wears a suit and looks and sounds respectable, doesn't mean they are.

Story here. Read it all.

He's a radical communist and a racist. With an arrest history. Radical extremist, now a powerful, unaccountable "czar" in the Obama Regime.

JERUSALEM – More than five months after the Obama administration announced the hiring of its "green jobs czar," Van Jones, the White House has refused to explain whether it knew of Jones admitted black nationalist and radical communist history and just who hired the adviser.

Also questions continue to fester about how Jones, who has an arrest history, passed security clearances for his White House position.

The Obama Regime isn't talking.

Jones was the leader and founder of a radical communist and black nationalist group, the communist revolutionary organization Standing Together to Organize a Revolutionary Movement, or STORM. The organization had its roots in a grouping of black people organizing to protest the first Gulf War. STORM was formally founded in 1994, becoming one of the most influential and active radical groups in the San Francisco Bay area.

STORM worked with known communist leaders. It led the charge in black protests against various issues, including a local attempt to pass Proposition 21, a ballot initiative that sought to increase the penalties for violent crimes and require more juvenile offenders to be tried as adults.

This is the kind of person the DHS ought to be very interested in. Not the so-called "right-wing extremists" (law-abiding, patriotic Americans who simply dissent from the Regime's agenda).

But there's no indication that the guy was checked out. None whatsoever.

The Big, State-Run Media isn't the least bit interested.

But if the administration was Republican, and the guy was a jackboots-wearing, shaven-headed corporato-fascist white supremacist, you can rest assured that it would be the biggest scandal of the year.

What's with all the radical extremists in the Obama Regime?

Let me tell you: The fact that they're radically extremist revolutionaries isn't an accident. It's by design.

LEFTISTS: Think about this, (if possible): Imagine if David Duke got elected President. Imagine if he appointed his Klan buddies to "czar" positions all over the administration... Imagine the Big Media not giving a crap...

The more you look, the more you listen... the more you see the obvious HIDDEN AGENDA.

Exercise Of Rights Now Requires Permit In Obamerica?

Since when does one, in America, need a permit to simply stand on a public sidewalk holding a little sign?

Since when do you need a permit to stand on the sidewalk holding a sign?

"So we went back to the corner because it's America, and there was no sense in arresting us the first time," Pettigrew said. "We weren't going to let them bully us into going home."

He continued, "By the end of the day, I had been arrested three times, and my pastor was arrested four times – simply because we wouldn't go away."


By dark, his group had grown to 11 men – including four who had driven from North Carolina and South Carolina to stand on the sidewalk and support the original four who had been arrested.

"By that time they had ceased arresting us, with the exception of my pastor, who was arrested late in the evening," Pettigrew said.

Curious. The cops couldn't hold them, had to let them go each time, because they had done nothing against the law. Yet they kept arresting them. Over and over again, and releasing them again. Why? They didn't do anything illegal. If they had done something illegal, then obviously they'd have been held, not released and arrested repeatedly.


So what if the sign is offensive? It's not libellous, so there's nothing the cops are allowed to do. But do it, they do.

It's a matter of the First Amendment, ie. the right to freely express oneself. It doesn't matter if some folks don't like what you say. A right is a right is a right, right?

(Unless Leftists say it isn't???)

Who told the police that a permit is necessary to enjoy one's constitutional rights?

How come the police don't require a permit of Islamic supremacists who stand around in public, on sidewalks, etc., holding signs saying, "America, you'll soon pay... the mushroom cloud is on the way", "Islam will dominate the world", etc., etc.?

It's obviously not because of the content of their speech, as the police never indicated, not that they'd be right if they did, that it was.

Or was it? Was it a case of anti-Christian police-state persecution/pro-homosexual fascism?

Like hell the police would harrass and arrest militant, extremist homosexuals standing on the same sidewalk proclaiming that Christians were bad and stuff. Oh, no... they'd protect the homosexuals, acting as bodyguards despite no indication of any threat whatsoever...

You know, via logic and realism, that the police are directed by politicians, through their suit-wearing superiors downtown. Otherwise, the police are acting on their own, and violating peoples' rights. And getting away with it, no consequences from their suit-wearing superiors, no questions from Internal Affairs.

Apparently the police can arrest you just to stop you from doing inconvenient things like exercise your rights when some folks don't like that you're doing so.

Sounds like a case for the ACLU. Oh, wait... no, they won't help Christians, as the ACLU is a hate group hellbent on persecuting Christians. It's a case for the Alliance Defence Fund (ADF).

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

APA Gets Blasted For Associating With Pedophilia Advocate

The American Psychological Association (APA) has a political policy of denying therapy to persons involved in homosexuality who seek therapy to convert to heterosexuality. This political position is not based on any scientific foundation and is purely ideological, purely politically correct in nature.

