Friday, June 30, 2006

Exposed: Liberal Propaganda Letter Soliciting Donations

Thanks to an email tip from fellow blogger Tony Guitar, I bring you this very partisan letter from the Liberal Party of Canada soliciting donations by attacking the Conservative government:


From the Desk of the National Director

Dear Liberal Friend,

Please take a moment to read below, and consider what you are willing to do for Canadian democracy.

In the last 100 days, The Stephen Harper Government has put forward a series of policies that are seriously impeding Canada’s ability to be a sovereign nation. Under the smoke and mirrors of tax cuts and half-hearted subsidies, Mr. Harper is aligning Canadian policy with that of George Bush’s United States.

Which of these Harper policies do you think most aligns Canada with George Bush’s United States?

Cancelling Canada’s commitment to the Kyoto Accord
Assigning Fixed Election Dates
Catering to the NRA-style gun lobby
Destroying the Kelowna Accord
Tax increases for the poor, and tax cuts for the rich
Arming Canada’s Borders
Bowing to US Softwood Lumber Demands

Seven policies: Seven steps towards a Republican Canada.

It’s time to shine a spotlight on Stephen Harper’s real agenda. More than ever, the Liberal Party of Canada needs your help to defeat this emerging threat.

Here are some ways you can make a difference right now:

1) MAKE A DONATION TODAY to the Liberal Party of Canada

The Liberal Party of Canada needs your immediate support. Your tax-deductible donation will help communicate our strong opposition to Stephen Harper’s pillaging of Canada’s values. Your donation will also support important initiatives, like:

Supporting grassroots movements in your CommunityCommunicating with CanadiansResearching issues that are important to the future of Canada
A donation of as little as $20 is all that stands between a compassionate society, and the continuing smoke and mirror campaign of Stephen Harper’s Conservatives.
Click here to make a donation right now.

2) Contact your Member of Parliament

To make democracy work in Canada’s 21st century, more Canadians must engage politicians. Elected representatives need to hear from the people of this great Country. It’s essential that Canadians let their politicians know what is important before it’s too late. Without your voice, Stephen Harper’s approach to governing will remain in the hands of big business, special-interest groups, and foreign nations. To find the contact information of your member of parliament, click here.

3) Get involved in Politics – Become a Member of the Liberal Party of Canada
Donate your time and share your ideas. Liberal Associations exist in every riding in Canada. These Associations are comprised of people with similar political views as yours. Contact your local riding representative, and get involved today. You will quickly see how one person can make a difference in the direction of the country.

To have your say in the next Leader of the Liberal Party of Canada, you must become a member of the Liberal Party no later than Tuesday, July 4, 2006, at 5 PM local time. Click here to sign up today.


Canada requires Canadians to be engaged in the political process.

The Liberal Party of Canada requires Canadians to support its movement.

Without donations from people like you, Canada’s political process will have one less voice.

Please donate today, and make Canada stronger.


Steven MacKinnonNational Director of the Liberal Party of Canada

P.S. Feel free to forward this email to a friend.


Judge for yourself. They dogmatically assume that we oppose Conservative government policy, despite much polling indicating that Canadians generally support the direction in which the Harper Conservatives are taking the country.

The Liberals are so desperate they don't know what to do, so they try to spin good things as bad things, stemming from their imaginary fears. Probably something to do with the tinfoil hats they like to wear.

...and the Liberals like to accuse me of imagining things when I do posts warning of the emerging threat from the growing, increasing in its destructive force, Axis Power Group, which includes Iran, North Korea and China, amongst others. What unmitigated gall!

No Laws Broken: Harper

Story here. h/t:

The left, particularly the corrupt Liberals, currently under at least 37 separate criminal investigations themselves, want desperately to believe that $1.7 million in fees to the last Conservative convention which weren't declared as "donations" constitute a breaking of a political finance law.

But today Prime Minister Stephen Harper declared:

"All the laws have been obeyed and the Liberals will have to obey them as well — that's the tough part."

The Conservative Party has indicated it is going to open its books for examination by Elections Canada, even though it doesn't have to do so. This should clear up the matter and disappoint the left.

That's more than can be said for the Liberals, who owe $40 million for missing taxpayer dollars which allegedly ended up in Liberal Party's or Liberal members'/cronies' hands. No payments have been made on that amount. Notwithstanding, the investigations into the deposed Liberal regime continue, and more will be started with the passage of the Federal Accountability Act, which the Liberals in the Senate are trying to hold up and prevent passage thereof (after having automatically rubber-stamped all Liberal legislation without question for the duration of the Liberal reign since 1993). Apparently, the Liberals fear this thing the most: accountability.

The left is sooo grasping at straws. Doesn't that remind you of the American left, including the Democrats? Hell, I wouldn't be surprised to see the emergence of Canuck Michael Moores, Ward Churchills and Cindy Sheehans. The left knows no borders, after all.

Desperate Librano$$$ Demand Exemption From Law

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

The chutzpah! The gall! The nerve! The Librano$$$!

Story here. h/t:

The Federal Liberals are demanding that the Federal Accountability Act, being held up by Liberal senators, be either delayed or amended to enable them to haul in larger donations from individuals.

They claim that limiting individual donations is undemocratic. (Since when did they begin to care about democracy anyway?)

And they fail to realize that Canadians believe that large individual donations can make the Liberals, as well as other parties, beholden to generous donors. This is why corporate and union donations are illegal and individual donations are to be limited to $1,000 each from over $5,000 at present.

Guess the Librano$$$ have trouble finding many people who would give them any money and want to make up for it by demanding larger sums from their loyalists, probably backed up with promises to scratch their backs again like before, when they get the chance (which could be never again).

Librano Ian Davey blusters:

''It says it all about what kind of government we've got,'' he said. ''It's the iron fist, just a lousy way to run a country.''

Heh-heh-heh... look who's talking! Canadians remember not all that fondly what kind of government the Liberals were. That's why they were defeated in the last election and why their support levels and donation intake continues to rapidly dwindle literally from coast to coast. Iron fist? Liberals ruled with one. Lousy way to run a country? Why do they think they lost the election?

