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"Liberals Will Pay & Will Never Return to Power": PM Harper

Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper, above right, has a meal with the brave men and women of the Canadian Forces on the frontlines of the war against the barbarous, infinitely-evil Taliban in Afghanistan

Story here.
(...)Prime Minister Stephen Harper berated the Liberals for choosing "internal caucus politics over the national security of Canadians."
"Any party that doesn't take the national security of Canadians seriously will never be chosen by Canadians to form the government of Canada," he said outside the Commons.
The Conservative government will definitely still do all in its power to protect the national security of Canada. Public Safety Minister Stockwell Day promises:
"We will get to work with our justice officials and security officials and our caucus members and we will look at continuing to find ways to protect Canadians against terrorism and against crime."
One thing is for sure: the Conservative government of Stephen Harper is not defeatist. The Liberals' and other hard-left parties' termination of the very counterterrorism laws the Liberals themselves brought in following 9/11, which they apparently have forgotten about by now, nor their scuttling of the Conservatives' get-tough-on-crime legislation, will not deter nor prevent the government from fighting the jihadists and other terrorists and evildoers to prevent them from attacking Canada and Canadians!
We will not submit! Not to the Islamic fascists, nor to the ultra-extreme left!
Stand up for Canada! Stand up for freedom, democracy, the rule of law and human rights!

Thieving, Extremist, Appeasenik Liberals Showing True Faces

I hereby accuse the Liberal Party of Canada...

To start off, it has come to light in court that the Liberal Party, while in power, STOLE THIRTY BILLION DOLLARS, whichever way one looks at it, from the taxpayers and from the pension plans of civil servants, including the RCMP and the Canadian Forces.

Clearly, this happened actually before they passed a bill making such confiscation of funds legal, therefore, they're guilty of the theft of thirty billion dollars for the purpose of making their fiscal record look better than it is.

They engaged in "creative accounting practices", they cooked the books, fudged the numbers, doctored the documents... all the while neglecting to change the numbers in the public service's pension plan books, creating the false illusion that the money was still in the pension plan kitty.

As far as I'm concerned, the Liberal Party of Canada has commited fraud to the tune of thirty BILLION dollars.

If this isn't proof of organized crime, then nothing possibly ever could be.

So sue me for delivering my message with my opinion on the Liberals' behavior as government. I ain't got no money. The stinking bums already took far too much anyway!

Now, let's look at this. The Liberals, along with the other hard-left extremist Opposition parties, have terminated the very laws brought in by the Liberals themselves as government following the 9/11 terrorist catastrophe in the United States.

They have placed politics, dogmatic hard-left politically-correct fascism and electoral calculations ahead of the security of Canada and Canadians.

Therefore, they've taken an astonishing, and incredibly dangerous, gamble: if there is a terrorist attack inside of Canada, and it is apparent that it could have been prevented, had the government still been able to do so, then the Liberal Party of Canada will be held responsible. And so will the equally ultra-extreme leftist NDP and the Bloc Quebecois.

Only one lone Liberal, Tom Wappel, had the courage and integrity to dare to break ranks and vote to maintain the critically-important laws. Congratulations, Mr. Wappel! Over a dozen more Liberals abstained, to their credit, but shame on them for still refusing to take a stand, instead being too cowardly to tell that stinking dork, Stephane Dion, what they think of his extremism!

Now, let's look here.

The Liberals are feigning offence now that they've been fingered, rightly, for having extremists within their ranks who've exerted pressure on them to stand down in the face of the imminent threat of terrorism.

The Liberals are in no position to complain.

First, they've always slurred the Conservatives and their predecessor parties as being all kinds of terrible things, including "extremist". So their protests and demand for an apology are reprehensible and laughable. I hope no one ever loses his balls and apologizes to these extremist harborers!

Second, I recall Islamists Pulling Lib Leader Dion's Puppetstrings? as foundation for the charge of harboring extremists who want Canada to be unable to prevent terrorist attacks.

The bottom line: Don't vote Liberal.

Dion Makes a Big, Fat Stink

Liberal Leader Stephane Dion, above, liberally rips off a whopper of a stinker for the pleasure of his freakazoid minions. Michael Ignatieff, to Stephanie's right, appears ready to blow chunks... well, look where he's sitting... pyyyeeeew!

Seriously, what really happened there is that the Liberals were applauding themselves for kissing Stephanie's skinny pansy bottom as he forced them to vote to terminate Canada's ability to protect her national security from terrorists. See the post above this one for more on just how bad Stephanie and flunkies smell!

Above: the Soviet Canuckistani Snow Monkeys are terrified, thanks to Stinky Stephanie Dion and his scary stupidity!

The white stuff? Smoke & radioactive fallout, maybe. Not that the Liberals care, anyway!

Stephanie again, shrugging: he obviously could care less.

Behold: the Neville Chamberlain of Canada, 2007: Peace in our time, eh?

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Muzis Gleefully Desecrate Many NonMuslim Holy Sites, MSM Ignores

If Muslim holy sites are claimed by Muslims to have been desecrated by Israel, the MSM would be telling us a whole lot about the claims, nearly suggesting that it's "very likely" the truth and all.

But when the Muslims wilfully, gleefully desecrate non-Muslim holy sites, I learn about it, not from the MSM, but rather from World Net Daily, a non-MSM online news outlet I've noticed that leftsts dismiss out of hand as if it was invalid, without making any case thereto... and from The American-Israeli Patriot.

