Monday, December 18, 2006

Held Without Charge in Ontario. In Canada.

Something is definitely wrong in Dalton McGuinty's Liberal-ruled Ontario.

Gary McHale of the illegally-occupied-by-"Aboriginals" Caledonia was arrested for simply standing around holding a Canadian flag. Then he was held without charge. Read the entire story about what Mr. McHale went through. It's nothing short of shocking.

His Charter rights were violated by the state.

In Ontario.

"Liberal"-ruled Ontario.

In Canada.

I didn't make this up.

Why did this happen?

Is this Canada or is this China?

Why did the OPP do this? Who ordered them to do this? Dalton McGuinty?

Is the OPP racist? Is the "Liberal" regime of Dalton McGuinty racist?

Imagine if they had done this to an "Aboriginal" or a Muslim. Surely it'd be a media sensation for a long time to come and heads would roll!

And get this: the media lied:

Although hourly radio broadcasts were indicating on Sunday afternoon that McHale had been released from OPP custody at the same time as Vandermaas, McHale spent the entire night in a jail cell while his 45-year-old wife, waited for him at the home of Caledonia friends.

The media lied. Why? Are they part of this racism?

Mr. McHale says about his activism:

“When I attend a rally in Caledonia, I am there representing Gary McHale and no one else. People, who happen to share my viewpoint about the two-tier system of justice in Ontario, also come out. We are not against the aboriginals. We are against the way the Dalton McGuinty Government and the OPP are mishandling the aboriginal occupation of a Caledonia housing development.”

“Canadians are equal under the law. There is no difference between aboriginals breaking the law or anyone else breaking the law.”

Apparently, however, the "Liberal" government of Dalton McGuinty disagrees.

If this isn't racism, then nothing is racism.

Stop racism. Don't vote Liberal.