Thursday, November 30, 2006

Moonbat Spotlight: Andre Boisclair

Parti Quebecois leader Andre Boisclair: stupid moonbat asshat
Story here. h/t: NationalNewswatch
QUEBEC — Parti Quebecois Leader Andre Boisclair is being criticized for appearing in a TV parody of "Brokeback Mountain" that features caricatures of a partially naked Stephen Harper and George W. Bush.
The prime minister and the U.S. president are seen naked from the waist up in a tent.
Bush at one point throws cherries at Harper's nipples that are covered with whipped cream.
After the cherries land on the nipples, Boisclair is seen opening the tent flap and saying that Quebec isn't getting involved in that.
But I bet Andre himself would like to get involved in that.
Oh, yeah... real classy. Real tasteful. Real distinguished. Really proves this flamboyant happy-boy is totally qualified to lead Quebec. Oh, yep.
Good choice for a leader, Parti Quebecois poopheads!
Methinks the MSM should be crapping all over this guy. If he was an English Canadian Conservative leader and was involved in, say, a skit of two female politicians with whipped cream on their boobies and throwing cherries at each other, he'd be forced to resign in disgrace, having made his party a laughingstock.
But as he's a "special minority" type of person, they'll likely let the whole thing blow over (no pun intended) and Happy Andre will be the next Premier of Quebec and hold a third separation referendum, which, naturally, will end up disappointing him and his separatist brethren. And I bet he'll get drunk, go to the microphone and blame the result on "money and the hetero vote"...
Put this in perspective: isn't it far worse in terms of political optics than rollerblading and wearing a wetsuit? Of course it is... but we've had a leader forced from his position who was known for rollerblading and wearing a wetsuit. Shouldn't this guy Andre have to suffer similarly for behaving like a much bigger infantile poophead while leading a political party?
Wonder what'd have happened if, instead of Bush and Harper, he had used, say, Mohammed and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad? Nah... he's too bloody Dhimmi to do that. Like most moonbats!

Separated at Birth: Shawn Graham & Fox Mulder

New Brunswick "Liberal" Premier Shawn Graham

Above: FBI agent Fox "Spooky" Mulder of the "X-Files" for reader tips...

Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Muzis Continuing Attacking Israel. UN Ignores.

Story here.

Within 48 hours of the enactment of the latest Middle East ceasefire, both Palestinian factions that signed on the dotted line violated the agreement by firing Qassam rockets into civilian areas, with the explicit goal of killing as many innocent Israelis as possible.

What didn’t happen in response to this flagrant breach is most significant. The United Nations didn’t convene an emergency session. The inaction was hardly surprising, though. The UN has never done so in reaction to attacks by Palestinian terrorists.

But when Israel had attempted earlier this month to prevent terrorists from firing rockets into its sovereign territory, the international outrage machine ginned up. All but seven members of the United Nations’ General Assembly voted to condemn Israel for its military incursion into Gaza.

Read the rest. There's much more. The sort of stuff that should be enraging the international community at the so-called "Palestinians", but which is going largely ignored... as, clearly, the international community is biased in favor of "Palestine", no matter how murderously brutal she behaves towards Israel without provocation.

For example:

“‘After the rocket fell, a man, maybe 20 years old, took the boy in his arms. He was in shock. He ran with the boy, he didn’t know what to do,’ said Zina Shurov, 48, a neighbor. ‘I saw the boy, he had no legs.’”

Even with the ceasefire, Hamas has no plans to stop, and the international outrage machine won’t ask it to. The Islamic terrorists are merely fulfilling a promise made this June: “We have decided to turn Sderot into a ghost town. We won’t stop firing the rockets until they all leave.”

It is clear to me that Israel needs all the support she can get against the Muzi beasts the left so adores. Therefore I shall be 100% on the side of Israel until the Muzis abandon their jihad aims for good. Which means I'll oppose "Palestine" and call for its demise until they surrender unconditionally.

Screw the bigoted "international community" which really consists of a vast, leftwing conspiracy, including Dhimmi leftist NGOs, the UN, the MSM... and the Islamic fascists.

Why the hell should we give a crap about a barbaric group of people, the Muzis, who are about nothing but supremacism and murdering those who are not Muslim? I say let Israel nuke the Islamic World if it continues attacking Israel in the name of Islam.

Islam, furthermore, must be abolished. It is about nothing but evil. It threatens humanity to the very core.

Hey, shut up, leftists! If it's acceptable to attack Christianity and Judaism, Israel and America... then it's acceptable to attack Islam and the Islamic World! And someone has to! There needs to be a balance... a defiant countering of the forces of evil, dhimmitude and leftism, else humanity will fall into a bottomless pit of suffering and despair.

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Lesbo Fire Chief Under Fire for Discrimination, Sexual Harrassment

Story here. h/t: WND & Maz2.

Read it all.

What's up with the GLBT folks? Do they think they're supremely special and can do whatever they want, bullying all kinds of folks they think aren't deserving of equality?

Here's a big-deal fire chief... a big deal just 'cause she's a lesbian.

And she's in big trouble for her "likely" unacceptable behavior, according to those who've served under her and to the City's Department of Civil Rights.

Bleskachek, 43, was hailed as a trailblazer when she was promoted to the top job two years ago, but her tenure has been troubled.

Three female firefighters have sued, alleging various acts of discrimination and sexual harassment. Two of the lawsuits were settled, but this month a male firefighter brought another lawsuit alleging he was denied advancement because he is male and not gay.

A city investigation is still under way. This summer, a separate investigation by the city's Department of Civil Rights into a 2003 complaint by a male firefighter _ brought when Bleskachek was a battalion chief _ found it "likely" that the department gave preferential treatment to lesbians or those who socialized with them.

I bet she'll not really end up being in any real trouble.