Let's look at this example of Muslim desecration of nonMuslim holy sites.


The ruins of two large synagogues in Gush Katif, the evacuated Jewish communities of the Gaza Strip, have been transformed into a military base used by Palestinian groups to fire rockets at Israeli cities and train for attacks against the Jewish state, according to a senior terror leader in Gaza.

(The world, the MSM, the UN... don't seem to care worth a damn about anyone but the very important, supposedly, but definitely not, "peaceful, tolerant" Muslims, apparently)


Immediately after the Israeli evacuation was completed, Palestinians mobs destroyed most of the Gaza synagogues, including two major synagogues in Neve Dekalim, the largest Gush Katif community. In front of international camera crews, the Palestinians ripped off aluminum window frames and metal ceiling fixtures from the Neve Dekalim synagogues, which were situation close to each other in the center of town. Militants flew the Palestinian and Hamas flags from the structures before mobs burned down the synagogues.

Speaking to WND from Gaza, Abu Abir, spokesman for the Popular Resistance Committees terrorist organization, said the area where the synagogues once stood now is used to fire rockets at Israel.

See, world? This is the kind of people the Muslims, the "Palestinians" are. They clearly don't want peace. They take a generous offer of personal, political, national and religious sacrifice by Israel and turn it into an opportunity for demonstrating their hatred for non-Islamic religion, comitting murder, waging offensive war against a country that has done nothing but prove over and over again, particularly with the evacuation of Samaria ("Gaza"), that it wants peace while simultaneously, with incredible restraint and pulled punches, fending off illegal, Islamically-motivated attacks on innocent Israelis, particularly Jewish ones.

Let's look at another example, this one the desecration by the Muslims, the "Palestinians", of the tomb of Joseph, father of Jesus.


The recent events surrounding the Temple Mount are well documented. The Moslem outrage over the new "Jewish Plot" to destroy al-Aqsa is off the decibel meter. Of course, as you can see here, their claims are totally unfounded. There is no such plan. The Jews respect the holy sites of others. Every church and mosque in Israel is protected.

What the Palestinians fear is that the Israelis will treat Moslem "holy places" in the same manner that the Ishmaelites treat Jewish holy sites. As a reminder, I bring you Joseph's Tomb, located in the West Bank town of Shechem. Joseph died in Egypt, before the Exodus; some 3500 years ago. His body was carried all the way from Egypt in order to be buried in the Holy Land. Over the past 3000 years, his grave has been a landmark in Israel. Jews have traveled from the four corners of the earth to say a prayer at this holy place.

In October 2000, as part of the Oslo Accords, the city of Shechem was turned over to the Palestinian Authority. The Accords stated that until a final agreement was reached, Joseph's Tomb was to remain under Israeli control. That wasn't good enough for the Pals who invaded and destroyed the holy site. The heartbreaking pictures follow below.

Go to The American-Israeli Patriot to see the pictures of Muslims "respecting" non-Muslim holy sites.


Remembering the Ancient Synagogue of Jericho


On the night of October 12, 2000, Palestinian rioters broke into the synagogue, which at the time was under "Palestinian Authority protection" and destroyed it. The wooden structure was burned to the ground. The Torah was miraculously saved from the flames.


Incredibly, inexplicably, saddeningly, and... angering... the evil "United Nations" chooses to investigate Israel, not "Palestine", for allegedly not respecting Muslim holy sites! Based on nothing but trumped-up claims by the Muslims, the "Palestinians", against Israel.


Where is the UN when synagogues are burned throughout France? Where is the UN when cemeteries are desecrated throughout Germany? Are those countries investigated for "lack of preservation" of holy sites? What about Joseph's Tomb, or the Synagogue of Jericho? Where the Pseudostinians investigated?

I received comments on my last two posts from people who were unaware of the abominations that took place at Joseph's Tomb and Jericho. Not really surprising since the MSM, or Moslem Sensitive Media refuses to cover such events.

Respect Islam? Forget about it. What am I, a politician, a diplomat? No; therefore I don't have to. I needn't submit to the fascism of either the supremacistic death cult of Islam or dogmatic leftwing political correctness.

A "Palestinian state"? Ask the Muslims if they want one. Then ask them if they want one if Israel will be next door. The two responses, you'll find, will be different. And will tell you the truth about these supremacists popularly euphemized as "Palestinians".

The solution is not a "two-state" solution. Because it's impossible as long as the Muslims are programmed, not to build a "Palestine", not to declare themselves a sovereign, independent country, but to simply exist in a geographical region as Muslims, as "shaheeds", to wage jihad for the purpose of "getting rid of Israel"... just because Israel isn't an Islamic theocratic regime, like the rest of the countries in the Middle East, and this is unacceptable to the intolerant, supremacistic, imperialist and barbarously murderous Islamic World.

Just the facts, and nothing but the facts.

Don't agree? Then disprove. Or make a fool of yourself trying in delusional, zealous vain.

Hey! Need a Hand Here!

Ok! I thought you'd never ask!

Monday, February 26, 2007

A Baghdad Cabbie?

"Hello, Infidel!! Where I drive you?"

