Sunday, August 23, 2009

Wishful Thinking By The Biased Big Media

With respect to this delusional article, I wish to say, simply:

They wish.

Let them believe whatever they want. Whilst their audiences go away in droves because more and more people rightly continue to develop a strong distrust of the biased, non-free, non-independent Big Media.

And whilst they slip deeper and deeper into the red.

And whilst the "right-wing", fair and balanced media entities such as FOX News and radio king Rush Limbaugh enjoy skyrocketing audience numbers and profits.

And whilst bloggers continue to enjoy increasing readership, including this one right here. Just a month ago my average daily visitations was somewhere in the 200s. Now it's consistently in the 300s. And this happened in the dead-dog days of summer, a time previously responsible for devastatingly sagging visitations.

The Biased Big Media is wrong to assume that bloggers are in it for the money. I'm not. I'm in it because I truly want to oppose the Biased Big Media by saying what I think of their behavior and by offering links to better, and independent, online newsmedia sources which offer vastly superior real-world coverage and which continue to skyrocket in audience and profitability.

Sorry, David Olive, but I'm afraid the tide has not turned in the Biased Big Media's favor.

A handful of so-called "bloggers" moving to bigger media outlets for money doesn't really constitute a turning of the tide. It's just anomalous, and not surprising at all.

Myself, if the right outlet were to come a-knocking on my virtual door asking if I'd like to write for them for decent compensation, I may accept, on the condition that they don't tell me what to write/what not to write, other than refraining from the basic unnecessary profanity and libel stuff, of course.

But I'm very proud to be independent and tell it like it is, with complete freedom.

And complete freedom is the best thing in life. Money can't hold a candle to complete freedom. Money can, instead, enslave and trap people.

Who will serious consumers of news, analysis and punditry trust more: Those who are handsomely paid for saying what they're told, or those who don't do it for money, and who believe that the truth, and as much of it as possible, must come out?