Methinks the Librano$$$ do protest too much!

Prime Minister Stephen harper's response to the Liberal whining was thus:

Harper said last week he would ''absolutely not'' go along with any amendment to the Federal Accountability Act that would exempt Liberal convention attendees. He called for prompt passage of the legislation, saying the unelected Senate, particularly the Liberal majority, has no business changing fundamental principles of the law approved last week in the House of Commons.

The Librano$$$ just make themselves look more and more pathetic with advancing time, don't they?

If the Liberal Party was all that deserving of support and donations, they'd be riding high in the polls and taking in plenty of cash from a whole lot of members. But that simply isn't the case, and they know it, hence their petulant whining about having to obey the law.

Librano$$$... always looking to be above the law!

Waaaah! Boo-hoo-hoo! Librano$$$!

Hamas Hypocritically Demands End To Violence

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Above: Haniyeh rolls a fresh booger as he spews his vileness for the media

Story here. h/t:

Following Israeli raids on the Gaza Strip in retaliation for the "Palestinian" kidnapping of one of the IDF soldiers, Jihadist organization Hamas leader and "Palestinian" Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh has the nerve to say:

"The aggression must stop in order not to make the situation more complicated,"

Now isn't that a big, fat, hairy look who's talking from a big, fat, hairy bastard of a bigoted, murderous jihadist?

If one doesn't know what I mean by that, then one is a blind-to-the-obvious leftist.

Update: commentor "CBV" provides us with this video documentary about "Pallywood", the Palestinian anti-Israel fake-video clip propaganda production industry. This will leave no doubt in your mind that the Palestinians are lying about Israel, the so-called "occupation" and more!


US Soldiers Find, Rescue Abandoned Baby in Iraq

Story courtesy of CENTCOM, by Pfc. Paul J. Harris, 3rd Heavy Brigade Combat Team, 4th Infantry Division
Staff Sgt. Donald White, patrol leader 4th Infantry Division, Task Force Band of Brothers, and his team came across a box on the side of the road while on patrol.

Initially, he thought it was an improvised explosive device until he heard crying coming from the box. White made sure there were no wires protruding from the box and made sure it was not booby trapped. Then he picked it up.

“I ran as fast as I could, snatched the box off the ground and kept on running, thankfully nothing blew up,” White said.

White then asked Spc. John Sullivan, healthcare specialist, 3rd Battalion, 29th Field Artillery, to evaluate the child and assess its medical needs.

The skin was literally hanging off the child and we could see it was massively dehydrated and malnourished. Sullivan told me we needed to get the child to a hospital right away and we jumped into the trucks and drove to the hospital as fast as we could, Smith said.

In transit to Balad Air Base hospital, Sullivan turned the air conditioning vents in the baby's direction so the air would cool the child.

I was nervous because I have never had to professionally treat a sick child before, Sullivan said. “(He) did not cry at all in the vehicle but his eyes rolled in the back of his head and I thought ‘oh my goodness he is starting to die on me.'”

By the time the patrol made its way to the Balad Air Base hospital the staff was already waiting for them when the vehicles pulled up. The Air Force medical staff treated the child by putting a feeding tube into him to replenish lost fluids. After a while the baby regained its strength and was in stable enough condition to be released. A civilian liaison with the Iraqi hospital in Balad was called and the child was released to hospital care.

White credits the success of the rescue to the members of his patrol, not just himself and Sullivan.

In all this mess of arresting people, killing people and getting blown up, finally something good has come out of it, Smith said. Hopefully as a result, God will bless us for the next few months we are here.

The baby was reunited with his mother June 19. The mother of the child told Iraqi Police she left the child in her daughter's care. The daughter was carrying the baby on the road near the LSA when she was chased by wild dogs and left the baby so she could run faster, according to reports given to Capt. Lance Awbrey, commander, Battery B, 3rd Battalion, 29th Field Artillery.
Well, this story makes me feel good. I wish the MSM would be fair and balanced and report on the good news that happens all the time rather than just telling us about how many people are killed in the conflict every day.
People need to understand that the Coalition Forces are in Iraq to help the Iraqi people recover from decades of tyranny and murderous oppression under insane dictator Saddam Hussein, who's now on trial for various crimes against humanity.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Librano$ Getting Increasingly Nervous

Story here. h/t:

The Liberal Party of Canada is contemplating moving up its leadership selection date in case of an earlier-than-expected election.

The Liberals are claiming that Prime Minister Stephen Harper might be planning to call an election prior to the Liberals' leadership selection.


Are the Liberals stupidly planning to defeat the government? Even under the circumstances, which point to a guaranteed Conservative majority, from my reading of many recent polls, plus the Liberals' $30-odd million debt and apparent inability to raise much in the way of donations, one cannot underestimate Librano stupidity and chutzpah, nor their delusion that there's nothing wrong with them and they'll be back in power in no time flat.

Pitiful Libranos.

And listen to Party President Mike Eizenga:

"We don't trust Harper," Eizenga said. "He's displayed a certain craftiness. He's got bad policies, but his political craftiness is something we have to be wary about."

Now isn't that funny? They don't trust Harper? Fair enough, as in politics one shouldn't trust one's political opponent, a fact the Liberals are well aware of... since they themselves know they can never be trusted, either! Not only that, Canadians don't trust the Liberals for well-known reasons. Conversely, more and more Canadians these days are coming to trust the Conservatives, including in Atlantic Canada (I saw in my local paper this week the results of a poll indicating that the Tories have 42% support in the region) and Quebec, both regions not so long ago considered an impossibility for Conservatives to win support and seats. Not to mention they're hugely more popular than the detested Libranos.

"Certain craftiness"? Look who's talking! The Librano$$$, who're infamous for their craftiness in laundering Canadians' money for their own enrichment! They're also infamous for their cowardly, dishonest, vicious attacks on the Conservatives over the years, which helped them cheat their way to electoral victory.

"Bad policies"? Well, which ones? And what about explaining/proving that they're "bad"? And what about the fact that they're popular policies, which helped get the Conservatives elected in the first place? Geez... what a pathetic bunch, those Libranos! They've got nothing. Nothing!

I see the Liberals today as a tiny, mangy old mongrel grabbing at the pantcuff of the Conservative government.

The Liberals have no dignity left.

They'd literally rush through the leadership selection process to install just about anyone at all, to hell with leadership qualities/aptitude, not to mention vision for Canada and suitability to even be Opposition Leader, a position that could well slip out of the Liberal grip in the next election anyway.

The six foot hole is already dug. Why don't they just jump into it?

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

A Cool Anti-Jihad Cartoon

Well, I don't seem to have anything much to say at the moment (yes, I'm all right, thank you), so I figured I'd simply for now post this excellent cartoon which sums up how I and millions of other Free Worlders feel about Islamofascists:

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Sunday, June 25, 2006

WMDs in Iraq: The Proof

Open your mind. Read this. Follow the links.

And be informed.

And see the delusional left continue to claim that "Bush lied", when he apparently told the truth, which I knew all along.

I mean, what kind of idiot would've believed that Saddam Hussein hadn't had weapons of mass destruction? It's as believeable as any contention that Hitler had none, or that the Soviet Union had none, or that China, North Korea and Iran have none, or any contention that although they might have some, they wouldn't ever dare use them offensively rather than defensively.

If the left wants to continue to act like airheaded zombies, let 'em. Let 'em march down the street bareassed all they want. No one will pay them any attention, except perhaps the New York Times, Dan Rather, Michael Moore, Cindy Sheehan, Ward Churchill, Noam Chomsky and all those spittling, foaming-at-the-mouth moonbats ad infinitum...

I'd opt for the course of safety and security via proactivity and prevention rather than the left's blissful ignorance and wearing of rose-colored glasses in the presence of evil.

See also:

Report: Hundreds of WMDs Found in Iraq

Isn't it astonishing that leftists continue to desperately want to believe that there were no WMDs in Iraq? Is their desire to make Bush look bad so all-encompassing that they'd literally let Saddam's regime get off scot-free?

They don't care that there is actually a declassified defence document detailing WMD findings in Iraq.

Contrast that to their readiness to believe anything Michael Moore would say about Iraq and about Bush... with little more than some video clips of some folks giving out-of-context opinions and such?

Stupid, boneheaded leftists! Why can't they understand? Or should I ask why won't they?

(Link fixed) More information: Exclusive: Saddam Possessed WMD, Had Extensive Terror Ties
(that piece is from 2004)... read it!

Also: Intel Summary Confirms Reporting on WMDs ... read it!


Tim Graham is director of media analysis for the Media Research Center, the parent organization of Cybercast News Service. He believes newspaper and television reporters -- who have been repeating "the Democrats' talking point that there were no weapons of mass destruction" as an undisputed fact -- now have an obligation to pursue the new evidence.

"If the press is interested in finding facts first and letting the chips fall where they may, then they all should be reporting this," Graham said. "They don't have to say 'we've found the truth and Bush was right,' but it's incumbent upon the media now to investigate this."

Are the leftists listening? Or are they too content to keep their heads firmly planted up inside their ani?

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Taliban Leader Mullah Omar Releases Tape

Update: The tape has been aired by Mir himself. Read about it.

Exclusive story here.

Taliban leader Mullah Omar, partner of Osama bin Laden, has released a new tape in Helmand, Afghanistan.

"Mullah Omar has recorded a new message," celebrated Pakistani journalist Hamid Mir wrote Polish-based journalist and friend David Dastych yesterday. "My sources in Helmand have got the copy of the tape, but they will take some time to send it to me in Peshawar."

Mir told Dastych the tape was approximately two minutes long and that "something important will be announced".

"My sources are saying that this is the first time that Mullah Omar is establishing his contacts with pro-Iran militia groups in the north, who had resisted against the Taliban in the past," Mir wrote Dastych.

Read the rest for yourself.

So it looks like the Iranian jihadists are joining forces with the Taliban, whom they had previously "had resisted". This, in my view, presents a significant development. Small for now, but potentially a warning of more to come.

Perhaps the Islamic jihadists realize that they're losing the war between the Free World and jihad. Perhaps they now figure they might as well proceed to form alliances with former rivals in the Islamic jihad world in an attempt to "stand united" as opposed to "falling divided". Nevertheless, I doubt that this new strategy, if it's indeed the case, will make any difference ultimately.

Jihadists and jihad groups are evidently crumbling. They're looking increasingly inept and pathetic, although remaining extremely deadly, getting themselves killed, like Zarqawi and his replacement's aide (by accident, w/his own bomb, like the American Hinrichs outside the Oklahoma U Stadium last October). Not to mention getting preemptively rounded up all over the world by excellent intelligence and security authorities like in Toronto recently and Miami just the other day.

The jihadists see the writing on the wall. They know they're losing and will displease Allah and see no virgins as a result of loss.

We, the Free World, are winning against jihad. This, therefore, is no time to "pull out", "cut and run". If we stop fighting now, then in no time at all the enemy will be back up to strength and will perhaps pull off another 9/11 or even a nuclear bombing somewhere. They're still out there, they're a grave, deadly threat and can still kill potentially millions of innocents everywhere. They have not surrendered.

The war is far, far from over, despite signs we're winning. We must, therefore, stay the course, continue adapting as the enemy adapts and continue preempitvely rounding up jihadists, fears of politically-correct consequences be damned.

Conspiracy to commit any crime is still a crime. No constitution permits anyone to do this. Therefore we're within our rights to apprehend and prosecute anyone caught conspiring to kill innocents.

Let's roll!

Mondale Backs Preemptive Strike on NK

Story here. h/t:

Former Vice President Walter Mondale said today he supports a pre-emptive U.S. strike against a North Korean missile, saying the U.S. should tell North Korea to dismantle the missile or "we are going to take it out."