Now it's come to light that the APA is associated with a psychologist who promotes pedophilia.

"That is absolutely obscene, and this man should not be treated as a serious researcher in the academy,"

"This is the most sinister sexual perversion because it preys on innocent children," he adds. "We need to make it clear that sex between adults and children is wrong and will not be encouraged by employment at these organizations."

The pedophilia-advocating psychologist reminds me of Alfred C. Kinsey, the exposed-as-a-total-fraud, criminally insane, sadistic zoologist who sparked the so-called "Sexual Revolution".

One must, in light of this, wonder just how corrupt the APA has become. We must realize that all organizations are vulnerable to corruption. All of them, all types, no exceptions. And corruption can be insidious, creeping, subtle at first, and can grow unchecked, undetected, undeterred, and can eventually compromise an organization to the point that the only solution is dissolution.

Members of organizations like the APA have a strong self-interest in not "rocking the boat" by dissenting from the Party Line, so it's no surprise they simply go along with the flow of things, not caring about corruption, right/wrong, ethics, morals, only caring about being able to make a financially gainful living by practicing under the umbrella of their professional association. Much like the UN's IPCC and the 2,000-odd, money-on-the-mind "scientists" who simply signed their name to a piece of paper, most likely without scrupulously satisfying themselves that the outrageous statement on the piece of paper is properly, scientifically substantiated.

Obama Ignorant Re Threat From Radical Islam

Story here.

Gary Bauer, chairman of American Values, says Obama does not seem to understand why the United States was attacked on September 11, 2001.

"Radical Islamists hate America, hate our Western allies, hate Christianity, and hate our freedoms," he states bluntly. "And the president can make these nice statements all he wants -- but unless he understands that we are at war with radical Islamofascism, we are going to face very grave dangers in the months and years ahead."

Bauer says it is almost breathtaking to see how much the Obama administration feels compelled to promote Islam.

Indeed it's breathtaking. As Chamberlain was a fool to try to appease Nazism, so is Obama a fool to appease Islam. Of course, being born Muslim, he might be an Islamist himself, without telling us. It's possible. Who knows? Would he tell us? Of course not.

Perhaps he's not ignorant. Perhaps he's lying.

Besides, if he had ever apostated himself from Islam, wouldn't the Muslim World condemn him for it and...? After all, fundamentalist Muslims frequently murder apostates, as required by Allah... Hard, therefore, to believe he's not a Muslim anymore.

Besides, if he truly was a Christian, he'd grant Christianity equivalent, if not greater, praise and promotion, as is proper for true Christians, after all. And isn't it telling that the President of the United States cannot find a church to go to? Gimme a break. He just doesn't care, obviously. If he did, well, he'd have a church to go to, just like that. Just pick one already. Or not.

I just don't trust Obama. He lies all the time. Astute observers will agree. The guy's The Ultimate Lying Machine.

The Ultimate Lying Machine

Organ Harvesting In China: A Pathetic AP Report

CTV brings us the AP report about the majority of donated organs in China being from death row inmates.

Again, we see the steadfast refusal of the AP to be the least bit curious. They don't mention organ harvesting without consent, even given the overwhelming preponderance of evidence that it's happening, particularly with respect to captive Falun Gong practitioners, who are tortured to death and used as sources for organ harvesting all the time.

The Weekly Standard has a report on non-consenting organ harvesting in China, something the immoral international establishment refuses to talk about, for fear of offending the Chinese Communist Party, who has plenty of money and is in a position to do business with everyone looking for profits.

The Epoch Times has much, much more.

Another Fake 'Hate Crime' By A Leftist

Those Obamites... Like other Leftists, they're always creating phony boogeymen to discredit folks who don't see things their way.

A 24-year-old arrested this morning on suspicion of smashing 11 windows at Colorado Democratic Party headquarters tried to conceal his identity while allegedly committing the crime, according to police descriptions.

Maurice Schwenkler wore a shirt over his face, a hooded sweat shirt and latex gloves before he and another man fled the scene on bicycles, police said. Schwenkler was apprehended after a short chase. The other suspect remains at large.

While Schwenkler does not appear in the state’s voter registration database, a person by that name in November 2008 received $500 from a political 527 committee called Colorado Citizens Coalition for “communications,” according to campaign finance disclosures.

The accountant for the 527 appears to be the same woman who handles the books for many other Democratic-leaning political committees.

A Maurice Schwenkler also signed an online 2005 petition to free anti-war Christian protesters who were captured in Iraq.

State Democratic Party Chairwoman Pat Waak initially blamed the vandalism on animosity surrounding the health care debate, though Denver police declined to comment on possible motives.

Was this, like, some kind of national-socialist "personal jihad", or was it part of a larger organized effort?