I'm advised that a few years ago, this friendly fellow won the Mr. Iraq "beauty" pageant...
Yeah, yeah, I know... politically incorrect and all that... but, come on... of course he could fix that gosh-darned unibrow! The danged furry thing's competing with his mustache for "biggest furry thing on this guy's face"!
Just shave a little patch in the middle of the unibrow, directly above the nose, creating the illusion of two normal eyebrows, and the ladies'll find him at least a little appealing...
A shave would help, too...
These are my grooming tips for today...
Open for reader tips/discussion!

Liberals Should Fear April 1st, 2007

From that day forwards, the Auditor General will finally have the power and authority to look into areas from which she was previously barred. Areas the Liberals, I expect, were using for purposes I can only imagine.

The nightmare for the Liberal Party of Canada hasn't really gotten underway yet. But it will... and soon.

Hmm... reading Ezra Levant's column at the above link, one doesn't really get the full idea of the impact of things the Auditor General is sure to find that'll only confirm the stuff I've been saying about the Liberals being corrupt, crooked and so on.
A strong message must be delivered that crime will not pay anymore!

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's Toilet?

Look! It has a picture of Allah on it!

"Yes, you Infidel, it is my toilet! And get out of my bathroom! How dare you post a picture of my toilet on the internet?!! And a picture of Allah?!! You soooo dead!!!"

Radical Leftwing Judge Imposes 'Gay' Teaching on Christian Children Against Parents' Wishes

It's happening.

The state is taking away the rights of Christians... exclusively.

Think I'm full of it? Then provide examples of judges forcing Muslim children to learn about how acceptable homosexuality is supposed to be, against the wishes of their parents. How about Sikh children, too? No examples? Ok, then... it's judicial fascism directed at Christians.

Read about it for yourself.

And then read this.

Germany is persecuting homeschooling families, particularly Christian ones, as I've posted before. Now they're going to be "breaking up" families who stand up to the state's fascism.

I'm not kidding. It's all at the link.

This is incredible. In this day and age, all that which is happening now in Germany. Fascism. Fascism. Fascism.

But it's ok, says the politically correct left, as they're teaching about homosexuality and how it's supposed to be so acceptable, normal, etc... teachings that are directly contrary to Christian beliefs.

And contrary to Muslim beliefs, too. So does anyone have examples of state fascism against Muslims who refuse to send their children to public schools to learn about homosexuality? I haven't heard of such a thing. I'm sure I would, as, we know full well that heads would roll... literally... if the German fascists were to treat Muslim families as terribly as they treat Christian families.

Apparently, leftist state apparati in the Free World have taken it upon themselves to deem that homosexuality and other forms of sexual deviance is exalted, canonized, supreme... above all else, above all creeds, religions, etc.

What we're witnessing here is homosexual supremacism and fascism. The homosexuals must be really proud of how far they've come in the "Free" World. Behold! They now control the state apparati and deem the agenda of the states in which they live! They have the power now to impose their "values", dogmas and overall ideology onto whomever they deem... beginning, apparently, with an identifiable group for whom they've oft openly expressed red-eyed hatred. That's the Christians. The homosexuals, at least the leaders and many followers within that ideology, clearly hate Christians in particular, despite the fact that other religions forbid homosexuality completely.

Bigots. Fascists.

It's spreading. We're already seeing it happening in North America now.

This fascism is like a virus.

Here's a quotation made by the leader of Germany:

"The Youth of today is ever the people of tomorrow. For this reason we have set before ourselves the task of inoculating our youth with the spirit of this community of the people at a very early age, at an age when human beings are still unperverted and therefore unspoiled. This Reich stands, and it is building itself up for the future, upon its youth. And this new Reich will give its youth to no one, but will itself take youth and give to youth its own education and its own upbringing."

That's what they're doing today in Germany and all over the "Free" World.

Who said that, by the way?

Adolf Hitler. He'd be proud of the brutal fascism happening today in the Fatherland, I'm sure.

This is scary.

This is the left.

By the way, speaking of fascism, I'm going to be tough in the comments section with any apologists for the fascism described above. Therefore, I expect good behavior, as my delete finger is ready for a workout. Just give it a reason... By good behavior, I mean, for example, don't be a fascism denier. If I'm not allowed to go out in public and deny that homosexuals are ever victims of any kind of discrimination, then on my blog no one is allowed to deny that Christians are victims of discrimination, either.

Tit for tat. Don't like it? You can scram, moonbats!

Jihadists Use Nazi Films For Online Propaganda, Training

This doesn't surprise me. The Islamists and the Nazis have always had much in common, including fighting together on the same side, in the same military, in WWII.

Now they're using old Nazi training films for online propaganda and training, via YouTube.

Perhaps YouTube should remove such videos, as a case could certainly be made that they violate the Terms of Use.

Why remove counterterrorist videos, as they've done, but not Nazi ones posted for the purposes of the terrorists?

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Bald Britney Becomes Bonkers

Story here.

Maybe she can join the Dixie Chicks, Mel Gibson and Cindy Sheehan in a rubber room...

Say... she looks a lot like the bald lady on Star Trek: The Motion Picture...

First, "Hi, everyone! I'm drunk! And look! No panties!" Now this...

Poor Britney... fame and fortune have hurt her, as they have hurt countless others who couldn't handle the empty spirituality, materialism and oodles of cash with no idea what to do with it all...

