Sunday, December 31, 2006

Saddam Goes to Hell

Leaked Cellphone Video of Saddam's Full Execution

As "Canuckguy" in the comments requested the full video of Saddam's hanging, perhaps to dispel all doubt as to his death, here's a cellphone video capture leaked via the internet:

Be warned: this is the real thing. If you get sick easily, you might not want to watch it. But it isn't gory... it simply shows the tyrant's cowardice and sheer fear of dying as well as his head positioned at a really weird angle as he hangs swinging, indicating a fatally broken neck.

h/t: World Net Daily (I linked to the above from the headlines in my sidebar).

Saturday, December 30, 2006

The Monster is Dead

Hope they threw stinky old shoes at Saddam the Tyrant as he swung, urine trickling down his legs, and then dumped him into a latrine, to be covered with pig carcasses and the shoes. Hope he understood that he was being hanged for being evil, but he was probably too stupid to even understand that the things he did were evil; probably believed he had some kind of liberal-type inner culture of limitless entitlement to do whatever he wanted to whomever he wanted and could have whatever he wanted. He'll surely go down in history as one of the worst "liberals" of all...

But never mind that pathetic piece of whatever.

There's good news. The removal of Saddam, which brought the Liberation of Iraqis (yes, the Iraqis are liberated, never mind the problems associated with the likes of Al Sadr and other Saddamites) and more.

"Liberals"/leftists take note: Ever heard of the Arabs of the marshes in Iraq? Saddam executed a brutal, callous holocaust upon them, attempting to wipe them all out along with the marshes, which he turned into desert.

Well, believe it or not, thanks to the courage of George W. Bush, Tony Blair and others of the Coalition of the Willing, the Marsh Arabs are back, and the marshes and their Arab inhabitants have returned, along with indigenous species. Saddam has failed, the worthless piece of pig-sourced shoe leather! Bush has restored the marshes!

Come, read about it here.

h/t: smalldeadanimals

Islamofascists and other evildoers take heed: the execution of Saddam isn't going to be an isolated incident. Other tyrants will follow unless they cancel their plans for evildoing.

The Free World may currently appear as a deer in high beams, seemingly incapable of acting, paralyzed, but don't get your hopes up, all ye evil demons out there. We've vanquished your kind over millennia and have prevented you from overtaking the world for the fulfilment of your selfish, hedonistic, brutally evil culture of narrowly-held unlimited entitlement.

Yes, you tyrants, whatever kind ye be, you will ultimately end up like Saddam one way or another. Someday you'll die, and then whatever pleasure ye thought ye were deriving from the suffering of others will come to an end... and ye will then suffer as your victims have, only amplified infinitely.

Evil is weak, for it is based on death. Good, on the other hand, which is based on the will to live, is infinitely more powerful and will always ultimately prevail. That's the way it is.

Friday, December 29, 2006

50,000 Visits!

...since I started this blog on September 11th, 2005.

That's visits, not hits/page views, mind y'all... which means that once you've entered the site, it's counted as one visit, regardless of how many pages of the blog you view. The figure for page views is nearly 75,ooo, in case anyone wondered, according to my Sitemeter stats.

Well, that's quite pleasing for a perfect-nobody blogger like myself. Not bad considering I'm only a part-time blogger- I blog on my free time when I'm not at work full-time or doing something else.

I'm basically doing what I want here- discussing stuff I find and post, analyzing, opining, hopefully persuading.

Sometimes also making fun of stuff and people who deserve it (and sometimes those who might not deserve it, if I'm in a bad-boy mood, though no harm intended towards innocent make-fun-ees, of course)

Not a bad milestone with which to bring 2006 to a close.

This past year I've ripped into Liberals, Democrats, Jihadists and many more baddies and asshats needing ripping and exposure.

I've engaged in political-ideological combat with leftwing nutcases, a few of them actually formidable opponents who posed a serious challenge but who still, being leftists, failed to see reason and accept the truth. Learned the hard way how to deal with 'em.

I've exposed a terrorist training compound right here in Canada.

And, most importantly, I've had fun doing so.

Here's looking forward to more of The Canadian Sentinel in 2007.

Coming up soon: plenty of fierce attacks and justifiable mockery directed towards the Liberal Party of Canada in the lead-up to and during the next election, expected within just months.

Hop on! Hang on! I'll take y'all for a ride!

Dejected Ideological Soulmates?

Hillary Clinton, l, and Saddam Hussein, r, react to the news that Saddam will indeed very soon be hanged.

Poor Hillary... hope she has a puke pail handy... I know how much she adores the Butcher of Baghdad...

Beware Keith Ellison

Why should we beware Keith Ellison, at left?

Here's why. Read it all. With an open mind. And understand.

The guy at the right? Oh, that's Mohammed.

The guy on the left believes I must be put to death for daring to do this post. Really. Why? The guy on the right, his exalted, precious "prophet", requires it of him.

Peaceful and tolerant, my ass.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Man Charged With Assault for Farting on Cellmate

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Just about to return to work for a couple of days or so prior to my second looooong weekend in a row.

Had a blast this Christmas. Hope y'all had a merry one as well!

So I'll do a quick, if not all that serious, post, to reward the few who drop by to see if I'm back yet.

Here it is...

They call him "Jack the Ripper".

...charged with assault on a confined person for allegedly passing gas repeatedly, resulting in a fight at the Lincoln County Jail.

Guards were first alerted to the problem Dec. 14 when inmate Jesse Dorris began banging on his cell door, screaming he wanted out of his cell, according to the North Platte Bulletin.


Dorris was finally moved to a different cell out of nose-shot of Bruggeman, but that afternoon while inmates were lining up for dinner, Bruggeman reportedly got next to Dorris, backed up to him and broke wind once again.

