Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Rob Ford’s confusing university life -

 Why is the background of the man on the left off-limits for inquiry/investigation, but the background of the guy on the right is fair game?  Why the DOUBLE STANDARD?

Rob Ford’s confusing university life -

HEY! Why doesn't The Red Star probe Obama's suspicious claims re HIS post-secondary education... and his other claims that haven't been proven?

Why just go after a conservative dude? Why is Obama's stuff exempt from inquiry?

And why does World Net Daily get blasted by the Left for daring to investigate Obama's claims about HIS background, but it's ok for a left-wing rag to investigate Rob Ford's?

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Cop arrests preacher for saying homosexuality a sin

Cop arrests preacher for saying homosexuality a sin

Why do they only go after Christian preachers, and not Muslim preachers, who say the same stuff?

If the gays think they can get their way by bashing Christians who don't believe in the things they do that make them "gay", while leaving the Muslims alone, then the gays are stupid, stupid, stupid... or maybe they just hate Christians and are looking for reasons to bash them.

Ergo, maybe Christians should, indeed, be afraid of the hatefulness of gays...  Try to argue against that, given all the evidence.

Also, I wonder if guillible, naive gays have been brainwashed into thinking that Christians are somehow their "enemy", when it isn't the case at all.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Lady Gaga publicly decapitates Santa Claus |

Lady Gaga publicly decapitates Santa Claus |

What a hateful, anti-Christian... assfoolclownpoopheadin' beetch!

Mom and kids wear bikinis through TSA security - National Airlines/Airport |

Mom and kids wear bikinis through TSA security - National Airlines/Airport |

Wikileaks Exposes The Muslims' True Views

Previews - Atlas Shrugs

Wonder if this leaking of the inconvenient and scary truth about the Muslim Community will lead to Julian Assange being forced to become roomies with Salman Rushdie?

No doubt the ultra-extreme propagandist-lapdog for Supremacist Islam, a fellow calling himself "Balbulican", will be extremely angry with me for daring to post the inconvenient truth about the cuddly, cuddly, peaceful, tolerant, loving Muslim Community.

Perhaps now the Hard Left and Liberal Media Complex will call Wikileaks a "liar", just like they call FOX News a "liar"?

Or will they cover this up?

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Reporters told: Don't say 'illegal immigrant'

Reporters told: Don't say 'illegal immigrant'

North American Union: Why the U.S. coverup?

North American Union: Why the U.S. coverup?

Encore! Obama repeats appearance on 'most corrupt' list

Encore! Obama repeats appearance on 'most corrupt' list

Surprised? BWAHAHAHAHA! :D

Not sure where that is, but it's a message I can get behind.

The corrupt politicians of today should be thankful that we don't chop their heads off anymore.  Not in the Free World.  We're too sophisticated now.

Long ago, this is how they dealt with crooks in office:

Of course, in some places, like Saudi Arabia, they use a sword, though not yet on the corrupt, crooked, slavedriving, hate-and-terror-sponsoring House of Saud bunch.

Y'know, we ought to at least be able to SPANK these bums... if it's legal to spank children, then surely it's gotta be legal to spank corruptocrats...  Yup, we ought to hire big, fat professional bumspankers and put the crooks across their laps, bareassed, for a good paddling...

Prime Time TV 'Objectifies and Fetishizes' Underage Girls, Study Says -

Prime Time TV 'Objectifies and Fetishizes' Underage Girls, Study Says -

I suppose liberals consider this to be "progressive"?

Oh, definitely. How so? They're not trying to discourage the entertainment biz from doing this stuff.

Too busy making them put positive-propaganda GLBT and Islam-is-all-good-and-no-bad stuff on shows to worry about the other stuff.

Oh, and also too busy making them bash America, capitalism, Christians... Oh, yeah, and they bash Canada, too. Funny, that... liberals hating "Soviet Canuckistan", especially when we elect the Conservatives.

No wonder so many people have just tuned out. They also don't want to watch crappy shows that make little girls look like whores, 'cause many folks have daughters, y'know!

I don't now how those shows can survive in the long run.

Oh, and I'm sure the pedos watch 'em... time to take it away.  Time to crack down on the filthy pedos.  Oh, wait... the disingenuously discriminatory ACLU will stand up for 'em, etc... after all, the Communist-founded-and-still-controlled ACLU already stands up for the homosexual-pedophile movement, specifically the NAMBLA...  Instead of standing up for the human and equal rights of Christians.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

And They Say That MEN Are Pigs?