Friday, February 23, 2007

Awesome Lady Soldiers

Above: I bet she could tear off both bin Laden's and Ahmadinejad's heads at once!

Never underestimate the awesome (fire)power of a woman!
(Guess once she's handled a gun that big, no man's "gun" is going to look as impressive!)

Prince Harry a Target of Al Qaeda: MI6 Cracks AQ's Code

World Net Daily has the breaking news.


LONDON – Osama bin Laden personally has targeted Iraq-bound Prince Harry, saying he is wanted "dead or alive," says an exclusive breaking report today in Joseph Farah's G2 Bulletin.

Code-breakers for MI6, Britain's external intelligence agency, have cracked al-Qaida's secret communications system and discovered Prince Harry is named as a prime target for the terror network when he goes on active service to Iraq.

The MI6 code-breakers also have discovered the first real evidence in over a year that bin Laden is alive and personally has authorized the capture of the young prince – third in line to the throne – "dead or alive."


Both the queen and Prince Charles have been separately told by their private secretaries of the mounting intelligence concerns after they met with MI6 chief Sir John Scarlett.

Chretien Flunky: We Signed Kyoto Knowing We Couldn't Meet Target

Story here.

I see that Jean Chretien, via proxy, is still trying to tell us what to think and what to do, with clever, slick language, beginning with a sort-of admission that the Liberal government previously had signed the Kyoto Protocol despite knowing that they could not meet the targets (never mind the manipulative excuses/unproven explanations the proxy provides).

No wonder they didn't do a bloody thing. They never intended to do anything, obviously... it's all politics. I suspect it's another of the Chretch's clever little schemes to have saddled his successor, Paul Martin, with something impossible, thus forcing Paul Martin to suffer the consequences of an impossible agreement on something with no real foundation holding it up. Brilliant, Jean. Brilliant! You take credit for being a "good Prime Minister for the environment" while really not being so, just because you signed a big, fancy document prior to retirement, developing no action plan, doing nothing other than hire Rick Mercer to do a commercial to tell the "pipples" to "do their part", to "take the challenge". Well, you old pipple, you didn't do yours, nor did you take the challenge. It was all a way of "getting" Big Paulie, obviously.

Well, now it's the new Conservative government who has to deal with Jean Chretien's stupid bullshit, on top of all the other stupid bullshit the old Cretch left for them, which will take a helluva long time to shovel and deal with.

Not only that, Chretien's henchman, Eddie Goldenberg, has arrogantly, dogmatically told Alberta what to do, continuing the vicious anti-Alberta campaign of the Chretien era:

He advised the business community to be "visionary" instead of obstructionist. Specifically, he said Alberta's energy industry, which would be hit hardest by emission reductions, should stop resisting and start developing the green technologies that would allow for more sustainable development of the oil sands.

Ah! Obviously it's also about Alberta (never mind that shutting down all oil-related industry in Alberta wouldn't even come anywhere near bringing Canada into compliance with the draconian, impossible-without-economic-and-national-unity-catastrophe Kyoto target).

This is the kind of people we're dealing with in the Liberals. In fact, their current "leader", Stephane Dion, is one of them in terms of belonging to the exclusive club of Chretienites and in terms of being their puppet, unable to think for himself, set priorities, have a coherent, consistent position or vision on anything.

These guys really could care less about national unity. I suspect it's all about Quebecois supremacism. (Don't forget about Stephane Dion's refusal to relinquish his French citizenship and his stubborn, arrogant refusal to learn to speak English properly so he can communicate with the majority of Canadians in their own language).

To top it off, through flunky Goldenberg, Chretien has also just tried to tell the new Conservative government what to do, as if it mattered any more what the Chretien folks think (hmm... I see what's going on here... Stephane Dion cannot do the job of being Liberal Leader, so a former Liberal leader, via a proxy flunky, is playing the de-facto Official Opposition, going over the "Leader's" head... eww... how can Dion allow himself to be used and ignored like this? What a pansy! This guy is not prime ministerial material... hell, he wasn't even anywhere near decent Environment Minister material, either! He's good for one thing only: arguing with separatists in Quebec, himself having actually used to be one!). The latest Chretien nonsense comes in the form of the following bullshit (note that, since Dion finds it too difficult to set priorities, the Chretienites are doing it for him, bypassing the Leader himself:
He said the federal government needs to invest in three priorities – climate change, infrastructure and higher learning – none of which will come cheap. Hence, Goldenberg said the government needs to ask if it can continue to afford further personal tax cuts, debt repayments and unconditional cash transfers to the provinces.

Canadians need to realize that Stephane Dion's Liberals are just a puppet of the old Chretien regime and that a vote for the Liberals is effectively a vote to bring back the terrible Chretien era of corruption, cavaler incompetence, divisiveness, massive wasting of too-high tax dollars, ADSCAM, the near-loss of the separation referendum via doing nothing to debunk separatist claims, unmitigated greed, bullying, manipulation, appeasement of evildoers, Israel-bashing, America-bashing, Quebecois supremacism, flip-flopping, hypocrisy, ultra-extreme, ill-advised leftwing social reengineering via court rulings and whipped votes, and on and on and on and on ad infinitum!

Don't ever forget, either, that the Liberals have three dozen criminal investigations still being conducted into their actions while in power! That's a serious cause for grave concern as to this party, if not alarm.

