Saturday, August 29, 2009

'District 9': Sounds Like A Must-See Movie

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Official movie site here.

Cool trailer preview here.

Fictious website of "Multinational United" here. Why does it look so familiar? Why does it remind me of a certain website that recently requested Americans to snitch on their neighbors?

Review by a conservative columnist here.

"What if the United Nations isn't the benevolent catalyst to world peace and unity that 'progressive' folks want it to be?" the film asks. "What if instead, Big Government, Big Business and backroom powerbrokers were really using the U.N.'s above-the-law powers to inflict an international agenda? What if rather than benevolent means, those powerbrokers were really pushing abortion, racism, war and a culture of death and corruption upon undeveloped countries to satisfy their greed and lust for power? What if our international 'peacekeepers' were lying to us? What if the bloggers and free press elements are right that there really is some sort of manipulative attempt to create a new world order, not of peace and unity, but of simply new wealth and power for the already wealthy and powerful? What would you get then?"

You'd get "District 9" is what you'd get – and that's not pretty.


In "District 9," abortion doesn't look like a human right; it's a murderous plan to control the population of these undesirable aliens, or, exactly what Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger intended for abortion to do to America's unwanted teeming masses: keep the population of the "pests" down.


Meanwhile, the M.N.U. orchestrates news coverage through television and magazines, broadcasts fraudulent public service alerts and even manipulates the legal system to prosecute whistleblowers on its way to profit and power.

And still the people see the M.N.U. as benevolent, as the outward arm of the unity of the world, as "us," never suspecting its underlying agenda.

Sounds frighteningly familiar, doesn't it?

Not only does it sound like Orwell's 1984 and like Kubrick's Soylent Green, but it sounds a lot like the world today...

I believe that this movie just might be the scariest of all time, for some of its elements' eerie resemblance to the real world of today. Wanna be terrified? Go see it. Or get the DVD when it comes out. I know I will.

Ever wonder why things are the way they are? Who's really in charge? And what's their agenda? Well, keep on trying to find out. Because they don't want us to.