Now, this is... utterly gross, yukky and disgusting.

But it's in the police report.

She got 90 days for her behavior.

Oh, well.  Could've been worse.  It could've been Helen Thomas.

ht:  Jazz/Blues master Peter Cardarelli

This Cartoon Will DEFINITELY Offend Leftists

In the above cartoon, the little guy sitting on the big guy's lap is a baby, before being born......... (or aborted).
The Left today doesn't consider such people to be human.
Ergo, the Left is very hateful in this way.
This hatred must be ended.

Leftist Senator Blasts Maclean's, But Not CBC

The Left didn't mind the taxpayer dollars going to Maclean's when they did the cover story of Stockwell Day titled "How Scary", did they?

They didn't have a problem with the anti-Christian bigotry receiving tax dollars.

Now, of course, they get mad over a story titled "Too Asian".

Fine, get mad and expose yourselves as hypocrites.

But if you're not going to demand that the offensive-to-many-groups CBC no longer receive tax dollars, then you can't discriminate against MacLean's... unless you believe no one will see how you're being a bunch of hypocritical asshole doucheprogs.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Who Really Wants DADT Repealed?

They probably figure the enemy would die laughing.

Wonder how they'd fight, if the enemy doesn't have a sense of humor?

That is, if they don't just run away from those "mean homophobes"?

 Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff.  What I want to know is why is he dressed like some of those fabulous runners?

Yeah... I know, I know... top "Human Rights" Schutzstaffelers Barbara Hall, Richard Warman and Jennifer Lynch are gonna be "offended" and will attempt to take away my right to publish tongue-in-cheek satire...

Hey.... don't get mad at me.  It's not my fault that those paraders are the ones making mainstream gayfolk look like sissyclowns.  If there's anyone to get mad at for "spreading stereotypes", it's those silly-looking-and-acting poopheads, seen above, who perpetuate the stereotypes, so get off my ass, ok!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Red Cross Bans Christmas To Please Islamofascists

Here we go again.

Banning Christmas because "it might offend someone".

Anything Christian is supposed to "potentially offend someone", apparently.  Idiots are always banning Christian stuff "because it might offend someone".

Funny how nothing that isn't Christian ever gets banned "because it might offend someone".

Like, yelling "Allahu Akhbar" or "Islam will dominate the world" or "Freedom go to hell" doesn't get banned even though a lot of folks are clearly offended by people walking around hollering such hateful horseshit.

And the gay parades... they don't get banned even though they offend lots of folks.

"The Family Guy", that outrageously offensive and disgusting cartoon, doesn't get banned.  Of course, they never offend Muslims or gays, so they can get away with every other offensive thing, especially offending Christians.

Why do Christians always get picked on?  Why do "progressives" and "liberals" hate Christians so much?

I'm still waiting for the Islamofascists to demand that gay parades be banned.  What's stopping them from making this demand?  What, do Islamofascists hate Christians more than they hate gays?  What's up with these inexplicable realities?

A-Hole Chris Matthews: Gov Christie Too Fat To Be President

So "tolerant" "progressive" media talking head Chris Matthews of MSNBC is saying that fat people can't be President.  (What's next, Chris Matthews will say that Blacks and women can't be President?)

Well, Mike Huckabee, who himself used to be fat, is standing up for Governor Chris Christie against the asshole Matthews.

I agree with Huckabee that Matthews is mean and callous.

Up next:  Matthews will say sexist, intolerant stuff about Sarah Palin.  No doubt.  Lots of leftist talking heads certainly will.  It's what they're paid the big bucks to do:  Attack anything and anyone who's a threat to the "Progressive" International Socialism/Khalifascism Agenda.

Victory Mosque Guy Spotted In Bizarre Photobomb

Imam Rauf?  Doing victory sign in eyebrow-raising photobomb?

Related:  Islamists plan terror attacks during Christmas

Oh, crap...  Hey, girls!  Look out!  Spooky dude right behind you!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Nothing To Be Proud Of, Really

Some people get to break the law while police witness them doing so and do nothing.

I guess THAT'S why they're falsely proud.

But to censor and shut down a Christian radio station for pointing out that these people are getting away with this... is INTOLERANT.  Never would they ever dare censor a gay radio station for complaining that a Christian got to break the law.

And violates the Christian's human rights.

Forbidding gays from being naked in public will not violate their rights.  So why not treat them like everyone else, which is what they CLAIM to want?  Arrest them whenever they display their genitalia in public.