If, however, she was a straight man, then it'd be a bigger deal... and no one would be willing to give him the benefit of the doubt.

Just wait till the gay community and the left in general stands up for her, despite all the complainants who have come forwards. They tend to support their own no matter what, as I've observed many times with eyes wide and mouth agape...

Always remember, people should be hired and promoted on real merit, not whether they're man, woman, gay, straight, or whatever. If this person was hired to promote GLBT stuff, that is wrong, but I will not prejudge why she was hired in the first place, and why she became chief. I only hope she passed all tests with flying colors and performed in an exemplary manner in her duties leading up to her promotion to chief.

Bad behavior, however, must never be excused for anyone... anyone at all! And there's no way now this person can possibly continue to be chief. Just no way... no one will trust her or obey her orders.

It is not acceptable for gay people to discriminate or to make unwanted sexual advances any more than it is for anyone else to do so.

Here come the moonbats to slam me... par for the course. Heaven forbid anyone should criticize anyone who's "gay", no matter what they might've done... oh, no... politically incorrect, it'd be!

Tuesday, November 28, 2006

ACLU Censors Christian Cross In Middle of Mojave Desert

Above: a Christian Cross... hatefully censored by the ACLU

Stories here, here and here. There's also a video.

If the ACLU isn't a hate group, then there are no hate groups. The KKK isn't a hate group, either... nor Al Qaeda, nor the Nazis... yeah, right, suuuure!

The ACLU singles out Christianity for censorship. No other religion is targeted by the ACLU. No group favored by the left is ever a target of the ACLU.

Hey, why doesn't someone sue to ban Muslim symbols? Sikh symbols? Homosexual symbols? Communist symbols? Why not? Because they're protected under the Constitution of the United States of America... but Christianity obviously isn't... at least according to the ACLU and the CORRUPT, HATEFUL LEFTIST JUDGES who agree with this hate group.

The ACLU is a hate group.

Spread the word. Don't be afraid. Fear no evil! They cannot sue millions upon millions of Christians. Oh, no... that'd be impossible! Besides, the Canadian Sentinel has no money, no net worth, in fact... they'd have to stand in line behind all my creditors to get... nothing!

The worst they could possibly do would be to sue Blogger/Google to shut me down and delete my blog. But two problems with that: if they do so, they only make matters worse for themselves, proving that they're intolerant of criticism, much like the Nazis and the Islamic fascists... plus I can always move on to another blog provider and start anew... and I'm not alone. There's many others who would love to go to war against the hateful, anti-Christ ACLU. As it is written, Onward, Christian soldiers!

Update: I just thought of this: the ACLU and the leftwing activist judge who helped them with their hatred have desecrated a protected religious symbol. Yes, this is desecration.

Remember what the Taliban did to the Buddhist statue? They blew it up! What's the difference? Hate is hate is hate!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Why doesn't the ACLU, say, support peoples' right to draw cartoons of Mohammed? Why the hell not? Isn't freedom of expression supposed to be a "civil liberty"?

Apparently the ACLU is not about civil liberties at all.

They're about hate. Pure and simple.

The ACLU must, therefore, be banned! The Free World cannot tolerate hate groups!

Desperate, Panicky, Extremist "Liberals" Again Try Demonizing Opponents

Belinda Stronach: is this a role model for women? Wrecking other womens' marriages by messing around with their hubbies? Oh, yep... in the eyes of the radically-extreme leftist "womens' caucus" of the Liebrano Party of Canada!
Story here.
Well, just read about the ludicrous, accusatory-without-foundation, demonizing attacks by the radically-extreme feminazis of the gawdawful, lying, crooked so-called "Liberal" Party and see for yourself that the Liebrano$$$ haven't learned their lesson from their ignominious, crushing defeat in the last election... and have opened the door wide, wide open to return fire which will only serve to devastate them all over again. Very well, so I'll oblige, then!
The Liberal Party of Canada wants to deny Canadian women the right to choose how to live their lives; disallow them the right to choose their own destiny. The Liberals want to pressure Canadian women to have as many babies as possible but not take care of them themselves. The Liberals are telling women to instead dump their children off into some state institution, going off to a full-time, stressful job while their own flesh and blood are indoctrinated in radically-extreme leftwing propaganda, programming a new generation of leftwing extremists who'll want to believe that they're not straight, believe that Islam is peaceful, believe that Israel is bad, believe that America is bad, believe that we must pay 99% taxes, believe we must abolish our national defence capabilities, believe that Christians and Jews must be denied the right to their religion, believe that men must be subordinate and forced to either slave away in dirty, dangerous, low-wage jobs or be bums on the street, believe that only Liberals have any right to be the government and that everything they say and impose on Canadians is correct and for the "greater good"... and look the other way as the greedy, cackling Liberals pocket everyone elses' money for their own personal enrichment!
Oh, for heaven's sake... what the hell is the matter with the Liberals' "Womens' Caucus" and their "Pink Book", led by none other than the uber-selfish nymphomaniac serial puck-bunny bimbo billionaire Belinda Stronach, accusing the government of having a policy of forcing all women to become pregnant, wear no footwear whatsoever and spend 100% of their lives in kitchens?!
How the hell can we take these "Liberal" imbeciles seriously?
And they think they deserve to be government? What chutzpah! Do they think Canadians have forgotten what inept, corrupt, lying, abusive crooks they really are?
Ah, screw the Liberals!

Monday, November 27, 2006

Reader Tips & Funny Stuff

Above: a couple of pugs getting married. Is this part of the slippery slope upon which the Liberals started society?

Above: some Liberal members at the Liberal Leadership Convention doing their part to advance whatever fringe leftist cause they like. Lovely "girls", aren't they? Wonder who they're supporting?

Above: Colin Powell reacts to something his boss just did.

