Saturday, December 16, 2006

Dion Not Mr. Clean, Just Latest Loony Librano Don

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Newest Librano ("Liberal") mob don Stephane Dion: Sprouting nothing but tired, old, recycled, failed party-line talking points. Hell, he's just a tired, old, recycled Librano mobster heading up the tired, old, not-even-recycled, failed "Liberal" cabal of corruption, criminality, greed and infuriating entitlist culturism.
I've noticed lately that newly-minted Liberal Party leader Stephane Dion has been repeating the same anti-Conservative demonizing lines as have his leader-predecessors and other Liberals.
Looks like that's all he has to offer. He has nothing else to say, no ideas, no policies. Just platitudes and cliches about the environment, sexual politics and pulling the Canadian Forces out of their critically-important jobs. Just the standard leftist fad bullcrap of the present day. Guess he cannot think for himself and needs spin doctors to feed him words to parrot in public.
Like his incredibly stupid declaration that he'd vote against the upcoming Conservative budget due out early in 2007... even though the budget content is unknown, probably even to the Conservatives, in fact, who are naturally making budgetary decisions and fleshing out the details on an ongoing basis. Dion cannot know what will be in the budget. He just cannot.
Dion is so itching for an election he'll do anything, anytime, come up with any pitifully, laughably ludicrous, stupid excuse like finding the budget unacceptable even before it has even been decided upon and put together.
Does he think he's psychic? Does he consult with a psychic? Does he have an advisor with a crystal ball who reads the leaves in the bottom of his dainty little poofter-boy teacup? Does he consult the daily horoscope in the Toronto (Red) Star for his information? Does he get his information from his dog? If he doesn't have one, does he nevertheless believe he does? Why not? He already believes he knows what will be in the next Budget before it even exists! What a freaking leftwing nutcase!
Next thing we know, he'll be sitting down for tea with Ahmadinejad and the Taliban!
What a power-hungry, cocky entitlist. Stephane Dion is going off half-cocked, surpassing even his predecessors, Martin and Chretien, for sheer absurdity and brainfarting. What a pitiful little cock-up!
Conservative MP Chuck Strahl has listed some reasons to doubt all the false, delusionally positive Liberal-left-MSM spin surrounding Stephane Dion, particularly with respect to his supposedly stellar (but appallingly dismal) "performance" as Liberal Environment Minister (Dion got the same derisive "Fossil Award" as did current Environment Minister Rona Ambrose from the radical leftwing environmentalists... more than once!) and his supposedly (but extremely doubtful- he's a loyal Librano, after all) staunch sense of ethics and integrity:
First, Minister Strahl reminds us of the fact that Dion was a staunch, loyal, unflinching member of the disgraced, corrupt, cavalierly incompetent, annoying Liberal Party:
As a former Chrétien and Martin cabinet minister, Stéphane Dion will have to defend the failed record of his old Liberal government while managing a party that is obstructionist on ethics, divided on foreign policy and negative on just about everything else.
Minister Strahl also reminds us of Dion's limp-wristed performance in Cabinet under the Librano$$$ (emphasis mine):

As Environment Minister—Dion presided over a 34.6% increase in greenhouse gas emissions.

While Dion was Environment Minister, Canada’s air quality dropped to 27th out of 29 nations in the OECD rankings.

Under Dion’s tenure as Environment Minister, the Commissioner of the Environment and Sustainable Development concluded the Liberal government was “not up to the task” of managing climate change.

As Intergovernmental Affairs Minister—Dion antagonized the provinces while remaining a quiet member of the Chrétien Cabinet during the sponsorship scandal, and the multi-billion dollar HRDC and gun registry boondoggles.
So here's some real reasons to doubt Dion's fitness to be Prime Minister of Canada.
Dion himself, for his part, offers no real reasons why the current government, in his weird opinion, needs to be immediately subject to an election, other than his silly and unfounded belief that it's "right-wing", whatever that's supposed to mean, and because he doesn't like the next Budget, which doesn't yet even exist.
This man wants us to believe he's qualified to be Prime Minister of Canada?
Well, if he is, then so is every leftwing nutcase in the country!