This on the heels of other Democrats also recommending a preemptive strike against North Korea.

Well, I would ask:

What about Iran? They're clearly an equally likely and dangerous threat to the Free World. Why not a preemptive strike on them, too? Whither Democrats on this one?

If we should take out NK's ICBM, why not take out Iran's under-construction nukes, too?

Why the difference? I would hope that the Dems haven't commissioned their elder has-beens to go around helping them play some kind of a stupid political game to try and throw off the current U.S. administration in a time of grave surrounding threats.

Funny, but I don't see the MSM trumpeting these Democrat recommendations as news. It is news, big, relevant news, after all. But I see not very much MSM coverage. Guess they either cannot do their job due to gross incompetence or they're playing dangerous, irresponsible leftist games...

Thursday, June 22, 2006

AQ Threatens US With EMP Bombing

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Al Qaeda operative & Bin Laden associate Khalid Khawaja

Artist's rendering of an electromagnetic bomb

Story here. h/t: National Terror Alert Resource Center

The next terror threat facing the United States is not a nuclear or gas attack but an electro-magnetic bomb or e-bomb - which would shut down telecommunications networks, disrupt power supplies, and destroy countless computers and electronic gadgets, yet still leave buildings, bridges and roads intact. This is according to Khalid Khawaja, a former Pakistani intelligence officer who once worked closely with Osama bin Laden. "The e-bomb shall be the new threat for the USA, not the nukes or gas attacks," said Khawaja in an interview with Adnkronos International (AKI).

Khawaja was a senior official of Pakistani secret service ISI when they were fueling jihadi resistance movements against the Soviets in Afghanistan, and after being forced to retire from the air force, he went to Afghanistan and fought along side with Osama bin Laden. the leader of the al-Qaeda terrorist network.


Khawaja said he overheard references to a plan to use an e-bomb and a project to destroy US satellites, all with the single objective of crippling the American system without actually harming anyone.

(Really... jihadists intending to not harm anyone? But that is against the orders of Allah as in the Koran, therefore I would suggest that despite Khawaja's claim that jihadists would like to hurt America without harming people is false. No way would a real Islamic jihadist plan to not harm infidels, for that's an integral part of jihad)

Khalid Khawaja: I am very familiar with this name. See "CP"'s info on Khawaja here.

Khawaja quoted (via CP):

"I would say that Osama bin Laden is a man like an angel."

"I would basically agree that jihad is one of the most important factors in our religion."

Khawaja is associated with the terror training cult Jamaat ul Fuqra, which has terrorist training camps in the US and Canada (I've posted quite a bit on JuF in the past here on TCS). For extensive information on Jamaat ul Fuqra, again see here, courtesy of the diligent research of "CP".

I have also posted on the danger of an EMP bomb to the Free World... posed by, you guessed it, Iran. So I'm taking this very seriously. Combine Iran's having tested special air-burst missiles which would be used for EMP bombs with Khawaja's warning that AQ intends to use EMP against America and we have another dimension to the nature of the threat to the Free World.

Destroy NK ICBM Preemptively: Fmr. Clinton Defence Sec'y, Asst. Sec'y

William J. Perry and Ashton B. Carter, former Democratic President Bill Clinton's Secretary and Assistant Secretary of Defence, respectively, have penned this article explaining why it's important to take out North Korea's Taepodong ICBM, for which the only logical reason for its existence, they argue, is to deliver a nuclear bomb.

Should the United States allow a country openly hostile to it and armed with nuclear weapons to perfect an intercontinental ballistic missile capable of delivering nuclear weapons to U.S. soil? We believe not.


Therefore, if North Korea persists in its launch preparations, the United States should immediately make clear its intention to strike and destroy the North Korean Taepodong missile before it can be launched.

Well, they're still critical in their article of the Bush administration, naturally, but, hey, they're Democrats, natch.

And I would say to them: it's fine to recommend preemption. But do remember your party's not in power. Would you have recommended preemption if they were? And what if a Dem prez just did nothing or just bombed a tent and a camel or something (which wouldn't be a surprise)? Then they'd have to rip into their partisan leader. Perhaps this is their plan-- to rip into Bush, as whatever he does or doesn't do, the leftist Dems can be counted on to blame him for anything and everything that doesn't end up perfectly. As if Democrats themselves have ever been perfect and can therefore attack others for being imperfect!

Not only that, a preemptive strike of this sort against Iran's nuclear capabilities isn't being recommended by Democrats nor by the left. It isn't that simple, I'd say to these two Demmies. Let them wait until, perhaps in fifty years from now, the Dems are back in power. Then they can pretend to be hawks! Today it just looks silly of them to pretend to be more hawkish than Dubya. After all, as imperfect as Dubya might be, I'd rather he be President than Dhimmis and appeaseniks like the dumbass ketchup gigolo John Kerry or Screamin' Insane Howie Dean or (gag) Hillary (wife of Slick Willy) Clinton, against whom half of Americans would definitely vote, according to a poll I noticed the other day...

(Heh... so bring on Hillary in '08!)

But still a good thing. Should Bush proceed to be preemptive against NK and also Iran, the fact that Clinton's former Sec/Asst Sec of Defence have supported the action will be cited to blunt the standard leftist condemnations of Bush's efforts to protect America and the Free World.

I say: an ultimatum to the enemy to stand down or we'll make 'em... by force... is what is needed. Oh, and of course, they shall also be advised that attacking the Free World could very well mean the end of those Axis countries.

h/t: National Terror Alert Response Center (clickable headlines in sidebar at right)

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

A Very Busy Week

Above: The Sentinel's New Wheels

Y'all might've noticed it's been a touch longer than usual since my last post below. Well, this is an extraordinarily busy week for me... at work and with the delivery of my new baby, pictured above. And, yes, I'm loving it! And not only does it look fast... it is fast! A much-overdue self-reward for years of gut-busting hard work... finally! And my old car now seems antique in comparison, not to mention perhaps five or even six seconds slower to sixty.