Point is: Kyoto/climate change alarmism is a scam. A Liberal-left scam. And that Stephane Dion's Liberals are controlled by the old Chretien mob, with all the greed and corruption and everything continuing unmitigated, as we see in Stephane Dion's chauffeur's exorbitant, unreasonable hotel bill, for one thing, which demonstrates that the Librano$ haven't changed a bloody bit and continue to waste our money even after being thrown out of power!

The Librano mob is still active behind the scenes... pulling the puppetstrings of the hapless Stephane Dion.

Climate Change Pusher Suzuki Doesn't Practice What He Preaches

Story here. h/t: Paladin in the comments.

(Emphasis mine)

One of the chief pushers of the alarmist dogma of manmade catastrophic climate change, David Suzuki, has been caught living it up and carelessly contributing to the global warming about which he claims to be and tells us we should be worried.

With all the alternative-energy modes of transportation out there, Suzuki and his entourage are crossing Canada in a sprawling, "rock-star-style" diesel-burning tour bus, emitting more greenhouse gases during his 30-day tour than many of us do in a year.


You want to know how many people are travelling with Mr. Kyoto in this oversized carbon burner? Seven. Sometimes eight -- including the bus driver.


Here's the funny part: Suzuki says it's OK for his gang to burn diesel because the tour is "carbon neutral."


That's right. They keep track of all the greenhouse gases they emit, put a dollar value on it and invest in a corresponding amount of "clean power" -- like windmills -- in developing countries.

Ah! See? It is a scam! Again with the key element of the whole scheme of redistribution of income to "developing countries", many of which are part of the Non-Free World, which the left so dearly loves and apparently prefers over the Free World of which they take advantage and exploit ever so selfishly and cavalierly... at other peoples' expense. They assuage their guilt over their cavalier hedonism by forcing others to help the less fortunate... yet they have the perfect scheme to take the credit so they can beat responsible folks over the head whenever we say "hey!"

We're being scammed, conned, suckered, lied to, cheated, made to feel needlessly ashamed and hosed of our hard-earned tax dollars so the left can benefit and send cash to Non-Free World countries, some of which we know hate us and pose a very real threat to us. And don't forget that the corrupt, evil "United Nations" has its filthy, blood-caked fingerprints all over the whole thing! Remember the Oil-For-Food Scam?

(Isn't it ironic that the left dismisses the very real, already 100% proven, dangers of terrorists all over the world while expecting us to buy their bizarre, suspicious Chicken Little-esque alarmist scam? Oh, wait! Maybe it isn't all that ironic... for, after all, the left is dogmatic, delusional, stupid and arrogant!)

Only fools and suckers are buying into this scam.

A fool and his money are soon parted, thanks to the cunning linguistics of the cackling, greedy, hedonistic left.

The whole thing is really just another vast, leftwing conspiracy.

Oh, yes. We see them apparently virtually conspiring automatically, with the "leaders" telling the "followers" what to believe, what to say and what to do... and they blindly do it, as the dumb-animal sheeple they're content to be. Pathetic, pitiful little leftist imbeciles... God help these poor souls!

We know better than to fall for something the left pushes with its apparent dogmatic zeal!

And don't think for a moment that the cash transfers will necessarily go where they're claimed to be going. Oh, no. We remember what happened with the Oil-For-Food scandal of the "United Nations", in which corrupt leftists ended up being enriched by the money earmarked for the Iraqi people. We in Canada know all about the leftists tax dollar diversion schemes of the Liberal Party of Canada, as in ADSCAM and in so many other things, like the multibilliondollar "foundations" which have, until just recently, been off-limits to the Auditor General's eagle eyes.

And in addition to this, definitely see the next post above this one, in which we learn that the Liberals committed Canada to the Kyoto Protocol target knowing full well all along that the target would be impossible without accompanying economic catastrophe and knowing that they wouldn't do a damned thing to meet the targets...

Thursday, February 22, 2007


Steve Janke of Angry in the Great White North has it before the MSM... I checked... nothing at the moment about this in the major MSM news websites. (h/t to for picking it up)

Story here.

Indeed, this is significant news. It's a very, very bad blow to the Liberals. I'm surprised the MSM hasn't caught on to it at this time; they dropped the ball and a blogger picked it up.

And that's not all the bad stuff about the Liberals, either. But I'm once again pooped out from a long day at work, so I'll be back into it all tomorrow...

I'll leave y'all with the following question: are the Liberals killing the couter-terrorism laws as a way to effectively also kill the Air India Inquiry into the terrorist bombing of a passenger jet... perhaps because there's connections between the terrorists and the Liberal Party somehow? This question must be asked! Because we simply cannot trust a party who refuses to protect the national security of our country!

(The Air India Inquiry was started by the Conservatives recently. The Liberals, while in power, refused to allow one. In fact, Parliament voted to have one, but the Liberals didn't respect the vote at all. Interesting. What are the Liberals hiding? My-o-my... so many skeletons in so many different closets of the Liberal Party! It's marvellous that that party even exists anymore... mind-boggling beyond belief!)

For the love of Canada, don't vote Liberal!

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Top Climate Change Scientist Lied; Funded by GHG Emitting Corps

Canadian scientist and TV personality Dr. David "Fruit Fly Guy" Suzuki flaps his moonbat wings, er, arms, frantically as he tries ever harder to scare us into believing that the world will end tomorrow via catastrophic "climate change" unless we think what he tells us and do as he says.

