Monday, December 11, 2006

Chuck Norris Beats Up ACLU in Column

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Story here. Read his entire column for yourself!

He calls the ACLU "The Abolishing Christian Legacy Union".

He writes:

The ACLU has been true to form this December in opposing any and all Christian practices and symbols in public arenas and elsewhere.

He provides examples of the aggressive, bigoted intolerance of the ACLU against Christianity and Christmas.

I ask: Why does the ACLU hate Christianity so much that it apparently is trying to eliminate it wherever evidence of it is found? Why not go after Islam instead, for very obvious reasons?

He explains how the ACLU misinterprets and twists the U.S. Constitution, particularly the First Amendment and minority rights. He points out that the ACLU does not support the equality rights of Christians despite the Constitution's explicitly guaranteeing these rights.

Chuck writes:
The ACLU is not anti-religion, just anti-Christian. By definition, it's the American Civil Liberties Union. By action, it has become the Abolishing Christian Legacy Union.

The ACLU will assure Muslim clerics and imams the right to pray on planes, fight for an atheist's rights to remove a cross, stand beside pro-abortionists, help illegal aliens cross our borders, and establish rights for the sexual deviant by forming the ACLU Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Project, but what is it doing for Christians and Christmas censorship?

While allegedly fighting against the tyranny of the majority, the ACLU itself rules religiously by litigation, lobbying, and supporting counter-culture Christian movements.

So who died and appointed the ACLU as America's religious constitutional watchdog?

I just love it when the good guy beats up the bad guys. Don't you?

Get 'em, Chuck! Beat the living crap out of the intolerant, fascistic leftwing extremists!

And I fully recommend watching Chuck Norris' movies as a way to thank him for standing up and fighting for freedom and equality in America for all!

If Chuck Norris ever decides to run for President, I'll support him for sure!