Sunday, December 12, 2010

Wafa Sultan Tells It Like It Is

But... who are we to judge?  Right?

All cultures are "equal", right?

Shh!  Don't say those things, 'cause you might offend someone!

Off to the "Human Rights" Commission with Ms. Sultan, right?  "Spreading hatred and contempt", isn't she?  "Islamophobic", isn't she?

Go, instead, and say nasty things about Christians, Jews, conservatives, Israel, America, Harper, Palin, etc...  Be a good little "progressive" or else.  Run along now, cash your government cheques and have weird, unnatural sex and do brain-frying drugs and don't you dare think for yourselves, y'hear?  And remember to vote only for "progressive" politicians, of course... especially if they're gay/transsexual and Muslim.  And named Obama.

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