Spotlight: Conservative College Women

Karin L. Agness, l, and fellow conservative Meredith Ramsey
Story here.

Karin L. Agness wanted to meet other conservative women with whom she could discuss important political and social issues -- but found that the other campus women's organizations were for what she called traditional feminists.

After enjoying the company of other right-leaning women during a summer internship on Capitol Hill, she decided to start her own group at the University of Virginia, inviting fellow female conservatives and calling it Network of enlightened Women, or NeW.

And that was just the beginning... NeW has spread to other Colleges. Read the whole thing!

You go, girls! This is great!

Sunday, November 26, 2006

"Palestine" Immediately Violates "Ceasefire".

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

This is the true reality of Islamic leadership... behind the scenes, away from the Dhimmi MSM. Note the Nazi salutes of the jihadist slaves behind the evil, hateful, fatassed clerics.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Pure child abuse: creating child jihadists... note the kid's holding up a Koran. Think about that. This is what "Palestine" is all about. Jihad. Period. Open your minds, leftist Dhimmis.

The truth about the Israeli-"Palestinian" conflict... from the very beginning

"Palestinian" Hamas jihad leader Ismail Haniyeh and one of his "Soldiers of Allah"

What good is "diplomacy" and agreements with the so-called "Palestine"? It is not a country, nor does it have any government in reality. It is a geographical area full of bloodthirsty, hateful, supremacistic, intolerant, imperialistic, war-starting Islamists, nothing more. When will the world finally see the unmistakable pattern that proves this and stop supporting the myth of "Palestine" and start defending Israel, who is the real victim?

CNN reports

The American-Israeli Patriot blogs

Maybe we should just push "Palestine" into the sea. That would be more helpful than merely letting these murderers continue this sick nonsense in the name of some imaginary figment named "Allah". This just makes me mad.

But the left neither understands nor cares for the truth. The left just hates Israel and loves the Islamic fascists, the very folks who stand totally against everything the left claims to believe in!

The left is insane. What more proof do we need?

If you are leftist now, then you need to leave the left. People are doing it all the time these days when they choose sanity and truth over insanity and lies.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

Radical Leftist Kiddie Pornographer Gets Only 10 Months

Andrew Reed, hardcore leftwing activist and child pornographer, faced 81 years in prison, but gets mere 10 months on basis of being popular with leftists. No wonder he's smirking like that. He knows that being a leftist protects him from consequences for wrongdoing, for harming children, for breaking serious laws.
Story here. Read it all. This is outrageous and further proves what I say about the leftist state apparatus and gross immorality.
Excerpts... emphasis mine:
A Democrat community leader who would "offer a homily during worship services" and facilitated his congregation's "opening our doors to all people regardless of sexual orientation" has been given a slap on the hand after pleading guilty to extensive child pornography offenses involving children as young as six.
However, instead of the 967 months in jail – nearly 81 years – for which he was liable, Judge Robert Lewis, another Democrat, gave him, in a plea bargain with the office of District Attorney Ron Moore, who was elected as a Democrat, a 10-12 month sentence.
Again with leftwing "Democrats" helping each other out. Reminds me of Teddy Keneddy and the Chappaquiddick homicide.
Still, even more moonbat "Democrats" gave an outpouring of support for this disgusting, harmful-to-children-and-society piece of ratshit. (Read article to see for yourself). Apparently being a moonbat absolves one of anything!
Democrats all over the place! Scary!
What the hell?
More proof that leftists are conspiring to degrade the Free World, spiralling it ever downwards into an abyss of immorality, weakening it so as to facilitate eventual attack, invasion and occupation by the forces of evil such as the communists and the Islamic fascists.
Of course leftists will claim I'm nuts. But look who's talking!
The question now is: do leftists think child pornography is ok? From this report one begins to wonder... and develop a sense of dread. These are the folks who want to lower the age of consent for sodomy to fourteen in Canada, legalize prostitution and other deleterious stuff, as the post below this one indicates.
What's going to be revealed next about the nature of the left? These folks are scary! And keep in mind always that they include the Democrats in the US and the Liberals, NDP and Bloc in Canada... keep that in mind when voting in elections!

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Friday, November 24, 2006

More Proof the Liberal Party is Extremely Leftist

Shameful story here. h/t: The Source Daily

Leftists and Liberals often claim that the Liberal Party of Canada is not "leftist", that it's "centrist", "moderate" or even "conservative".

But those who really know what the Liberals are really like know that the LPC is really a far-left party, hellbent of pushing radically-left agendae upon Canada at the urging of their fringe-element activist membership.

Clearly, as we'll see shortly, the LPC is becoming ever more leftist all the time. They're becoming scarier as well, I belive.


OTTAWA, November 22, 2006 ( - In what is likely a Canadian first for a major political party, the Liberal Party of Canada is proposing lowering the age of consent for "anal intercourse" in their publicly-released book of policy

Before one dismisses this as simply a frivolous proposal by some lone leftwingnut, consider this fact:

While still resolutions, the policies which have made it into the book have already been carefully considered by party faithful. "The policy resolutions represent the culmination of a nine-month grassroots policy process that began at the riding level and has worked its way up to the national Convention," says a release on the resolutions.

Therefore, this means that the grassroots of the Liberal Party is on the far left and is obsessed with pushing/promoting things most Canadians consider quite gross.

Eww... is that what Liberals expect to propose to voters in the next election? Sodomy with fourteen-year-old children? What the hell is wrong with these people calling themselves "Liberals"? Is this what's meant by "liberal" these days?