Do YOU want to be walking on the street and suddenly come face-to-face with a cluster of ugly, wrinkly, mottled, gravity-ravaged old urinary-reproductive junk swaying in the wind?

Tell me, now... is THIS "progressive"?  HOW the bloody hell can it possibly have anything to do with "progress", unless we radically distort and twist the meaning of the word "progress"?

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Why Conservatives Rock & Liberals Don't


Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper... ROCKS...
...and ROLLS!

Iggy looks pathetic enough, but WTF is up with Mr. Monkey Guy?


Wafa Sultan Tells It Like It Is

But... who are we to judge?  Right?

All cultures are "equal", right?

Shh!  Don't say those things, 'cause you might offend someone!

Off to the "Human Rights" Commission with Ms. Sultan, right?  "Spreading hatred and contempt", isn't she?  "Islamophobic", isn't she?

Go, instead, and say nasty things about Christians, Jews, conservatives, Israel, America, Harper, Palin, etc...  Be a good little "progressive" or else.  Run along now, cash your government cheques and have weird, unnatural sex and do brain-frying drugs and don't you dare think for yourselves, y'hear?  And remember to vote only for "progressive" politicians, of course... especially if they're gay/transsexual and Muslim.  And named Obama.

TSA Pornoscanners DEFEATABLE

Story here.
It is very likely that a large (15-20 cm in diameter), irregularly-shaped, cm-thick pancake with beveled edges, taped to the abdomen, would be invisible to this technology, ironically, because of its large volume, since it is easily confused with normal anatomy. Thus, a third of a kilo of PETN, easily picked up in a competent pat down, would be missed by backscatter "high technology". Forty grams of PETN, a purportedly dangerous amount, would fit in a 1.25 mm-thick pancake of the dimensions simulated here and be virtually invisible. Packed in a compact mode, say, a 1 cm×4 cm×5 cm brick, it would be detected.

The images are very sensitive to the presence of large pieces of high Z material, e. g., iron, but unless the spatial resolution is good, thin wires will be missed because of partial volume effects. It is also easy to see that an object such as a wire or a box- cutter blade, taped to the side of the body, or even a small gun in the same location, will be invisible. While there are technical means to mildly increase the conspicuity of a thick object in air, they are ineffective for thin objects such as blades when they are aligned close to the beam direction. 

You're clear, Mr. Mahmud.  Please go over there for boarding.

About a couple hours later, hundreds of miles away... KABOOM!

Guess everyone will have to have their wee-wees, bum-bums and boobie-woobies assaulted by blue-glove-clad TSAer paws now...

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Which One Do 'Progressives' Find 'Offensive'?


A "Nativity scene" depicting the birth of Jesus Christ

Or this...?

A naked man at an (apparent) "gay pride" parade offending a child (to the point of appearing about to cry) with his unnecessarily, illegally exposed, apparently offensive-looking, built-in urinary-reproductive apparatus?

Monday, December 06, 2010

Obama Parks Dept Spewing Anti-Christian Hate Propaganda

Story here.

Dissing gays, Muslims:  Strictly forbidden and harshly punished.

Dissing Christians:  "Progressive", "open-minded", "sophisticated", "enlightened"?!

Yes... as far as liberal-progressinazis are concerned.

Sunday, December 05, 2010

Fugitive Wikileaker Assange Sells Classified Intel: Co-Founder

l-r:  Bond villain Max Zoran and Julian Assange, international fugitive

Story here.

Dennis the Menace has grown up, and is up to more mischief.
Young said he left the site in 2007 due to concerns over its finances and that WikiLeaks was engaged in the selling of documents.

Young was speaking today to WND senior reporter Aaron Klein on Klein's radio program on New York's WABC Radio.

"I think it is a money-making operation, no doubt," Young said of WikiLeaks.

"It follows the model of a number of other business intelligence operations. Selling intelligence information is a very lucrative field, and so they are following that model, usually cloaked in some kind of public benefit," he told Klein.

George Soros must be impressed with this guy.

 Nope, that's not Julian Assange.  That's Julian Sands in "Warlock".
Didn't notice that thing sticking out of the Warlock's chest when I first posted that pic.

Dastardly, nationally-and-internationally-devastating profit-generating activities, cloaked in "good intentions".

Kind of like George Soros's "legitimate" trading activities and his "philanthropy".