When I was a little boy I used to watch The Nature of Things with David Suzuki on the CBC all the time. I wanted to be a scientist just like Dr. Suzuki when I grew up.

Well, that didn't happen, as fate had different plans, plus I studied business and economics instead of science . Nevertheless, today I asked myself, "What was I thinking?! This guy's a lying moonbat hypocrite!"

Story here.

Dr. Suzuki said on the radio:

I’m not getting any money from my foundation. I’m getting my money, the foundation gets its money, from ordinary people. We don’t take government money, corporations have not been interested in funding us. We get it from ordinary Canadians across the country. 40,000 thousand of them and we get some foundations in both Canada and the United States. So that’s my agenda. We speak on behalf of the people that fund us.

(What an impressively articulate intellectual, eh?)

Now for the truth:

Actually, the David Suzuki Foundation’s annual report for 2005/2006 lists at least 52 corporate donors including: Bell Canada, Toyota, IBM, McGraw-Hill Ryerson, Microsoft, Scotia Capital, Warner Brothers, RBC, Canon and Bank of Montreal.

It gets far, far worse... in fact, it logically turns Dr. Suzuki, according to his own logic, in which he has accused some scientists who dissented of being beholden to the oil and other greenhouse gas-emitting corporations who gave them money, into someone who himself is beholden to the very same kinds of corporations!

The David Suzuki Foundation also received donations from EnCana Corporation, a world leader in natural gas production and oil sands development, ATCO Gas, Alberta’s principle distributor of natural gas, and a number of pension funds including the OPG (Ontario Power Generation) Employees’ and Pensioners’ Charity Trust. OPG is one of the largest suppliers of electricity in the world operating 5 fossil fuel-burning generation plants and 3 nuclear plants...


...There's the sound of a major piece of the massive scam falling to the ground.

As I said a few posts back, the whole scam will fall apart at the schemes... and here we go!

Not only that...

You gotta read this, too! Much, much, much more, including a radio interview in which Dr. Suzuki demonstrated his surprising closed-mindedness as to the fact that the whole climate change alarmist thing acutally isn't "settled", nor is "the debate over".

Plus interesting climate-change-related facts, most of which are new to me, that cast further doubt as to global warming and climate change. Read it!!

Listen up: the IPCC "scientists" claim that they're "90% certain" that they're right.

Well, I'm 99.99% certain that they're all either lying or don't know jack shit about what they're talking about!
Remember these?

Well, Canadians may also remember the Liberals' alarmism during the last federal election that Prime Minister Stephen Harper was "scary" and that catastrophe would ensue if he became Prime Minister. Well, today Canadians know very well, one year later, that the Liberals were, and still are, full of shit! As they are on the climate change alarmist gobleddygook!

Heh... just relax. Things are better than the leftists want us to think.

Funny how, when the left is in power, they say everything's cool; happy days are here... but when they're not in power, they say the world's gonna end tomorrow unless we think and do as they tell us!

Heh... heh-heh-heh... bwahahahahhahah!


See, ladies? You can do it, too!
(Nobody said equality would necessarily be convenient!)
Gee... I hope I don't piss off anybody... this could be politically incorrect, but I just like the picture... she's really cute...
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Hillary Sees a Spot

So that explains the weird expression in that really bad pic of Hillary in which she looks like John Kerry's dominatrix ball & chain!
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Is Barack Obama Racist?

If it's acceptable to ask whether a particular high-profile, powerful White person is racist, a question that gets asked a lot, particularly by the left, then it's necessarily also acceptable to ask whether anyone at all is racist. To suggest otherwise would logically be racist in and of itself, so this is an acceptable, legitimate question to ask.

Story here. Read it.

This is interesting.

We've long heard the left shrilly accuse Christian politicians of being scary, of wanting to impose their values upon others against their will.

The left has made a big stink about George W. Bush's being a devout Christian. Uberleftist billionaire and Democratic Party puppeteer George Soros has even gone on a witchhunt, demanding the state release the names of all Christians who've visited the Bush White House, as if all Christians were somehow as scary and dangerous and guilty as Nazi war criminals, members of Osama bin Laden's inner circle, etc. Imagine that! Behold the bigotry and prejudice of the left against Christians! Like Hell the left would demand that the state release the names of all Muslims who visited the Clinton White House!

Now imagine a person who wants to rule over the United States as President. Suppose that not only he is a supposed Christian, but his particular church is exclusively about his particular race and non-American ancestral heritage only.

Now, doesn't that sound scary? Dangerous?

Well, Democratic Presidential Nomination hopeful Barack Obama belongs to a Christian church that exclusively focuses on Black and African people to the exclusion of all else, including America and Americans, particularly of non-Black races.

Is this racist? Is it any less racist than a hypothetical church that only focusses on White/Aryan people and The Fatherland (Germany)?

Time for the left to play the hypocrite. They ask such questions and make baldfaced accusations of all sorts against conservative JudeoChristian politicians. So why should they say nothing about Barack Obama? Does skin color determine whether anyone's capable of being some kind of a supremacist, in their worldview?

I'm so looking forward to the leftist comments. Think of the things they're likely to say, calling upon your having heard the same old, same old stupid leftist talking points repeated over and over again. And then see them say these things... predictably.