Sexual health experts have warned that anal intercourse is a recklessly dangerous activity which is the "riskiest form of sexual activity when it comes to the transmission of HIV/AIDS" (see coverage: )

Nevertheless, a Liberal Party policy resolution, attributed to the British Columbia branch of the Party, calls for lowering the age of consent for such activity to 14-years of age. Policy no. 45 reads: "WHEREAS the current law discriminates against unmarried same-sex couples by not permitting unmarried persons under 18 to legally engage in consensual anal intercourse; BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the Liberal Party of Canada urge the Federal Government of Canada to bring the age of consent for anal intercourse in equal pairing with other forms of sexual activity." The age of sexual consent for heterosexual intercourse in Canada is 14.

From that, we can see that Liberal members definitely have the best interests of Canadians in mind, right???

Geez... see how obsessed the Liberals are with these sex things? They expect to be taken seriously if they think that sort of stuff is so bloody important?

And that's not all... it gets worse.

There's also a resolution to legalize prostitution.

Plus a resolution to treat users of illegal drugs more liberally.

A link to the listing of the LPC resolutions is provided in the report.

WTF? Is it the Liberal Party... or the Sex Party? Are they trying to poach Sex Party supporters?

Liberals proposing radically extreme leftist stuff.

In Canada.

I didn't make this up.

Choose your Canada.

See also the Canada Free Press report.

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Picture 1

Picture 2

Have fun... will be back pretty soon enough!

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Liberals Writing Off Ethnic Minorities, Still Ruling, Holding Canada Down While Out of Office

Via, Steve Janke reports:

One of the interesting things that came out of the last election in Canada, and since then, is the shift of the ethnic vote away from the Liberals and to the Conservatives. This has happened for a number of reasons. The Jewish community is of course very appreciative of Stephen Harper's unwavering support for Israel. Other ethnic communities, typically socially conservative, feel uncomfortable with same-sex marriage and other socially progressive policies pushed by the Liberals and their friends in certain special interest groups. Of course, no one likes to be taken for granted, and the Liberals have always taken the ethnic vote for granted, and that is itself plenty of reason to take your vote elsewhere.

I bring this up because it would appear that the Liberals are dropping a major initiative aimed at helping minorities. If the Liberal Party no longer perceives minority groups to be pro-Liberal, then I suppose it makes sense to drop them and their interests like a dirty tissue.

Read the rest to see the cold, hard, damning evidence for yourself. The devil, as they say, is in the details.

It makes perfect sense for these so-called "Liberals" to turn their backs on those they already left, taking their support for granted. Liberals used to say all the right things to and about ethnic minorities, throwing all kinds of tax dollars at them, manipulating and cajoling new immigrants into believing that only the Liberals are good people and that everyone else was bad, bad, bad.

The mistake the Liberals made was in assuming that ethnic minorities must be stupid enough (just like all voters, naturally, in the Liberal mind) to gobble up the ludicrous horse manure they're being fed. Don't tell people to "make fiber your friend" and expect them to continue eating the crap in the bowls you push at them after they finally realize that you've been serving cheap, worthless crap, the stuff that fell out of horses' ani, in that phony cafeteria of yours!

Yep. Now that the Liberals know the jig is up, the cat's out of the bag (meow!), the beans are spilt, and that there's no reason to "market" or "sell" their inferior product/service to the newly-savvy and -knowledgeable demographics, they'll scrap the marketing dollars previously earmarked for the wooing of their former targets.

The Liberals have nothing to offer ethnic minorities other than lies and empty promises, and ethnic minorities know it now. The Conservatives, on the other hand, have made and kept promises that make sense to Canadians of all walks of life, regardless of ethnic origin, treating all equally and fairly rather than practicing the politics of divisive, sometimes discriminatory, demographically-segregated priorities, which was what the Liberals did. Ethnic minorities liked what they saw in the Conservatives in the last election, having had enough of the Liberal crap, and, I'm sure, can also see, as can most folks, that the Tories have indeed been keeping their promises as best as possible, far better than any Liberal government ever has.

Of course, we must look far further than this. Let's examine the reality with respect to whether Canada is actually a "democracy" or not, whether those the people elect are really in control or not.

The Unelected Senate is Against the Democratic Will of Canadians

Don't be fooled by the polls the MSM regurgitates at you. Polls are manipulative, with clever questions designed to elicit responses tending into a preferred direction to suit those who commission them. There's no doubt in the mind of the aware, critically-thinking, reasonable person that the Conservatives are providing as best a government as possible, given the short time period they've had thus far and given the minority-government reality complicated by a rabidly partisan Liberal-dominated, unelected, unaccountable, unreasonably uncooperative Senate which refuses to allow the elected representatives of the people to decide what legislation to make into law.

It's clearly time for a Conservative majority. Why? With the Liberals controlling the Senate, the government will be unable to get done anything important and meaningful as long as the stupid, corrupt, criminal Liebrano$$$ are blocking, as barbarians, the entrance to the kingdom of positive change for Canada and Canadians. Even with a majority, the Liebrano$$$ will still be able to block legislation simply because they want to for their own selfish, greedy, corrupt, criminal, dictatorial, fascist reasons. But a majority government will be able to play hardball, will be able to push full force ahead with Senate reform, including limiting terms for Senators and actually requiring them to be elected!

Indeed, the Senate is making the case for its own massive reformation. Canada cannot allow these unelected, unaccountable fascist dictators to control the agenda regardless of what Canadians have chosen. After all, this is Canada, not China, not Iran, not Syria, not Cuba, not Zimbabwe, not some other nation ruled with an iron fist by despotic tyrants and butchers.

It's time to elect a majority Conservative government and proceed to put the Senate in its place. It is no longer acceptable, nor tolerable, to have political partisan pigs, the Senators, or even judges, deciding everything for the Canadian people.

Freedom, democracy and the rule of law are more important than appointing one's buddies or cronies or henchmen to positions of ultimate authoritarian power.

Canada must be ruled by the people for the people, for the right reasons. This is not now the case, unfortunately. And we must progress towards true freedom, true democracy and true rule of law.

