Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Ezra's Response to Warren's Whining

Another funny picture of Stephane Dion. Here, he's giddy with glee to feel the spotlight on him. See, he just looooves to be the big, giant caporegime of the Librano mob!

...here. h/t: National Newswatch

Last couple of paragraphs (read the whole thing, of course!):

The Dion citizenship story took off because it was real news. It flew in the face of Dion's image of being an unalloyed Canadian patriot. It surprised most people, including Liberals. And it ran contrary to Liberal nationalist rhetoric -- especially their negative campaign against Harper. The fact that Dion dug in so haughtily -- saying he would be sad to give up his French citizenship, and would only do so to win the next election -- made it worse. It would be nice to ascribe all of this to the skill of Conservative campaigners. But Dion did all of this to himself.

There will be more revelations about Dion that upset Liberal partisans, and more scrutiny of Dion's political statements, many of which are outside the mainstream of Canadian public opinion. His unusual policy ideas and his maladroit communication skills are the problem, not that Canadians found the news of his French citizenship disturbing. Welcome to the bigs, Monsieur Dion.

Oui, Stephanie, bebe... bienvenue a les grands!