Sunday, December 17, 2006

State-Ordered Racism in "Liberal" Ontario?

This is racism, pure and simple. And this is a police state.

In Canada. I'm not making this up.

I have a reading assignment for you.

Here's my previous postings on the occupation of Caledonia, Ontario, by the terroristic, criminal, so-called "Natives" who call themselves the "Six Nations".

Now here's the latest news reports about white people being arrested for simply demonstrating, holding up flags. Contrast this with the refusal of the Ontario Provincial Police to arrest the Indians for international terrorism, theft of a US Border Patrol vehicle, beating up a U.S. Border Patrol agent, attempted murder of a police officer and disobeying a judge's direct order to end the occupation.

Not to mention that the Six Nations terrorists are linked to Al Qaeda and human smuggling.

Canada Free Press




What's the most frightening thing about all this?

I'll tell you. The Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms could very easily and probably will be interpreted as granting "Aborignials" superior rights, freedoms and exemptions from laws as compared to non-Aboriginals.

No wonder the Liberal/McGuinty government of Ontario and the OPP are acting in a racist manner, discriminating against the non-Aboriginal residents/demonstrators while letting the fecking Indian terrorists get away with everything and anything. Next thing we know they'll let the Indians get away with murder... literally!

This is the real legacy of the Liberal Party of Canada: a racist Charter which grants certain persons deemed "Aboriginal" supremacy over all other citizens of Canada.

Yet hardly anyone seems aware. Why?

Excerpts from the Canada Free Press:

When Mrs. McHale asked the officer why her husband was being kept while the other two were allowed to return to their homes, the officer replied, “I can’t comment on that.”

Can't comment? WTF?! What the feck do they think Mr. McHale is, a member of an Al Qaeda cell plotting to blow up Parliament or something?

Not going to say why they're holding a man arrested for simply stepping over a line and holding a Canadian flag? Any lawyers want to comment on that?

Imagine if he was a Muslim! Imagine if he was a "Native"! Imagine how different the matter would be treated by the MSM and the left! There'd be riots and the Ontario Liberal government and the OPP would be sued!

“I saw the police force Mark to the ground. They ripped the flag out of his hand and I heard the pole hit the ground, and my heart froze when I heard someone in the crowd said, “Oh, they’ve got Gary too.”


“It is my personal opinion that they let the others go and kept Gary just to get even with him,” she said.


McHale says this is not a fight against natives but against politicians and police who use politically correct times to ignore the Charter of rights, “that clearly says there’s not to be any discrimination against any citizen based on their religion, beliefs, race or their skin colour.”