Assange reminds me of this guy, too, below:

Thursday, December 02, 2010

Waiting For A Fondle

The eeriest thing is the look in her eyes and the way she moves her head when she looks into the camera...

I Knew MLK, And You, Obama...

...are nothing like my uncle.

Obama likes to invoke MLK, but Obama's decidedly nothing like MLK.  Any similarity is purely skin-deep.

No Point In Open Bidding For Fighter: DND

Because they already decided, from available information about all available planes, that there's only ONE that meets ALL mandatory requirements of the Canadian Forces.

The F-35!

So why bid when we already know that only one will do?  Why waste time and money on a worthless process?  To please Michael Ignatieff?  Feck that!

The F-35 is Canada's plane.

The debate is settled.  It's the F-35 Lightning II.

The Little Nork Goblin Checks On Din-Din

Oh, look... he's so small he fits nicely through a doggie door!

Enjoying A Massage

This is me, enjoying a massage...

'Mystery Missile' Case: New Info

The infamous "Mystery Missile"

Story here.

New information in "Mystery Missile" case...

The mystery only deepens due to secrecy...

The question I'd now ask is was it an American test-fire/accidental firing... or a foreign missile via a foreign submarine inside US waters, undetected by the US Forces?

Left Now Pushing Legalization Of Kiddie Porn

Yesterday I reported that the Left wants to give to sex offenders the "right" to work with and adopt children.

Today I report that the Left also wants to legalize child pornography.


Warnings were issued whenever sex-related social reengineering was being imposed.

The warnings were ignored.  And ridiculed.  By the Left.

Now we're seeing SSM, polygamy, and this stuff either already legal or being pushed by Leftists for legalization based on the "human rights" and "who does it really harm, and where's the proof?" argument.

We know that the harm is moral corruption and that such extremism will tend to change society into something resembling Sodom, which is what perverted sexual extremists want to happen, which is why they keep trying to legalize anything and everything they personally like, to hell with the future of society, to hell with anyone who would be harmed somehow.

And we discover that child pornography is already legal in the Czech Republic.  Incredible.

No doubt they're going to appeal to our emotions and "sense of fairness" and so on.

Don't fall for the crocodile-tears act.

Time to say "NO!" to the Left!


U.K. advocacy group NSPCC (the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children) says the study is entirely misguided.

"This obscene type of material has no part to play in our society," a spokesperson for the organization told the U.K.'s Daily Mail. "Many children suffer atrocious abuse in the making of indecent images. To make it legal would suggest that inappropriate behaviour and violence towards children is acceptable. It never is and it would be quite wrong to make it legal."

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Further Down The Slippery Slope We Go

Out of hard-left academia comes this...

Now the Left wants to make sure that sex offenders have the "right" to adopt and work with children.

Sex offenders.  Working with children.  Adopting children.

To ban that, according to some crazy leftist academic, is "discriminatory".

Yeah, right, suuuuuure.

It's time to tell the Left, "NO!"

Absolutely not.  We're NOT going to go there.  And if some left-wing activist judge grants sex offenders the "right" to mess around with children, we must force the government to overrule the judge.  And fire the judge and force 'em to submit to psychiatric examination, because they'd obviously have a mental disorder!

Knowing how the Obamacracy works, those sex offenders are probably already working for the TSA...

Obama's Homeland Now Arresting Gays

 As they do in Ahmadinejad's Islamic-Sharia-ruled Iran to the gays, so will they now probably be doing to them in Obama's homeland of Kenya (first come the arrests, then, who knows?). 

And he illegally used US tax dollars to help make it happen.
Will Obama get away with this?
Is Obama now actually the evil homophobes' best-ever wet dream?

Obama illegally (and the media let him get away with it) used US tax dollars to influence the recent Kenyan election/referendum which opened the door to the imposition of Sharia Law in his homeland.

Now, therefore, in Obama's beloved Kenyan homeland, they're already beginning to round up the homosexuals...

Don't expect Obama to give a shit about homosexuals in his homeland... or in America, either.  After all, when he kisses American gay ass, he's just putting on an act to get votes.  He really doesn't give a f*ck about "those un-Islamic f*gs".

After all, folks within the gay community increasingly realize that Obama actually hates "those f*gs".  Of course, the gay demonstrations against Obama are quickly ended by police and largely ignored by the "mainstream" media, who's also throwing the gayfolk of America under the bus.

I guess the gays will now just stay home and not vote for Obama next time.  Those who don't deny the reality they see before them, anyway.

