Tuesday, March 22, 2016

The "Mainstream" Media's Terrible Bias Regarding Left-Wing "Protests"

The media is uncritical of far-left-wing extremist "protestors" (who are almost always phony and frequently paid) who gather en masse at non-left-wing events, including those for non-left-wing politicians (like the US non-establishment Republicans and the Canadian Conservatives, for example). They're uncritical of such "protestors" no matter what the "protestors" say, what their signs say, of even what they do. It doesn't matter if the "protestors" are uttering BIG LIES and DEFAMATION of the absolute worst kind, nor even if they engage in destruction and violence.

But call a left-wing politician a "liar" or a "socialist" or otherwise speak the inconvenient truth of THEM... the media will go out of its way to destroy you and yours in the eyes of the masses.

If there were to be protests against left-wing politicians such as Obama, Hillary, Bernie or, in Canada, Trudeau, Wynne, Notley... including hollering "no hate", "no racism", "no fascism", "they're like Hitler/Nazis", etc... the media would demonize such protestors as, perhaps,  "extremists", "racists", "neo-nazis", "far-left"... or may just pretend that there were no protests at all (in the case of peaceful, truth-based demonstrations, no matter how massive, such as the Tea Party protests against Obama's agenda) or pretend it was just a "couple hundred" when it was thousands strong.  The media may even try to demonize such peaceful, truthful protests as being "a bunch of extremists/racists/far-right".

Anyone disagree? Be prepared to explain why, and state whether one is on top of current events daily, including going over the heads of the "mainstream", politically-correct, leftist media... or not.