Sunday, August 30, 2009

Abortion Causes Cancer: Studies

Story here.

Sounds like karma to me...
The latest research was done in Turkey and is widely available on the Internet, according to Karen Malec of the Coalition on Abortion-Breast Cancer.

"This study found that...Turkish women who have abortions...have a statistically significant 66-percent increase in breast cancer risk," she notes.
Why aren't women being warned of the increased risk? Isn't it massively unethical and immoral to hide this scientifically-proven risk information?

That's like not telling people about the link between smoking and increased risk of cancer.

Sounds also that political correctness fascism, specifically the insane delusion that abortion must be promoted and never criticized no matter what... indirectly increases the number of breast cancer cases...

But that's ok, 'cause the Left is responsible in this case, and they always "have good motives", even if they're wrong some people will die because of their dangerous, if "well-meaning/well-intentioned" propaganda. Being a Leftist always seems to get people off the hook for everything. No wonder Leftists love socialism, even though it's responsible for 100 million murders and countless more avoidable deaths. What a death cult, eh...