Wednesday, December 20, 2017

America Under Donald Trump: Becoming Great Again

There can be no question as to the reality that the American economy has come totally roaring, booming back, and FAST... simply due to the election of Donald Trump and the expectation and implementation of various badly needed policies required for economic recovery.
And now that there's been major tax relief, the termination of the hated, unwanted, devastating Obamacare Mandate and now that Alaska will again have oil drilling... just watch the communists and America haters scream at it all... because they don't want America to be great.
Most Americans want America to be great. Only crazy extremists don't.
As for Canada under Justin Trudeau, the economic situation is the opposite. Rapid devastation. Extreme job haemmorhage. Termination of many enterprises. Rising taxes, inflation. Despair. How will Canadians survive?

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Anonymous said...

So uh, when is it gonna be great again? It's been a year you'd think he'd get on it.