We must progress. "Liberals" are not "progressive". Those are merely empty words which are now useless for them. Liberals are really determined to stay right where we are now, which is being controlled and dictated to by these selfish, hedonistic authoritarian kleptocrats who call themselves "Liberals".

Bottom line: it's critically imperative for Canadians to elect a Conservative majority government... with a strong majority, otherwise the authoritarian, kleptocratic, evil-appeasing Liberals will dictatorially rule over us no matter whether they're in power or not.

Down with the Liberals! Power to the people!

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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Hamas's Rocket Attacks On Israel Intensifying. Where's The International Outrage?

Answer: the international outrage is directed at Israel as she desperately tries to stop the Muslims from shooting rockets at her people, wholly unprovoked.

Story here.

JERUSALEM – Hamas is "very satisfied" with reports here some Israelis in communities near the Gaza Strip are ready to flee their rocket-plagued towns while students reportedly have been skipping school for fear of being caught in regular Palestinian attacks, a senior leader of Hamas' so-called "military wing" told WND in an interview yesterday.


"We promise we will keep hitting them because this process (of launching rockets at Jewish communities) is starting to bring results. We are working to improve our rockets to hit further and cause more Jews to evacuate," said the terror leader, speaking to WND from Gaza.

Hey! If most of the international community believes that that is fine, then why isn't it fine if Israel were to do the same thing to get Muslims to leave the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, which is Israeli land they're occupying with the inexplicable consent of Israel?

Can't the world see that Israel, in allowing these people to live there for so long without being forced out or worse, is humane and values human life, unlike the fundamentalist Muslims?

That's right: Islam doesn't value life; it values death and murder. Therefore, devout Muslims cannot value life; they must value "martyrdom", suicide, killing "Infidels". They glorify "Shaheeds", those who "die for Allah" while killing non-Muslims for same.

It's quite clear that Israel values human life, including even the lives of the very people who hate Jews and want to kill them for simply being Jewish. Hasn't the world noticed that recently, when hundreds of civilians surrounded a Hamas jihadist's home at the time of a planned airstrike upon it, Israel called off the strike as it didn't want to harm "innocents"?

What the hell's the matter with the world if it cannot see nor understand this?

Can't they see the patterns over time? Aren't the patterns clear? They certainly are to me!

The Muslims have been shooting rocket after rocket of deadly explosive warheads at Israeli civilians for months and months now as most of the international community looks the other way and only seems to notice when Israel implements defensive operations, as is her right to do so.

Why does so much of the world have such unneeded hatred towards Israel? Why doesn't the world want to acknowledge the truth that the Muslims are responsible for all conflict, as they, as a matter of being fundamentalist, literalist Muslims who, by their so-called "religion", must wage jihad against Israel, as Israel is not an Islamic nation and is surrounded by Muslim nations, nations that hate anyone who isn't a Muslim and aim to invade other nations to Islamify them. Still, most of the international community sides with the murderously supremacistic Muslim imperialists.

It's my opinion that Israel must reverse her pullout from Gaza, retake her rightful land and expel whomever she deems. Why not? The Muzis are doing it to Israel!

The Muzis cannot be "appeased". Capitulation only makes them more murderous! Peace is intended only between Muslims, not towards nonMuslims! These are warmongerers, plain and simple! Always have been!

Jay, The American-Israeli Patriot, blogs on a war crime committed by Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh himself. And there's photographic evidence of this war crime. Who brings a baby to a targeted, pre-warned house, risking the baby's life? What kind of man is Haniyeh? An evil man, no doubt. Satan/Allah must be proud. Oh, yes... Haniyeh really makes all Muslims look good, considering the world continues to delusionally, insanely believe he's somehow a good man, this monster. Don't be fooled by his phony charm and bright, toothy smile. Haniyeh is 100% evil.

Jay cites the appropriate part of the Geneva Convention concerning the so-called "human shields" whom Haniyeh praised:

"The presence of a protected person may not be used to render certain points or areas immune from military operations." (Geneva Convention Relative to the Protection of Civilian Persons in Time of War, August 12, 1949, 6 U.S.T. 3516, 75 U.N.T.S. 287, art. 28).

...Every single individual there knew what was going on. They willingly put themselves in the line of fire. By law, they relinquish all protection afforded under the Geneva Convention...

I agree. Therefore, Israel is in the clear, is right, while Haniyeh is guilty of war crimes! But the world doesn't get it! The MSM doesn't get it! Or perhaps they do, and have made the wrong decision to let Haniyeh get away with it.

To me, this means that the so-called "human shields" are effectively "Shaheeds", Jihadists, illegal-soldiers-in-civilian-clothing and are therefore legal targets.

Still, Israel wouldn't strike these people. And what does the world care? Nothing! This makes me angry. The world doesn't care about the truth. They blindly, evilly side with the Muzis and condemn the real victim: Israel.

Ultimately, the victim will be humanity itself if the Muzis are allowed to do whatever they want.

Reader Tips & Funny Stuff

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Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Um... no connection implied between the two picutures. Any relationship drawn amongst the three ladies is purely in your head.

Offensive "Gay" Propaganda Book Author Got GG Award

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

The left must stop forcing such filth upon children against the wishes of their parents. Canada isn't supposed to be a fascist state. Please, just teach readin', ritin', and 'rithmetic. Leave the radical sexual nonsense out of our schools or else there'll eventually be a backlash so powerful that the ultra extreme left will be forced to give up on its extremist agenda.

How on earth do they decide who deserves the prestigious Governor General's award? This happened years ago under the ultra-radically-leftist "Liberal" regime.

Story here. Emphasis mine.

The co-author of a book, which calls God a “fat black dyke—financed by all three levels of the Canadian government—was the 2004 recipient of a Governor General award.