Well, read the whole stinking thing. There's some good punnery about the whole thing at the link, too.

This is just too surrealistically hilarious!

He's in for only three months for violating his probation, but now faces up to five more years for assault and/or a ten grand fine...

There you have it... watch out... if you fart in the presence of others within an enclosed space, like a jail cell or, say, an elevator, you could actually go to jail for it!

Friday, December 22, 2006

New Christian Advocacy Group Formed: CARE

Story here.

21 December 2006: On Monday, December 25, the Council Against Religious exclusion (CARE), will hold a news conference at its world headquarters in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania in reaction to what the civil rights group calls a "flying while Christian" incident involving the British airline carrier bmi. CARE, a soon-to-be prominent national Christian civil rights and advocacy group today called for congressional hearings on religious and ethnic profiling at airports as a Christian stewardess for British Airways, claimed discrimination because of her religious faith.

The Northeast Intelligence Network, having formed a human rights advocacy group known as CARE – an acronym for the Council Against Religious Exclusion, intends to petition the federal government - including Speaker-elect Nancy Pelosi and representative-elect Keith Ellison, bmi, the Vatican, and Saudi officials for what it believes is a "flying while Christian" incident.

(Read the whole report, which includes an incident of discrimination against an airline stewardess of Christian faith and the confiscation and possible desecration of her Bible)

CARE, hoping to become America's largest Christian civil liberties group and is searching for office space in at least 32 cities across the U.S. and Canada. Its mission is to enhance the understanding of Christianity, encourage interfaith dialogue, protect civil liberties, empower American Christians, and build coalitions that promote justice and mutual understanding.

Excellent move, Mr. Hagmann! This is definitely needed!

Thursday, December 21, 2006

More Crime from the Chretien-Martin-Dion Liberal Era

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New Liberal leader Stephane Dion counts former Prime Minister Jean Chretien (of ADSCAM fame) amongst his closest advisors, in his inner circle.

Well, lest we forget (how could we forget, with all the criminal investigations continuously surrounding the Liberal era?), we now have more arrests for criminal activity surrounding the HRDC billion-dollar boondoggle from that era.

Librano$$$, eh?

The arrests announced by the Peel Region police fraud squad yesterday bring to 27 the number of people charged in the three-year investigation. Several of those charged have been convicted or pleaded guilty.

Police allege that HRDC was defrauded of more than $3 million between 1999 and 2004 using false invoices, overbilling and bribes to obtain approval for projects.

One of the six arrested is a longtime Liberal activist. Read the whole thing.

Sound familiar? It should. It sounds like the infamous ADSCAM!

We see a pattern emerging.

This by itself may not sound like much with which to beat on the current Liberal leader , but there's more... much more yet to come.

Don't forget that there are approximately three dozen continuing criminal investigations into Liberal government activities.

And just wait 'till the Auditor General, with her new powers of investigation to look into places she previously couldn't, does her job. What really happened to the billions of dollars that went into the secretive, mysterious Liberal "foundations"? We don't know yet. But we will. Just make sure the Liberals don't get back in to shred documents, cover tracks, "talk to" people, etc., to cover their asses.

With such dark clouds over the Liberals, including their new leader, who was there through it all, how can Canadians take the risk of putting these mobsters back into power before we know whether they're crooked as hell or not? Too much doubt. So don't vote Liberal... at least until all investigations have been concluded. Who knows? By then, perhaps even fewer Canadians will want to vote Liberal, depending on what the investigations discover!

Every time we learn of criminality, corruption, gross incompetence, stupid boondoggles and so on, we're reminded of how inept the Liberals really were as a government. All kinds of things went wrong that never had to go wrong.

Chretien. Martin. Dion.

Same old, same old.

They haven't changed.

Same old Liebrano$$$.

Arrogance. Corruption. Criminality. Cavalier incompetence. And more. Much more.

Am I being nasty? Perhaps.

But we know very well precisely how nasty the Liberals really are!

They can't complain! Pot shouldn't call Kettle black!

You know, the Liberal Party of Canada is such an extinct dinosaur! See?

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Hamas Genocidal, Won't Talk To Them: Harper

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Stephen Harper tells it like it is

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper tells it like it is: Hamas is genocidal.

"We will not solve the Palestinian-Israeli problem, as difficult as that is, through organizations that advocate violence and advocate wiping Israel off the face of the Earth,"

"It's unfortunate because with Hamas, and with Hezbollah in Lebanon, it has made it very difficult to have dialogue -- and dialogue is ultimately necessary to have peace in the long term -- but we are not going to sit down with people whose objectives are ultimately genocidal."

Mr. Harper also deserves praise for the following:

Under the Conservatives, Canada was the first country, ahead of even the United States, to withdraw financial aid to the Hamas-led Palestinian government. As other countries questioned and in some cases condemned Israel's bombing of Lebanon this summer, Mr. Harper initially described the bombardment as a "measured response."

He also indicates that he doesn't care if he loses the next election because of his counter-Islamic-fascism stance, because:

"I have to do what I think is right for the long-term security interest of this country and right for the men and women who have put themselves on the line."

That means that under Stephen Harper and the Conservatives, Canada will not speak to murdermongering barbarians like Hamas and Hezbollah. We don't talk to the Taliban, either, nor Al Qaeda.

Canada stands firmly against Islamic fascism and imperialism.

Personally, I'd prefer also not dealing with Abu Mazen (Abbas) of Fatah, which the Globe and Mail article wrongly calls "secular". Only an ignorant Dhimmi would believe that Fatah and Mazen are secular moderates. It's all about political optics.

Personally, I'd give the Muslims an ultimatum: total peace, now... or else. Period.

Of course, it isn't a perfect world. The next move is likely to be that of the Muslims. After all, they always draw first blood.

A 90-Second "History of Religion"

It's a brief, illustrative video clip.

Here. h/t:

It'll provide real perspective.

Remember to note the vastness of Islam as compared to the teeny-tininess of Judaism. And ask yourself: who could possibly be the victim, and who could possibly be the aggressor/predator?

Nazi-Redux Germany Cracking Down on Homeschooling

Story here. Certainly read it all to get the whole picture, but here's some frightening excerpts which I believe sound simply too disturbingly familiar...

The German government, in a throwback to its National Socialist Workers Party heritage, has declared war on homeschool families, promising to bring those with banned "religious convictions" into alignment with he state regulations.

Hmm... "banned religious convictions"... in Germany...sound familiar? "Alignment with state regulations"? Is that codespeak? What's next?

The German declaration and threat came from "K. Horstmann" who was identified as a "Ministerial Director" and was in a note responding to the German education network's letters requesting that consideration be given to one homeschool family whose children had been picked up by police and escorted to the public school.

I'm sure someday we'll be seeing this "K. Horstmann" at Nuremberg...

In that case, as WND reported, children from the Romeike family were forcibly escorted to school in their home town in the state of Baden-Wuerttemburg.

...forcibly escorted... shades of the Third Reich...

"K. Horstmann" continues:

"The education administration in future will also not recognize so-called homeschooling and act in proportionate measure considering the individual case and circumstances."

Sounds ominous... wonder how far the German state would go to "act in proportionate measure"? We've seen how far they've gone in the past. And in today's ignorant leftist worldview climate, they'd certainly get away with a brutal crackdown on homeschoolers.

Here's where we see what it's likely really all about, why there's such a fascistic crackdown, particularly directed at German Christians:
The court said the Konrads belong to a "Christian community which is strongly attached to the Bible" and rejected public schooling because of the explicit sexual indoctrination programs that the courses there include.

Could this be an ultra-extreme leftwing fascist imposition of the indoctrination of all children in whatever sex acts and sexualities are deemed by leftwing fascists to be compulsory for children to be immersed in?

Why must the state, in the view of the ultra-extreme fascist left, force sexuality of whatever kind upon children? What social good does this serve? To make sexual deviants and extremists feel better about themselves?

...or does Germany plan to eventually legalize pedophilia? Is this the kind of society they plan to build?

Why are sexual deviants and extremists more important than Christians, Jews, etc.?

I think that the Nazis are back in Germany... and that they're now about leftism and extremely deviant sexuality.

Why else does the German reich want to force certain things onto German children? Surely, it's not about math and language skills... homeschooling teaches these things. It's about things like sodomy, for example, and Christians who homeschool are highly unlikely to indoctrinate their children in this crap, thus posing a threat to the leftwing sex fascists of the state apparatus.

Now... I want to see the Fourth German Reich dare to force the very same indoctrination upon fundamentalist Muslims as well. Then we'll sit back and watch the jihad attacks on the reich and the resultant crackdown on all Muslims... if the German Reich has the balls to go after their soulmates in intolerance, imposition, authoritarianism, supremacism and imperialism!

Next thing we know, the sexual extremists will be goosestepping naked down the streets of Berlin carrying rainbow colored banners...

But somehow I doubt that the fundamentalist Muslims are going to put up with this.

Will the Nazi-Islam bond finally come to an end due to this forcible indoctrination in radical sexual extremism?

Ok... call me nuts, but come on... in today's immoral Europe, including Germany, with its infamously extreme porn and stuff, it's apparent that this is really what it is all about.

And it's going to happen, too, in North America.

Or has it already begun?

Here come the leftwing flamers, flapping their moonbat wings furiously, screeching, dropping flaming guano upon me for simply exercising my right to hold my own point of view on stuff...

Next thing I know, the Bizarre Sexual Indoctrination Schutzstaffel will be breaking down my door to take me away... stomp, stomp, stomp *yelling orders in German, door being broken* stomp, stomp, stomp... "You! kommen vith uz! ve teach you to vuck in der buttzen und you vill like it!"

Oh, and the radical left can screw off... I'll say whatever I want based on what I observe happening in the real world, which is very real...

What's the matter with Germany, anyway? Why so bloody self-destructive? Them krazy, kooky Krauts...

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Canadians Really Like Harper's Senate Reform Plan: Poll

Story here. h/t:

Yep. The vast majority of Canadians, including in Ontario and Quebec, like the idea of elections to recommend to the Prime Minister whom to appoint to the Senate. Support for limiting Senatorial term limits is even more impressive.

Only the Conservatives understand what Canadians want, apparently. Heck, members of the other parties even like the Conservative Senate reform plan.

Indeed, Stephen Harper understands Canadians.

Now everyone else will have no choice but to climb on board; get with the program, else be branded, rightly, as antidemocratic asshats or something.

Let's reform the Senate. Let's make it work... finally!

Smart move by a smart Prime Minister! (Of course, I already knew it is the right thing to do!)

That's leadership!

You da man, Stephen!

Mocking Stephane Dion!

The more things change, the more they stay the same. Out with the old, in with the same old, same old!
New Librano mob leader Stephane Dion defiantly gives the finger in Parliament. I think he wants to steal the golden mace, pictured in foreground... well, he is the leader of a crooked organization, after all...

Having a good laugh: "'s one of Mohammed picking his nose..."

"Um... sorry to interrupt y'all... but I'm trying to find the little leftists' room... I'm so full of shit..."

Do what I want you to do... or I'll flick this boogie at you!

Tenn. Gov. Puts Muslim on Christmas Card Instead of Jesus

Instead of Jesus, the Governor of Tennessee put this picture of a Muslim on a Christmas card. Do I really need to explain why that's a problem? I mean, WTF?! Is the Governor a completely insane moonbat?

If this isn't the definition of insanity and Dhimmitude, nothing is.

here. h/t:

Christmas cards sent out by Tennessee Governor Phil Bredesen’s family have sparked controversy. The card uses a Muslim girl to symbolize a Christian holiday and has one local pastor questioning the governor's judgment.
Apparently, the Governor is using Christmas to make a political statement, favoring Muslims, rather than celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. Is this not blasphemous? If he had blasphemed Islam instead, the Muslims would be demanding his head... literally!
On the back of the card Governor Bredesen had a statement that read, “While it may seem odd to put a portrait of a young Muslim woman on a Christmas card, this season reminds us that he loves his children most of all. May the miracle of Christmas help bring peace and hope to this young woman and her wounded land.”
The only thing that'll bring peace to this young woman and her "wounded land" is to kill the Taliban beasts who don't want peace! Idiot!
“Can you imagine if the governor had sent a card on Martin Luther King Jr. Day with a picture of a Klansman on the front of it? It would be blood on the streets. It would be bad. If you put it in that perspective, it's an insult to the church of Jesus Christ,”said Pastor Davis.
The Governor of Tennessee has offended Christians. Is this not as bad a thing, at least, as offending Muslims? Is it only bad to offend Muslims? Is it the "right thing to do", in the minds of the incredibly daft leftists to offend Christians? To offend Jews?
In short, the Governor, Phil Bredesen, is stupid as a piece of bellybutton lint and has offended an entire religion.
At least the devotees of this religion aren't going to demand he be separated from his head, however empty it may be!
Merry Christmas, Governor Bredesen! Oops! I'm sorry! I forgot it was offensive to say "Merry Christmas"! Maybe I should've said "Allahu Akhbar" instead? Would that please you as much as it would the Muslims who want you and me to die because we aren't Muslims?
Please forgive me... but someone does need to speak out against this rampant, spreading-like-wildfire, Christmasophopbia...
And that bigotry kind of gets in the way of the celebration of the Birth of Christ... to which Christians are entitled, without restriction, to celebrate, according to the Constitution of the United States of America, in which the left and the atheists obviously don't believe. They could at least believe in the Constitution, but it appears they don't even belive in that. Guess they're more comfortable simply going with the flow of the migrating herd of virtually identical leftists...

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

US Must Win in Iraq: Bahrain

A nation in the Arab world doesn't want the United States to pull out of Iraq (in addition to Saudi Arabia, who doesn't want a pullout, either).

Bahrain has made its position clear. Are the appeaseniks listening? h/t: FrontPage

An abrupt U.S. pullout from Iraq would have disastrous consequences for the region and could create a haven of terrorists, Bahrain's ambassador to the United States, Naser M.Y. Al Belooshi, warned in an interview yesterday.

The unusually blunt message came from one of the United States' closest allies in the Arab world, one that has long cultivated close ties with Washington and hosts the U.S. Navy's 5th Fleet.

"The biggest risk from our point of view is that America would just pull out before the Iraqis have the ability to defend themselves," Mr. Al Belooshi told editors and reporters at The Washington Times. "Iraq would become a good place for terrorists to use as a base. You have to win this war."

Now we see that there is actually no consensus whatsoever that America and the Coalition should pull out of Iraq, notwithstanding what leftists and the MSM keep saying.

The point is: the job must be finished. Pulling out would be the worst thing to do, as the Islamofascist jihadists would then take over and use Iraq as a base for further, and worse, international terrorism and Islamic imperialism, led by Iran and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Finish the job first. Worry about "pulling out" later. Not all of the Arab/Muslim world wants America out of Iraq.

It's not as simple as the left thinks, nor as the MSM/Democrats claim!

Barbaric Taliban Behead 26, Display Bodies as Propaganda

Evil is as evil does. Are y'all listening, appeaseniks?

Story here. h/t: National Newswatch

You see, the Taliban want to retake Afghanistan, restoring a regime of murder and brutal intolerance in the name of "Allah", reestablishing the same old purely fundamentalist Islamic theocracy.

Canadian, American and other Free World armed forces are in Afghanistan to cleanse the country of these bloodthirsty beasts.

Yet the left wants these troops to be pulled out... why? Because leftists "don't believe in war". Apparently leftists don't care that if we pull out, the Taliban will go back to their reign of slaughter of innocents in order to please the imaginary Muslim god "Allah" according to the Koran. Leftists just don't understand, nor do they even seem to want to know the truth.

Doesn't the left care about the innocent Afghan men, women and children? I seriously doubt it, seeing as they want to condemn them to the fate of being brutalized and murdered if we pull our troops out.

As Tony Guitar said in the comments, the Islamic atrocities that happen across the world will not end if we ignore them. In fact, they'll only continue and spread. Why? Well, if you don't already understand why, then it's time to begin to enlighten yourself. Just don't listen to the mainstream media, nor to leftwing politicians like the Liberals/NDP/Bloc in Canada and the Democrats in the United States. Ignore the likes of Michael Moore, too. My blog is full of the "why". Browse at your leisure.

And remember that the good guys didn't behead anybody. Our "propaganda" tactics simply involve dropping leaflets, not beheading people and displaying the bodies as do the Muslim "extremists" (jihadists, monsters, beasts, terrorists, pieces of crap, whatever you want to call them).

I fear that hardcore liberals/leftists will not come to their senses and see and understand the reality. They won't come to realize that there's a massive, brobdingnagian, gigantic difference between the bad guys and the good guys. There is no "equivalence", nor "relativity", except in the hardcore, stonily unmovable liberal/leftist mind.

I swear, if we could go back in time to the period 1938-1945, the liberal/left would be demanding we stop fighting Hitler's Nazis and Hirohito's suicide-bombing Imperialist army.

They'd have demanded we deal with the enemy via diplomacy, sitting down and talking with them. They'd have demanded we let the League of Nations (which failed to foresee/prevent WWII) do something about it. Same as they demand today with the so-called "United Nations", which is probably even worse than the worthless League of Nations, as the UN is effectively controlled by the enemy and by their stupid allies who ought to know better!

The liberal/left wouldn't have cared about the millions of Jews and others who were slaughtered. They wouldn't believe that the Japanese would ever bother anyone, that Pearl Harbor was probably an exercise in "resistance" to "Western foreign policy in the Asian region" or something equally nonsensical and fantastical.

Of course they'd think like that. Because they think like that TODAY!

Ezra's Response to Warren's Whining

Another funny picture of Stephane Dion. Here, he's giddy with glee to feel the spotlight on him. See, he just looooves to be the big, giant caporegime of the Librano mob! h/t: National Newswatch

Last couple of paragraphs (read the whole thing, of course!):

The Dion citizenship story took off because it was real news. It flew in the face of Dion's image of being an unalloyed Canadian patriot. It surprised most people, including Liberals. And it ran contrary to Liberal nationalist rhetoric -- especially their negative campaign against Harper. The fact that Dion dug in so haughtily -- saying he would be sad to give up his French citizenship, and would only do so to win the next election -- made it worse. It would be nice to ascribe all of this to the skill of Conservative campaigners. But Dion did all of this to himself.

There will be more revelations about Dion that upset Liberal partisans, and more scrutiny of Dion's political statements, many of which are outside the mainstream of Canadian public opinion. His unusual policy ideas and his maladroit communication skills are the problem, not that Canadians found the news of his French citizenship disturbing. Welcome to the bigs, Monsieur Dion.

Oui, Stephanie, bebe... bienvenue a les grands!

Hockey Player Sacked for Not Signing Flag for Troops

Dave Bouchard, pictured
above and below

Do forgive the vulgar pictures above, but they say it all...

Story here.

A junior hockey player has been ousted from the Saint John Sea Dogs after he did not sign a Canadian flag that the team was ending to troops in Afghanistan.

What a poopheaded moonbat fool! What a cat's hiney!

Dave Bouchard — a 20-year-old from Jonquière, Que., who played left wing on the Quebec Major Junior team — said he thought someone else had already signed his name.

Played "left wing"... but of course!

Thought somebody else already signed his name for him? Yeah, suuuure! And he's foolin' around with Paris and Britney, too! Suuuure!

And the dog really did eat my homework, teacher!

The coach took the right stand. The coach will not have anyone on the team who refuses to support our troops.

Hats off to the coach, Mr. Jacques Beaulieu!

Someone defends the asshat hockey player, saying it's ok to say that "war is wrong". But war is not "wrong". War is necessary. Otherwise, we'd all be Aryan or Japanese. Or Russian. Imagine what the world would've been like today if we just let Hitler and Hirohito take over the world and do whatever they had planned for it and its population. Or imagine if we had refrained from building our defensive capabilities, including our nuclear striking power, in the face of the Soviet menace during the Cold War.

Imagine what the world will be like if we submit to the likes of Osama bin Laden, Ismail Haniyeh and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad today. Or to the Chinese/North Koreans.

The leftists/appeaseniks are so stupid!

Monday, December 18, 2006

Israeli Churchill Warns of Iran's Hitler

Uzi Landau
Story here.

Former Israeli Interior Minister Uzi Landau, a leading contender to succeed Prime Minister Ehud Olmert, was in the United States last week to sound the alarm on Iran.

He believes the world needs to wake up to the threat from Iran, and compared Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to Adolf Hitler in 1938.

"In 1938, the world faced a gathering storm, when there was fanatic enemy who publicly said he was going to destroy you, and the world did nothing."

Today, Iran is presenting a similar dilemma to the world with its nuclear weapons program, Landau believes. "Iran is Germany, and Ahmadinejad is Hitler,"

Churchill was right. Landau is right, too.

Still, the world refuses to learn the lessons of history. Therefore, it is doomed to repeat it.

The world has been warned. Again.

I hope Israelis elect Uzi Landau to lead Israel.

Held Without Charge in Ontario. In Canada.

Something is definitely wrong in Dalton McGuinty's Liberal-ruled Ontario.

Gary McHale of the illegally-occupied-by-"Aboriginals" Caledonia was arrested for simply standing around holding a Canadian flag. Then he was held without charge. Read the entire story about what Mr. McHale went through. It's nothing short of shocking.

His Charter rights were violated by the state.

In Ontario.

"Liberal"-ruled Ontario.

In Canada.

I didn't make this up.

Why did this happen?

Is this Canada or is this China?

Why did the OPP do this? Who ordered them to do this? Dalton McGuinty?

Is the OPP racist? Is the "Liberal" regime of Dalton McGuinty racist?

Imagine if they had done this to an "Aboriginal" or a Muslim. Surely it'd be a media sensation for a long time to come and heads would roll!

And get this: the media lied:

Although hourly radio broadcasts were indicating on Sunday afternoon that McHale had been released from OPP custody at the same time as Vandermaas, McHale spent the entire night in a jail cell while his 45-year-old wife, waited for him at the home of Caledonia friends.

The media lied. Why? Are they part of this racism?

Mr. McHale says about his activism:

“When I attend a rally in Caledonia, I am there representing Gary McHale and no one else. People, who happen to share my viewpoint about the two-tier system of justice in Ontario, also come out. We are not against the aboriginals. We are against the way the Dalton McGuinty Government and the OPP are mishandling the aboriginal occupation of a Caledonia housing development.”

“Canadians are equal under the law. There is no difference between aboriginals breaking the law or anyone else breaking the law.”