So far, I'd recommend the Chevy Cobalt. Great value, advanced quality for an American car, nice to look at... and fun to drive to boot!

Will try to get back to blogging shortly... in the meantime, there's plenty of stuff going on in the comments sections of some posts below, particularly the one about Iran, which is a new record for number of comments on a single thread for TCS.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Timely Jihad Cartoons

Guite: 3.5 Yrs for ADSCAM

Story here.

My question: Why are the Liberal politicians getting off scot-free, not even being charged and tried? Why are only non-politicians getting prosectuted for ADSCAM? Surely some Liberals had some role to play and may harbor guilt?

Are they really innocent?

Will we ever find out?

Has there even been any investigation into the involvement of the members of the former Liberal regime? Maybe there is, but we don't know it yet? Surely no one's above the law!

Sunday, June 18, 2006

Khomeini Grandson Asks US to Invade, Occupy Iran

Story here.

Well, not all Iranians think that simply "talking" with the evil Islamic fundamentalist forces currently occupying Iran is going to do any good.

The grandson of Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini, Hossein Khomeini, is calling on the United States to invade and occupy Iran to bring freedom, democracy and the rule of law to the Iranian people.

"Iran will gain real power if freedom and democracy develop there," Khomeini said, adding that if he came to power, one of his first acts would be to make wearing of the Muslim veil optional for Iranian women. "Strength will not be obtained through weapons and the bomb."

As for his call for the U.S. military to occupy his country, he said, "Freedom must come to Iran in any possible way, whether through internal or external developments. If you were a prisoner, what would you do? I want someone to break the prison [doors open]."

So now we know that Iranians are of two schools of thought: those who believe that the current tyrannical, oppressive regime of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad can be removed peacefully or by revolution, and those who believe there must be an overthrow any way necessary.

I would agree with the latter school of thought, for if left alone, the Ahmadinejad regime is more than likely to develop nuclear weapons for use in attacking other nations. And this must be prevented.

Of course, the left will, as a broken record, continue to call for "dialogue and diplomacy", as if one can reason with evil. But never forget that Chamberlain tried and failed with dialogue and diplomacy with Adolf Hitler, getting only a big, fat lie that he wouldn't attack Britain.

The crisis continues to unfold...

Saturday, June 17, 2006

An Awakening

I recommend this article. It's written by a woman who went from Christianity to fundamentalist Islam and back again. It's a look into the experiences of a real person who actually embraced Islam but simply couldn't remain, as she had fortunately retained the ability to think and reason for herself.

Read it and see what Farrah Khalil experienced.

It's a perspective I find balanced, respectful, reasoned and honest.

Here's a taste:
There was also the fact that all of the Egyptian people I met were very humble and kind. I rationalized that these were the type of wonderful people that the Islamic faith produced. I completely blocked out the fact that I had subconsciously started to develop a tiny hatred for Jewish people by living in Cairo. This was due to comments I heard by random people as well as a shirt I saw an Egyptian man wearing one day. I will never forget the gray hooded shirt with a bloody knife stabbing through Israel detailed largely
on the back. The shirt stopped me in my tracks and I think it was then that I started to question my Muslim faith.


Life went on as usual and I continued to practice Islam unfailingly until one night my husband received a very frightening e-mail that planted a tiny seed of thought in my mind. Someone had sent him the video of Nick Berg being beheaded via the internet. Although I refused to watch the horrific sight, I could still hear Nick Berg’s deathly screams as Islamic terrorists slowly sawed his head off. Even my husband, who was born a Muslim, seemed saddened and shocked as the hooded men chanted, “Allah Akbar,” while killing poor Nick Berg. I began to cry softly for Nick Berg and the terrorists
who truly thought they were doing their duty to Allah by beheading another human being. I was confused and terrified as I tried desperately to block his screams out of my mind.


I honestly believe that Allah is the devil. I can open the Qur’an to any random page and read something about death and hellfire to the infidels. I had overlooked it in the past, because I was concentrating more on the rituals and basic concepts of Islam. I failed to look at the core of the religion which I feel is based on evil. I think the Islamic faith is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. To some people it looks very wholesome and good from the
outside, but at the same time produces terrorists and extremists who will die trying to kill anyone who is not a Muslim.

Please do not think that I feel that all Muslims are evil Satan worshippers, because this is far from the truth. Many Muslims I know are some of the kindest and loving people I have ever met. I love my husband’s family and know that their hearts’ are filled with the best intentions. I truly believe that they, along with millions of other Muslims, think that they are worshipping God.

Hmm... believe me, I want to see the vast majority of Muslims as being peaceful and tolerant. But pretty much all I hear are protests and claims. The good Muslims of the world must act immediately to cleanse their faith of all of the negative elements or at least leave it, becoming apostates, if that proves impossible.

After all, the Koran says what it says. And it is what the Koran says which prompted Salman Rushdie to write "The Satanic Verses".

How about having Islam evolve and adapt to the modern world? I know that Christianity has. And if Christians can allow their faith to adapt, so therefore can Muslims.

I'm actually concerned for the Muslim people all over the world. I hope they can recover from the diseases which afflict their faith: hatred, intolerance and a culture of brutal violence and murder. No one can claim to be "good" if they unquestioningly, unconditionally, completely worship a faith with these deleterious elements.

The status quo is not an option.

Taliban Commander Surrenders To Canada

Taliban commander Mullah Mohammed Ibrahim, above, surrenders to Canadian Forces
Story here. h/t:
Canada can be proud. Again!
The valorous men and women of the Canadian Forces, some of whom paid the ultimate price, have scored a victory in the war against jihad and have brought Afghanistan one big step forward on the road to freedom, democracy, the rule of law and human rights.
I recall the Taliban issuing a warning to the Canadian Forces to leave Afghanistan or be slaughtered.
But, as Prime Minister Stephen Harper has already declared, Canada does not cut and run. Canadians are not yellow-bellied Dhimmi cowards, as the jihadists hoped we were. Perhaps they thought we were wimps who couldn't stomach the thought of having to kill anyone, even filthy scum like head-lopping jihadists. They learned the hard way that when the going gets tough, Canadians get going, and relentlessly so!
Canada fights as fiercely as any other. Canada fights with unfaltering determination, unwavering courage, relentless ferocity and honor.
O Canada
Strong and free
Fighting and defeating the forces of evil
Across the world
Spreading freedom, democracy and the rule of law
Sharing these awesome gifts with other peoples
Paid for in blood and lives many times over

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O Canada
Honoring the heroes
Always standing on guard for thee!

The Sentinel's First Blogger Award

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"Con" of the Week

It's indeed very nice to have my hard work recognized by the very folks who bear much of the brunt of my slammings and thumpings: the leftists.

I thank the guys at
StageLeft. They certainly know when they're getting their just desserts, to their credit. Gotta hand it to 'em!

Gee... I feel like Ann Coulter with a dicky-doodle!

Friday, June 16, 2006

Zarqawi in Hell

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...probably not what he hoped for, eh?
Osama... you're next!

The Persian Resistance To Islamic Iran

Persians demonstrate against the China/Russia/Iran Axis

Story here. Read it and follow the links if you'd like to maybe learn more about the Iran matter.
On Tuesday evening, a group of "Persian Royalists" "occupied" the Arc de Triomphe in the center of Paris to protest the Iranian nuclear program, and the emerging alliance between Russia, China, and Iran. They flew the flag called the "draphshe," which is the royal crescent of ancient Persia.

The group undertaking the action is called "Derafsh e Kaviani". It is an anti-Islamic Iranian goup which is calling for the overthrow of the Islamic regime in Teheran, and its replacement by a royal regime. The protesters remained on the Arc de Triomphe until Wednesday morning.

Since 1995, this group has protested against the Iranian nuclear program, as well as the support for this program provided by Russia and China. In 2005 the group organized a protest in the European Union headquarters in Brussels against European negotiations with Teheran over the nuclear program. This group states that the Iranian nuclear program is one of the greatest dangers of our time. Their website is: -- but it is in French...

Did the MSM know of this? Did they say much, if anything about this? Do they not want us to know something?
Indeed, I find the China/Russia/Iran, etc. Axis to be most ominously troubling (and don't forget about nuclear North Korea, either).
Russia and China are the second and third largest nuclear nations in terms of holdings. North Korea has nukes as well, and the missiles to deliver them. Now who believes Ahmadinejad's claims that he's only going to make electricity with nuclear energy? After he has repeatedly vowed to start wars with the Free World?
Working together, they indeed make a frighteningly destructive force.
Wonder what Nostradamus said about this?
No... I'm dead serious.
Those who dismiss the possiblity that evil exists in the form of tyrannical, oppressive states and will someday attack the Free World are practicing Chamberlainism.
And some of us actually understand the very real downside thereof.

Desperate Libs Claim Defection Offers From Gov't

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How low can they go?

Story here. h/t:

What makes them think Canadians will believe anything the Librano$$$ say anymore? Do they really think we've forgotten/forgiven them for using Canada as their own personal money laundromat and all that crap?

And who are they to complain? They did it... and it was proven on audiotape!

So... do they have any proof? Why should anyone care about any accusations the Librano$$$ might make against the popular government that replaced them and is doing its job as promised?

Poor, poor, pitiful Librano$$$!

Hey, while we're at it, how about I accuse the Librano$$$ of, say, being potheaded transvestites? Is it any more or less believable?

Librano accusations without proof... hilarious! If only they realized they're a laughingstock!

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Iraqi Marshlands Being Restored

Above: a marsh Arab now free from the murderous tyranny of brutal, sadistic, greedy dictator Saddam Hussein.
Saddam Hussein almost destroyed the Iraqi marshlands, which had provided a life for Arabs for millenia. For his own selfish, evil purposes. He cared nothing for others.
Story here. Courtesy of CENTCOM.
“The (Iraqi) parliament knows the damage the previous regime caused to the environment,” said Salima Inseel, head of the marshland department of the Ministry of Environment. She said the receded marshes, along with pollution from factories in the area, have led to unseasonably warmer temperatures in Iraq .

In 2003, immediately following Iraq 's liberation by Coalition forces, the interim government set up the Center for the Restoration of Iraq Marshlands, under the supervision of the Ministry of Water Resources. The center is the lead organization for restoring the marshlands.

Ali Hashim Katie, the director of CRIM, said the marshes are already at about 40 percent of pre-1991 levels.
Read it all. It's more of the good news of the badly-needed liberation of Iraq from the monstrous Saddam Hussein.
There are all kinds of good things happening now in Iraq. Why doesn't the MSM tell us about them?
Does the MSM have an obsession with death and all sorts of bad things... to such an extent as to be completely blind to the positive side of the world?
Are the MSM merely prophets of doom and gloom? Do they wish Saddam was still in power, gassing, torturing, raping, executing innocent people, etc.?
Thank goodness... Saddam has been defeated and is being brought to justice.

Psychoanalyzing Leftists

Here's an article with which I agree.


The thing that has me stumped is trying to figure out what leftists want. For example, when left-wing judges take it upon themselves to legislate from the bench, liberals are quick to say that the Constitution is a living document, and that it has to evolve to accommodate a changing world. However, whenever a conservative suggests that the 14th amendment, which grants automatic citizenship on any person born in America, ought to be changed in order to deny that gift to those born to illegal aliens, those same people carry on as if the Constitution, like the 10 Commandments, was carved in stone.

Many of us in Canada observe the very same phenomenon in our own moonbats. More evidence that we're quite alike, we Canucks and Yanks.