St. Stephen’s Community House developed the book as an “educational” project to reinforce Canada’s Same Sex Marriage legislation. Educators are now required to teach the new law redefining marriage to all school children.

Oh, my... I guess now they'll have to stop teaching something important, like, say, English grammar or mathematics to make time for teaching small children that such things as sodomy and oral fornication are performed, that they, too, should perform it as well... and that there's a small number of guys marrying guys and girls marrying girls... as if that's critical knowledge for kids...

Including a chapter entitled “My first time F***ing a Girl and providing explicit instructions on how to perform oral, anal and other sex acts, those who counsel against it—especially parents—are derisively dismissed as bigots.” (Stop Government-funded Same Sex Indoctrination”, (, Sept. 15, 2006).

The Canadian government, which has thus far ignored public outrage, has kept the obscene book as part of official school curriculum. Also among the unknowns is whether the co-author, the social agency or the three levels of Canadian government who funded the Little Black Book to the tune of $7.8-million would receive royalties should Wal-Mart decide to keep the book on its shelves.

Ugh... I hope Canada's New Government puts a stop to this disgusting, deleterious, unnecessary sexual-extremist propaganda. Canadians don't want their children learning this filth, no matter how the left sugarcoats it against all logic and reason... and sanity.

We cannot let an extremely militant radical fringe element of society harness the state apparatus to force its own dogmatically ideological agenda upon other peoples' children and get away with it by simply saying, "But it's absolutely necessary to teach tolerance for "gays" and "lesbians""... as if attacking the Christian God and calling all parents bigoted "homophobes", thus promoting rebellion by children against their parents in favor of a radically extreme, selfishly hedonistic fringe element is conductive to "tolerance"!

If we allow this, then next thing we know we'll have to submit to Sharia Law or suffer the consequences as required by some guy named "Allah" in whom we don't believe.

The offensive propaganda book in question was funded by all three levels of government, including that of Toronto Mayor David Miller, himself a radically militant pusher of radical fringe elements, including that which is covered in the book in question.

The David Miller-endorsed pulp fiction book needs to be removed, not only from WalMart shelves and internet pages, but also from the schools. After all, when I was a kid, there was never anything so obscene... not at all... never. What the hell have the "Liberals" done to Canada? What the hell? We see this kind of extremism popping up all over the place thanks to what the Liberals have done to our society, to our state apparatus, putting their militant social activists all over the place in positions of power, including bureaucrats, lawyers, judges, the media, teachers, school boards, professors and so on.

Isn't it shocking and appalling that this... filth... is being forced on Canada's schoolchildren?

Why teach militant sexual issues to anyone of any age by force and not by choice? This sort of thing is barely even palatable as a university elective course! We should mandatorily teach Canadian history instead. Read, frank, factual, unadulterated, non-politically-correct Canadian history, just the facts, including our military and war historical and current reality, telling the truth, forgoing the "sensitive" language. I mean, if there can be a book such as the one in question, why can't we instead teach cold, hard, necessary reality to children so that they know things that actually matter?

Well, read the whole article, naturally. And, as always, decide for yourself. Just remember to think critically. This is but my own two cents about it and I wouldn't be surprised if "liberals" think that the book is just fine, as they think that the Koran is just fine (while, ironically, hypocritically, thinking the Bible isn't!)

Monday, November 20, 2006

Graham Lamely Spins PM Trip, Making Clown of Self

Above: Liberal interim leader Bill Graham at work. He has such a big mouth so as to accommodate his big foot!

Based on this report. Seems the CTV and the Globe and Mail are going out of their way to make people think bad things about Prime Minister Harper's recent trip and meeting in which he dared to discuss important stuff like human rights with the Chinese President. Apparently Bell Globemedia thinks that what Bill Graham thinks is newsworthy. I think what's newsworthy is that Bill Graham is making an assclown of himself.


Well, there's this:

“The Prime Minister tried to pretend a brief meeting with the president of China on the way to a dinner was an historical event,” Liberal leader Bill Graham said Monday during Question Period. “But the Chinese news agency put it at the bottom of a story about President Hu meeting with the leader of New Guinea.”

Now, now, Billy... it was indeed an historic event. You see, it's the first time a Canadian prime minister actually stood up to the fascistic Communist Chinese leadership with respect to their horrible refusal to allow the Chinese any human rights whatsoever. Your own guys, Chretien and Martin, actually submitted to Chinese intimidation and played it safe. Harper's not going to let Communists tell him what to do. Canada does not submit to dictates from Communists! Liberals, however, do, as it appears to be financially rewarding to forget about human rights in favor of the almighty buck!

Plus, -and this is where you make a clownish imbecile of yourself- you see, in China, there is no freedom of the press. What was in the Chinese news was what the Communist fascists wanted to be there, not necessarily the truth. Don't you realize they gave the Canadian PM who dared to stand up to them in defiance such shoddy "news" treatment as a subtle expression of anger or displeasure? Idiot. Then again, you are, after all, a Liebrano! Duh! Stupid is as Billy does.

Using a Chinese Communist Party MSM outlet as a basis upon which to label the Prime Minister a "laughingstock". Geez, Billy, ya know, I hadn't heard a thing about any funnyness surrounding the trip or the meeting until you claimed that it was funny. Based on your desire to believe what the Chinese Communist Party tells you to think! What an assclown! And the Chinese never said it was funny, either. I don't know how on earth you got such a bizarre, wholly illogical idea. You must think Canadians are daft enough to think what you're telling them to think. Oh, wait- that'd be leftist Canadians, like you "Liberals"...

You're the delusional one here, Billy, not the PM.

You're the laughingstock, Bill Graham!

Recommended, excellent reading by Ezra Levant here. Yes, click and read. Ezra tells it like it is. Unlike the MSM and Bill Graham.