Apparently, however, the "Liberal" government of Dalton McGuinty disagrees.

If this isn't racism, then nothing is racism.

Stop racism. Don't vote Liberal.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Radical Socialist To Write Liberal Platform

Extreme socialist Bob Rae, l, with new Liberal mob don Stephane Dion
Story here.
This is more proof that the Liberal Party of Canada is not "moderate". It is actually radically leftist. In fact, infamous tax-and-spend, deficit-exploding former Ontario premier Bob Rae, also a "Liberal", is writing the next Liberal election platform.
Extreme leftist is as extreme leftist does! Can you say "deficit and higher taxes coming back if Libs elected"?
I seriously doubt that Canadians want such an extremist party to govern. They've already suffered enough from the very same folks when they were actually in power and screwed up so much!

Harper "Canadian Newsmaker of the Year": TIME

Prime Minister Stephen Harper
Story here.

State-Ordered Racism in "Liberal" Ontario?

This is racism, pure and simple. And this is a police state.

In Canada. I'm not making this up.

I have a reading assignment for you.

Here's my previous postings on the occupation of Caledonia, Ontario, by the terroristic, criminal, so-called "Natives" who call themselves the "Six Nations".

Now here's the latest news reports about white people being arrested for simply demonstrating, holding up flags. Contrast this with the refusal of the Ontario Provincial Police to arrest the Indians for international terrorism, theft of a US Border Patrol vehicle, beating up a U.S. Border Patrol agent, attempted murder of a police officer and disobeying a judge's direct order to end the occupation.

Not to mention that the Six Nations terrorists are linked to Al Qaeda and human smuggling.

Canada Free Press




What's the most frightening thing about all this?

I'll tell you. The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms could very easily and probably will be interpreted as granting "Aborignials" superior rights, freedoms and exemptions from laws as compared to non-Aboriginals.

No wonder the Liberal/McGuinty government of Ontario and the OPP are acting in a racist manner, discriminating against the non-Aboriginal residents/demonstrators while letting the fecking Indian terrorists get away with everything and anything. Next thing we know they'll let the Indians get away with murder... literally!

This is the real legacy of the Liberal Party of Canada: a racist Charter which grants certain persons deemed "Aboriginal" supremacy over all other citizens of Canada.

Yet hardly anyone seems aware. Why?

Excerpts from the Canada Free Press:

When Mrs. McHale asked the officer why her husband was being kept while the other two were allowed to return to their homes, the officer replied, “I can’t comment on that.”

Can't comment? WTF?! What the feck do they think Mr. McHale is, a member of an Al Qaeda cell plotting to blow up Parliament or something?

Not going to say why they're holding a man arrested for simply stepping over a line and holding a Canadian flag? Any lawyers want to comment on that?

Imagine if he was a Muslim! Imagine if he was a "Native"! Imagine how different the matter would be treated by the MSM and the left! There'd be riots and the Ontario Liberal government and the OPP would be sued!

“I saw the police force Mark to the ground. They ripped the flag out of his hand and I heard the pole hit the ground, and my heart froze when I heard someone in the crowd said, “Oh, they’ve got Gary too.”


“It is my personal opinion that they let the others go and kept Gary just to get even with him,” she said.


McHale says this is not a fight against natives but against politicians and police who use politically correct times to ignore the Charter of rights, “that clearly says there’s not to be any discrimination against any citizen based on their religion, beliefs, race or their skin colour.”

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Dion Not Mr. Clean, Just Latest Loony Librano Don

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Newest Librano ("Liberal") mob don Stephane Dion: Sprouting nothing but tired, old, recycled, failed party-line talking points. Hell, he's just a tired, old, recycled Librano mobster heading up the tired, old, not-even-recycled, failed "Liberal" cabal of corruption, criminality, greed and infuriating entitlist culturism.
I've noticed lately that newly-minted Liberal Party leader Stephane Dion has been repeating the same anti-Conservative demonizing lines as have his leader-predecessors and other Liberals.
Looks like that's all he has to offer. He has nothing else to say, no ideas, no policies. Just platitudes and cliches about the environment, sexual politics and pulling the Canadian Forces out of their critically-important jobs. Just the standard leftist fad bullcrap of the present day. Guess he cannot think for himself and needs spin doctors to feed him words to parrot in public.
Like his incredibly stupid declaration that he'd vote against the upcoming Conservative budget due out early in 2007... even though the budget content is unknown, probably even to the Conservatives, in fact, who are naturally making budgetary decisions and fleshing out the details on an ongoing basis. Dion cannot know what will be in the budget. He just cannot.
Dion is so itching for an election he'll do anything, anytime, come up with any pitifully, laughably ludicrous, stupid excuse like finding the budget unacceptable even before it has even been decided upon and put together.
Does he think he's psychic? Does he consult with a psychic? Does he have an advisor with a crystal ball who reads the leaves in the bottom of his dainty little poofter-boy teacup? Does he consult the daily horoscope in the Toronto (Red) Star for his information? Does he get his information from his dog? If he doesn't have one, does he nevertheless believe he does? Why not? He already believes he knows what will be in the next Budget before it even exists! What a freaking leftwing nutcase!
Next thing we know, he'll be sitting down for tea with Ahmadinejad and the Taliban!
What a power-hungry, cocky entitlist. Stephane Dion is going off half-cocked, surpassing even his predecessors, Martin and Chretien, for sheer absurdity and brainfarting. What a pitiful little cock-up!
Conservative MP Chuck Strahl has listed some reasons to doubt all the false, delusionally positive Liberal-left-MSM spin surrounding Stephane Dion, particularly with respect to his supposedly stellar (but appallingly dismal) "performance" as Liberal Environment Minister (Dion got the same derisive "Fossil Award" as did current Environment Minister Rona Ambrose from the radical leftwing environmentalists... more than once!) and his supposedly (but extremely doubtful- he's a loyal Librano, after all) staunch sense of ethics and integrity:
First, Minister Strahl reminds us of the fact that Dion was a staunch, loyal, unflinching member of the disgraced, corrupt, cavalierly incompetent, annoying Liberal Party:
As a former Chrétien and Martin cabinet minister, Stéphane Dion will have to defend the failed record of his old Liberal government while managing a party that is obstructionist on ethics, divided on foreign policy and negative on just about everything else.
Minister Strahl also reminds us of Dion's limp-wristed performance in Cabinet under the Librano$$$ (emphasis mine):

As Environment Minister—Dion presided over a 34.6% increase in greenhouse gas emissions.