Another thing about liberals I can’t begin to figure out is their abiding devotion to failed economic theories. The fact that communism hasn’t worked anywhere in the world doesn’t cool their ardor in the slightest. The fact that Marx’s brainstorm invariably metastasizes into a despotic tyranny -- be it in the Soviet Union, China, Cuba, Cambodia or Venezuela -- doesn’t make the slightest impression on them. Neither does the fact that socialism has brought much of Europe to the brink of moral and financial bankruptcy faze them in the least.

Yeah... it's inexplicable! Like when dogs eat crap!

Not to mention the astonishing belief amongst many leftists that George W. Bush, the President of the U.S., is a badder dude than such lovely men as Saddam Hussein and Osama Bin Laden. Surely leftists saw all the dead Kurds on TV who were gassed after Saddam gave the order? Surely leftists are aware of what happened on 9/11 and of the countless acts of murderous horror prior to it and following it, like televised beheadings of innocents? America doesn't go around deliberately harming innocents. And no leftist on earth can ever prove otherwise, no matter how loudly Michael Moore screams his greasy, lying head off.

The author says the following of leftism:
Well, I hate to be impolite, but when people keep doing the same thing in spite of getting the same rotten results, we have been told by experts in the field that it’s a pretty sure sign of insanity.

Exactly. Leftism is a mental disorder.

How else does one explain the bamboozling inexplicability of the left? Pure, unadulterated stupidity? Anyhow, the two aren't mutually exclusive, so maybe we could include that in the analysis...

Which is: insane and/or stupid.

I bet the leftists are now whizzing in their pants, an act they've advised me they perform when I do my thing here on this humble little blog.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

The Left Attacks the Sentinel

I must be doing my job very well.

Seems these wonderful folks, including some of the most infamous moonbats of all the Canadian blogosphere, have been quite smitten by little me. Never did I think anyone would really pay so much attention.


Hmm... y'all know, I can actually write. And, as you've seen, I can annoy leftists and get them to dump on me. Just like the wonderful golden-haired Amazon named Ann...

Hmm... y'all know, perhaps someday I should start a book attacking the left... whatever will I call it... perhaps "Brainless: The Nature of the Leftist Thing", unless Dave Suzuki has any objection...

Oh, and by the way, they're voting for "Best Con" from amongst a bunch of us conservative bloggers. Guess what? I'm winning!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Aboriginals Sheltering Fugitives From Law Canada.

I didn't make this up, either.

The fugitives include those who ambushed U.S. Border Patrol Agents, beat them... and one who stole the agents' SUV and proceeded to attempt to run over an injured police officer.

Story here. h/t:

The Six Nations has its legal tradition that they contend governs their actions and legal processes.

David Ramsay, minister responsible for aboriginal affairs, said Tuesday that the Six Nations "grand law" is similar to English common law.

"But what we're saying to them is that the Criminal Code of Canada is supreme in this country. It applies to all people and in all places."

That's correct. This is Canada. A sovereign nation. With a Charter of Rights and Freedoms that gurantees equality for all.

But the so-called "First Nations", in this instance the "Six Nations", is claiming sovereign nationhood and exemption from the Charter and the Criminal Code of Canada, while benefiting from its provisions and the billions of dollars in taxes collected from nonAboriginals who have as much of a right to everything as do the exalted Aboriginals.

The "First Nations" cannot claim to be sovereign while taking billions from nonAboriginals and deriving other benefits, including being exempt from the law, as we've seen during their illegal occupation of Caledonia and their act of international terrorism against the United States of America by deliberately attacking three of her citizens, wholly unprovoked and unjustified.

Now, who cares about centuries-old "treaties" any more, after all this? How can anyone even think of any treaties when serious criminal suspects are being protected by the Aboriginals solely based on their race/ancestry? The Premier of Ontario himself, in fact, has indicated there will be no dialogue whatsoever until the suspects are apprehended and brought to trial.

The people of Canada are guaranteed the right under the Charter to think whatever they wish of whomever they deem. This must be remembered by all who reside inside the Canadian Federation, regardless of race, ancestry, national origin, sex, etc.

Failure on the part of the Aboriginal community to respect nonAboriginals and to not act as if they're racially or hereditarily superior/more entitled, above the law, etc. will never, never, never bring them any good.

Again, I emphasize that all good people of Aboriginal ancestry must take this situation very, very seriously and realize that failing that, they will only marginalize themselves. Why on earth would they think it in their best interests to condone actions such as attempted murder and shelter the fugitives... just because of their race or ancestry?

Or do good Aboriginals lack the ability to speak up for themselves? Are they oppressed by their "leaders" to such a degree as to be afraid to speak for themselves and stand up to their "leaders"?

I'd really like to know. Because I'm very concerned for everyone, regardless of race or ancestry or whatever else like that.

I do, after all, believe in freedom, democracy, the rule of law and human rights. These are, after all, the most important things of all!

I reject any contention on any basis whatsoever that any people can be "superior" to any others.

I believe all people are created and must necessarily be treated as and act as equals.

Who disagrees?

China: Planning World War With West?

China isn't being paid enough wary attention. I have long been convinced that they pose a grave threat to the world, particularly the Free World, especially America. I've come across some compelling reading for those who haven't really thought much about just how dangerous that huge, occupied-by-one-dictatorial-entity empire of oppressed, tyrannized people really is.

The China Factor–A real threat: This article discusses the economic threat China poses to America. And as the rest of the Free World is much like America economically and politically, it applies as well to them.

The Chinese have labor costs so low, if any, that it's impossible for the Free World to compete anymore in labor-intensive production. This is why there are so many unbelieveably cheap goods coming out of China... and it's not just cheap junk anymore, either.

In addition to that, the Chinese Communist regime reaps massive profits for itself and is apparently shovelling the money mostly into the building of its already ridiculously monstrous, lethal, nuclear (it has the third-largest nuke arsenal after the US and Russia) military machine.

Which brings us to:

China, U.S. Headed for a Showdown:

While the United States has been preoccupied with the War on Terror since Sept. 11, 2001, China has embarked on a massive military buildup that can have only one objective — to challenge the United States as a world superpower.

