Saturday, December 30, 2006

The Monster is Dead

Hope they threw stinky old shoes at Saddam the Tyrant as he swung, urine trickling down his legs, and then dumped him into a latrine, to be covered with pig carcasses and the shoes. Hope he understood that he was being hanged for being evil, but he was probably too stupid to even understand that the things he did were evil; probably believed he had some kind of liberal-type inner culture of limitless entitlement to do whatever he wanted to whomever he wanted and could have whatever he wanted. He'll surely go down in history as one of the worst "liberals" of all...

But never mind that pathetic piece of whatever.

There's good news. The removal of Saddam, which brought the Liberation of Iraqis (yes, the Iraqis are liberated, never mind the problems associated with the likes of Al Sadr and other Saddamites) and more.

"Liberals"/leftists take note: Ever heard of the Arabs of the marshes in Iraq? Saddam executed a brutal, callous holocaust upon them, attempting to wipe them all out along with the marshes, which he turned into desert.

Well, believe it or not, thanks to the courage of George W. Bush, Tony Blair and others of the Coalition of the Willing, the Marsh Arabs are back, and the marshes and their Arab inhabitants have returned, along with indigenous species. Saddam has failed, the worthless piece of pig-sourced shoe leather! Bush has restored the marshes!

Come, read about it here.

h/t: smalldeadanimals

Islamofascists and other evildoers take heed: the execution of Saddam isn't going to be an isolated incident. Other tyrants will follow unless they cancel their plans for evildoing.

The Free World may currently appear as a deer in high beams, seemingly incapable of acting, paralyzed, but don't get your hopes up, all ye evil demons out there. We've vanquished your kind over millennia and have prevented you from overtaking the world for the fulfilment of your selfish, hedonistic, brutally evil culture of narrowly-held unlimited entitlement.

Yes, you tyrants, whatever kind ye be, you will ultimately end up like Saddam one way or another. Someday you'll die, and then whatever pleasure ye thought ye were deriving from the suffering of others will come to an end... and ye will then suffer as your victims have, only amplified infinitely.

Evil is weak, for it is based on death. Good, on the other hand, which is based on the will to live, is infinitely more powerful and will always ultimately prevail. That's the way it is.