While Dion was Environment Minister, Canada’s air quality dropped to 27th out of 29 nations in the OECD rankings.

Under Dion’s tenure as Environment Minister, the Commissioner of the Environment and Sustainable Development concluded the Liberal government was “not up to the task” of managing climate change.

As Intergovernmental Affairs Minister—Dion antagonized the provinces while remaining a quiet member of the Chrétien Cabinet during the sponsorship scandal, and the multi-billion dollar HRDC and gun registry boondoggles.
So here's some real reasons to doubt Dion's fitness to be Prime Minister of Canada.
Dion himself, for his part, offers no real reasons why the current government, in his weird opinion, needs to be immediately subject to an election, other than his silly and unfounded belief that it's "right-wing", whatever that's supposed to mean, and because he doesn't like the next Budget, which doesn't yet even exist.
This man wants us to believe he's qualified to be Prime Minister of Canada?
Well, if he is, then so is every leftwing nutcase in the country!

Friday, December 15, 2006

Leftists Agreeing With David Duke

Via FrontPage WarBlog

Damning evidence here.

(Emphasis mine)
DU moderators deleting “a great many posts” agreeing with David Duke

Star tipster RLW caught
this exchange buried in a thread critical of the anti-semite turned-anti-Zionist.” Evidently DU moderators aren’t comfortable with a Klansman as a spokesman for the progressive position on Palestine.

But “a great many” of their readers are.

Oh, my... I've long written that the left is anti-Semitic and will ally with anyone who's also anti-Semitic/pro-Palestine.

Now we have damning evidence.

Apparently a lot of leftists now are onside with David Duke.

And, from the thread, you'll see that the comments that haven't been deleted (at time of this writing) aren't exactly condemning of David Duke, the infamous KKK/white supremacist/anti-Semite.

Frankly, I'm not surprised. I saw this coming. After all, the left liked Yasser Arafat. The left likes Hezbollah and Hamas. The left likes Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. Why on earth wouldn't such people also like another monster, this David Duke?

The left is indeed scary. Very scary!

Dion To Recycle Failed "Hidden Agenda" Meme in Next Election

New Librano mob don Stephane Dion, ex(?)-separatist, still French National hellbent on seizing power & restoring iron-fisted, ultra-corrupt leftwing regime of old Chretien mob
Story here. h/t: National Newswatch
So the Liebrano$$$ ("Liberals", they ludicrously call themselves) are going to recycle Paul "Mr. Dithers" Martin's disastrous strategy of demonization and claims of a "hidden agenda" on the part of Prime Minister Stephen Harper's Conservatives.
See? The Liberals haven't changed. Not one bit. They're wholly incapable of learning their lessons.
I dismiss the claims that Mr. Dion makes at the link. He offers no explanation, no specifics. He talks about $7 billion in cuts, but fails to be specific about whether the cuts were to wasteful spending his own party was throwing all over the place with reckless abandon while Canadians' taxes remained far too high. He knows not whereof he whines.
Mr. Dion makes all kinds of claims and accusations. He cavalierly throws the label "neo-conservative", as if it means something.
Well, what does it mean? Does anyone know what he thinks it means?
I don't know. He didn't say. What is he hiding? The fact that he has nothing to say other than to affix silly, meaningless labels to his political opponents?
He offers nothing but words, words, words.
And I know his true record. He didn't come up with the Clarity Act; Mr. Harper did. Dion and Chretien stole Mr. Harper's ideas and took credit for them. What do we expect from these crooks anyway? After all, all the billions of missing tax dollars... what did they do with them?
Dion as Environment Minister presided over rising greenhouse gas emissions, even after he signed the moonbat-nonsense "Kyoto Accord". He did nothing at all! Yet the MSM keeps saying he was supposedly so great for the environment. Of course, the MSM will lie to boost their preferred political party and leader!
I dismiss Mr. Dion's sound and fury as signifying nothing. He's a cream puff. A dud. He was there the whole time Chretien and Martin screwed and exploited Canadians! He stuck with them... and now he's taken over, hellbent on some hidden leftwing agenda and power-hungry.
I believe Dion's party deserves a silly label, too. I call the Liberals "neo-communist".
I accuse them of having a hidden agenda.
Why should I explain? Why should I prove? They don't. The MSM wilfully helps them spread the virus of demonization of their political opponents, repeating the slurs in headlines and in stories over and over and over again. Hell, the MSM sometimes uses terms like "far-right" as if they're a given and beyond question. How manipulative.
Beware the big liars telling the big lies!
Beware Liberal propaganda! Don't let them fool you... again!

Christmas Forbidden; Gingerbread Nazis Allowed... in America

WTF? h/t: National Newswatch

We hear all about Christmas trees and Nativity scenes, etc. being banned. Just because leftists and the ACLU believe that non-Christians will be "offended" by such displays.

But here we have some asshat being allowed to go around setting up the above-pictured bullcrap.

The day before the Jewish holiday Hanukkah.

