Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Moonbat Spotlight: David Duke Supports Islamofascists, Cindy Sheehan

Infamous American racist/bigot David Duke is actually a leftwing extremist/Dhimmi submissive. That's right: I'm calling him as such, the piece of crap.

This is damning for the cause of the Islamists. This is damning for the cause of the Dhimmi leftists.

here & here. Duke attended Iranian tyrant Mahmoud Amadinejad's Holocaust-denial conference and did some of his own denying.

Duke is also
on record as supporting anti-American/anti-war extremist nutcase Cindy Sheehan. Yes... white supremacist David Duke is onside with the Islamic fascists and the insane anti-American/anti-war moonbats like Cindy Sheehan (who was recently arrested for trespassing at the UN, by the way).

Anti-American nutcases. Anti-war leftists. Islamic fascists. Communists. Anti-Semites. White racists. All kinds of terrible, intolerant folks. They're all in it together. What a frightening coalition. Together, they threaten humanity.

All kinds of bigots, leftists, Islamofascists, etc... they're all in it together in one grand coalition... one Axis of Evil.

The Islamofascist jihadists have a new ally. So does the ultra-far left. Didn't anyone see this coming?

Evil is as evil does, whatever form it assumes.