Ok, here's a taste of what Ezra writes:

Harper dug in. Then an amazing thing happened. After Harper's statement on human rights, his declaration of his plans to speak openly about China, Beijing called Ottawa, and asked for the meeting again. They blinked. There are a few lessons here.

First: China, like any bully, respects strength more than weakness.

Second, China has more to lose than we do from a deterioration in relations -- we'll never run out of people who want to buy our oil.

Third, Harper is making Canada relevant again in foreign affairs. Not only are we no longer apologists for dictators, but we are actually moral leaders.

Finally, Harper is putting into action the empty Liberal slogans about human rights and Canadian values.

Why listen to the MSM spin or Bill Graham's silly partisan buffoonery? Don't you think I and Ezra Levant see it more like it really is?

I also note that Liberals are no longer talking as much about human rights as they used to. They just want to talk about money! Once again, Liberals show their true selves: greedy, selfish hedonists who could give a shrew's bum about the plight of others less fortunate, no matter how much less fortunate they may be!

With the Liberals, "human rights" is merely a political soundbite to use as a stick with which to whack their opponents over the head in a cheating attempt to fool Canadians into thinking that the Liberals actually give a spritz of weewee about human rights.

Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper has proven that it is he and the Conservatives, not the Liberals, who stands up for human rights, not only in Canada, but all over the world as well. He's not going to be silenced, not for money, nor anything else!

It is indeed an historic moment for Canada, China and indeed for human rights!

Voting On Now For Best Blogs

As posted earlier, The Canadian Sentinel is among the blogs nominated for "Best Conservative Blog".

You can vote here on that and other categories now. This is the first round, whose purpose is to determine the finalists. After that, there'll be another round of voting.

Better hurry! First round voting closes November 21st. That's tomorrow!

"Best Conservative Blog" nominees are in the second category from the top. Scroll down to get at 'em!

Canada Now More Assertive: Harper

Story here.

HANOI, Vietnam (CP) - The Conservative government has introduced a gutsier, pull-no-punches style to its dealings on the international stage, Prime Minister Stephen Harper declared Sunday, suggesting the Liberals had lacked courage in the past.

Harper pointed to a brief, informal meeting he had with Chinese President Hu Jintao at a reception the night before as evidence of his forcefulness. The two leaders were among 21 gathered in Vietnam for the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) summit.


...a distinct impression, if I may say that, that the Chinese aren't used to that from a Canadian government

The prime minister also alluded to his public statements at previous international gatherings. At the Francophonie Summit in September, Harper insisted that the other leaders acknowledge the plight of not just Lebanese citizens embroiled in the Hezbollah-Israeli conflict, but also of Israeli victims

Read the rest, of course.

Meanwhile, our friend Jay Tuch, an Israeli-American blogger, The American-Israeli Patriot, which is "A Middle East Diary That Will Not Submit", has replaced the British flag with the Canadian one on his blog's masthead, inspired by Canada's newfound courage to stand up and do the right thing, particularly for being fair to Israel while much of the rest of the world lacks the moral fortitude to do the same.

The world is taking notice. Canada is making herself heard, thanks to her new leader, Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

I'm hoping that this is an awakening. An awakening of Canada's potential, which is so great that the average person hasn't yet visualized it. Canada can go much, much further as a nation than anyone seems to realize. And that's a good thing, as the world will be better off with a more powerful, more confident and assertive Canada, standing up for all that is right.

It's time for Canada to be all she can be!

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Reader Tips & Funny Stuff

Am busy doning other stuff today, so it's this kind of post again. Here's some pics I crudely altered with MS "Paint".

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

Al Gore spewing his scary stuff again

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John Kerry chilling out. Now we know why he's so messed up!

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
An infamously hypocritical Al Gore contributing again to pollution and "global warming". Scary!

Friday, November 17, 2006

WalMart Selling Offensive Sex Book

Shocking story here.

A book that family organizations in Canada had warned about just weeks ago has found its way into the Wal-Mart stock list, and while it calls God a "fat black dyke" and provides how-to information for same-sex experimentation, the store says it's the "stuff youth need to know."


While Wal-Mart calls it "a great mix of real-life examples and life-saving info," it includes sections called, "My First Time F---ing a Girl" and other obscenities. It has information on "safe" sex devices and assures its audience that condoms are 100 percent effective in preventing sexually transmitted diseases, even though the World Health Organization, a longtime condom supporter, admits they fail one out of five times.

The alarm about the book initially was raised by Joseph Ben-Ami, the executive director of the Institute for Canadian Values, who told WND this fall that Canadian officials were considering using the book in public schools.

"We have to find a way to stop this from happening," Ben-Ami told WND at the time. "People don't know this is happening."

The graphic manual promotes lesbianism to young girls, gives explicit instructions for engaging in oral or anal sexual acts and instructs girls that only 10 percent of the population is heterosexual.

Read it all.

This makes me sick, angry and appalled. Doesn't it make you feel the same? (Moonbats need not answer, for I know they'll think it's just fine and that it's also fine for schools to potentially require the book be read by children... anything to "teach tolerance" for "different" folks, they'll illogically "reason").

WalMart won't sell Playboy magazine, but it will sell the kind of filth in question here, which is arguably far, far, far more harmful to children and society than simple, tasteful pictures of lovely women who simply have no clothes on, which is the worst one will find in Playboy... and, yes, I've done a bit of, um... ah, research into that magazine, so I know what I'm talking about. At least Playboy doesn't tell girls to run around in public naked and it isn't required "reading" for schoolchildren, or even tolerated for possession by minors! Oh, no... our society's supposedly too prude! Or is it? I just don't know anymore, now that WalMart sells the book in question depicting all that bizarre fornication and hate propaganda against Christianity!