This is offensive, especially to Jewish people.

Why hasn't this man been arrested for hate propaganda?

I thought the state had the power to ban anything deemed offensive. They ban Christmas displays, don't they?

Well, this guy should be arrested, as what he's doing is worse than simply erecting a tree with decorations on it.

One store made him take it down, but another gave him permission to put it up.


Where the hell is the ACLU? Too gosh-darned busy banning Christmas because it might offend some Muslim or some atheist moonbat or because the Nativity scene doesn't include gays or transsexuals or something like that?

Doesn't the ACLU care that Jewish people are being offended? Guess not.

The ACLU hates Christians and Jews alike, I guess.

But the left is apparently fine with this kind of hatred and discrimination.

Christmas bad? Yup. Hanukkah bad? Yup. Nazis? Good, say the left and the ACLU, unless the ACLU goes to court to get a judge to order the display to be taken down, period.

It's the ACLU's move now.

Well, ACLU? Whatcha gonna do?

The left should be advised: Christians are a peaceful, patient people... but hurt them for too long and their patience will run out. That is why the Crusades happened.

I recommend the left back off, go home and mind their own business.

Let the Christians and the Jews practice their religion, including in public. As the Constitution guarantees them the right to so so.

We allow your "gay" parades. We allow your Islamofascist "demonstrations". We allow moonbats to march naked, shouting treasonous epithets and threats against the President.

What can it hurt to put up a tree? A simple Nativity scene? Who does it harm?

If trees and displays are harmful and must be banned, so must gay parades, moonbat/Muslim/Nazi demonstrations and the like.

Christmas doesn't harm anyone. Leave the Christians alone. Hanukkah doesn't harm anyone. Leave the Jews alone.

How would the left like it if homosexuality, premarital copulation, unmarried cohabitation and Islam were to be made illegal all of a sudden?

The left can kiss my ass. I'm so sick from and so fed up with the left! Grrr!

And someone please go and smash that terrible Nazi gingerbread piece of crap! Yes... you in Ohio... if you know where it is, please, smash the bloody display!

I will thank you!

Frenchman & Separatist To Topple Cdn Gov't: Report

That's right... two Francophone Quebeckers... One separatist leader, one Liberal leader/former separatist party member/citizen of France who wants to be Prime Minister of Canada...

Are joining forces to simply defeat the Canadian government... just because they want to!

Why? That's what we must ask them from now on. Demand that they justify an election less than a year since the last one. What's the imperative? What's the emergency?

I mean, the current government is quite a good, effective one, certainly compared to previous administrations.

The current government is working hard, keeping its promises as quickly as it can.

Why do we need an election now? Just because Stephane Dion wants to become the Liberal dictator of Canuckistan? Because Gilles Duceppe wants to prevent the Conservatives of Stephen Harper from actually formulating and bringing forth a solution to the "fiscal imbalance", thus dashing Duceppe's hopes for Quebec separatism and his possible ambition to be the ruler of a new country?

Whatever... fine.

If that's the way it has to be... ok. We'll be ready. We're ready now to fight the ultra-extreme leftwing radicals!

h/t: Maz2 for catching the headline.

Indeed... a Frenchman and a separatist. Hell, one could apply both labels to both of the guys above with their arms raised thusly... in some kind of leftwing ideological salute or something.

Take Ahmadinejad Seriously!

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, tyrant of Iran, keeps on promising to destroy other nations and has promised to wipe out an entire race of people.

But the world continues to ignore this man. Why? Is the world insane?

Outgoing US Ambassador to the UN John Bolton is saying we better take Ahmadinejad seriously.

"Historians often look back after huge tragedies have occurred and say, 'how is it that responsible policy-makers at the time didn't see this coming?' " John Bolton told an international symposium in New York Thursday.

In many cases, he said, people who were about to commit atrocities, and didn't hide their intentions, were dismissed by politicians and policy-makers, their statements viewed as " "the ravings of lunatics."


One could say, and hope, that the statements are merely for domestic Iranian consumption, Bolton said, but "it's important that if we are at this stage where we're been given early warning - unambiguously - of what his intentions are, that it's time to take action."

It boggles the mind! Ahmadinejad keeps saying he's going to kill all kinds of people, wipe out entire nations, all in the name of his so-called "religion". And the world pretty much doesn't give a shit! WTF?!

Has the world gone insane?

Just stand back and watch the whole thing as if it was a movie, not reality. Try to see what will happen later in the movie. Will Ahmadinejad suddenly go, "Ha! Gotcha! Y'all should see the look on your faces! Look over there, at the yellow light... smile! You're on Candid Camera!"? I hate to tell y'all, but... no. I really seriously doubt that he's kidding.

Can we afford to assume he's just mouthing off for the helluvit?

The world assumed that Hitler wouldn't try to take over the world. But the world was wrong. Hitler actually did take over some of the world... and quite easily, too. Had the world continued to ignore his army's march across the world, the whole world would be full of nothing but blue-eyed blond people speaking German, as Hitler so openly envisioned.

Well, Ahmadinejad wants to Islamify the whole world.

Does the world realize this... and realize what it means? I doubt it. In fact, I'm certain the world has no bloody idea what it would mean.

And what's as disturbing is the belief that Iran's nuclear ambitions are only about the production of electricity, nothing more. Obviously the world holds this belief, as the world is doing absolutely nothing about Iran's clearly non-peaceful nuclear ambitions.

The world has been warned. Repeatedly. By Ahmadinejad himself. He's not insane... but he's evil. Infinitely evil.

And the world doesn't care. Stupid. I doubt that many people even believe in the concept of evil.

Well, what can I do? I'm but some nobody guy with a blog who sees it coming and says so.

If it was up to me to order the annihilation of Iran, I'd do it.

Better them than us.