You know... I believe that today it's the left that is racist. Definitely today it's the left that is apt to impose its dogmatic worldview upon others against their will, uncaring about fairness and equality. It is the left that is supremacistic and dictatorial. They believe that only their views and beliefs are valid and that only they can be allowed to decide for the people what will and will not be.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Islamists Pulling Lib Leader Dion's Puppetstrings?

Liberal leader Stephane Dion is going to whip his caucus, forcing his MPs to choose either toeing the Party line on killing the very anti-terrorism laws they brought in as government following 9/11... or face consequences.

This despite the fact that many Liberals oppose Dion's dangerous position.

And despite the fact that killing the anti-terror laws would jeopardize the Air India Inquiry.

And despite the fact that it would be a slap in the face of the victims and victims' families... of 9/11 and other terrorist attacks.

Why is Stephane Dion so determined to make Canada unable to protect her national security from terrorist enemies and attacks?

I recall the recent article by Ezra Levant.

There is only one reason why Dion wants to scrap this law: Because the increasingly powerful Muslim wing of his party demands it.

That wing includes Omar Alghabra, an MP from Mississauga. Before being elected a Liberal MP, Alghabra was a vocal political activist who campaigned against border security.

This wing also includes Mohammed Elmasry, the head of the Canadian Islamic Congress, a radical lobby group. Elmasry made headlines for telling a TV talk
show that every Israeli Jew aged 18 and up was fair game for terrorist attacks.

Far from being shunned for this extreme view, Elmasry was a prominent delegate to the Liberal leadership convention that chose Dion.

Mr. Levant points out that these men claim to have been significant factors in Dion's leadership victory.

And that Dion's determination to kill the anti-terror laws, which he supported just five years ago, is a "payback".

Does Stephane Dion owe Islamic fundamentalists, who obviously want to pave the way for terrorism in Canada, for his becoming Leader of the Liberal Party of Canada?

And what kind of a party would retain someone as extreme and jihad-supporting as Mohammed Elmasry, who, incredibly, got away with his seriously illegal incitement to violence against an identifiable group and continues to head up the CIC?

The Liberal Party of Canada. The very party who, while in government, sent a representative to the evil-friendly United Nations to vote against Israel in biased, unfair, unbalanced resolutions.

The party who knowingly harbors anti-Semites and anti-Israel individuals.

The ultra-extreme, hard, far-left, submissive Dhimmi, Liberal Party of Canada.

Led by a rarely-smiling, stoic man who apparently owes his job to Islamic fundamentalists who don't want Canada to be able to prevent terrorist attacks.

And all that on top of the infamous culture of entitlement, incompetent governance, incredibly wasteful spending, gross corruption, three dozen continuing criminal investigations, owing $40 million to the taxpayers for money not accounted for and suspected to have been funneled into Liberal hands via ADSCAM.

It's inexplicable that the Liberal Party of Canada still continues to this day, despite everything!

Oh, almost forgot!!

Remember Paul Martin, Dion's predecessor? The guy who infamously wined and dined with the Tamil Tigers terrorists?

Well, something else has come to light...

Paul Martin solicited the support of the terrorist International Sikh Youth Federation in his failed bid for the federal Liberal leadership in 1990, The Vancouver Sun has learned.


At the time of Martin's spring 1990 speech, the ISYF had already been identified as a terrorist group by the Canadian Security Intelligence Service. Four in the group had been convicted in B.C. of the attempted assassination of a visiting Indian politician. Other B.C. members had met with a young would-be assassin who shot newspaper publisher Tara Singh Hayer in 1988.

The Martin speech came two years after then Conservative external affairs minister Joe Clark warned Canadian politicians to steer clear of the federation, the Babbar Khalsa and the World Sikh Organization because of terrorist links. The ISYF was banned in Canada in June 2003 by the Liberal government of Jean Chretien.

How on earth can Canada afford to trust the Liberal Party, who is so obviously clueless as to the dangers posed by terrorists and terrorism? Do Liberals even care? Or is power and money more important than anything else for hardcore Liberals?

Caught on Video: Taliban Training Camps in Pakistan

Is Pakistan harboring the Taliban, allowing them to train for jihad in Afghanistan?

See for yourself here.

h/t: National Terror Alert (via my sidebar)

Sudden Jihad Again in America

Muslim cabbie deliberately attacks two with vehicle following religious argument
Vehicle had stolen licence plate
Story here
Ibrahim AHMED, 37, a cab driver for United Cab Company in Nashville, Tennessee, was arrested Sunday and charged with assault and attempted homicide for trying to run over two passengers early Sunday morning – striking one, and causing serious bodily injury.
AHMED drove his cab across the parking lot, ran over the curb and struck the two men. One of the victims, Jeremy Invus, was taken to Vanderbilt University Medical Center with extensive injuries. The other passenger, Andrew Nelson, managed to avoid being struck by the cab.
According to police, AHMED was also charged with theft because the license plate on his cab was listed as stolen. he remains in jail on the charges under a $300,000 bond.
Stolen licence plate on his cab. Attempted murder. Motive: religious.
Yes. I say the motive is religious, inasmuch as there was a religious argument immediately prior to the attack.
What do you think? Jihad?
It would be consistent with the Koran, which requires of all Muslims to fight (wage jihad)against "enemies of Islam".
Wonder what the argument was, exactly?

