Friday, December 15, 2006

Christmas Forbidden; Gingerbread Nazis Allowed... in America

WTF? h/t: National Newswatch

We hear all about Christmas trees and Nativity scenes, etc. being banned. Just because leftists and the ACLU believe that non-Christians will be "offended" by such displays.

But here we have some asshat being allowed to go around setting up the above-pictured bullcrap.

The day before the Jewish holiday Hanukkah.

This is offensive, especially to Jewish people.

Why hasn't this man been arrested for hate propaganda?

I thought the state had the power to ban anything deemed offensive. They ban Christmas displays, don't they?

Well, this guy should be arrested, as what he's doing is worse than simply erecting a tree with decorations on it.

One store made him take it down, but another gave him permission to put it up.


Where the hell is the ACLU? Too gosh-darned busy banning Christmas because it might offend some Muslim or some atheist moonbat or because the Nativity scene doesn't include gays or transsexuals or something like that?

Doesn't the ACLU care that Jewish people are being offended? Guess not.

The ACLU hates Christians and Jews alike, I guess.

But the left is apparently fine with this kind of hatred and discrimination.

Christmas bad? Yup. Hanukkah bad? Yup. Nazis? Good, say the left and the ACLU, unless the ACLU goes to court to get a judge to order the display to be taken down, period.

It's the ACLU's move now.

Well, ACLU? Whatcha gonna do?

The left should be advised: Christians are a peaceful, patient people... but hurt them for too long and their patience will run out. That is why the Crusades happened.

I recommend the left back off, go home and mind their own business.

Let the Christians and the Jews practice their religion, including in public. As the Constitution guarantees them the right to so so.

We allow your "gay" parades. We allow your Islamofascist "demonstrations". We allow moonbats to march naked, shouting treasonous epithets and threats against the President.

What can it hurt to put up a tree? A simple Nativity scene? Who does it harm?

If trees and displays are harmful and must be banned, so must gay parades, moonbat/Muslim/Nazi demonstrations and the like.

Christmas doesn't harm anyone. Leave the Christians alone. Hanukkah doesn't harm anyone. Leave the Jews alone.

How would the left like it if homosexuality, premarital copulation, unmarried cohabitation and Islam were to be made illegal all of a sudden?

The left can kiss my ass. I'm so sick from and so fed up with the left! Grrr!

And someone please go and smash that terrible Nazi gingerbread piece of crap! Yes... you in Ohio... if you know where it is, please, smash the bloody display!

I will thank you!