The political vandal was apparently under the influence of ideologues on the Far Left. Youth are, after all, easy to manipulate, easy to program, easy to get to do stuff. Especially for a little money.

The Far Left preys upon very impressionable youth and gets them to do illegal things. This ought to be considered a crime!

His Name Might As Well Be Josef Geobbels

Yet another Saul Alinsky disciple (like B.H. Obama and Hillary Clinton), Mark Lloyd, the Obama Regime's Propaganda "Czar", pictured at left, beside another infamous propaganda czar from another era, another country, another national socialist regime

What's up with all these "czars" appointed by Obama? They're all clearly ultra-radical left-wing extremists hellbent on imposing things onto Americans and/or taking things away from them. This, I swear, frightens the crap out of me. I really do believe that America is in for some kind of changes she very much doesn't want, and the majority of folks who voted for Obama and the Democrats are amongst those who don't want it.

Story here.

Government, Lloyd said in his book, is the “only” institution that can manage the communications of the public, arguing that Washington must “ensure” that everyone has an equal ability to communicate.

“The American republic requires the active deliberation of a diverse citizenry, and this, I argue, can be ensured only by our government,” he says. “Put another way, providing for the equal capability of citizens to participate effectively in democratic deliberation is our collective responsibility.”

The doublespeak of this guy... shit, it sounds like the doublespeak inherent in such carefully-chosen big-lie names as "Peoples' Republic of China", "Peoples' Democratic Republic of Korea", "Peoples' Liberation Army", etc., etc...

Yup. National socialism, this guy's a huge believer in. This guy is as radically extreme as all of the other "czars" appointed by Obama. Feck, they're ALL fecking INSANE. Fecking DANGEROUS.

Seriously, I don't care what some might call me for saying this stuff. I feel I must tell it like it is. I seriously do fear for America's near future, seeing the shocking, frightening ideological makeup of the new regime, which is obviously carefully planned out, with the players obviously already pre-chosen by ultra-extreme radicals operating behind the proverbial curtain. The pattern is now unmistakable. The dots are connected, enough pieces of the puzzle are in place, and I can now see the big picture in outline. It's elementary.

“If our republican form of government is perishing because communications – the infrastructure of that republic – is under the yoke of international business how, at last, do we save it?” he asks. “We must build a confrontational movement to reclaim our democracy, a movement committed to active and sustained protest against the present order.”


“It should be clear by now that my focus here is not freedom of speech or the press,” he said. “This freedom is all too often an exaggeration. At the very least, blind references to freedom of speech or the press serve as a distraction from the critical examination of other communications policies.”

“[T]he purpose of free speech is warped to protect global corporations and block rules that would promote democratic governance,” said Lloyd. “[T]he problem is not only the warp to our public philosophy of free speech, but that the government has abandoned its role of advancing the communications capabilities of real people.”

Feck. Feck! Remember, this is doublespeak. Remember, for example, when they talk about "democracy", they really mean the opposite. This is how these extremists communicate. Classic socialist-totalitarian doublespeak.

The Obama Regime is going to attempt to take over communications and control what gets said in America. They will control what Americans will say, speaking "for" them "on their behalf", actually.

America has come under the control of lunatic extremists.

Like Jon Voight asks, "Is Obama trying to start a civil war?"...

Or is Obama trying to start a REVOLUTION? Like an infamous revolution that occured somewhere else in 1917?

UPDATE: Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know, my dear lurking radical-Leftist readers... you guys are just like this guy, y'know... Your response to my post is no different from his. Guess this means that you're no different from him, then. Well, this guy is like, yeah, right, suuuuure. Whatever.

Don't forget, the revolutionaries will say whatever they feel will discourage dissent and opposition to their revolutionary agenda. They'll smear any critics as whatever, no matter how illogical and ludicrous. They'll use Big-Lie tactics. Oh, wait... they already have, and expect them to get even more aggressive.

Disturbing Development On Obama Front
Remember the above Obama graphic? Rush Limbaugh said it resembled a Nazi logo.


There's the Obama logo again. It's omnipresent. What's up with all these grandoise images with the Obama logo on them? What are they trying to do?

And what the hell is the "National Organizing Internship"?

"We are looking for supporters. We're not looking for a fight. That will come later, when we have an army." -An Obama "organizer"

Story here. Read it.

I don't like the way this sounds.

American youth are being used to push propaganda at Americans, partisan political propaganda.

Read about one way these Obama Youth are being recruited...

Shee-it... if Bush had been doing crap like this, imagine what the Leftists would've said (oh, wait... they already said everything they possibly could... everything bad... couldn't come up with anything worse than what they've already said)!

But, of course, everything the Left does is ok, obviously... And they expect Americans to... obey.