Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Barbaric Taliban Behead 26, Display Bodies as Propaganda

Evil is as evil does. Are y'all listening, appeaseniks?

Story here. h/t: National Newswatch

You see, the Taliban want to retake Afghanistan, restoring a regime of murder and brutal intolerance in the name of "Allah", reestablishing the same old purely fundamentalist Islamic theocracy.

Canadian, American and other Free World armed forces are in Afghanistan to cleanse the country of these bloodthirsty beasts.

Yet the left wants these troops to be pulled out... why? Because leftists "don't believe in war". Apparently leftists don't care that if we pull out, the Taliban will go back to their reign of slaughter of innocents in order to please the imaginary Muslim god "Allah" according to the Koran. Leftists just don't understand, nor do they even seem to want to know the truth.

Doesn't the left care about the innocent Afghan men, women and children? I seriously doubt it, seeing as they want to condemn them to the fate of being brutalized and murdered if we pull our troops out.

As Tony Guitar said in the comments, the Islamic atrocities that happen across the world will not end if we ignore them. In fact, they'll only continue and spread. Why? Well, if you don't already understand why, then it's time to begin to enlighten yourself. Just don't listen to the mainstream media, nor to leftwing politicians like the Liberals/NDP/Bloc in Canada and the Democrats in the United States. Ignore the likes of Michael Moore, too. My blog is full of the "why". Browse at your leisure.

And remember that the good guys didn't behead anybody. Our "propaganda" tactics simply involve dropping leaflets, not beheading people and displaying the bodies as do the Muslim "extremists" (jihadists, monsters, beasts, terrorists, pieces of crap, whatever you want to call them).

I fear that hardcore liberals/leftists will not come to their senses and see and understand the reality. They won't come to realize that there's a massive, brobdingnagian, gigantic difference between the bad guys and the good guys. There is no "equivalence", nor "relativity", except in the hardcore, stonily unmovable liberal/leftist mind.

I swear, if we could go back in time to the period 1938-1945, the liberal/left would be demanding we stop fighting Hitler's Nazis and Hirohito's suicide-bombing Imperialist army.

They'd have demanded we deal with the enemy via diplomacy, sitting down and talking with them. They'd have demanded we let the League of Nations (which failed to foresee/prevent WWII) do something about it. Same as they demand today with the so-called "United Nations", which is probably even worse than the worthless League of Nations, as the UN is effectively controlled by the enemy and by their stupid allies who ought to know better!

The liberal/left wouldn't have cared about the millions of Jews and others who were slaughtered. They wouldn't believe that the Japanese would ever bother anyone, that Pearl Harbor was probably an exercise in "resistance" to "Western foreign policy in the Asian region" or something equally nonsensical and fantastical.

Of course they'd think like that. Because they think like that TODAY!