Friday, December 01, 2006

"Protestors" Get Violent at Tancredo Speech

Yet again we see leftists (oh, come on, leftists; who's going to believe the "protestors" weren't on the left of the political spectrum?) attempting to use violence to silence someone they don't want to be allowed to express his point of view.

This time they went after Congressman Tom Tancredo, who opposes the insanely liberal attitude towards illegal immigration in America.

The left therefore opposes the First Amendment.

The left is anti-American. The left is anti-free speech.

No wonder the left loves communists like Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez. No wonder the left supports the fundamentalist Islamists of the world.

I think that the left wants to be tyrannized. They don't want to be free, for freedom cannot exist without responsibility. Leftists, you see, hate responsibility. They don't want to act responsibly, nor take responsibility for anything bad. The state is responsible for security and defence activities which are critical to and mutually inclusive with freedom. The left opposes the security and defence activities of the state, therefore they oppose freedom. Right?

Why else does the left try to rob their ideological opponents of their freedoms? Because the left doesn't value freedom, unless it's freedom to do whatever leftists like to do. Anything else is to be forbidden, obviously.

As long as they get a government that allows them to do whatever they like, they don't care what kind of a state they get. Communist, Islamist, whatever. They don't care. Too bad they don't understand what either form of state would entail. They should be careful of what they wish for, for what they wish for isn't what they'd actually get. Boy, would they ever be surprised to find that that which they think is so wonderful really isn't!

Moonbat idiots!