Monday, February 19, 2007

Butt Out, United Nations

How dare the evil-regime-hijacked-and-controlled United Nations probe Canada's attempts to defend her national security while turning the other cheek on the mountain range of continuous human rights violations of many of its non-Free-World member nations?

Butt out, UN! Don't you dare criticize our completely legal exercising of defence of national security! Your probe is completely hypocritical considering the fact that you're not probing your own non-Free-World member nations, which you know full well to be demonic compared to Canada.

You know full well as well that Mr. Arar has been given an apology from the Canadian government and compensated very well for what he allegedly went through, therefore the matter shouldn't concern you at all.

Yet you dare probe us anyway? Inexplicable! Unacceptable! Go probe North Korea, China, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Iran, the so-called "Palestinian Authority", Zimbabwe, Cuba, Venezuela, Russia, and on and on and on!

Did I mention Syria, by the way? Mr. Arar says the Syrians tortured him, not Canada! But Canada gets probed? Did we torture Mr. Arar? No!

Go after the Islamic World. Go after the Communist nations. Go after all nations known for not having human rights at all!

You, the United Nations, are plainly unbelievable! Your hypocrisy is unmatched in world history!

You are even worse than the worthless League of Nations was! You are actually a destructive organization that promotes and protects the violation of human rights in the non-Free World!

"United Nations Anti-Racism Panel"? Laughable! Might as well have a Ku Klux Klan Anti-Racism Panel, an Islamofascist Anti-Racism Panel, a North Korean Anti-Racism Panel, a Zimbabwean Anti-Racism Panel... hell, why not have David Duke and Ernst Zundel probe Canada?

Anti-Racist? United Nations? My ass!

Down with the United Nations!

I note, by the way, that the Canoe News article positively, affirmatively says that Mr. Arar "was tortured and imprisoned", without knowing for sure, citing only a determination by some inquiry, which I doubt could possibly have seen conclusive proof and probably just decided, out of political correctness, to believe Mr. Arar's claims. What, did Syria let the inquisitors butt their noses into that country, turning over every stone and leaf? I seriously doubt that!

Contrast this with the MSM's scrupulous use of the word "allegedly" or the words "claimed he was tortured" or similar wording before mentioning what William Sampson went through in Saudi Arabia, which, by the way, wasn't probed by the United Nations "Anti-Racism" Panel, either!

Did I miss the proof that Mr. Arar was, indeed, tortured? Anyone got a link to any concrete proof?

Why does the MSM assume that this Arab Muslim Canadian-Syrian suspected by the U.S. as a possible terrorist is necessarily telling the truth but they doubt White, Christian, Canadian-British William Sampson is necessarily telling the truth?

Geez- the world is so awesomely stupid and insane...

Canada is the bad guy? Syria and Saudi Arabia are good guys?

Am I in Hell?

Funny Pics of Dion & Reader Tips

Stephane Dion suddenly realizes that he's the leader of the Liberal Party, wondering why on earth he ever bothered to run for such a silly job

Michael Ignatieff, r, reacts following Liberal "leader" Stephane Dion's emission of a greenhouse gas from his tushie. Look, Stephanie's resisting a giggle!

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Kyoto Target Practically Impossible

That's right. Read this and think for yourself.

Cultivate that doubt. Demand proof, not lies, not scaremongering.

Don't fall for the con.

Dion had good reason for skepticism. It's practically impossible for any government to have Canada comply with the Liberals' rash Kyoto commitment. According to the latest data from Environment Canada, Canada contributed about 758 megatonnes of green house gases to the atmosphere in 2004. That was 195 megatonnes above the Kyoto target.

Eliminating 195 megatonnes of greenhouse gas emissions is a monumental undertaking. Even a total ban on the operation of automobiles would cut Canada's annual greenhouse gas emissions by fewer than 50 megatonnes.

Holy shit... get all cars off the roads and we still fall short!

(...)even the complete closure of the oilsands industry would not bring Canada into compliance with the Kyoto Protocol. Total oilsands production in Alberta produces fewer than 35 megatonnes of annual greenhouse gas emissions.

In Ontario, one of the largest emitters of greenhouse gases is the provincially owned Nanticoke Generating Station. Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty promised in the last provincial election to close this coal-burning polluter by 2009, but he backed away from this commitment, because Ontario cannot afford to get along without the electricity generated by the gigantic Nanticoke plant.

Well, well, well, what, then? How the feck should we know? The alramists apparently don't know! They don't say what we must do to meet the target!

Blindly go ahead and believe the alarmists? Blindly declare we'll meet the Kyoto target, while other countries don't have to do a bloody thing and can actually continue to increase emissions?

Why We Should Ignore Kyoto Protocol: Goldstein

Read Lorrie Goldstein's article, consider the facts and figures he puts forth and ask yourself: are we suckers in the greatest international scam of all time?

Is Canada the only nation on earth that would suffer? Would greenhouse gas emissions actually be reduced globally, or continue to skyrocket? Would global warming and climate change be brought under control? Would global catastrophe be averted?

Read the article and think for yourself to answer the above questions.

Doubt isn't just healthy- it's critically important!

Anyone without doubt is a fool.

Don't be one of them.

Demand proof. Seek the truth, not lies, not scaremongering.

Don't fall for the con.