That’s the conclusion of a chilling new book, "Showdown: Why China Wants War with the United States," by Jed Babbin and Edward Timperlake, released by Regnery Publishing.

It appears that Islamic fanaticism is not the only threat to our way of life. The defeat of the Soviet Union in the Cold War was only a partial victory, the authors argue. A Pacific Cold War awaits the United States and its dwindling Western allies, according to Babbin and Timperlake.

"If war does become reality, it will be because China has chosen, clearly and decisively, to make war on America, its allies and its interests," the authors argue. "It will not be an accident, the result of an economic clash or a misunderstanding — and our diplomatic efforts need to bear that in mind.
We believe China has already decided in favor of war."

Read it all for yourself. Remember to compare the size of the Chinese military to that of the rest of the world, including the United States'. And keep in mind that Chinese soldiers are never volunteers... they must enlist or die, when selected.

And China isn't alone, either. I have been mentioning the new, growing "Axis Power Group" in commenting on the current international threat environment, recalling the Axis powers of World War II. China seems to be the leader of the new Axis. Iran has been invited into what is being declared an Asian counterpart to NATO. This brings us to the following article:

Iran welcome in China's new sphere:

The Shanghai Co-operation Organisation - whose meeting has forced the shutdown of much of the city this week - is celebrating its fifth anniversary, and is preparing to expand its membership well beyond the present China, Russia and four strategic central Asian states: Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan. Chinese Assistant Foreign Minister Li Hui refused at a briefing yesterday to disclose the countries that wished to become observers or full members, beyond saying: "A lot of countries in Asia and other continents have applied, demonstrating the SCO is broadening its influence."

There are some surprising states attending, like India and Afghanistan, for example. But that's a side issue.

The following bothers me:

Last week SCO secretary-general Zhang Deguang told journalists in Beijing, when questioned about the participation of Iran: "We cannot abide other countries calling our observer nations sponsors of terror. We would not have invited them if we believed they sponsored terror."

The Chinese know that Iran is a sponsor of terror. No way wouldn't they, what with their formidable international intelligence network. Deguang is clearly lying through his teeth. I see the Chinese relationship with Iran as an act of Axis powerbuilding and a genuine cause for alarm for America and the Free World, as Iran has already promised to attack us. With nuclear weapons, most likely, when they're ready to use them.

Those who deny the obvious are practicing Chamberlainism and are incessantly waving a figurative piece of paper and carrying on with the delusion of "peace in our time", merely based upon Chinese and Iranian assurances that they have no intention to attack the Free World, a promise similar to the one Adolf Hitler made to British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain.

Those who would (and will) dismiss and belittle me as a delusional, extreme alarmist are gambling with history, both past and future.

I choose the Churchillian way. For I have seen the lessons of history and will think and act based thereupon.

The Free World cannot afford to have its collective head in the sand... for this would next time be its undoing.

We must, therefore, stand up, raise our heads high, get serious and prepare for literally anything.

Cowering in blissful ignorance is not an option if we want the hard-won gifts of freedom, democracy and the rule of law to continue to exist and expand in the world. Millions didn't risk and sacrifice their very lives, after all, for us to take these gifts for granted.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Good News out of Iraq: Women Becoming Police Officers

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An Iraqi policewoman

Story here, courtesy of US Central Command (CENTCOM)

(Where, oh where is the MSM on this good news?)

Although women throughout Iraq have been given the right to vote and are accepted in the army and police academies, the city of Irbil was the first city to allow women to hold positions of power.

Iraqi Police Lt. Narseed, is one of the first female officers in the city.

She wanted to be a police officer at a very young age but thought that the career field would not be open within her lifetime. That all changed when the Coalition removed Saddam from power. She said she had already graduated college and was becoming a lawyer when she made the decision to become a police officer. “When I heard that the doors had opened for women to become officers, I jumped at the chance and then went to the police academy.”

She said that she has no issue with men following orders or accepting her as an authoritative figure. “Here, there is no difference between male officers and female officers. If I tell the men to do something, they do it. There is no hesitation on their part.”


According to Aswar, when Saddam was in power, he tried to brainwash the females in the country into believing that they could not do the same things as men, but his beliefs were never really accepted in the Kurdish provinces.

“We knew that like so many successful and stable nations around the world, our views on women had to change,” he said.

“We consider ourselves more modern and progressive compared to a lot of other cities in the Middle East.”

So... do the anti-Iraq war leftists out there still believe it would've been preferable to have simply left Saddam alone to, among many, many other terrible things, continue to oppress women and deny them equal rights? Whatever made them think that the oppression of women was ever a good thing? And leftists are always going on about human rights and womens' equality? Are they really serious?

I bet those leftists, most of them at least, will go into denial and claim that it's just "American propaganda" or something. Par for the course for the brainwashed moonbats who don't even like their own country.

Saddam's been removed. Democracy and human rights are flourishing in Iraq. The leader of the Saddam-loyalist "insurgents", Al-Zarqawi, is dead. Iraq is on its way to becoming a viable, modern, progressive nation. And the left hates this.

Iraq will become a model for other nations in the Middle East to eventually emulate. Why would the people of those nations want to remain stuck in the days of barbarism, thanks to corrupt, evil clerics and jihadist monsters who oppress them and try to teach them all to hate and kill? The people will indeed rise up and break free of the shackles of servitude! And the Free World must not abandon them, no matter how much Al Qaeda and the left demand that we allow evildoers to continue to oppress and tyrannize the people of the Middle East!

Thank United States President George W. Bush. He has done the right thing! History will vindicate him.

Well-done, Mr. President! Steady as she goes! Full speed ahead!

And the valorous warriors who fought and sometimes fell will be honored by history as well.

May freedom, democracy, the rule of law and human rights continue to spread like wildfire all across the planet! Let no one stand in the way!

I may be Canadian, but I'm so proud of my American friends and my friends in the Coalition of the Willing who dared against all negative pressure to do the right thing!