Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Robert Mueller

Needs a day off.

Every day off.

Every day from now on ought to be known as...

Robert Mueller's Day Off.

Unlike Ferris Bueller, he's not funny.

He is not in there to find the truth.  He is a witch hunter targeting any and all Republicans.  He already knows that there was never any collusion between Trump and Russia... not that there'd be anything illegal about that anyway, as we never saw Obama get investigated for his campaign's collusion with Iran, nor his and the Clintons' collusion with Russia on the uranium file.

Robert Mueller is not an investigator, nor a lawman.  He is merely a political subversion agent working for the Deep State.  

Why aren't Obama and the Clintons being investigated too?  Hmm?  Yup.  Deep State won't allow it.

America Under Donald Trump: Becoming Great Again

There can be no question as to the reality that the American economy has come totally roaring, booming back, and FAST... simply due to the election of Donald Trump and the expectation and implementation of various badly needed policies required for economic recovery.
And now that there's been major tax relief, the termination of the hated, unwanted, devastating Obamacare Mandate and now that Alaska will again have oil drilling... just watch the communists and America haters scream at it all... because they don't want America to be great.
Most Americans want America to be great. Only crazy extremists don't.
As for Canada under Justin Trudeau, the economic situation is the opposite. Rapid devastation. Extreme job haemmorhage. Termination of many enterprises. Rising taxes, inflation. Despair. How will Canadians survive?

Canada Under Trudeau 2.0

Losing Control:  

MPs angry following Trudeau's VIOLENT outburst in Parliament, 
in which he freaked out due to not getting what he wanted when 
he wanted it, and ran up to some MPs, grabbed and yanked one by
the arm and elbowed another in the boob.  Left wing and media arm
forgave him instantly.  Wow.  Insane.

To put it simply, Justin Trudeau is a monster in charge of the levers of power in Canada.

Never has Canada been in such horrible shape... and danger.

Economically, Trudeau 2.0 has been devastating, very much like his father was.  And none of it is unforced error.  After all, what does one expect of a communist dictator wannabe?

On the national security front, Justin Trudeau terminated Canada's war on the ISIS savage beastly war criminals, thus giving them breathing space... for a while, at least, until America under Donald Trump ordered the US military to hunt and destroy those barbarians (Justin Trudeau doesn't believe it's barbaric to chop peoples' heads off).

Then Trudeau threw open the borders to fake "Syrian" refugees (note the "fake").  Most of whom have been men of combat age, with very few women and children.  And most have been Muslims, which is weird, as ISIS really targets NON-Muslims and leaves Muslims alone.

Then, Trudeau invited the illegal aliens in via our southern border, ordering police and border guards to be their bellboys and such, and allowing all illegal aliens to just stay and get free stuff, paid for by Canadian citizens who work for a living and pay a LOT of tax.

It gets worse.  Unfortunately.  And we're likely stuck with this little potato until 2019.

Brace yourselves.

Further photographs illustrating this bizarre fake Prime Minister: