Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Sri Lankan Air Force Decimates LTTE Positions

Story here.

Air force confirms that the air strikes are a total success.



MANNAR: today(30) morning advancing troops commenced in the North West of GIANT TANK, MANNAR captured the LTTE’s 18 – Base in VEPPANKULAM area and brought the entire area under control.

Due to the confrontations LTTE has recorded many casualties and reported at least forty LTTE carders have perished including a LTTE leader.

Clearly, the worldwide war on terror is continuing... and terrorists are being wiped out all the time.

Surely the terrorists, whoever they be, wherever they lurk, ought to be having second thoughts about whether it's worthwhile to be terrorists and to plot and commit terrorism. Otherwise, their number will sooner or later come up, as it did for some of the Tamil Tigers today.

There's ultimately no escape from the counterterrorists.

I recommend to the terrorists to forget about their cause. No cause is legitimate if it takes terrorism to advance.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Mocking The Scary Guy

Still busy, busy, busy. Longer hours at work. Big move upcoming. Checking out new bachelor pad later this week.
Still feel like I oughta post something, so...
In the meantime, what do you think of the following... do you think The Scary Guy Who Sues People might sue me for doing these pix?

Does "Lucie" look like he's trying to give off a little tushie blast?

Maybe I hurt his feelings. Guess I'm going to be hearing from the Canadian so-called "Human Rights" Commission (which is a lot like the fascist German Weimar state apparatus which actually led to Hitler's rise to power and tyranny) or at least the guy's lawyer, then...

Granted, it's defamatory. I'm pretty sure that's someone else's cat, actually. So I guess the cat will sue me for calling him "Richard Warman's Cat".

Whazzup, eh? People be suing, suing, suing. Everybody sues everybody these days. It's madness!

Oh, whatever. Screw Richard Warman and his cat.

Here's an image of what I'd like to do if I were to see Richard Warman in person. I can't stand people like him.

Oh, and screw Bill Maher, too. He's a moonbat asshat.

Oh, and I cannot resist one last funny picture... anyone ever wonder what the omnipresent leftist commentor, "Balbulican", looks like? Well, here you go... Behold Balbulican!

Ahhh... that felt good. I needed to do that. Really takes a load off...


Previous EC Ruling Cited By Tories To Prove No Wrong Done

Main point: 'Tag line' determines whether 'local' or 'national' advertisement.

Story here. ht:

“We have legal backing from the former chief electoral officer. He may have changed his mind since then, and so may have Elections Canada, but that is not the fault of the Conservative Party,”

Bureaucrats changing their minds unilaterally, without direction from elected representatives of the People. Check.

Maverick state apparatus node discriminating between political parties. Check.

Draconian, dubiously-warranted search-and-seizure practices, with apparent prior tip-off to mainstream media and to political rivals. Check.

Overpaid, unelected, unaccountable elitist bureaucrats unilaterally deeming what Canadians can and cannot say and under what circumstances.

Is this your Canada?

Or is it theirs?

Why is Elections Canada only going after the Conservatives, if the other parties did the same things? Double standard?

Is Elections Canada pulling a quick, tricky, illusory shell game on us to try to make the Conservatives look as if they somehow did something wrong? Why? Is Elections Canada corrupt, biased, partisan?

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Karzai: Leave Taliban Alone

Oh. I see. He doesn't want our help anymore. ht:


Let's let him force his country to fend for itself against the bloodthirsty Taliban, then.

Ungrateful old fool. Suicidal, too. Just like the free world "progressives".

Is he really an ally at all? Or has he just been using us? Has he been practicing the infamous Taqiyya?

Hard to tell, with the incredibly opposite messages he's now sending.

What now? Continue to build schools and hospitals that only get destroyed by the Taliban?

No thanks. We need to kill the Taliban, or at least capture them and put them out of commission in order to continue the reconstruction which they're trying to stop via whatever means suits them.

We're not going to be sitting ducks. If the Afghan government no longer wants us to be able to help in a way in which it'll actually work out, then they, and the Afghan People and the entire Islamic World can't complain if we pull out, unable to do a bloody thing to help anymore.

It'll be Hamid Karzai's fault, not ours.

Food for thought.

That said, if the free world suffers another attack because of the Afghan government, we'll be back. And we won't necessarily be so nice next time.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Olympics Vs. Chinese Communist Party: A Poster

Worth a thousand words... c'mon, let me have yours!

I wonder whether the Communists have any idea what they're getting into?


Police Now Eyeing Liberals... Again

Yes, Stephane Dion is the current "Leader", but the continuing Liberal reality hasn't changed.

Story here. h/t:

I think the Liberals' newfound glee at the accusations and persecution against the Conservatives in recent days, which are, of course, unproven and dubious at best, is premature.
Sources said the RCMP is hoping to go higher up the Liberal hierarchy than Mr. Corbeil, the former director-general of the Liberal Party's Quebec wing, who is accused of taking a bribe from a businessman and defrauding the party.
How much higher, I wonder? We'll have to see. But one thing's for sure: This is very serious for the Liberal Party of Canada. The RCMP are seriously of the belief that higher-up bigwigs in the Liberal Party need to be charged with criminal wrongdoing, apparently. Very serious.
Another source said the RCMP is hoping to obtain more information on the inner workings of the party in coming months. "If everything goes well, a bunch of people could spill the beans at the same time," the source said.
Sweat, Liberals, sweat!
As the Mounties continue their investigation, they are showing a willingness to strike deals with individuals to get additional information. While fraud can be proven with documentary evidence, the police need witnesses, including people with skeletons in their closets, to prove influence peddling.
Oooh! The cops are closing in on the Librano$$$!
"The people at the advertising agencies were the first to be targeted. To find acts of corruption, it was important for the police to get the corrupters talking, in order to get at the corrupted," a source said.
Hmm... maybe the Liberals will decide to force an early election after all. Better to take their chances now than wait for the shit to hit the fan...
Liberal instinct for self-preservation will be evident no matter what happens. And those lower-down Liberal cronies will self-preserve at the expense of the Party and the higher-ups in the Party.
If the Liberals thought their troubles were over, they thought wrong.

Obama Advisor Insulted Jesus

Isn't it nice that Democratic Presidential Nomination candidate Barack Obama has such nice, tolerant, non-offensive advisors amongst his people?

Obama has already exposed himself as an elitist snob, insulting hard-working Americans, calling them "bitter" and dissing their religions and their choice to own constitutionally guaranteed tools of self-defence.

Most infamous of his close associations/advisors is his pastor, whatshisname, the racist, America-hater, but there's also...

Get a load of this latest Obama-related offense. (You may view the YouTube video at this link) And ask why Obama has such people as his advisors.

(...) including in his lectures a video of a 'gay' Jesus Christ sashaying nearly naked down a city street to the tune of Gloria Gaynor's "I Will Survive," only to get run over by a bus.

Whoa... imagine the uproar if he had done that to Mohammed! Fatwa city! Moving in with Salman Rushdie, he'd be!

"I decided to stop using the video when one Christian whom I knew told me he thought it was unhelpful to the purpose for which I was using it," said Stanford University law professor Larry Lessig on his website. "That seemed right, so I dropped it."

Well, good for him for listening to and respecting a Christian who expressed offence. But shouldn't a professor be smart enough to realize in the first place that he's being offensive to Christians, that he really oughtn't do that? I'm sure he's smart enough to not insult Mohammed like that, but why not also realize in the first place that he shouldn't insult Jesus like that, either? Sheesh... leftist professors! Another of Obama's wise entourage, he is!

Well, I viewed the video and found it extremely distasteful and offensive. Imagine if it was done to Mohammed. Imagine the riots, the murders, imagine the Islamic fascists in the streets with the "Behead so-and-so" signs and the "Islam will dominate" signs and so on. Again.

Oh, and the guy's also a raging leftwing moonbat:

"In addition to happily showing off blasphemous images of Christ, Lessig is also known as a digital communist," Erickson said. "Lessig believes there should be no such thing as intellectual property rights – patents and copyrights should be tossed."

Ominously, stemming directly from that fact...

Obama's campaign website currently proclaims Lessig as one of the industry experts supporting his technology plan to create a chief technology officer.

Another nail in the coffin of Barack Obama's hopes to clinch the Nomination. Or, should he unfortunately win that, another nail in the coffin of his hopes to take over America on behalf of militants, extremists and radicals of all sorts...

America needs a president of sound judgement who has previously demonstrated it via his choice of associations. Barack Obama isn't this person.

Personally, although I'm not an American, I'd rather suffer under a Hillary Clinton regime than under a Barack Obama regime, horrendous though another Clinton regime would be.

John McCain, compared to the Democratic hopefuls, is clearly a far, far safer a choice for President. It's glaringly obvious to the open-eyed, active-brained person.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Russian MiG Downs Georgian Recon Drone Over Georgia

Photo: A Russian MiG-29 Fulcrum

Story and video here. The video clearly shows what appears to be a MiG-29 "Fulcrum" firing a missile directly at the drone, which then abruptly stops sending video.


Georgia's defence ministry has released video showing what appears to be a Russian MiG-29 shooting down the unarmed Georgian drone on Sunday.


Mr Saakashvili himself went on Georgian TV to say he had "categorically demanded [of Mr Putin]... that these aggressive attacks on Georgia be stopped immediately".


Tbilisi believes Moscow is fuelling the separatist conflict in Abkhazia to maintain Russian influence in the region and to damage Georgia's hopes of joining Nato, the BBC's Matthew Collin reports from Georgia.

Sounds like classic Russian strategy. Classic.

"It's absolutely illegal for a Russian MiG-29 to be there," said Col David Nairashvili, the air force commander.

"Russian military aircraft intruded into Georgian airspace above Abkhazia, Georgia," said President Saakashvili on television.

Clearly, Russia can't be considered on the side of the good guys. Russia is up to its old Soviet Cold War foreign affairs/military strategy of destabilizing other nations to boost herself by default.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

OHRC Shows Ugly Liberal Fascist Face

Story here. h/t:

The OHRC ruled it did not have jurisdiction to proceed with a complaint filed by the Canadian Islamic Congress and some law students over an excerpt from Steyn's book that appeared in Maclean's titled "The future belongs to Islam."

But... and this is most telling as to the true ideology and agenda behind the so-called "human rights" commissions:

That would have been fine if that's all the OHRC did, but out of the other side of their mouth they condemned the article for being racist and Islamophobic. Unfortunately they made these findings without holding a trial or hearing legal arguments or evidence from Maclean's.

They clearly had already deemed, without doing a bloody thing at all, the article to be "racist" and "Islamophobic".

Sounds like garden-variety, mentally-disordered, unhinged moonbat left-wingers to me.

Also unfortunate is the fact the same complaint is still before the British Columbia and the Canadian Human Rights Commissions. How is Maclean's supposed to get a fair hearing before those bodies now? Does anybody think these other commissions will want to break ranks with the OHRC and rule in favour of Maclean's?

Like hell they want to rule in favor of any scary right-wingers (MacLean's is hardly "right-wing", but since it had an article by someone considered "right-wing", then it must therefore be treated as such, in the worldview of the far left, which is where the "human rights" bureaucratic agents are) who dare to tell it like it is and inconvenience radical, imperial Islam and the self-delusionally righteous left in its self-delusionally righteous crusade (perhaps "jihad" would be a more apt word) to stamp out specific types of imaginary "hate" at all costs, including the cost of violating human rights.

It gets weirder and weirder. No, there's nothing wrong with the coffee or wine you're drinking... this crap is all too real, unfortunately:

And just how is it that the same article can form the subject of complaints in three different jurisdictions? Can Crown attorneys in three jurisdictions start three prosecutions over the same subject matter? Can someone start three lawsuits in three jurisdictions over the same article? The answers are pretty obvious. Multiple proceedings should not be allowed and they aren't -- except when it comes to human rights complaints.

Well, read it all for yourself. And further your understanding of the bizarre, so-called "human rights" commissions and the bizarre, so-called "human rights" movement on the part of the radical "progressive" movement, which I suspect is heavily influenced by hostile foreign, as well as domestic, forces, like, most likely, the KGB (which aims to weaken North America with such infiltration and interference) and Imperial Islam.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Elections Canada Anti-Free-Speech: Frum

David Frum tells it like it is, and he makes a lot of sense to me. I agree with him.

But administrative agencies have a lot of discretion and scope to interpret their mandates. They can choose to interpret those mandates to minimize their interference with core freedoms, or they can interpret their mandates in ways indifferent to core freedoms.

Canada's human rights commissions did not have to extend the definition of "discrimination" to include speech: That was a choice, a bad choice. And Elections Canada has a similar choice to make about how it treats speech. It could give local candidates wide scope to express themselves in the way that those local candidates think most effective--or it can create a new role for itself as the hall monitor of Canadian elections, adjudicating what candidates can and cannot say in their campaigns.

That is the path that Elections Canada is treading now, and it is a very dangerous one. Soon it will be telling candidates how much local involvement is "enough" and how much is not enough. Does the ad have to be produced locally? Or is it enough if it just features the local candidate? If it features the local candidate, how long must the feature last? Can a group of local candidates cooperate if the national party is not involved? And how many may co-operate before the group ceases to be "local" and becomes

The more we peel the Elections Canada onion, just as we peel the "Human Rights" Commissions onion, the more we smell Liberal Fascism at work.

Why can't the Conservatives communicate the same way that the other political parties get to communicate during elections? Come on... I mean, the "spending cap" issue is really just a convenient excuse for EC to persecute and discriminate against the Conservatives, who aren't part of the "progressive" fascist movement as are the other parties and as is the leftist-dominated state apparatus, which is separate from the executive, duly elected and accountable government, and I suspect the true agenda of EC, regardless of whomever appointed some of the officials, is to limit the Conservatives' ability to communicate as effectively as the other parties have been allowed to. After all, the other parties do exactly the same things as have the Conservatives, but only the Conservatives get jackbooted by EC.

It appears that Elections Canada may have become like the "Human Rights" Commissions, a body which discriminates seemingly exclusively against non-"progressives".

As we must abolish the useless, dangerous CHRC and the related Section 13.1 of the "Human Rights Act", we must reform Elections Canada so that it cannot discriminate, cannot be partisan and ideological. We must eradicate the Liberal Fascism therefrom.

Human Rights Torch Relay Comes To Canada in May

The Olympics and crimes against humanity cannot coexist in China

The HRTR opposes the Chinese Communist Party and the Bloody Olympics.

It has received virtually no media coverage, to the shock of many people who genuinely believe in human rights for all, without discrimination.

It deserves far more coverage than the Bloody Olympics Torch Relay.

So at least I can tell a few folks about it here...

Schedule and more available here.

Friday, April 18, 2008

ADSCAM: The Liberal Scandal Continues To Burn Hot

Liberal charged. With crimes. I didn't make this up.

MONTREAL - The RCMP's long look at the sponsorship scandal finally netted a sixth suspect Friday when former federal Liberal organizer Benoit Corbeil was arrested and charged with fraud.

Corbeil, the director of the Liberals' Quebec wing from 1999 to 2001, was also formally charged with conspiracy and influence peddling. The influence accusation relates to his political activities but is not apparently linked to sponsorship.

I suppose the Liberals will ridicule the RCMP for pursuing a "conspiracy theory", to try to discredit the Mounties now? The Left loves to accuse their opponents of "conspiracy theorism" as if conspiracy was something that can't and doesn't ever happen, that it's impossible...

Well, that's one of the charges. Conspiracy. Oh, my, a Liberal conspiracy!

And there's more bad news for the Liberals, who recently tried to make hay of the bizarre search and seizure by Elections Canada at Conservative HQ, including seizing boxes with the Tories' entire case against EC inside, something that I'd swear is a crime to do, as one side in a lawsuit cannot seize the other's whole case against them, right? I now think that perhaps Elections Canada may be guilty of a crime! If not, then let the Conservatives raid EC HQ and seize all their documents, too! Like hell Canadians want the Leftist-dominated state apparatus, which is essentially separate from the government, to tell their elected government what it can and cannot do! A criminal attack against the duly elected government by the state apparatus is a criminal attack against the Canadian People!

Oh, pardon my brief digression, but it had to be said!

Anyway, as I was saying about the Liberals, they may have been thinking that the so-called "raid" by EC agents, accompanied by just a couple of Mounties, presumably for security/protection, and for which the mainstream media and Liberal Party agents were suspiciously present for the very beginning of the infamous visit... was their Hail Mary pass to force an election...

But, nope:

"It is very important to note that the RCMP is continuing its investigation into the anomalies surrounding the sponsorship program," said RCMP Cpl. Luc Bessette as he announced the charges.

"Other charges may follow."

Ok, now it's time to haul all those Liberal skeletons out of the closet, tell Canadians what happened to the nine billion dollars laundered through the mysterious, secretive "foundations", maybe have a few of the three-dozen-odd criminal investigations into Liberal actions during their regime result in criminal charges, etc... After all, now that we're getting back into hardcore political warfare, the Conservatives will be well advised to pull out the stops and order the troops to their battle stations...

It's go time, baby!

The Koran: The New Testament is Coming

That's right. A Koran without hate, without violence. This is what I and many others, including Muslims, including Muslims Against Sharia, who have actually commented on this site and agreed with me, have been calling for.

The organization Muslims Against Sharia is creating a new Koran with the violent verses removed. How legitimate and wise is this action? There is an effort in Turkey, for instance, to also revise Islamic texts. What real hope can these acts offer to bring Islam
into the modern and democratic world? To discuss this issue with us today, Frontpage Symposium has assembled a distinguished panel. Our guests are: (...)

Read the whole thing!

This is a wonderful development.

Imagine the world with an Islam not based on hate and violence.

Imagine the world with an Islam which accepts non-Muslims as equals and as friends and which doesn't seek their submission.

Imagine the world with an Islam that isn't imperialistic.

Imagine the world with an Islam that doesn't push "jihad".

Imagine a much more peaceful world.

Imagine soon welcoming the New Islam into the modern age.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

A Must-Read

Delving deeper into the lessons of history...

Yalden wants readers to believe the Nazis were able to come to power and perpetrate the Holocaust in part because of “unfettered” free speech when in fact the opposite is true. Suppression of civil liberties in Germany, especially free speech, was essential to the Nazi’s successful acquisition and consolidation of power.

It’s a myth that Weimar Germany was a bastion of freedom and civil rights before being taken over by the Nazis. The Weimar Republic was no respecter of civil liberties and the rule of law – at least not consistently. Weimar “liberals” shut down newspapers when it suited them, they spied on political parties, they used plainclothes police or other surrogates to break up political meetings, they outlawed political parties – including the Nazis for a time, and they not only tolerated armed militias but in many instances encouraged their existence and activity while the judiciary turned a blind eye.

There is a lesson to be learned here, but it’s not the lesson that Yalden and his ideological compatriots are teaching. National Socialist Germany is not an example of what happens when hate is tolerated – it’s an example of what happens when hate is empowered. The uncomfortable fact is that the Nazis didn’t invent the apparatus of power or culture of repression in Germany, they merely took control of, and perfected, an apparatus and culture that had already been created and used by “liberals” to combat extremism.

ht: SDA

Clearly, the progressive movement hasn't learned the lessons of history. They're paving the way for someone to take over the reins of the leftist state apparati of the Free World and abuse them for murderous purposes, targeting identifiable groups...

The progressives don't realize that the Liberal Fascism that we see today in the likes of the ACLU, CHRC and other supposedly "anti-hate", "anti-racism", "pro-human-rights" organizations is exactly the sort of thing that made it so easy for Hitler's Nazis to rise to power and commit some of history's most infamous, massive atrocities, having been empowered by the German liberals' oppressive state apparatus regime...

I'd say also that extremist individuals whom I needn't name, as they're already making headlines for their own hateful, insane, myopically overzealous Liberal Fascist activities, are part of the problem and will go down in history as having significantly contributed to whatever horrors we may face in the future...

By the way, I've blogged herein about how today's German state apparatus is again abusing its police-state powers to persecute an identifiable group, namely Christians who don't want their children to be brainwashed in public schools in such things as homosexuality. Indeed, Germany is actually keeping Hitler's own anti-homeschooling law in effect and is using a gestapo force to enforce it. Many Christians are leaving Germany as a result already, rather than lose their right to freedom of religion and other freedoms.

Today we have in Canada... a state apparatus which discriminates against a particular political party, has a judge issue a warrant, grabs a couple gestapo, invades a party headquarters with the "liberal/progressive" "mainstream" media magically present from the start, plus some agents of a rival political party as well...

We in Canada also have a frightening, ominous, self-fancied "human rights champion" figure suing bloggers who merely reported on what he was doing to people... like hell he'll win; it's an intimidation tactic. What, sue me? I never even named names! It simply won't work. Fascism will be defeated!

Bardot To Have Human Rights Revoked For Insulting Muslims?

Hot babe of the olden days, Brititte Bardot of France, is literally on trial for simply saying things considered hostile towards Islam.

Hey! Does this mean that leftists who say things about Christianity that can be considered hostile can, too, go to court to potentially have their right to freedom of expression taken away?

Does this mean that Muslims who express hostility towards non-Muslims can, too, go to court to potentially have their right to freedom of expression taken away?

Does this mean that homosexuals, bisexuals and transsexuals can, too, go to court to potentially have their right to freedom of expression taken away?

After all, as it stands, if it's illegal and a potentially imprisonable offence to insult or "express hatred" towards Islam/Muslims, then it must necessarily also be a potentially imprisonable offence for Muslims, leftists, GLBTs, etc., to insult or "express hatred" towards, say, JudeoChristians.
Basically, she said, reminiscent of leftwing bigots who say similar things about JudeoChristians...

"I am fed up with being under the thumb of this population which is destroying us, destroying our country and imposing its acts,"(...)
Ok, so she said nasty stuff. But the inconvenient truth of the matter is that it's her human right to say stuff like that, no matter how nasty, as it clearly appears to also be the right of such folks as Canadian radical Imam Mohammed Elmasry, American leftwing bigot Ward Churchill, Barack Obama's racist pastor, bigoted extremist Rosie O'Donnel, religionophobic, homo-supremacist Elton John... to say the nasty stuff they say...

France still has its own Richard Warmans and "human rights" kangaroo courts, apparently, and they're going to protect the process of Islamization of France, no doubt, unless they're stopped and forced to resepect everyone's equal human rights and constitutional rights, not just respecting Muslims' human right to go around preaching hatred of non-Muslims and to incite violence and terrorism and riots...

Does France allow equal right to freedom of expression or not? Are some more "equal" than others? Are Muslims deemed by the French state apparatus to be superior and untouchable no matter what, whereas most everyone else is to be persecuted for exercising their rights in a manner that Muslims don't like?

Either everyone can say what they want.... or no one can say what they want.

If Ms. Bardot goes to jail, then I want to see all of the Islamic preachers of hatred and violence go to jail too! Ditto hateful bigots like Rosie O'Donnel and Elton John.

Note to leftists: If baby torture-murder is a "human right"; if homosexual marriage is a "human right", then how can you say that free speech, no matter how inconvenient, no matter how nasty, no matter how much you deem it "hateful", isn't? You are in no position to lecture on this topic, as you, as a movement, as an ideology, as a community with its own special, radical mores, norms, values, etc... don't believe in equal human rights for all, and you know it.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Just In: China Supporter Poses As Tibetan, Attacks Handicapped Girl

It appears that this post is damning for the Communist regime of China.

It has already attracted at least a couple of pro-China online propagandists...

But the balance of the commentary is not at all pro-China. Must be driving the online Communist spies nuts! In fact, I'm surprised to see one pro-China commentor straight out of Beijing, where I thought citizens were blocked from viewing anything such as a post that makes the regime look bad...

Clearly the Communists have eyes all over the place...

Search and Seizure Leads to Accusations of Intimidation by Elections Canada

Is Elections Canada trying to intimidate the governing party?

Is Elections Canada trying to get back at the Conservatives for suing them?

Raider of the headquarters: An Elections Canada official seizes a box from the Conservatives, who previously launched a lawsuit against the state apparatus node

Story here. ht:

Wonder how many Liberal appointees are still inside Elections Canada?

Is Elections Canada corrupt? Is it partisan?

Why would they feel it necessary to have an official go to Conservative Party headquarters, accompanied by two Mounties, to collect some documents? The Party says they're cooperating fully and, so far as I know, it hasn't been suggested otherwise by Elections Canada. So why the intrusion?

I also wonder whether the judge who granted the search warrant might be a Liberal appointee or at least hostile towards the Conservatives?

All legitimate questions. Of course. After all, there are all kinds of questions and defamatory accusations being hurled at the Conservative Party over alleged rulebreaking in election advertising financing (related to things that all parties do, by the way, but over which only the Conservatives have been targeted by Elections Canada).

There's also the fact that the Conservatives have already sued Elections Canada over the whole thing, and the fact that today, if I recall a Conservative statement correctly, EC officials are to be questioned in court...

It smells strange. The timing of the intrusion into Conservative HQ, the accompaniment of the official by two Mounties...

Could Elections Canada, a part of the Leftist-dominated state apparatus, be playing a dangerous game? I don't see them explaining themselves much, other than to keep saying that they "executed a search warrant".

Innocent until proven guilty... but to listen to the Liberals, NDP and Bloc parties in Parliament, one would think that those parties don't believe in this principle after all.

Maybe the Conservatives should get a search warrant and a couple of Mounties and go 'raid' Elections Canada headquarters to find any evidence that would tend to damn the state apparatus node. Hey, why not? Fair is fair. If this is how things are to be done, then do it to both sides. Let's find out just how scrupulous Elections Canada is, how fair and impartial they really are...

UPDATE: Did Elections Canada invite Liberals, media to so-called "raid"?

You know, much has been said by the Opposition and the MSM about the fact that the Chief Electoral Officer was appointed by the Conservatives themselves, by the Prime Minister.

So? I'd like to address that.

So what if he was appointed by the Conservative government? What does this necessarily mean, that he cannot possibly turn Liberal or at least anti-Conservative? I'm not suggesting anything at all about the CEO, certainly not, but, come on; we know that people who might or might not have been part of one particular party can change and turn on their former party, not that I'm suggesting that's what happened; of course not. But just keep that in mind.

Besides, I'd like to know which judge issued the search warrant. Was he appointed by a Liberal Prime Minister? After all, many sitting judges have been appointed via patronage/party loyalty by Liberal Prime Ministers... so I'd just like to remind the Opposition of that.

And that judges can be corrupt, activist, etc., not that I'm suggesting anything about the judge who issued the warrant; of course not!

I'd also like to know how the Liberals and the media knew before the so-called "raid" (search and seizure is more accurate, and the two mounties may have just been there to simply help things go smoothly and so on) that it was going to happen, and exactly when to be there with cameras. This is suspicious, no doubt.

Oh, and it smacks of a legalized Watergate to me. I'd be interested in knowing who, what, when, where, why and how with respect to the search and seizure.

It does appear that the Conservatives are being unfairly treated by Elections Canada for doing what the other parties have done for a long time and for which they were never picked on.

Oh, well, anyhow, it's before the courts. The Conservatives started the legal proceedings themselves, challenging EC's interpretation and application of the rule in question, dubbed "in-and-out" financing in which the national level provides funding to destitute local riding organizations for the purpose of advertising. All parties do this. But only the Conservatives got picked on. Why?

Coincidentally(?), the scheduled-for-today-the-day-after-the-inexplicable-"raid" court examination of EC officials has been postponed. Interesting timing. Optics of it do shine the spotlight onto EC for the timing.

UPDATE: Read the post by Repossessing Halton: The Sentinel Report

And this comment on the EC official and the RCMP

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Finally, MSM Recognizing Liberal Party, Not Just Leader, is Problem

It's not just the crappy leader, Stephane Dion, that ails the Liberal Party of Canada and keeps people from considering voting for them.

It's the Party, too.

I've been saying this for a long time, astonished that so many in the media seem to believe that the real problem is just the leadership and not the Party itself.

Even a leftist journalist like James Travers of the Toronto (Red) Star realizes it now.

It sounds, from Mr. Travers's commentary, as if the left-leaning mainstream media is declaring the Liberal Party as unfit to deal with its challenges. The implication of this is that the Liberals would be even more ill-equipped to deal with the challenges of running a complex federation, let alone facing the entire chaotic world...

In other times, say in the dying decades of the last century, even as imperfect a leader as Dion could reasonably be expected to bring the natural governing party back to power. But these times are far from usual and coping with them is proving beyond the party's capacity.

Even before the 2006 leadership convention and what's now remembered as the Montreal mistake, Liberals failed to make renewal the priority. They didn't give enough thought to who and what it takes to win in a new millennium with very different political realities. Nor did they fully deconstruct why and how Paul Martin lost.

Exactly. Since 2005, I've been saying basically that unless the Liberal Party abandons left-wing extremism and its culture of entitlement, corruption, greed and gross, cavalier incompetence and neglect, it would be forever on its deathbed on life support.

It appears that Mr. Travers gets the point that Canadians don't want new social programs and simply want their tax dollars back. I'd add that Canadians don't want their tax dollars to be wasted any further by a bunch of socialist crooks, so they put the Conservatives into power, having awakened to the reality that socialism isn't a good thing after all and that it's actually better and easier to take care of oneself and one's family using one's own hard work and earnings than to hope, sometimes in vain, that the government will do its job, which it frequently fails to do, at least in time and with the quality it's paid to deliver, if not failing completely at times. Too bad the Liberals don't understand this.... blame it on their culture of entitlement and their delusion that the Liberal brand is not only immortal but automatically resurgent towards power.

Realistically, Mr. Travers visualizes:

Just for laughs, imagine Dion stumping the country telling voters to again trust Liberals to wisely spend taxpayer money while Stephen Harper talks about family values, individual choice and government intentionally shrunk so small that its more a nuisance than an obstacle to personal gain. Or, to put it in howler context, think hypothetically of Liberals arguing to reverse Harper's GST cut to have more money to spend on fighting poverty or climate change.

You know, it's highly unlikely that the Liberals will see power again for a long time, if ever. It's up to them. They'll have to really, radically transform themselves and their institution from the grassroots up, preferably get a constitution that impresses voters, and some policies that resonate with the new realities of Canada and the world.

So far, if anyone's expecting that from the Liberal Party, they can fuggeddaboutit.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Canada Continues Crackdown on Terrorism

Focusing this time on the Tamil Tigers (LTTE) terrorist group.

Behind the scenes, out of the public eye...

The counterterrorists are quietly looking for the enemy amongst us, gathering evidence via careful investigation and, when least expected, descend upon them.

Counterterrorism police in Quebec and Ontario effectively shut down a non-profit organization for Canadian Tamils this weekend due to allegations it has been raising money to finance terrorist activities in Sri Lanka.

The RCMP was expected to announce details of its unprecedented actions as early as today, but several sources said police had moved in to enforce a Federal Court restraining order against the World Tamil Movement.

The WTM's offices in Montreal and Toronto have been under police investigation for six years, and were raided by police in 2006. While no charges have yet resulted, the decision to seek a restraining order suggests Ottawa is aggressively pursuing the group.

...I'd suggest to other terrorist-supporting organizations that they might as well cease and desist and go away, lest they, too, be similarly "inconvenienced". Canada doesn't want terrorists or terrorist supporters carrying on subversive crap within her borders and is diligently keeping her eye on all who would dare masquerade as charities and businesses for the purpose of laundering funds to dangerous extremist groups such as terrorist organizations.

Crying the wolf of "racial profiling" is old already and isn't going to work anymore. We know that there's no "racial profiling" going on, for it's never been proven to happen. Besides, if it was happening, it'd be plainly obvious, as happens in such regimes as China, Iran, Saudi Arabia... all regimes connected to the facilitation of terrorism, racism, murder, genocide...

Bonfire of the Insanities In Calgary

A citizen photojournalism piece...

"Nazis", Communists and other extreme freaks/bigots/extremists/haters/add your own label.

(ht: SDA)

Walking around, freely, on the streets in Canada.

I didn't make this up.

Oh, well, they let the Islamic fascists do it, too, and get away with it, so I guess they're just being fair to all kinds of bigots.

My, but isn't that nice? Equality for everyone, regardless of whatever. (Sarc.)

There's certainly a lot of moonbats in Calgary, isn't there?

Funny how the "Nazis" (the dumbass "White Pride" freakazoid weirdoes) look like a bunch of tough-acting "gay" militants, isn't it?

Anyway, where the hell were Warren Kinsella and Richard Warman? Kinsella lives in Calgary, if I recall correctly. Did he take any pictures of those actual, non-fantasy "Nazis", or does he prefer to stick to taking pictures of swastikas in bathroom stalls?

Richard "Lucie" Warman? Too busy suing people for saying what he's been up to.

Post Number 2000: MacLean's Spotlights Richard Warman

Photo: The serious-as-ever Richard Warman
This post marks yet another Canadian Sentinel milestone, that of this being post number two thousand. Wow... I've done two thousand posts since 9/11/2005!
And "human rights" profiteer Richard Warman has the "honor" of being the subject matter.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Obama's Past Association With Known Terrorist Returns to Haunt Him

Change? What kind of change? Wish he'd tell us, because we're getting a little wary about his intentions should he become President. It isn't enough to simply go around promising "change" and trying to please absolutely everyone with a slick, malleable message. Besides, his baggage does tend to make people worry a bit more.

Story here. ht:

Just when Obama thought he had had enough of a headache with this slur he made against a certain group of folks, for which he thinks his subsequent "clarification" and expression of regret for the supposedly-unintended tone and interpretation, he's now got to deal with questions about past association with yet another extremist, this time with a known terrorist.

A PAST association with a former terrorist has returned to haunt Barack Obama as the battle for the Democratic presidential nomination nears its end game.

Republicans are turning on Obama for his connection with William Ayers, once a member of the Weather Underground, a terrorist group that bombed the Capitol, the Pentagon and the State Department in the 1970s.

Ayers was loosely involved in Obama’s election as an Illinois state senator in the late 1990s, when he was introduced to local activists at a meeting in his house. He also donated $200 to Obama’s reelection campaign in 2001.

Obama served with Ayers on the board of the Woods Fund, a philanthropic foundation, for three years and shared a platform with him at two academic conferences.

Republicans believe they have found new evidence that Obama lacks judgment and patriotism just as the controversy over the Rev Jeremiah Wright, his pastor, who said, “God damn America”, is dying down.

Maybe Obama does lack judgement. I'm afraid the evidence is already piling up.

Doesn't he know well enough to avoid associating with haters and violent extremists?

Or is he just so clueless as to what's going on around him and in the world as to be ignorant about the way some folks really are?

One cannot help but think that maybe it'd be too risky to put this fine fellow behind the desk in the Oval Office.

It's about judgement and ability to tell right from wrong. These qualities are required for one to be a good President.

And it's not enough to say, "Oh, well, he couldn't be any worse than Bush". Come on; Americans really ought to aim higher than "no worse than".

Hillary? Ewww, too. Too communistic. Promised, actually, to "take things away from you... on behalf of the 'greater good'".

If I were American, I'd go with the logically safest choice, a man who actually put his life on the line to fight for his country and was actually a prisoner of war. To me, as imperfect as all the choices appear, the clear choice would be John McCain.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

The 'Libel' Chill Suit By Richard Warman: The Ominous Fallout

Kate McMillan, one of the many defendants, weighs in with the implications for the future of freedom of expression in Canada, no matter where one may reside on the ideological spectrum.

I wonder how many of you have paused to consider your own databases, and the google caches they lurk in? Have you thought about how you might be called to account for readers who have accused me of being bought and paid for by politicians? Of being a "Nazi sympathizer"? Who've denigrated my artwork? Who have posted fabricated "quotes" they've attributed to me?

Because, in case you haven't noticed, there's really no way for me to lose. I may shell out a few dollars over this complaint, but the precedent will be a gold mine. The Canadian left have provided me the fodder for a full time career as a plaintiff.


But, set that aside for the moment - have your commentors accused Brian Mulroney of criminal activity? Jean Chretien? Grant Devine? Every premier in the history of British Columbia? They're all private citizens, they all know good lawyers.

And as a commentor accessing this medium - what then? Welcome to your new role as "Exhibit A". (...)

This is the fine mess into which Richard Warman is plunging Canadians. And that includes absolutely everyone, no matter how far on the left they may be, no matter how much they believe that being a leftist immunizes them from everything and anything in terms of negative consequences for one's actions and words. That's right, all left-wing extremists out there: You will suffer consequences stemming from the precedent should Richard Warman win.

Should Warman win, then freedom of expression in Canada will be subject to lawsuits by people who consider, say, mere opinions as "libel".

So, leftists, better watch what you call Conservative politicians and private citizens from now on. No more demonizing; for they just might sue YOU someday! And win!

Therefore, it's in everyone's interest to oppose Richard Warman's lawsuit, demand the abolition of the Canadian "Human Rights" Commission, demand the scrapping of Section 13.1 of the CHRA, and support the victims of Richard Warman's "libel" suit.

Aren't you starting to "get it", leftists? Or are you too stupid?

Friday, April 11, 2008

Slowdown in Posting Anticipated

As a big move and other big changes are in the offing, and happening fast, blogging will be slower than usual, though it won't stop.

So much more on my plate in the coming days, weeks, likely months... I'll tell y'all, it's gonna be getting a little crazy...

Gotta do what one's gotta do... c'est la vie.

So during it all, I'd invite readers to submit tips in the comments for others to follow, and perhaps for me to have something to do quick posts about.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Liberals Again Make Fools of Selves Big-Time

Story here.

The Liberals can say whatever they want, but we know they don't mean a bloody thing they say, ever. They'll say whatever they have to, but at the same time, they'll prove that they don't mean it at all, but demonstrating that the only thing that matters to them is survival and avoidance of facing the People in an election they can't handle and for which they're terribly unprepared and which would decimate their numbers like, perhaps, hasn't happened since 1984.

OTTAWA - The federal Liberals were taunted and ridiculed by opponents as they avoided triggering an election over immigration reforms they have spent weeks denouncing in the most scathing terms.

Their opponents in government and on the other opposition benches poured scorn on the party as it allowed the Tory government to survive yet another a confidence vote in the House of Commons.

The Liberals warn that there will be other occasions to defeat the immigration reforms this spring, and continue to describe the changes as mean-spirited, anti-immigrant, short-sighted, and as an affront to Canadian values.

Oh, just listen to them say the same old crap. "Mean spirited". "Anti-immigrant". "Short-sighted", "Affront to Canadian values". Oh, but they forgot "doody heads" and "booger eaters". Not to mention "reptilian kitten eaters" and the usual "racist, sexist, anti-gay... so and so go away!", just like their Ultra-Far-Left-Wing, hateful, knuckle-dragging Opposition comrades, who don't have to prove they mean it, as they're well-positioned in the polls to hold their own rumps and can never hope to form a government anyway due to their radical extremism and destructive ideologies such as separatism, communism and appeasement of Islamic fascists (oh, wait; the Liberals are hardly any better; their leader at least used to be a separatist, has been appeasing the Islamic fascists and is quite the communist, in my opinion, saying he'd consider raising taxes and spending tens of billions more in social programs and so on).

The Liberals apparently understand the truth that the legislation is good for immigrants, particularly those with badly-needed skills, and for Canada's economy. Of course they supported the government on the matter!

Later Wednesday, the Liberals sided with the government as the Commons voted 201-68 on an NDP motion to reject the budget-implementation bill that contains the immigration changes.

I don't understand why the Liberals are so insanely stupid as to call the government all these horrible things but then support the government. It's one helluva bizarre spectacle.

Can't believe anything at all the Liberals say, ever. They'll say anything, no matter what. And whatever they say, they'll never mean, as far as Canadian voters are concerned.

Canadians don't want to elect a government, like a Liberal one, which has proven conclusively that it never means a bloody thing it says, that it can't possibly ever be trusted.

Canadians want a government, the Conservatives of Stephen Harper, which does the right thing regardless of whatever the Far Left demagogues may throw at it in the way of inaccurate, defamatory falsehoods designed to make their brainless, guillible Left-wing supporters happy with them and keep voting brainlessly for them.

Besides, the legislation is supported by many, many groups within the immigrant and ethnic communities, as well as by business groups that need skilled people to come and work for them.

There will not, as accused by the Far Left demagogues, be any discrimination. There will only be the matter of qualifications in terms of needed skills identifying immigration applicants for fast-tracking, as opposed to having to wait behind nearly a million already waiting to have their applications processed, as the Liberals had happen. Bizarrely, even applicants who have passed away have to have their applications processed, by law, before the rest can be processed, as the Liberals had going on!

Oh, and the Liberals gave preference to strippers. I recall the scandal in which the Liberal Immigration Minister, Judy Sgro, intervened to allow strippers to jump the queue to get into Canada, ahead of, say, skilled doctors, engineers, etc...

There is a clear consensus that this immigration reform is needed to speed up immigration and that it's supported by people all over who understand the reality of the situation, including immigrants.

The Far Left just doesn't want to see Conservatives do good things. The Far Left's bizarre, destructive ideology prevents them from caring to do what's good and right for everyone.

As for the Liberals, they just care about themselves and about nothing else. This is proven over and over and over again by none other than themselves.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008


Big Brother Richard Warman

Richard Warman is on the warpath against Canadian conservative bloggers. He's suing them, or at least threatening to do so.

He, according to Kathy Shaidle, also wants to censor specific international websites which he personally finds inconvenient to his agenda and ideology so that Canadian viewers cannot view them. Just like the Chinese Communist Party and the Islamic Republic of Iran do. Think about that.

I understand he's also suing a journalist at the National Post.

What the hell?

HT: Kate McMillan, one of Warman's targets, who has a post of her own linking to others. See "Warman vs The Entire Free World"

And, of course, the man who will lead us into battle, freedom fighter Ezra Levant, has something to say about it as well. Oh, yes, Warman declared war on him, too.

Spread the word. Your rights are under attack. Liberal Fascism is raising its big, ugly head and is preparing to breathe fire upon our constitutional and human rights and freedoms...

Bloggers... join forces. We are at war with the enemy within!

Do a post! Help raise awareness! Don't let him get away with this!

In Canada.

I didn't make this up.

Sic semper tyrannis!

Disgusting Scumbag Spotlight: Yousef al-Khattab

The idiotic fool, Yousef al-Khattab, mocks a former POW's licence plate.

Story and more offensive photos here

It is a classic example of a Muslim terrorist supporter and sympathizer using the freedoms granted to him by the United States to promote an agenda of violence and terrorism. Meet the abysmal and morally bankrupt Yousef al-Khattab, arguably one of the most despicable wastes of genetic material ever to suck American air. Spewing anti-Semitic propaganda, pro-Muslim rhetoric and arguably seditious speech, this dim-witted display of Islamic intellectualism is shown in the image below expressing his joy at a NY issued POW license plate.

Formerly known as Joseph Cohen, he runs a pro-Muslim terrorist web site known as and an interactive web forum appropriately named from his Queens, New York residence.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

CHRC Fascist Hacks Neighbor's Wireless Router To Post Hate Online

Isn't it a crime to do such a thing?

The state... a fascist node thereof... known for taking away peoples' rights to achieve a 100% conviction rate for, usually, "thought crimes" (whatever they deem "hate")... did that, via one of its so-called "Human Rights" agents.

Wow! Who was the target of this agent? Was it someone from Al Qaeda? Was it a most-wanted Communist spy?


Just some guy named Marc Lemire whose website they deemed to be "hateful" somehow.

But they needed "evidence", so someone from the so-called "Canadian Human Rights Commission" figured the best way to get some is via entrapment, hopefully cajoling some kind of "hate speech" out of the website owner, and to break the law in so doing. Note that if they had had evidence of "hate" already, they wouldn't have had to try to encourage anyone to say something "hateful". Funny how they deem "hate" without evidence, isn't it? No wonder they go fishing and witchhunting like this!

When Mr. Steacy began posting messages on hate sites as "jadewarr," he was sufficiently Internet savvy not to leave any ISP information that could be traced back to the CHRC. He didn't want Marc Lemire looking at his server logs and noticing any unusual interest from anything ending in "" So Mr. Steacy disconnected himself from the office Internet, and looked around for alternative wireless connections. He found one belonging to a young lady whose apartment is a block away from CHRC headquarters in Ottawa. Without obtaining a warrant, he connected to her server, and in effect used her as his cover for his "jadewarr" postings. Last week, a representative from Bell Canada named the lady in open court, since when her name has been reported in the newspapers. Let's say in 10 years' time, this woman applies for a job in, oh, Sarnia or Moose Jaw or Des Moines, and her prospective employer decides to Google her name, and what comes up is all very complicated and hard to follow but she seems to have something to do with some white supremacist investigation back in 2008.

No, she doesn't. She's a blameless woman moved into the line of fire to cover Dean Steacy's tracks. If I were her, I'd be contemplating one monsteroo lawsuit against the CHRC for their appropriation of her identity.

I hope she sues the excrement out of the fascists. We can't have fascists going around saying that everyone who says stuff they don't like is a "hater" or whatever bad word. After all, while there certainly are some hateful folks out there, no doubt about it, we at the same time can't have the state apparatus going around doing whatever the hell it wants to whomever it wants to get whatever it wants no matter what it takes.

This isn't Iran. This isn't Russia. This isn't Red China.

This is Canada. And this sort of thing happens here, believe it or not. And it's condoned by "progressives", such as are represented in the Liberal Party, the New Democratic Party and the Bloc, who don't want to put a stop to this, seeing as they refuse to agree that the section of the "Human Rights Act" that gives rise to this unconstitutional fascism must be abolished, that they want it to continue.

The Conservatives haven't really taken a position yet. But I believe that it's wise to let the whole thing play out, all the truth about the whole Liberal Fascist scam come out and cause widespread public outrage. Then it'll be far easier to take action to remedy the situation. Smart. Of course, a majority in Parliament and some kind of Senate reform will be required, else we just might still have this Liberal Fascism nonsense continue, as it clearly is, with Richard Warman now at the Department of National Defence, jackbooting our warriors for whatever he wants, being a nasty bully about it, too. Oh, and Ezra Levant, de-facto leader of the revolution against Liberal Fascism in Canada, has another post up about another spotless CHRC fascist, someone who wasn't acceptable as a police officer, but who is perfect for the CHRC.

When I first came across this blog post, I admit I didn't believe it: "Sandy" Kozak, the Canadian Human Rights Commission officer investigating Mark Steyn and Maclean's magazine, is the same as "Sandra" Kozak, the former Ottawa-area cop drummed out of the Carleton Place Municipal Police Service for "discreditable conduct" -- she had an improper relationship with a serial criminal. Kozak was too corrupt to be a real police officer, but she was just right for the CHRC, which snapped her up.

Nice. The Liberal Fascists recruit such well-qualified-for-the-special-job-of-exalted-hate-stamper-outer characters. This'll help protect our human rights from abuse. Sure. Of course!

Anyway, do read the stuff at the links. It's worthwhile, especially if you have little or no idea that state fascism actually happens in Canada, and that it's driven by "progressive" forces.

These state fascists would call themselves "progressive" for imposing at all costs their special views on everything. But, you know, North Korea claims to be "democratic" and the Chinese government claims that its agencies belong to "The People". Time honored practice, this, calling something bad something good to fool folks into thinking you're good, not bad.

Well, the "progressives" aren't fooling intelligent, wide-awake people anymore...

Oh, and I'd like to know whether they do the same things to Islamic fascists posting hate online and saying and doing hateful stuff and so on? There's lots of hate coming from Islamic fascists, so why don't the CHRCers go after them?