Now is the time for "progressive", "liberal" left-wingers to stop liking Obama 'cause he "hates f*gs".

Regardless of what Obama's true religion is (only he knows!), it's blatantly obvious that it's Islam in which he's most interested.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Just A True Douche

Hey, Justin!

The '70s called.  They want their porn star back!

Extreme Leftists Trying To Sink Canada's Economy attacking Canada's energy-export industry.

Yup.  The usual suspects, including the Liberal Coalition.

They want to keep Canada down.

They want to let Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, etc., have an unfair advantage over the world's energy supply.

Shameful anti-Canada extremists.

It's the Left up to its usual no good.

Taxpayer-Funded Smithsonian Exhibits Offensive, Hateful 'Art'

No doubt it's all Kevin Jennings-approved.

Definitely Obama's handpicked, so-called "Safe Schools" Czar will think this is fabulous stuff...

Story here.

Christianophobic blasphemy, hardcore pornography, and a hard-left "entertainer"/talk-show host giving herself an ultra-enhanced "patdown"... and even a child's drawing suggesting homosexual pedophiliac criminality (the child who drew that should be asked by police what the hell is the meaning of that).

(Again, never, never do these ultra-hard-left-wing decadent "artists" ever dare offend Muslims, let alone engage in any forbidden, hateful imagery re. Mohammed.  Jesus, as usual, is the target of these cowards' deranged hatred, contempt and incitement).

This is what Obama considers "art"?

Just a quick glance at more of what's happening to Americans' money, thanks to the ultra-extreme, decadent regime known as the United Socialist States of Obamerica.

This isn't a "public good".

This is proof that Obama is an asshole wasting the Peoples' money on stupid, worthless "progressive" shit.

 Obamacrats cackling

Comgratulations, Obama.  You've brought Hopeychangey corruption to the Smithsonian, rendering that once-respectable institution unworthy of visiting by normal folks, turning it, instead, into a popular destination for perverts.  Paid for, of course, with other peoples' money.


Obama Regime Incompetent In Response To Wikileaks: Palin

Weird how the Obama Regime isn't really doing anything to stop the dangerous leaks of extremely sensitive top secret information via Wikileaks.

They're gung-ho about sexually assaulting all Americans, psychologically and emotionally terrorizing them in violation of their civil rights.

Yet they won't do anything about the obviously-felonious Wikileaks at all, not even in the name of "preventing terrorism", the excuse they use to violate Americans' civil rights.

"Incompetent" is an understatement when it comes to the Obama Regime!

I think the Obama Regime actually wants the damaging leaks to happen because their agenda is to mess America up as much as possible and damage international security.

The By-Elections

I see that the mainstream, moderate, common-sense, realistic Conservatives took a safe Liberal, no-longer-so-leftist, seat while the Liberals took a safe  NDP, neo-communist, seat.

Analysis:  The Conservatives are therefore the mainstream moderates, and the Liberals are the (neo-communist) extremists.

Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff (in soliloquy):

"Here I sit, broken-hearted... came to lead; only brainfarted... 
What am I, after all, a... leftist?  *Sigh*..."

Monday, November 29, 2010

Blasting The Obamacracy's TSA

(Click on any of the following to enlarge)

 Barney!  Stop messing around and get your ass back to Capitol Hill before you're arrested for impersonating a TSA agent!

Suing The TSA Fascists

"They want to see/touch my penis":  Pilot suing the bastards

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Pervy Iggy Claims Daylong Genital Contact From Others

I wonder if that's why Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff goes to the gay parades.
Did that happy-looking fellow touch Iggy's junk, too?

Story here.

I have people touching my private parts all day long,” Michael Ignatieff said Wednesday in the foyer of the House of Commons. 

Enjoying the touching

More of the same

Below:  This lady obviously likes his junk...

Below:  Ok, this is getting sick already...

But who are we to judge?

Below:  Getting in touch with another special voting bloc...
Getting in touch with Da Gawdfaddah

Hey, a question:

What did Michael Ignatieff say after he interacted with a Japanese man?

"Hitachi!"  (Pronounced "he-touch-ee")

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Now 'abused' TSA staff vent their anger at security patdown searches

Now 'abused' TSA staff vent their anger at security patdown searches

They hate fat people and stinky people and they hate fondling peoples' junk.

Well, don't get mad at The People.

Get mad at OBAMA.

OBAMA is the asshole making everybody go through this dehumanizing indignity.

Speak out against OBAMA!

THIS won't stop terrorism, either!