WalMart won't even sell non-pornographic mens' publications such as FHM as they're "deemed offensive to women" and to conservative people. Or so WalMart claims. So why does WalMart, which used to claim to be big on family values, now push a radically extreme book of unnecessary, offensive homosexual fornication and dangerous dogmatism? Did the gays threaten legal action or a negative public campaign against WalMart if it were to refuse? Who knows?

And don't forget that the book is also offensive to JudeoChristians- it mocks God. Why doesn't it instead say that Allah is a "fat, black dyke"? I dare the gays and WalMart to attack the Islamic "god", too, despite the fact that the Islamic community will go around having violent, murderous riots and suing everybody as a result!

Is WalMart submitting to fascist homoorthodoxy?

This bullshit just keeps happening all over the place, every danged day! What the hell is wrong with Western society these days? What the hell is wrong with so many people? Why the double standards all over the place favoring the leftists, the gays and the Muslims? Are they the only people worthy of fascistic, dogmatic political correctness-mandated submissive acquiescence (which is really what is meant by leftists when they say "tolerance, "respect" and "sensitivity").


Disgusting. Immoral. Unethical. Offensive. Hateful.

Radically extreme leftist "gay" lies, pure, unadulterated, hurtful propaganda.

In Canada.

I didn't make this up.

Choose your Canada. Reject "liberalism". Don't vote Liberal, NDP, Green, or Bloc. They're all far too radically extreme and unfit to represent Canadians. Particularly the Liberals, who put in place the leftist state apparatus which is making all this happen despite the fact that a Conservative government is now in power and really cannot stop all of these radically deleterious things from happening. It's just so overwhelming, like a speeding train without brakes... and if the Liberals are re-elected, they're goint to expand the leftist state apparatus. What's next, special supremacy status for radical sexual minorities and Sharia Law? Can anyone prove the left wouldn't go that far? They already undemocratically forced gay marriage upon Canada so quickly the world barely noticed it was happening!

UPDATE: WalMart has cancelled the book. h//t: BB-Idaho for the heads-up.

Apparently myself and WND aren't the only ones who've spoken up loudly about this serious issue. and the conservative blogosphere have scored a victory over radical leftwing extremism!

Hear us roar!

Reader Tips and Funny Stuff

Liberal Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty gets elected

"Thanks for the key to Ontario!"

(Ominous, scary music playing)

Here's beautiful Ontario, believing all's well...

But the Liberal lurks nearby...

Ontario when she realizes something's very wrong...

Thursday, November 16, 2006

Harper Stands Up For Human Rights For China

Story here.

Canadian Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper has angered the greedy, brutal totalitarian regime of Communist China with his refusal to submit to their intimidation with respect to the discussion of human rights.

China recently snubbed Harper, cancelling a private meeting with him. Harper, in response, said:

"I think Canadians want us to promote our trade relations worldwide, and we do that, but I don't think Canadians want us to sell out important Canadian values -- our belief in democracy, freedom, human rights,'' Harper told reporters during a Wednesday stopover in Anchorage, Alaska. "They don't want us to sell that out to the almighty dollar.''
Please realize that the former so-called "Liberal" government, the Conservatives' predecessor, was clearly more interested in the almighty buck than in human rights, greedily, uncaringly refusing to annoy the murderously totalitarian Communists of China in exchange for profitable business dealings. (I think of this every time I buy something and realize that it was made in China and feel ashamed, but it seems that, thanks to the Liberals, pretty much everything is made in that brutal slave nation which affords its billion-plus citizens no human rights whatsoever).

A regime that fosters low or no labor costs in manufacturing is apparently impossible for Liberals to resist. Liberals, in keeping with their name, liberally help themselves to the lucrative financial opportunities dangled from the totalitarian stick while so many Chinese suffer for lack of human rights, being brutally abused or executed for disobedience of any state dictate.

We know for sure where the priorities of Liberals lie. No doubt!

The Conservative Stephen Harper puts his money where his mouth is and actually stands up for human rights, unlike the Liberals! Let there be no doubt!

Conservatives actively push human rights at great potential financial cost whilst Liberals merely pay them lip service whilst pleasuring the brutally hateful Communist beasts however demanded.

The mainstream media's CTV's Roger Smith seems to be confused about all this:

"This whole idea that the Chinese didn't want to discuss human rights seems a little odd," said Smith. "Prime Minister Chretien used to always promise to raise human rights, and he still got meetings with the Chinese."

Listen, Roger, do you realize that the "Liberal" Mr. Chretien most likely privately reassured his Communist buddies that he was merely making such "promises" just for domestic political propaganda? We know that the Chinese Commies hate and refuse to be criticized on human rights, and demand that everyone keep their mouth shut about "internal affairs of the state", therefore, how do you know for certain that Mr. Chretien, a well-known liar, actually pushed the subject on them? We don't. Or do you? Do you have proof? If so, why didn't you provide it while you were talking to Canadians via the MSM?

Roger, you're being pro-Liberal in bias, with your mere, adolescent, speculative editorial opinion masquerading as astute, fact-based professional analysis. What you offer is nothing more than wishful thinking. You embarrass yourself and once again demonstrate that the MSM is biased in favor of Liberals and could give a shrew's bum about human rights.

Amnesty International is onside with Harper's stance:

"After 10 years of quiet diplomacy, it's really not clear that the human rights situation has improved in China. We have a host of human rights concerns,"(...)

Let there, therefore, be no doubt that it is the Conservatives who have proven that they stand up actively for human rights, not the Liberals.

However now are the Liberals going to weasel their way about this new ray of sunshine burning a growing hole into the already-threadbare drapery not-so-well hiding the true reality of the inside of the living room of the way they are?

Liberals are all talk, no truth.

Conservatives say what they mean, mean what they say... and prove it in real life!

Stephen Harper is a man of his word.

Towards a Conservative majority...