Saturday, August 22, 2009

Cap 'n' Trade A Leftist Plot: Expert

Story here. Video at the link.

"Basically, what they're trying to do is engineer a takeover of the U.S and global economies through regulation," Lewis told Newsmax.TV correspondent Kathleen Walter. "There are huge stakes here. Trillions of dollars are at stake."

Lewis said cap and trade would have a chilling effect on the U.S. economy by creating a cloud of uncertainty over all business investments relating to energy-intensive products. It would require a sharp reduction of energy use in the U.S. economy, which would drive up energy prices. The days of $4 gallons of gasoline would return, Lewis said.


"If you have cap and trade, what you have is an artificial government-created market for trading carbon futures, carbon derivatives, a multitrillion-dollar market," said Lewis. "Wall Street will get rich off this, because brokers make money whenever any commodity is bought or sold."


"If the EPA makes what's called an 'endangerment finding' about carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from new motor vehicles — which they will likely do — that will start a regulatory chain reaction under the Clean Air Act, and we could get all kinds of draconian regulations that go way beyond anything congress would ever vote for."

The EPA, Lewis noted, is not held responsible by the electorate.

Ah... the EPA, not Congress, not the Senate, not the President, would be the entity that imposes the crazy shit upon America, without Americans' consent. Just like the hard-left activist judges who make and strike down laws according to the Leftist agenda. The Obama-Democrat Regime probably intends to pass the fascist buck to the EPA, which, indubitably, will be dominated by the Regime's own socialist-fascist comrades. Then they could claim in an election that it wasn't their fault, that it was the EPA just "doing its job", or blame the EPA for doing the wrong thing, or they might just blame the criticism on "racism" or the "Vast, Right-Wing conspiracy" or "birthers", "the mob", "teabaggers" or whatever.

You see, when you look closely at the vague, highly-ambiguous wording of stuff in the bills Obama and the Democrats bring in, you can see, if you think about it and visualize the potential for future abuse of the legislation beyond what they're claiming it's supposedly intended for, then you can see the scary stuff.

The Obama-Democrat Regime is using its legislation, vaguely-worded and full of loopholes, as a Trojan Horse for the imposition of a socialist-fascist, command-and-control system in America, and they plan to integrate America's economy, adapting its fundamental nature it to mesh with those of other socialist-fascist economies worldwide, quite obviously, seeing how chummy they are with the likes of Red China, Russia, Venezuela, Cuba, etc... Yep, you can see the globalization agenda (devastating and shrinking the Free World economy whilst letting the Axis of Evil spew as much pollution as it wishes, gaining an incredible, devastating competitive economic advantage over the Free World) in the whole Climate-Change swindle thing.