Friday, August 28, 2009

Newspaper Finances Worsen

Nooooo! Awww, pooo...

One problem is that print advertising is necessarily more expensive because of the monumentally greater cost of printing and distribution and all that, compared to internet advertising.

A more serious problem, and the one that matters the most, is that print media are also suffering a continuing massive haemmorhage of paying consumers to the internet, where consumers are finding more-trustworthy sources of news, opinion and other information, faster, and on their terms. And there's far, far more choice online than at the newsstand (and on TV). Simply, consumers aren't apt to pay for bias like they used to, when bias enjoyed a monopoly and we had little or no choice but to get what's available and try to filter out the bias and political correctness, thinking for ourselves. Today, online, the information available isn't just raw in comparison, but is also more comprehensive, and we can find out all sides and further details, which are even now still being omitted by the biased media.

Now would be a good time for wealthy conservatives to buy up newspapers really cheap, transform them into print versions of something like FOX News, World Net Daily, CNS News, Newsmax, etc... because I believe folks would like to have a paper version of trustworthy news/opinion reporting whereas they've been eschewing the papers in past years due to their Leftist-propaganda nature, especially as they've discovered they can find the truth online in lieu.

I'd get paper versions of serious, conservative news sites on a regular basis myself. Wonder how many other folks like me would, as well?